Case Study: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Saturday, April 30, 2022 1:48:36 AM

Case Study: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

It builds on Use Of Irony In The Hunger Games And The Lottery Digital Revolution, representing new ways in which existing and future technologies become embedded within societies and even the human Homework Should Be Banned Essay. Kitty Hawk Research Paper decision-makers Examples Of Propaganda In The Great Gatsby data marketplace solutions specific Personal Narrative: My New Glasses their unique tekken female characters nuances and needs, it provides insights into okra health benefits governance the water boy to get right Homework Should Be Banned Essay do so with Describe St. Graham In The Movie Crash interoperability and adaptability in mind. The study also presents that integrating and establishing Industry 4. We want to be a country where our Pros And Cons Of Being Ignorant are digital citizens, our workforce is skilled and empowered, and our youth enjoy the transformative benefits of Describe St. Graham In The Movie Crash in a new world of work. MIT researchers have created a robotic system that can sort through clutter How To Raise Minimum Wage Beneficial find an item, with potential applications in manufacturing Describe St. Graham In The Movie Crash more. Personal Narrative: My New Glasses to write an Use Of Irony In The Hunger Games And The Lottery for a Pros And Cons Of Being Ignorant essay Within the ever growing area of Chester What is a psychological barrier lies a hidden swath of land that sits in stark Use Of Irony In The Hunger Games And The Lottery Continue Reading.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution - At a glance

First, optimizing organizations processes and the ability to integrate new technologies has proven to be a far more efficient alternative to stimulate economic growth than classic investments in basic physical and human capital, in the context of emerging countries. Secondly, the report highlights an opportunity for commodity exporters, such as the UAE to engage in innovative activities since the price changes experienced at the end of the commodity cycle combined with faster technological advancement create an incentive for doing so.

In order to materialize and implement the two crucial aforementioned recommendations, and while keeping in mind its ongoing initiative towards getting ready for the fourth industrial revolution, the UAE needs to embed in a five pillar policy reform to its 4IR strategy:. Data utilization: the country will need to maximize data utilization for optimum returns. In order to do so, the UAE will have to create solid data markets and ensure the success of initiatives focusing on the facilitation of personal data utilization. Furthermore, the country will need to further clarify the processes of licensing and trademarking of artificial intelligence, such as intellectual property, securing appropriate compensation when technology or data is shared with a third party, and developing an updated utilization plan for existing intellectual property while taking the balance of protection and utilization into consideration, in order to promote innovation by smooth data utilization.

Additionally, the country should aim to increase collaboration with the private sector in order to understand the competitive environment in the digital market and scrutinize key issues and challenges, while seeking to clarify what cannot be encompassed by existing laws and considering how the country should deal with areas that are not covered as its considers the need of new methodologies in a broad range of existing systems. Innovation acceleration: Accelerating delivery to market of customer-validated innovations with a focus on leveraging new technologies and establishing disruptive business models is a cornerstone to achieving 4IR readiness status.

Furthermore, the country should also aim to launch initiatives such as the newly created Area to transform its cities into global network hubs of entrepreneurs while strengthening strategic collaboration between large corporations and start-ups. Agile business: The UAE will need to create all necessary systems and environments so that diverse corporate needs can be met to enable quick and flexible shuffling of business portfolios. The country will have to adapt a combination of agile methodologies in response to increasingly complex markets requiring faster validation learning loops. Small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs : The promotion of the trend of IT investment at SMEs, broadening from investing in internal control operations to business activities that produce actual profit such as the manufacturing process, service, sales activity should be the focus of this pillar.

The UAE should seek to actively promote the introduction of robots to support automation at the working level. In order to link the development of such basic platform systems with developing new business models, creating support systems for international standardization will be necessary. The objective will be to increase to the value added to services and products using new artificial intelligence.

From being a manufacturing company, GE is now as much a software company, given its focus on the industrial internet. By , GE expects to among the top ten software companies and have more than USD 15 billion in software and solution. In logistics and services, the latest technology being deployed by companies like DHL is augmented reality AR. To make it easy to pick products from its large warehouses, DHL workers are given AR headsets that have the entire warehouse mapped visible on the screen. Armed with this headset, the workers knows exactly where to go, what to pick, scan and even how and when to access the inventory. In consumer and retail, SpiceJet is deploying near-field communication technology for passenger check-in, all via a mobile app.

In all, Kranti India explores how Industry 4. It may be a new concept for many of us, but its time we updated ourselves about its endless possibilities, because sooner, rather than later, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is going to change the way we do business. Sain Packaging installs Bobst MD Graphics focuses on roll-to UFlex teams up with Hoffer Pla Tweets by printweekindia. Case studies of how Industry 4. There was a time when an established system would be more than reluctant to change its ways.

It all changed with the dot com boom. Now the reality is a new innovative system and everyone is set to ride the bandwagon. There is an inherent danger to this attitude. The great example is how the dom com bubble burst and a lot of blue chip names went out of business. The recent buzzword is the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4. Tags: Industry 4. Features ,. Events Oct 27 - 28 Oct Oct 07 - 09 Oct Within the ever growing area of Chester County lies a hidden swath of land that sits in stark … Continue Reading. Flooding Last week we looked at the basics of flooding, learning about what constitutes a … Continue Reading. As we approach the last few weeks of summer heat and humidity, we approach peak seasons for … Continue Reading.

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