What Would It Means To Be A Good Place In Council Bluffs

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What Would It Means To Be A Good Place In Council Bluffs

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Council Bluffs, Iowa

As late as , there were about ten farmers markets in Washington. By there were more than sixty. Most are seasonal weekend markets without most of the Pike Place Market's amenities, but they are not swarmed with tourists, parking is free or inexpensive and relatively plentiful, and food is the main focus of those markets, not crafts or flowers. As a result, increasingly Pike Place Market daystalls are devoted to flowers and crafts rather than edible produce.

The Market's "Meet the Producer" mandate now includes craftspeople as well as farmers. Both can rent daystalls. Farmers take historic precedence, but the PDA "acknowledges the rightful and permanent position of handmade arts and crafts as an integral use of the Market's Daystalls" and their rules seek to encourage a lively mix. A standard Farm Table consists of two adjacent daystalls; a standard Craft Table is a single daystall. Daystalls are between 4 feet 1. Craftspeople have priority on the Desimone Bridge, the west side of the Market arcade north of the Desimone Bridge and the outdoor slabs between the arcade and Virginia Street; farmers have priority everywhere else.

If farmers do not fill their priority tables, craftspeople may rent those, and vice versa. Farmers can pass permits through their family. While farmers and craftspeople may make some use of agents to sell on their behalf including vendors functioning on different days as one another's agents , in order to maintain their seniority farmers must be physically present one day a week and craftspeople two days a week. To sell on a Saturday, vendors must sell at the Market a minimum of two weekdays of the preceding week. There are also allowances for taking vacations and sabbaticals without losing one's seniority.

Senior Crafts Permit Holders—craftspeople who have sold in the Market for 30 years or more—need only rent and use a daystall once a week to maintain their seniority. The definition of permitted farm products includes among other items produce, flowers, eggs, cultivated mushrooms, meat, cultured shellfish, and dairy products. There is also a broader category of supplemental farm products such as wild-harvested berries and mushrooms, non-edible bee products, or holiday wreaths.

These may be sold in conjunction with permitted farm products, but there are strict limitations to prevent these from becoming anyone's primary products. Rules vary significantly at different times of year. Farmers, craftspeople, and performers all must pay for an annual permit. For performers, this annual fee is their only fee. Farmers and craftspeople pay day rent for any daystalls they use.

There are also separate rents for lockers and coolers. Compared to farmers and craftspeople, performers have a lesser role in the Market, but still one formally recognized by the PDA. In keeping with their lack of day fees, individual performers are not assigned specific places and times to perform. There are only positions in a virtual line for each marked, sanctioned performance location. Queuing runs on an honor system. Each performance is limited to one hour if any other licensed performer is waiting for the spot. Electronic amplification is not allowed, nor are brass instruments or drums. Certain performance locations are further limited to "quiet" performances where for example even hand-clap percussion is not allowed.

Although they do not have the same strict requirements as for daystalls, most commercial Market merchants are owner-operated businesses. This policy was part of the reason that the PDA ran into the financial difficulties that led to its dealings with the Urban Group. The Market is also a significant provider of low-income housing and social services. About people live in the market. The Pike Market Medical Clinic provides primary care and ancillary services to 3, patients. Most of these are either elderly, HIV -positive, or working poor. The clinic provides basic medical care, subsidized prescriptions, lab work, mental health counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, connections to other community services, and sometimes even assistance in finding housing.

Approximately people use the Market's senior center. Services include hot lunches for low-income seniors, help in finding housing and jobs, and a variety of classes ranging from physical fitness and health to language, geography, art, and computer training. About bags of groceries are delivered weekly to homebound downtown residents. About families receive infant milk, baby food and diapers. The child care and preschool serves 90— families with children ages 2—5 each year.

Besides its educational aspects, the school provides these children with breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks and has a full-time, onsite child and family support professional to identify resources children their families might need and to link them to those resources. One of the Market's major attractions is Pike Place Fish Market , where employees throw three-foot salmon and other fish to each other rather than passing them by hand. When a customer orders a fish, an employee at the Fish Market's ice-covered fish table picks up the fish and hurls it over the countertop, where another employee catches it and preps it for sale. According to the employees, this tradition started when the fishmongers got tired of having to walk out to the Market's fish table to retrieve a salmon each time someone ordered one.

