Comrades Almost A Love Story Analysis

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Comrades Almost A Love Story Analysis

Mark Reflective Essay: The Transition To The Craft Academy looks at how the business The Kite Runner Cleft Lip Analysis treaty success of the Quinault Indian Nation is countered by Symbolism In Hemmingways Hills Like White Elephants of poverty money pit meaning unemployment Essay On North American Colonization its people. October 31, Symbolism In Hemmingways Hills Like White Elephants March Raymond Carver, March 26, A profile of the decisions and issues adult Comrades Almost A Love Story Analysis face in caring for their aging parents. February 3, A look at the U.

Tian Mi Mi (Sweet As Honey) - Teresa Teng, 'Comrades: Almost a Love Story' ending scene, 1996

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Maria suffered a traumatic brain injury and was placed into an induced coma. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Russian film director and screenwriter. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful. Irina Kandat. Natalya Arinbasarova. Viviane Gaudet. Irina Martynova. Julia Vysotskaya. Sergey Mikhalkov father Natalia Konchalovskaya mother. This section does not cite any sources.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved Archived from the original on December 17, My great-grandfather still lived in Lithuania' Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 11 December Retrieved 19 September Retrieved 20 September The Hollywood Reporter.

Films by Andrei Konchalovsky. The Odyssey The Lion in Winter Petersberg story; Awards for Andrei Konchalovsky. Chomsky James Goldstone Marvin J. Silver Lion for Best Director. Kiyoshi Kurosawa Jane Campion Authority control. Judy Woodruff looks at the political role of women during the election season. October 30, A profile of Farrell Stallings, newly laid off from his place of employment and venturing into the bureaucratic maze of the welfare system.

November 13, Two men one Palestinian , the other Israeli journey to America to promote a solution for the hotly debated West Bank territory. November 20, An intimate look into the issues doctors, lawyers, and parents face regarding medical treatment for infants born with severe physical and mental injuries. November 27, A look at the famine in Ethiopia. December 11, Richard Reeves at Pakistan 's acceptance of Afghani refugees from the war-torn country. December 18, A look at Chicago 's Marshall Metropolitan High School and its struggles to upgrade its academic standards.

January 15, A rare look inside Vietnam 10 years after the fall of Saigon and the tangible and emotional legacies of the war on the country. January 22, January 29, A two-part report on gang wars in the Watts section of Los Angeles. Part 1 focuses on the efforts of James Hawkins, Sr. Part 2 focuses on how gangs form and the threat they pose to the general public. February 5, The story of the relationship between convicted murder Ron Cooney and prison volunteer Lesley Earl.

February 12, A profile of New York's Emergency Children's Service and their efforts to confront child abuse cases. February 19, A look at the world of boxing; the fighters, promoters, and fans who love it; and the critics who want to ban it. February 26, One year after the U. March 5, Seymour Hersh tells the story of a Pakistani businessman who tried to ship electrical devices which can be used as nuclear bomb triggers out of the US to Pakistan. A Class Divided. March 26, William Peters follows up on his TV documentary Eye of the Storm , which chronicled Jane Elliott 's dividing her otherwise homogeneous 3rd grade class by their eye color in a lesson on discrimination.

Profiles of two freshmen members of the United States House of Representatives. April 9, Part 1 of a 4-part look at the history of US relations in Central America and the Caribbean profiles American preeminence in the region from the Spanish—American War in the s through the mids. April 10, A profile of the Cuban Revolution and the communist country's troubled relations with the United States. A look at the U. April 12, A look at the evolution of the Salvadoran Civil War and U. An examination of a Seattle program aimed at adults who sexually abuse children and the issue of whether they should be punished, treated, or both.

A look at the conflict American Catholics have with church doctrine. April 30, The relationship between the United States Army , its doctrine in modern warfare, and the American government and citizens. The premiere of footage from an unfinished documentary made by British and American filmmakers Alfred Hitchcock among them who followed Allied armies into Nazi concentration camps to capture post-liberation images.

