Influence Of Axatse On African Culture

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Influence Of Axatse On African Culture

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American influence on African culture [This Is Culture]

But culture affects art in every way there is. South African culture revolves around a number of features. These include art, architecture, cinema, music, cuisine, as well as education. African Art can be purchased directly from the official website of African Art shop. Navai Mays was the African American teacher and civil rights activist who made 65 trips to Africa collecting art as tools for instruction of African history and culture in her Detroit public school classes.

The African culture is a very diffrent culture to any others. African culture was shared by the African slaves. Ngugi Wa Thiong'o asserts that unlike European arts, those of the African are functional in that they play the role of connecting themselves the arts with the people. The art and architecture, the music, the dances and the songs that they have nurtured express the emotions of their people and culture. The art manifests itself as a source of gratification, fulfillment and expression for the African culture. It signifies the people's solidarity, their unity and their purpose. It is through their art that they could relate to each other and the country as one.

The art 'functioned' for its very purpose - of celebration and identification - unlike those of the European who produced 'art for the art's sake'. Art is one part of culture. The traditional African religion influenced most African art, but Christianity influenced Ethiopian art. Samella S. Museum of African Culture was created in Log in.

African-American History. See Answer. Best Answer. Generally serves a ritualistic function. Q: In African culture art Write your answer Related questions. What is African art culture Art and culture? Does art reflect or shape culture? Where was the center of African American culture in the s? Is African a culture? What is so special about African art? Why is it difficult to generalize about African art and culture? How and why did the Harlem renaissance? What was Picasso's influence on African art? How does art affect culture? South Africa culture? Where can you purchase African Art?

What African American teacher and civil rights activist made 65 trips to Africa collecting art as tools for instruction of African history and culture in her Detroit public school classes? What is the African culture like? How was African culture most likely introduced to America? Whereas there may be some within the culture that obtains a different social class structure , the practice of family reunions as a whole are maintained because they still the same social status in common.

I am not trying to stereotype and say that everyone that attends family reunions are in the same social class, but it is a common bond that holds the culture together. According to the ecological approach , family reunions are used as a mechanism to encourage economic and cultural stability. Older individuals usually pass down their inherited knowledge to younger generations so that they can be successful and help improve the culture as a whole. Two ways that the theoretical approaches might be similar are that the evolutionary and ecological approaches both encourage strength and stability regarding the use of family reunions.

However, the evolutionary approach differs in that it is looking at survival from a biological standpoint. The sociocultural approach is similar to the ecological approach in that the ecological approach acknowledges that financial factors may play a role in the culture as a whole. However, the sociocultural standpoint considers that people in that culture are similar because they are in related circumstances, so they would get along and relate to each other conversing in a family reunion. In conclusion , the approach that best helps me understand the custom is the evolutionary approach because I can see how family reunions were used to help strengthen the African-American culture, and make sure the culture survived even through severe hardship.

They believe that the strong is more likely to survive than the weak, and taught us how to adapt to extenuating circumstances. This week, I got to analyze my culture and the custom of family reunions. Before this assignment, I took it for granted that family reunions are normal and just a part of life. However, what is considered a norm for me may not be a norm for another culture.

I also got to define and really think about the term culture and what it really means. Shiraev, E. Cross-cultural psychology : Critical thinking and contemporary applications 5th Ed. Goffman, E. Culture and Moved the World. McCoy, R. American Society on Aging. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help.

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