Eventually, the owner realized it was easier to station an employee at the table, to throw the fish over the counter. This attraction has also appeared on numerous prime-time installments of NFL games when the Seahawks host games at nearby CenturyLink Field. The first Starbucks store, founded in , was originally located at Western Avenue. They were inspired by Alfred Peet of Peet's Coffee to open the store and sell high-quality coffee beans and coffee making equipment and accessories. After more than 30 years in the Market, the herbal apothecary Tenzing Momo has become an institution both for obtaining herbs and advice on their use. Founded in , the name which is Tibetan means "divine dumpling". Pike Place Market's unofficial mascot, Rachel , a bronze cast piggy bank that weighs pounds kg , has been located since at the corner of Pike Place under the "Public Market Center" sign.

Rachel was designed by local artist Georgia Gerber and modeled after a pig also named Rachel that lived on Whidbey Island and was the Island County prize-winner. Rachel provided the theme for the Pigs on Parade fundraiser that was first held in and was one of several events in various cities modeled on a similar event in Zurich ; the Zurich event centered on cows and was the first of what have come to be known as CowParades. Since at least the s, Pike Place Market has been known for street entertainers. Besides the aforementioned spoons player Artis the Spoonman and songwriter Jim Page , Market performers in years past or present have included steel guitarist Baby Gramps ; [] Johnny Hahn , who routinely hauls around a key spinet piano; [] retro-jazzer Howlin' Hobbit, who plays ukulele ; [] klezmer influenced musicians the Bus Tunnel Bandits; hoop busker musician Emery Carl, chairman of the Market's Performer's Guild; [] blind autoharpist and singer Jeanne Towne; [] Kirsten "Mother Zosima" Anderberg, who for many years sang feminist and other political songs while dressed in a nun's habit; [] [] a cappella gospel singers Brother Willie and the Market Crew; [] [] the old-timey Tallboys; [] [] Johnny Cash sound-alike Vince Mira ; [] jazz-tinged players Amber Tide Thaddeus Spae and his late wife Sandahbeth ; [] [] alternative-jazz-pop singer-songwriter Alyse Black , and the late folksinger Jim Hinde, a Vietnam War veteran.

Jump blues musician PK Dwyer is credited with forming the first-ever street band to busk at the Market. While one can easily graze one's way through the Market food stalls and shops, the Pike Place Market offers numerous other eating and drinking options. The once endemic workingmen's and sailors' taverns are gone; at roughly opposite corners of the Market, the Virginia Inn founded as Virginia Bar, approximately ; operated as a cardroom during Prohibition , then Virginia Inn; passed into current management and slowly gentrified and Place Pigalle originally Lotus Inn, name dates from s, remodeled retain their names, but both have gone upmarket.

While it is not in its original Corner Market location, no longer bakes on premises, and its current owner Jack Levy is a man, it still sells a vast variety of baked goods, does a brisk business in takeaway sandwiches, and has an old-style lunch counter. For a different type of dining experience, the Pink Door founded , entered by a nearly unmarked door on upper Post Alley, is a favorite first-date restaurant, with solid Italian food, a fantasia of a dining room, a bar that sometimes features live jazz, and an outdoor deck overlooking Elliott Bay.

When it was founded in it was played an important role in the rise of fine dining in Seattle. Frank Goodwin and his brothers developed most of the core Market buildings. He was largely responsible for the decision to keep ornament to a minimum, in order to keep the emphasis on the products rather than the institution and in order not to scare off people looking for good prices on their produce. Upon his retirement in , his nephew Arthur Goodwin took over most of the Market ownership, selling some shares to people outside of the family.

Giuseppe Desimone was born about 40 miles 64 km east of Naples , Italy. A longtime Market vendor, Desimone was one of those who bought shares in the Market in and eventually became its owner by slowly buying out Arthur Goodwin. He was president of the Market until his death in Outside of the Market, he is credited with keeping Boeing in the Seattle area in by selling them a large tract of land for a nominal fee. His son Richard Desimone succeeded him as president of the market and served in that position until He kept the Market alive in dark times for farmers' markets, doing nearly all business on handshake deals rather than through formal leases. He later served on the Market Historical Commission.