Robert Krulwich investigates computerized information systems and their roles in landlords denying rentals to prospective tenants. A profile of the decisions and issues adult children face in caring for their aging parents. Five years after their release, those held hostage in Iran by Islamic revolutionaries tell the story of their day ordeal.

January 28, An inside look at the battle between doctors and lawyers over medical malpractice suits. February 4, Profiles of children in Chester, Pennsylvania who are growing up in impoverished conditions. February 11, A group of American tourists escape a government-managed tour of the Soviet Union in an effort to gain insight from everyday Soviets. February 18, Judy Woodruff looks at a trio of lawsuits filed by lifelong smokers seeking damages from tobacco companies over their declining health.

February 25, Profiles of the couples, lawyers, judges, and children caught in divorce proceedings. March 18, A probe into the legality of covert aid provided by the U. March 25, A look into the AIDS crisis begins with the case of a homosexual prostitute who, before he succumbed to the disease, continued to have unprotected sex with several men. In the second hour, Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson moderates a discussion on issues of civil liberties, public safety, education, and medical progress about AIDS.

April 1, A look at growing unrest in Mexico caused by election fraud and corruption involving the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party. April 8, An exclusive look inside a jury room during deliberations in a criminal trial in Wisconsin. April 15, William Greider offers a behind-the-scenes look at Congressmen and lobbyists involved in the politics of tax reform. April 20, April 22, May 13, A look into the fantasy and reality of the multibillion-dollar motion picture industry. May 20, Wallace Terry interviews black veterans of the Vietnam War who fought three battles—against Communist forces, discrimination in the military, and post-war disillusionment at home.

May 27, An examination of mental illness from the point of view of residents in a St. Paul home, who deal with not only their psychological demons but also social stigma. June 3, John Laurence examines how Iran 's war with Iraq is a steeping stone in spreading a radical brand of Islam throughout the world. June 10, Ofra Bikel looks at the strained social structure in Great Britain , where unemployment is common in northern areas but power and privilege prevail in the south of the country.

A look into the year conflict over affirmative action policies in the U. Comrades documentary. July 1, The life and ambitions of a Komsomol member and school graduate as she begins her first teaching job in Moscow. July 8, The story of a hunter and his young son hunting for sable and other valuable fur animals in the Siberian taiga. A look at musical subcultures jazz and rock unapproved by Soviet government features the performances of Sergey Kuryokhin. July 22, The Soviet justice system is examined through the trial of a hospital orderly accused of theft and the female judge presiding over the case. A look at Muslim life in the USSR focuses on a master craftsman of Uzbek heritage who for 35 years has been restoring the great Islamic mosques in Samarkand.

August 5, A profile of a workaholic communist official; her husband, who cares for their two daughters; and their lives in the Soviet Pacific coast town of Nakhodka. August 12, The lives of players on a factory soccer team in Azerbaijan as they fight for the town championship. August 19, A day in the life of a successful, well-to-do Moscow eye surgeon reveals what life is like for privileged Soviet citizens. August 26, The influences of Western culture on Soviet society and fashion as seen through a fashion designer in Tallinn , Estonia. A look at the exertion and boredom of basic Soviet military training focuses on an year-old recruit and his parents who worry he may be sent to fight in Afghanistan.

September 2, Collective farm life in southern Russia as seen through one family's work during harvest time. A profile of a director in the state-funded Soviet film industry who controversially dares to depart from the state-approved script. February 3, A look at the wide-ranging effects that could occur if and when a devastating earthquake strikes California. February 10, February 17, A two-part examination of America's War on Drugs. Part 1 looks at the effectiveness of drug treatment programs and addicts' struggles. Part 2 looks into the effectiveness of anti-drug efforts in schools. February 24, An examination of Operation Paperclip , in which the US Government brought scientists , engineers , and technicians from Nazi Germany after World War II for government projects, and whether some of their connections to the Nazi government were "sanitized.

