Joseph Von Faunhofer Research Paper

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Joseph Von Faunhofer Research Paper

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Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2021

However, a lot of heat dissipates unused because it is not generated as and when required. Thermal storage using zeolite material allows heat to be stored for long periods of time without losing any. Fraunhofer researchers are now working on significantly improving the thermal conductivity of zeolites. The Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS, together with partners, has developed a filter system that efficiently removes these substances from the air. The filter can be adapted to the various materials and substances released in each case. In the future, the technology will be used in other applications, such as additive manufacturing. Fraunhofer-research scientists are helping businesses capitalize on net-zero technologies for this.

There he discovered how to make fine optical glass and invented precise methods for measuring optical dispersion. It was at the Institute that Fraunhofer met Pierre Louis Guinand , a Swiss glass technician, who instructed Fraunhofer in glassmaking at Utzschneider's behest. Guinand would later become a partner with Fraunhofer in the firm, [7] and the name was changed to Utzschneider-und-Fraunhofer.

During , Fraunhofer became the director of the Optical Institute. Due to the fine optical instruments developed by Fraunhofer, Bavaria overtook England as the center of the optics industry. Even the likes of Michael Faraday were unable to produce glass that could rival Fraunhofer. His illustrious career eventually earned him an honorary doctorate from the University of Erlangen in In , Fraunhofer was appointed a Knight of the Order of Merit of the Bavarian Crown by King Maximilian I , through which he was raised into personal nobility with the title "Ritter von", i.

The same year, he was also made an honorary citizen of Munich. Like many glassmakers of his era, he was poisoned by heavy metal vapors, resulting in his premature death. Fraunhofer died in at the age of His most valuable glassmaking recipes are thought to have gone to the grave with him. One of the most difficult operations of practical optics during the time period of Fraunhofer's life was accurately polishing the spherical surfaces of large object glasses. Fraunhofer invented the machine which rendered the surface more accurately than conventional grinding. He also invented other grinding and polishing machines and introduced many improvements into the manufacture of the different kinds of glass used for optical instruments, which he always found to have flaws and irregularities of various sorts.

In , he constructed a new kind of furnace , and during his second melting session when he melted a large quantity of glass, he found that he could produce flint glass , which, when taken from the bottom of a vessel containing roughly pounds of glass, had the same refractive power as glass taken from the surface. He found that English crown glass and German table glass both contained defects which tended to cause irregular refraction. In the thicker and larger glasses, there would be even more of such defects, so that in larger telescopes this kind of glass would not be fit for objective lenses. Fraunhofer accordingly made his own crown glass. It was thought that the accurate determination of power for a given medium to refract rays of light and separate the different colors which they contain was impeded by the absence of precise boundaries between the colors of the spectrum , making it difficult to accurately measure the angle of refraction.

To address this limitation, Fraunhofer performed a series of experiments for the purpose of producing homogeneous light artificially, and unable to effect his object in a direct way, he did so by means of lamps and prisms. By , Fraunhofer had invented the modern spectroscope. This line enabled him afterward to determine the absolute power of refraction in different substances. Experiments to ascertain whether the solar spectrum contained the same bright line in orange as the line produced by the orange of fire light led him to the discovery of dark fixed lines in the solar spectrum. Today, millions of such fixed absorption lines are now known. Continuing to investigate, Fraunhofer detected dark lines also appearing in the spectra of several bright stars , but in slightly different arrangements.

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