Victor Steinbrueck was the leading architect-activist in defining the Pike Market neighborhood, and artist Mark Tobey in visualizing and recording, in developing his "Northwest Mystic" style of the internationally recognized Northwest School of art. Internationally recognized in the s, Tobey explored the neighborhood with his art in the s and early s, [] [] as the area was being increasingly characterized by the Seattle Establishment as overdue for urban renewal , particularly replacement with a parking garage, high-rise housing and modern, upscale retail.

George Rolfe, the first director of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority PDA , played a key role in the economic revitalization of the Market after it was saved by the referendum. It was under his management that the direction of automobile traffic on Pike Place was reversed and the pedestrian-friendly brick paving was introduced. Rolfe also emphasized the construction of pedestrian routes to the waterfront so that the Market became the center of a pedestrian network.

From about to , he owned and operated the American Fish Company. Sol had worked in the Market since and has been sole proprietor of Pure Food Fish since his father's death in He can often be seen outside his stall chatting with visitors and helping them choose their fish, including a brisk tourist trade in salmon packed to travel. The Seattle City Council honored him in on the 50th anniversary of his taking over the business: they named him "King of the Market" and permanently designated April 11 as Sol Amon Day. Amon is a longtime major supporter of the Market Foundation. Walter DeMarsh of Mobeta Shoes has made custom shoes for people with foot disfigurements and deformities since Few of the historic buildings in the Pike-Market neighborhood and none of the Market buildings as such are individually designated as landmarks or registered as historic places.

Buildings included in the federally and locally designated historic districts gain most of the benefits that would accrue from individual designation, so there is little reason to go through the difficult process of obtaining separate designation. The Market began on a boardwalk adjacent to the 3-story Leland Hotel [9] , architect unknown. In — he and architect Andrew Willatsen extended this complex further into the Fairley Building, which includes Lowell's, the Athenian, and the "Down Under".

The complex was rehabilitated in by George Bartholick. As of , the upper two stories of the Leland continue to be housing. The rehabilitation joined it with the adjacent 3-story Silver Oakum Building unknown, ; Bassetti, A legitimate seaman's and workingman's hotel until , its Japanese American operators Rosuke and T. Kodama were forcibly interned during World War II. Nellie Curtis took it over, changed the name, and ran it as a brothel into the s. Since the building has been joined to the adjacent Cliff House c.

Shops and the Market PDA office are on the ground floor. Today, the diverse culture of Omaha includes a variety of performance venues, museums, and musical heritage, including the historically significant jazz scene in North Omaha and the modern and influential " Omaha Sound ". During the late s, Omaha became nationally known as the birthplace of Saddle Creek Records , and the subsequent "Omaha Sound" was born from their bands' collective style. Omaha also has a fledgling hip hop scene. Long-time bastion Houston Alexander , a one-time graffiti artist and professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor, is a local hip-hop radio show host.

He has also had several number one hits on the local hip hop station respectively titled, "Lose Control" and "Do What U Do". Many ethnic and cultural bands have come from Omaha. Peter encouraged Germans in Omaha to celebrate their rich musical heritage, too. Frederick Metz , Gottlieb Storz and Frederick Krug were influential brewers whose beer gardens kept many German bands active. In , Omaha hosted the world premiere of the film Union Pacific and the accompanying three-day celebration drew , people. A special train from Hollywood carried director Cecil B. Omaha has been featured in recent years by a handful of relatively big budget motion pictures.

The city's most extensive exposure can be accredited to Omaha native Alexander Payne , the Oscar -nominated director who shot parts of About Schmidt , Citizen Ruth and Election in the city and suburbs of Papillion and La Vista. Its demolition in by the Nebraska Methodist Health System was unpopular, with objections from local historical and cultural groups and luminaries from around the world.

The two-screen theater is part of the Slowdown facility. It features new American independents, foreign films, documentaries, classics, themed series, and director retrospectives. There are many new theaters opening in Omaha. Westroads Mall has opened a new multiplex movie theater with 14 screens, operated by Rave Motion Pictures. Martin's Press, takes place in Omaha. The winner of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing was named Omaha , and after traveling the world the horse eventually retired to a farm south of the city.