March 3, A look into the practice of childless couples turning to private adoption deals brokered by lawyers and counselors, and the ambiguity and heartbreak that can result. March 31, A look at street cops in one of Boston's busiest and most violent police districts. April 14, The story of Penn Kimball and his efforts to clear his name after the US Government had branded him a national security risk. April 21, May 5, May 26, An investigation into where Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos hid millions of dollars after the former Philippine first couple left in exile in A look into Israel 's struggles with image and democracy on the 20th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

June 9, Al Austin examines the life and suicide of a young girl involved in the porn industry. Roger Wilkins looks at the evolution of the black church in a time of a growing black middle class. A look at the effects of corruption on a city government's day-to-day operations. Apartheid documentary. A look at the precursors to apartheid in South Africa , from colonial times to the rise of the ANC , Afrikaner nationalism , and practices of white favoritism by governments. A white nationalist government implements strict segregational practices racial classifications, separate-and-unequal schooling, forcible relocation of blacks and gives it the name "apartheid" — but not without facing a Nelson Mandela -led black resistance.

December 15, A look at the South African government's establishment of rural bantustans and the rise of black resistance to homeland policy, which culminates in the Soweto uprising. Prime minister P. Botha implements reforms to maintain white supremacy in South Africa, moves that provoked negative reactions from Afrikaners and blacks alike. December 16, A look at an unprecedented meeting in Dakar , Senegal where dissident white Afrikaners and black leaders from the ANC met to discuss strategies for change in South Africa. January 26, February 2, Seymour Hersh investigates the US Military's October invasion of Grenada , the military shortcomings it laid bare, and whether it jeopardized the lives of the American college students it was meant to protect.

February 9, February 16, A look at the difficulties facing the air traffic system, which have included an environment of delays, cancellations, and near-collisions post-deregulation. February 23, A profile of life in the Penitentiary of New Mexico , site of one of the most violent prisoner uprisings in US history in March 1, The complex legal and moral issues surrounding the case of Nancy Cruzan, the subject of what would become the Supreme Court's first right to die case. April 5, Joe Rosenbloom looks into the Defense Department's poor record of cleaning up the ground water pollution it has caused. Sexually abused by her father from infancy until running away at 14, Shirley Turcotte returns to her Winnipeg hometown to face the adults who failed to protect her, the siblings who were also abused, and the horrific childhood she seeks to make peace with.

April 19, April 26, Intimate profiles of Americans living and working in Japan and trying to adjust to the country's culture. May 10, An examination into the increase in racial incidents and violence on America's college campuses. May 17, A look into the CIA's long history of involvement with drug smugglers in trouble spots around the world, all in the name of national security. May 24, May 31, How attempts by the US Government to forge a military pact with Palau has affected the Pacific Ocean country of just 15, people. June 7, How the battle between local governments and Washington over who will cover the cost of the AIDS crisis has impacted patients and communities.

June 14, A fresh look at the civil war in El Salvador and how it is affecting the US Government's involvement in the conflict. Mark Trahant looks at how the business and treaty success of the Quinault Indian Nation is countered by issues of poverty and unemployment among its people. How the justice system in Colorado failed to protect Pamela Guenther from her violent husband, who murdered her in front of their children in February In the last weeks of the presidential campaign, correspondent William Greider explores the private but increasingly intense debate about what the next president should do to avoid economic disaster, how and when should he do it, and who will be asked to bear the burden.

Frontline focuses on four communities that have not shared in the prosperity of the Reagan years. October 24, In Frontline ' s first quadrennial profile of the presidential candidates, Garry Wills offers backgrounds of and thoughts from people who know candidates George Bush and Michael Dukakis. January 18, A profile of Ronald Reagan on the eve of his departure from the US presidency. Robert Kuttner looks at the management and labor struggles plaguing Eastern Air Lines. A look at the presidential run of Jesse Jackson.

The problem of teenage runaways and suicides as seen through the case of Iain Brown, who left home at 13 for the life of a male hustler in San Francisco. How the American economy uses the profits from the illegal drug trade. The practice of pharmaceutical manufacturers marketing and influencing doctors to prescribe medications. April 4, Bob Ray Sanders explores how one Dallas neighborhood is struggling to combat the drugs and violence plaguing its community. The life of Brazilian trade union leader and environmentalist Chico Mendes , and how his December murder put a focus on the ecological pillage of the Amazon rainforest. Judy Woodruff profiles three Canadian children who had malformations caused by their mothers' use of thalidomide during pregnancy. How accelerated natural resource development during the Reagan Administration affected Yellowstone National Park.

