Advantages Of Three Gorges Dam

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Advantages Of Three Gorges Dam

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Benefits of the Three Gorges Dam\\ China Three Gorges Dam

During this period, the work was focused on constructing the cofferdam a temporary barrier that keeps water out of a normally submerged area , the locks, and the hydroelectric plant. By the end of , the first and the second phases had been successfully completed. During the third phase from to , the installation of all machinery, the construction of the power station and the dam on the right bank were finished. Of course, the construction of the Three Gorges Dam Project has brought a huge controversy relating to economic, technical, environment, migration, tourism and the protection fields.

The construction of the dam has flooded archaeological and cultural sites and displaced some 1. Hence the dam has been a controversial topic both in China and abroad. Till today, we need to face the benefits as well as the problems from the Three Gorges Dam Project. For one hand, it brings many benefits such as flood control, power generation, navigation and tourism; for another hand, it also causes some problems like sediment problem, environmental problem, migration problem, and landscape losses.

China Highlights uses cookies to give you the best possible service. If you continue browsing, you agree to the use of cookies. More details can be found in our privacy policy. Home Travel Guide Yichang. Related Articles. Sanyou Cave. It was heavily debated throughout the next decade, which was the most politically relaxed and liberal era in the history of Chinese Communist rule. But following the Tiananmen Square massacre in , open dissent was stifled and the political atmosphere turned oppressive. Four months after the massacre, authorities banned " Yangtze!

Confident that it could now push through the plan, the government put the dam to a vote before the country's legislature, the National People's Congress NPC , in The dam was approved, but about one-third of the delegates refused to endorse the plan -- an astonishingly low approval rate for China's usually compliant rubber-stamp parliament. Some delegates said they were blindsided when the Three Gorges Dam suddenly appeared on the NPC's agenda, without advance notice or discussions about the project, according to a edition of "Yangtze! Yang Xinren, a delegate from Jilin province in northeastern China, was quoted by the book as saying : "The majority of the delegates are not fully informed of the technical aspects of the project.

So no matter how we vote, we vote in blindness. Why is the dam so controversial? One of the most controversial aspects of the mega-project was its enormous cost for villagers who had lived for centuries on the banks of the river. To make way for the dam's massive reservoir, about 1. Building the Three Gorges Dam displaced more people than the three largest Chinese dams before it combined. The reservoir submerged two cities, towns and 1, villages along the river banks.

Residents of Fengjie, in southwest China's Chongqing, watch the demolition of buildings in their town on November 4, , to make room for the Three Gorges Dam's resevoir. Displaced residents have complained about inadequate compensation and a lack of farmland and jobs after relocation. Many have accused local governments of embezzling resettlement funds and using excessive force to quell protests. In , the Chinese government acknowledged that some of the funds were embezzled or misused. Many also faced a reduction in living wages. The dam has also had a serious geological impact. Chinese officials and experts admitted at a forum in that the Three Gorges Dam had caused an array of ecological ills, including more frequent landslides, China's state news agency Xinhua reported at the time.

The water in the reservoir saturates and erodes the base of the cliffs, and the fluctuation in water levels changes the weight of the reservoir and the pressure on the slopes, destabilizing the shoreline, geologists say. Water gushes out for the first time through the Three Gorges Dam on June 11, The first disaster came in , shortly after the reservoir started to fill for the first time. As the water reached meters feet , landslides began to occur. A few weeks later, on a tributary of the Three Gorges, a large chunk of a mountain split off and slipped into the river, killing 24 people, destroying houses and capsizing over 20 boats.

The dam, which sits near two major fault lines, has also been blamed for a surge in earthquakes in the region. Scientists argue that the weight of the large reservoir and the permeation of water into the rocks underneath can trigger earthquakes in regions already under considerable tectonic stress. According to a study from the China Earthquake Administration, in the six years after the reservoir was filled in June , 3, earthquakes were recorded along the reservoir; only 94 earthquakes were recorded from January to May Another major concern is the blocking of sediments.

By cutting the flow of the Yangtze River, the dam has retained huge amounts of silt, which not only dampens its flood control capacity by filling the reservoir, but also causes significant erosion downstream. And finally, the discovery of 80 large cracks on the Three Gorges Dam's concrete face, just days after the reservoir was filled for the first time in , didn't help to alleviate concerns about the dam's safety. Officials said at the time that the cracks were not a threat to the dam, but could cause leaking if not fixed, according to Xinhua. For those who remembered the collapse of 62 dams in Henan in , amid heavy downpours during a typhoon, it was of little comfort. That event killed more than 26, people by the official count -- though other estimates were several times higher.

This year, as the floods worsened, rumors over the Three Gorges Dam's deformation have resurfaced, drawing fierce rebuttal from state media. But in , the Chinese government admitted the Three Gorges Dam had created a range of major problems. Changing attitudes. Beard, the Commissioner of the US Bureau of Reclamation, declared "the dam building era in the United States" to be over, at an international conference. The dam site is 27 miles upstream from Yichang City. The Three Gorges Dam is a dam which was put along the Yangtze River because of the flooding around the river and also for hydroelectric power.

The Three Gorges Dam in China. Three Gorges dam in China. It is the three gorges dam haha! The three gorges dam in China. Log in. China and Chinese Territories. See Answer. Best Answer. Answer 1 Every dam has its impact. Many areas are flooded in upper-middle course. About one million people have to move 7. The living environment of plants and animals will be damaged or in danger of extinction. It's very expensive around the equivalent of 50 billion US dollars 5. Many historical sites will become flooded. Many factories and mines will be flooded, poisoning the Yangtze river Answer 3 The Three gorges Dam is bad because of there will be more floods, and jobs will be lost. Q: What are some of the disadvantages of the Three Gorges Dam?

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