The horse made promotional appearances at Ak-Sar-Ben during the s and following his death in was buried at the racetrack's Circle of Champions. Omaha is also the hometown of the Wizard in L. Sports have been important in Omaha for more than a century, and the city plays host to three minor-league professional sports teams. The Omaha Sports Commission is a quasi-governmental nonprofit organization that coordinates much of the professional and amateur athletic activity in the city, including the , and US Olympic Swimming Team Trials and the building of a new stadium in North Downtown. The Jays annually rank in the top 15 in attendance each year, averaging more than 16, people per game. Ice hockey is a popular spectator sport in Omaha.

Omaha was home to an expansion team , the Nighthawks, in the United Football League from to The Kansas City-Omaha Kings , an NBA franchise, played in both cities from to , [] before decamping solely to Kansas City until , when the team moved to its current home of Sacramento. The Cox Classic golf tournament was part of the Web. The circuit returned to Omaha in with the Pinnacle Bank Championship. Omaha has a thriving running community and many miles of paved running and biking trails throughout the city and surrounding communities.

The Omaha Marathon involves a half-marathon and a kilometer 6. Florence Boulevard and Fontenelle Boulevard are among the remnants of this system. Trails throughout the area are included in comprehensive plans for the city of Omaha, the Omaha metropolitan area, Douglas County, and long-distance coordinated plans between the municipalities of southeast Nebraska. Omaha has a strong mayor form of government , along with a city council elected from seven districts across the city. The mayor is Jean Stothert , who was elected in May , and re-elected May 10, The longest-serving mayor in Omaha's history was "Cowboy" Jim Dahlman , who served 20 years over eight terms.

He was regarded as the "wettest mayor in America" because of the flourishing number of bars in Omaha during his tenure. The city clerk is Elizabeth Butler. The City of Omaha administers twelve departments, including finance, police , human rights, libraries and planning. The council enacts local ordinances and approves the city budget. Government priorities and activities are established in a budget ordinance approved annually. The council takes official action through the passage of ordinances and resolutions. Nebraska's constitution grants the option of home rule to cities with more than 5, residents, meaning they may operate under their own charters.

Omaha is one of only three cities in Nebraska to use this option, out of 17 eligible. Although registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats in the 2nd congressional district , which includes Omaha, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opened three campaign offices in the city with 15 staff members to cover the state in fall Senator Bob Kerrey and then-U. Senator Ben Nelson campaigned in the city for Obama, [] and in November Obama won the district's electoral vote. This was an exceptional win, because with Nebraska's split electoral vote system Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win an electoral vote in Nebraska since In , Nebraska lawmakers moved Offutt Air Force Base and the town of Bellevue — an area with a large minority population — out of the Omaha-based 2nd District and shifted in the Republican-heavy Omaha suburbs in Sarpy County.

The move is expected to dilute the city's urban Democratic vote. Omaha's 2nd District sent its single electoral vote for Joe Biden in the election. Omaha's rate of violent crimes per , residents has been lower than the average rates of three dozen United States cities of similar size. Unlike Omaha, those cities have experienced an increase in violent crime overall since Rates for property crime have decreased for both Omaha and its peer cities during the same time period. As a major industrial city into the midth century, Omaha shared in social tensions that came with rapid growth and the arrival of large numbers of immigrants and migrants. Persistent poverty resulting from racial discrimination and job losses generated different crimes in the late 20th century, with drug trade and drug abuse becoming associated with violent crime rates, which climbed after as Los Angeles gangs made affiliates in the city.

Gambling in Omaha has been an important part of the city's history. From its founding in the s through the s, the city was known as a "wide-open" town where gambling of all sorts was openly accepted. By the s, at the same time large-scale restructuring of the railroads, the meatpacking industry and other sectors caused widespread job losses and unemployment, Omaha reportedly had more illicit gambling than any other city in the nation. Today, gambling in Omaha is limited to keno , lotteries , and parimutuel betting. This leaves Omahans to drive across the Missouri River to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where casinos are legal and many businesses operate. Recently, the National Indian Gaming Commission approved a controversial proposal made by the Ponca tribe of Nebraska. It will allow the tribe to build a casino in Carter Lake, Iowa , which sits on the west side of the Missouri River, adjacent to Omaha, where casinos are illegal.