The history of the US government's defense and intelligence alliances with Israel from the s to the present. How political and bureaucratic neglect fueled the high rate of infant mortality in some Chicago neighborhoods. The life and death of Irish Republican Army terrorist Mairead Farrell and how the British government deals with political terrorism. A look at the struggles of Calvert City, Kentucky , a town plagued by pollution and toxic waste generated by the chemical plants that drive its economy. A look into the Pan Am Flight bombing in December , including those suspected to have been responsible and whether unheeded warnings and blunders by German police may have contributed to the tragedy.

December 13, An expanded examination into the subject of Season 6's "Let My Daughter Die," delving into the broad issues surrounding a right to die case argued before the US Supreme Court one week before this broadcast. The efforts of those who lost loved ones in the Pan Am Flight bombing to seek justice, improve air security, and improve government efforts to respond to terrorists and their supporters. January 30, The rise and fall of Manuel Noriega and the US' relationship with the Panamanian general they ousted from power in December A behind-the-scenes look at the Soviet Union 's first beauty pageant and the broader struggles facing women in the communist country.

Roger Wilkins investigates the economic and social roots of the black underclass, focusing on the struggle of young black men in one Washington, DC neighborhood. March 20, How complacency and negligence by government agencies and oil companies helped lead to the Exxon Valdez oil spill. March 27, A look at Poland 's change from communism to capitalism in the months following the once-banned Solidarity trade union's rise to government.

April 3, April 17, Thirty years after Edward R. Murrow 's Harvest of Shame documentary, David Marash looks at the continuing plight of migrant farm workers and the forces that keep their lives so desperate. April 24, A look at the case of Elizabeth Morgan, who served a month jail term for civil contempt after refusing to divulge the whereabouts of her daughter, Hilary, who Morgan suspected had been sexually assaulted by Hilary's father.

May 1, A look at the savings and loan crisis and the role of politics in the failure of Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. May 8, Carl Nagin looks into how ancient artifacts looted from pre-Columbian tombs in Latin America wound up in auction houses, galleries, museums, and private collections in the United States. May 15, Shelby Steele examines the dynamics of racial politics surrounding the murder of Yusef Hawkins by white youths in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

May 22, The hopes and frustrations of public school teachers in one Midwestern town as they face the threat of funding cutbacks, the criticism of parents, and a growing number of troubled children from troubled homes. Decade of Destruction documentary. September 18, The series begins with the expansion of peasants into the Amazon, their slashing and burning of the forest land, and the natives' retaliatory actions against one settler's family. September 19, Lawless battles break out between corporate owners of Amazon farmland who want the land left idle for speculation and the migrant peasants who farm the plots. September 20, Prospectors illegally swarm over private gold reserves in the Amazon, with the government fighting to protect the untapped reserves.

The rise of Chico Mendes , his unionization of rubber tappers , and his fight to halt the rainforest's devastation and create protective areas. Bill Moyers investigates the big business of shipping of toxic waste from the US to third-world countries. How the corrupting influence of drug money is affecting police forces in California, Florida, and New Jersey. A look the science and societal struggles behind schizophrenia , a disease that affects millions of Americans. November 6, Bill Moyers holds a town meeting with residents of Springfield, Massachusetts grappling with the growing buildup of the Gulf War. Four years after the story broke, Bill Moyers takes a full-view look at the Iran—Contra affair.

David Dimbleby examines how fractures between and within Afrikaner and black groups threatens to disrupt negotiations for a new South Africa. One century after the Wounded Knee Massacre , Milo Yellow Hair recalls the story of his fellow Sioux people, from loss of land to invading whites through the present-day revival of Sioux cultural pride. On the day a UN resolution for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait reaches its deadline, Hodding Carter examines US government decisions that brought the nation to the brink of war. A revelation into how drug smuggling became Cuban state policy.

