Penelope In The Odyssey Analysis

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Penelope In The Odyssey Analysis

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A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature 201

Active Themes. Fate, the Gods, and Free Will. The nymph Calypso has held Odysseus captive for seven years on the island Ogygia, and the goddess Athena has come before an assembly of the gods to plead for his release. Odysseus angered the sea god Poseidon , who has been hindering Odysseus's return to his home in Ithaca. Zeus declares that Poseidon must forget his grievance and agrees to send the messenger god Hermes to Ogygia to ensure Odysseus's release from captivity. We learn that Athena favors Odysseus, for some reason, and has made it her mission to ensure his safe return. Odysseus's fate hangs on Zeus's decision — will Zeus respect Poseidon's anger or overrule it?

Zeus decides to spare Odysseus and sends Hermes to order Calypso to release Odysseus from captivity: here, the gods interfere directly with Odysseus's life. Related Quotes with Explanations. Meanwhile, Athena flies to Ithaca to speak to Odysseus's son Telemachus. Droves of men courting Odysseus's wife Penelope have been feasting for years in Odysseus's court, pestering Penelope and depleting the resources of the estate.

Athena takes the shape of Mentes , a friend of Odysseus's father Laertes. She finds Telemachus sitting idly in the midst of the festivities, dreaming of routing the insolent suitors from the estate. Athena usually takes human form in her interactions with Telemachus, perhaps in order to make her divine interventions less conspicuous. The suitors dishonor the house by insulting Penelope and stealing Odysseus's property, so Telemachus feels that it's his duty to stop them: it is honorable to stop a dishonorable act. After Telemachus has given Athena a proper welcome, she tells Telemachus that Odysseus is still alive, and that he is held captive on a faraway island.

She prophesies that Odysseus will soon return to his home. Telemachus describes the shame the suitors have brought upon the estate. Athena advises that he gather a crew and sail to Pylos and then to Sparta in search of information about Odysseus. She tells Telemachus that he must avenge his father by killing the suitors that dishonor the estate, as Prince Orestes avenged the death of his father Agamemnon by killing his father's murderer.

Telemachus thanks the stranger for the kind advice; his memory of Odysseus grows vivid and his strength increases, and he thinks that the stranger must have been a god. Telemachus carefully follows the customs of hospitality: he gives the stranger food and drink before asking his name. His conversation with Athena invigorates him, but in what way? Does he simply feel encouraged by a stranger's prophecy and good advice, or by a god's protection? Or does Athena magically grant him increased strength and confidence? For three years, Penelope worked at weaving a shroud for the eventual funeral of her father-in-law, Laertes. She claimed that she would choose a husband as soon as the shroud was completed.

By day, the queen, a renowned weaver, worked on a great loom in the royal halls. At night, she secretly unraveled what she had done, amazingly deceiving the young suitors. Her ploy failed only when one of her servants eventually betrayed her and told the suitors what was happening. The choice of this particular contest is no coincidence; Penelope knows exactly what she is doing. If the old beggar really is Odysseus in disguise, he alone has any realistic chance of winning the contest.

Odysseus left his wife, Penelope, and their young son, Telemachos, almost twenty years before the telling of this story to fight in the Trojan War. His absence places Penelope in a rather precarious position. Faced with many different circumstances, both good and bad, Penelope is on her own to decide the path she wishes to take. Depending on her decisions. The Odyssey by Homer portrays Odysseus as a hero who spends his time defeating the Trojans, fighting a six headed monster, and going to exotic lands. The only thing Odysseus did not do was stay loyal to his family or keep hope the whole time. Who they don't mention is Penelope who shows loyalty, hope and other characteristics that also make her a hero.

Because Penelope shows loyalty and hope in The Odyssey, Penelope is the greatest character. Through out time men have always been seen as heroic. As aforementioned Penelope is the main reason for Odysseus's return to Ithaca, as well as wanting to be united with his son Telemakos. The epic poem 'The odyssey' was recorded in the 8th century BCE or c. The Odyssey began 10 years after the Trojan war ended which is during the Mycenaean time period. Homers telling of the odyssey has the main audience of males that lived in this time period as females and males were not equal in Homeric society.

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