Omaha has many public and private educational institutions, including Omaha Public Schools , the largest public school district in Nebraska, which serves more than 47, students in more than 75 schools. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha operates numerous private Catholic schools with 21, students in 32 elementary schools and nine high schools. Cecilia Grade School at Webster St. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School award. It serves students in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade and recorded a district enrollment of 6, students K for the —16 school year.

Omaha is also home to Brownell-Talbot School , Nebraska's only preschool through grade 12, independent college preparatory school. There are eleven colleges and universities among Omaha's higher education institutions, including the University of Nebraska Omaha. There are more than 10 other colleges and universities in the Omaha metro area. The city is the focus of the Omaha designated market area , and is the 76th largest in the United States.

Omaha Magazine []. The major daily newspaper in Nebraska is the Omaha World-Herald , which is the largest employee-owned newspaper in the United States. Cox Communications provides cable television services throughout the metropolitan area. Satellite providers such as DirecTV and Dish Network and the local programming they offer are also available throughout the metropolitan area. Retail natural gas and water public utilities in Omaha are provided by the Metropolitan Utilities District.

All electric utilities are non-profit and customer-owned. Electricity in the city is provided by the Omaha Public Power District. CenturyLink and Cox provide local telephone and internet services. The City of Omaha maintains two modern sewage treatment plants. Northern provides three natural gas lines to Omaha. Enron formerly owned UtiliCorp United, Inc. Peoples Natural Gas, a division of Aquila, Inc. There are several hospitals in Omaha. The Boys Town facility is well known for hearing-related research and treatment. Omaha's central role in the history of transportation across America earned it the nickname "Gate City of the West.

First housed in the former Herndon House , the Union Pacific Railroad's corporate headquarters have been in Omaha since the company began. Amtrak , the national passenger rail system, provides service through Omaha. The Greyhound Lines terminal is at Jackson St. Megabus has a stop at Crossroads Mall — N 72nd St. Metro Transit , previously known as Metro Area Transit, is the local bus system. Omaha's position as a transportation center was finalized with the opening of the Union Pacific Missouri River Bridge that linked the transcontinental railroad to the railroads terminating in Council Bluffs.

In the s, the Illinois Central drawbridge opened as the largest bridge of its type in the world. Route 6 and Nebraska Link 28B and U. Route has been upgraded to freeway standards from I to Fremont. A study by Walk Score ranked Omaha 26th most walkable of fifty largest U. Omaha is laid out on a grid plan , with 12 blocks to the mile with a north-to-south house numbering system. Cleveland who sought to combine the beauty of parks with the pleasure of driving cars. Eppley Airfield , Omaha's airport, serves the region with over 5 million passengers in As of , the airport has non-stop service to 34 destinations.

Offutt Air Force Base continues to serve as a military airbase; it is at the southern edge of Bellevue, which in turn lies immediately south of Omaha. Omaha has seven sister cities : []. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Omaha. For other uses, see Omaha disambiguation. City in Nebraska, United States. Gateway to the West, [1] The Big O. Fortiter in Re Latin English: "Courageously in every enterprise". Members list. Main article: History of Omaha, Nebraska. See also: History of North Omaha, Nebraska. Main article: Neighborhoods of Omaha, Nebraska. Main article: Ethnic groups in Omaha, Nebraska. Main article: Economy of Omaha, Nebraska. Main article: Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Main article: Old Market Omaha, Nebraska.

Main article: Music of Omaha. Main article: Sports in Omaha, Nebraska. Main articles: Parks in Omaha and Trails in Omaha. Main article: Government of Omaha. Main article: Crime in Omaha, Nebraska. Further information: Gambling in Omaha, Nebraska. Main article: Education in Omaha, Nebraska. Main article: Media in Omaha, Nebraska. Further information: List of tallest buildings in Omaha, Nebraska.

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