A profile of Gerald Bull , a designer of long-range artillery, and the questions surrounding his assassination. The personal and political history of Saddam Hussein. A look at the ousting of Manuel Noriega by US forces and its lingering impact. Robert Parry investigates how the Carter and Reagan camps possibly sought deals to end the Iran hostage crisis during the presidential campaign. A look at the financial difficulties families face in seeking long-term care for elderly parents. How an investigation into sexual abuse accusations at a daycare center divided the town of Edenton, North Carolina.

A look at James Angleton , ex-chief of counter-intelligence for the CIA, and his misguided pursuit of an agency mole. How new technologies in the fishing industry are putting the world's fisheries into a dangerous state of decline. June 11, A look at a program at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute where students of all races confront each other with their racial anger and frustration. The story of Andrei Sakharov , the nuclear physicist turned human-rights advocate who became the father of the Soviet democracy movement. October 22, Robert Krulwich investigates the rising cost of the Savings and loan crisis A co-production with the Center for Investigative Reporting.

October 29, How the air war against Iraq led to a "slow-motion disaster" affecting the country's post-war utility infrastructure. November 5, Jack Newfield explores the life and career of boxing promoter Don King. November 12, An investigation into the scandal surrounding a Colorado psychiatrist who had an affair with one of his patients, who ended up suing him for sexual abuse. November 19, A look at the challenge Japanese-style capitalism poses to the US market, followed by a Robert Krulwich -led discussion into the issue. November 26, December 3, How New York City 's child welfare service failed to protect four children from their abusive parents, who were sent to prison for the beating death of one of the children.

A profile of Reverend Sun Myung Moon , who after reemerging from a prison sentence for conspiracy and false tax returns, has become a notable figure in conservative-leaning politics, media, and causes. A look at Cuban leader Fidel Castro from his days as a revolutionary to his defiant leadership in present day. Shuichi Kato narrates over a controversial year history between Matsushita Electric Company and the U. Hedrick Smith follows up on his series Inside Gorbachev's USSR by reviewing how post-Soviet Russia is handling newfound freedoms while dealing with financial struggles. Hodding Carter investigates the life of David Duke , his background in extremist ideology, and the reshaping of his image into a national political figure.

March 24, The legal battle by the family of Nancy Cruzan, who was left in a persistent vegetative state after a auto accident and was the subject of the first right-to-die case heard by the U. Supreme Court. Kanan Makiya secretly returns to Iraq to investigate rumors of an official extermination program aimed at the Kurdish people. April 7, In this follow-up to Season 9's "The Election Held Hostage," Robert Parry investigates whether Ronald Reagan 's campaign manager could have met with Iranian officials in the summer of regarding a possible end to the hostage crisis. William Greider examines the widening divide between those in government and the citizens they serve and represent, and how the press and the political parties are failing the public.

How the Bank of Credit and Commerce International became a conduit for laundering money from criminal activities, and how it managed to elude regulatory review by US officials. April 28, A look at Arkansas ' child welfare crisis, the struggle to reform the state's system, and whether governor and presidential candidate Bill Clinton avoided any effort toward systemic improvements. How China is embracing economic reforms and open society even as a firm hold on political dissent remains in place three years after pro-democracy protests were brutally silenced.

A presentation of viewer responses to and updates on some of Frontline ' s reportage. A look at the case of Damien Bynoe, a year-old charged in the shooting deaths of two Boston youngsters; the Boston gang culture; and the passage of juvenile crime laws in Massachusetts. The effects of discriminatory mortgage-lending practices by American financial institutions. A co-production with the Center for Investigative Reporting. How the bitter issues surrounding Clarence Thomas 's Supreme Court confirmation hearing affected black America, and how blacks and whites had little common understanding about the nomination battle.

October 20, Nick Kotz looks at the issues plaguing America's energy policy and how it remains guided by special interests and dependent on foreign oil. October 21, October 27, Robert Krulwich looks into the money givers funding the presidential campaigns and the access and influence they gain as a result. November 10, Al Austin examines the sexual assault epidemic and Washington's decision to keep offenders locked up until they are no longer considered a danger to the public. November 17, A look at Frank Ragano 's allegations of mob involvement in the deaths of John F. November 24, Marco Williams explores his family's past to discover the circumstances surrounding his absent father. January 19, On the eve of Bill Clinton 's inauguration, Hodding Carter offers an inside view of the new president's administration and the policies it will form.

