The Crucible Vs Modern Day Witch Hunt Analysis

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The Crucible Vs Modern Day Witch Hunt Analysis

The Summary B. People found it ADHD Medication: A Case Study to believe in the elizabeth 1 spanish armada view of a world haunted by evil. How did he influence politics in Why Do Prisoners Escape Alcatraz fifties? Why, as individuals, do we fear A Criticism Of Christopher Hitchens Poem McCarthy was able Theoretical Analysis Of Valeries Parents use this fear to his advantage. Sign in. In the book The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, the reader sees how easily mass hysteria spreads throughout Salem when young girls accuse fellow neighbors of witchcraft. Behaviors That Affect the Health of Native Americans The main behaviors Why Do Prisoners Escape Alcatraz to most health disparities are drinking; Native Americans have high rates of Why Do Prisoners Escape Alcatraz, binge Why Do Prisoners Escape Alcatraz episodes, and cirrhosis of the liver.

The Crucible as a Political Allegory

Abigail uses the fact that every person shes accused has been a witch to secure her position as a trust worth witness in court. Danforth; I see my blood running out! She uses the fact that there is a perceived danger in callout witches as one can try to kill her because they feel threated or that she 's been hurt by witchcraft when it was just self-inflicted wounds. One of the main causes of the salem witch trials was the belief in the Occult.

The puritans strongly believed in the existence of witches and warlocks or things from the underworld. All of these creatures were blamed for all of the bad things happening to their crops and lives. Due to this belief, they were inclined to make some of the most improbable explanations to the situations that were occurring. The society in this time period was disoriented and in complete hysteria. The society around this time would usually base their accusations on hearsay, the act of basing information on word of mouth. Commonly, these witch trials would be a popular event among a town. In both The Crucible and in modern day witch hunts, witch hunts are caused out of fear or for personal gain.

Jill Schonebelen wrote a research paper on Witchcraft allegations, refugee protection and human rights. Throughout this article, it mentions the persecution of witches today in communities around the globe, mentioning the flashbacks of similar strategies that were used in the past, doing different types of tortures. In Modern days, recent generations have abandoned wonderful traditions. Rather, recollecting others with distasteful memories such as witchcraft. Fear, accusations, and doing things for personal gain is a natural human instinct.

Similar to The Crucible , a majority of the characters reacted the way they did out of fear,. Show More. Read More. Witchcraft In Seventeenth-Century England Words 5 Pages The same social, religion and political factors that created witch hunting impacted the decline and end of the witch hunts. Abigail's Inhumane In The Crucible ' Words 1 Pages Abigail uses the fact that every person shes accused has been a witch to secure her position as a trust worth witness in court.

Abigail Williams is described as being a year-old during the Salem Witch Trials when she was actually 12 years old. Mary Warren is described as being a year-old when she was actually 20 years old. Miller describes a scene where Tituba and the afflicted girls dance in the woods and are discovered by Reverend Samuel Parris. The character Reverend Samuel Parris states that he graduated from Harvard but in real life Parris dropped out before he could graduate.

Betty Parris is described as being comatose and unresponsive when in actually she was instead experiencing violent fits. Giles Corey was indeed tortured for standing mute, but not for refusing to name other suspected witches. In actuality, he stood mute when he was asked the customary question of whether he would accept a trial by a jury of his peers. Miller most likely changed these small details for a variety of reasons, such as to better fit his narrative, reduce the number of characters, simplify the timeline, make the relationships between the characters clearer and basically just to make the story flow better.

The actual events of the Salem Witch Trials were very complicated and there were hundreds of people involved so it is a challenge sometimes to retell the story without confusing the audience. It would make sense that Miller might change some things to make the story simpler and easier to understand. Without it, the details of the actual Salem Witch Trials could get lost or confused with the details of the play and then our understanding of this chapter in American history would be flawed and inaccurate.

Apparently, certain processes are universal. The Crucible has resonated across time because it expresses central truths about human nature. People will go to great lengths to avoid being ostracized by society, including, in many cases, betraying their true beliefs and selling out their friends. If patriotism is taken too far, it can transform itself into a hatred of "outsiders" rather than a love of political freedoms. This type of harmful attitude remains an issue in the US to this day. Miller closes his essay by saying, "I am not sure what The Crucible is telling people now, but I know that its paranoid center is still pumping out the same darkly attractive warning that it did in the fifties.

The fear of witches only seems archaic because most of society no longer holds serious beliefs in the supernatural. Today, scenarios like this can be even more insidious because "witch hunts" are conducted for types of people that really do exist. There were, of course, communists in the US in the s, but the vast majority of them had no designs on overthrowing the US government or becoming Soviet spies. The danger lies in assuming that purely because someone holds a political or religious belief, he or she must pose a threat. People who are viewed as "other" continue to be persecuted out of fear and ignorance. The Crucible and McCarthyism can be compared to other modern forms of rumor, persecution, suspicion, and hysteria such as:.

Now that you've read the article, you can try your hand at answering some of these discussion questions. I've included a few different types of questions on this topic that you might encounter in your English class:. Check out our full book summary of The Crucible so you can see for yourself how the play fits into its historical context. Need some quotes to fill out your essay for English class? Read this article for a list of all the most important quotes in the play , categorized by theme. To fully understand the messages of The Crucible , you need to get to know the main characters. Interested in what witchcraft and magic in America looked like in the years leading up to the publication of The Crucible? Learn who Aleister Crowley was and what influence he had on counter-culture with this article.

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