How flaws in the US Government's anti-drug defenses have allowed smugglers in Texas to gain the upper hand. Edgar Hoover amassed secret files on prominent Americans during his time as FBI Director , but his own private life left him open to blackmail, which may have led to the mafia going unchecked by the Bureau for decades. A look into U. March 2, A look into the progresses gained and compromises made in negotiations to peacefully end Apartheid rule in South Africa. March 23, Roger Mudd anchors a look into the complexities and dilemmas of euthanasia , including issues about the practice in the Netherlands and an in-studio discussion about the euthanasia debate in the U.

A co-production of Frontline and Health Quarterly. March 30, Bill Moyers reports on U. Government failures to certify the safety of agricultural chemicals and why the pesticide industry is the only source of safety data. April 6, How the economic power struggle between Major League Baseball 's owners and players is putting the sport on the brink of disaster. April 13, How Iran is quietly building an arsenal of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. April 27, A look at Los Angeles , one year after the riots , through the eyes of five people who have thought and written about the city from the perspectives of its different communities, races, and classes. May 4, How post-Cold War cutbacks in military spending have affected the industries and people whose livelihood was invested in the military-industrial complex.

May 25, A look at President Bill Clinton 's efforts to transform health care reform from a campaign issue to a social reality. Produced in association with The Health Quarterly. A follow-up to 's Innocence Lost details the Little Rascals day care sexual abuse trial at which owner Bob Kelly was convicted and sentenced to 12 consecutive life terms and the lingering issues of dealing with child sexual abuse cases. How General Motors went from being the undisputed top carmaker in America to suffering the biggest financial loss in U.

A look at the controversial practice of facilitated communication to assist those with autism who cannot verbally communicate. October 26, Why a federal grand jury investigating potential crimes at Colorado's Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant went public with what they learned while hearing secret testimony in the case. A co-production with Oregon Public Broadcasting. November 9, A look into the diplomatic confrontation between Haiti 's military government and a Clinton Administration that wants to restore deposed Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power. November 16, An investigative biography exploring the life of Lee Harvey Oswald and whether he was the man responsible for the Kennedy assassination.

November 30, How the FDA and American Red Cross failed to safeguard the nation's blood supply from the AIDS virus in the early s, and why some of America's largest blood banks are still not in full compliance with federal regulations on blood safety. Jack Newfield looks at the effects of police brutality and corruption cases on police officers themselves, specifically the rank and file of the New York City Police Department.

The balance of protecting rights of the mentally ill with safeguarding society from those who are dangerous to themselves and to others. February 1, How South Africa 's Oppenheimer family helped fuel a cartel that cultivated the scarcity myth — and in turn inflated the monetary value — of the world's diamond supply. February 15, Richard Ben Cramer looks at "the tabloidization of American television" through its coverage of sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson. February 22, Orville Schell chronicles the history and culture of Tibet and the issues surrounding its control by communist China. Radovan Tadic captures an intimate portrait of Sarajevans trying to live in the midst of a debilitating and depriving siege.

A behind-the-scenes look at the Stanford Cardinal women's basketball team and its quest for a national championship. A profile of Jack Kevorkian and the right to die issue he has come to personify. A look at the rise to political prominence of Nelson Mandela and former wife Winnie Mandela on the eve of South Africa 's first post-apartheid elections.

A look at an unprecedented meeting in DakarSenegal where dissident white What Does Green Light Symbolize In The Great Gatsby and black leaders from the ANC met to discuss strategies men are stronger than women change in Anarcho-communism Africa. Robert The Kite Runner Cleft Lip Analysis looks into the money givers funding the presidential campaigns and the access and influence they anarcho-communism as a result. Ethos Pathos Logos In Miss Representation December 9, June 19, Anarcho-communism 18, Profiles of The Kite Runner Cleft Lip Analysis candidates Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. Great gatsby chapter 7 23,