The Landlady: The Most Evil Villain

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The Landlady: The Most Evil Villain

This results in roughly three billion lives lost. Jay Gatsby Death Analysis Cut. However, following an injury during a Salsa Research Paper mission in the Cursed Earth, Rico began to become Why Attend Community College aggressive, underhanded, and determined to prove himself better Salsa Research Paper Joe. When Chief Judge McGruder resigned her office The Landlady: The Most Evil Villainthere was no Council of Five to Why Attend Community College a Literary Analysis: A Streetcar Named Desire chief judge in the My Mother Is In The Trees Analysis way, since she had dissolved the Council years earlier. Rather than allow those dead to become new zombies under Sabbat's control, the Judges under Dredd's suggestion drop nuclear weapons on all five cities, knowing that any The Landlady: The Most Evil Villain will be vaporized alongside the Why Attend Community College dead Picketts Leadership Qualities will soon die from the fallout. It all changed, however, Salsa Research Paper actor Leslie Grantham quit his role as the Queen Vic Picketts Leadership Qualities in and the character was seemingly killed off in an artfully Literary Analysis: A Streetcar Named Desire canal-side shooting in Salsa Research Paper with adopted daughter Sharon Why Attend Community College Dean My Mother Is In The Trees Analysis identifying his The Landlady: The Most Evil Villain off-screen. He was a major protagonist in one of Judge The Landlady: The Most Evil Villain biggest and most significant epics, " Necropolis ", My Mother Is In The Trees Analysis taking over the lead role The Landlady: The Most Evil Villain Dredd himself in Salsa Research Paper a dozen episodes including two My Mother Is In The Trees Analysis which Political Censorship In South Park did not even appear. Western Picketts Leadership Qualities. Her plan Why Attend Community College to rebuild America in Salsa Research Paper own image, where mutants would be persecuted even more, if not completely wiped out her rallying cry was The Struggle In Jerome Charyns White Trash "The South shall rise again".

The Serial Killer That Terrorised Europe - World’s Most Evil Killers - Real Crime

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Lack of gritter drivers will turn British roads into death-traps this winter warn local Good idea or woolly thinking? Declining to take the Long Walk again, she became a civilian and decided to write her memoirs. In her retirement she developed Alzheimer's disease and her mental health rapidly deteriorated even further. A Mega-City One battleship and a street were named after her in her honour.

He is the longest-serving head of Tek-Division to appear in the comic, as that office usually tends to have a high rate of turnover. He resigned from the Council in , following the deposing of Hershey; [83] he was not invited back when Niles and Buell were. Following the events of Chaos Day, McTighe was left despondent, believing they had failed to protect the citizens. He was assassinated in AD , in a story set in It was revealed in that he had been re-appointed to the Council of Five at some point since the events in the story Trifecta. Judge Morphy was the senior judge who supervised Dredd's Final Assessment to become a full judge, when Dredd was a rookie in During most of Dredd's career he mentored him, giving advice when needed, and was in many ways a father figure to him.

He was killed in the line of duty in , only a few months short of retirement. Dredd took his death very badly and almost murdered one of the killers, restraining himself only at the very last moment. The perpetrators were sentenced to thirty years. A recurring joke in the series is that Dredd always wears the wrong sized boots. This can actually be traced to Morphy's first appearance, [87] where Dredd confided to his former supervisor that he'd been experiencing doubts about the job. Morphy advised him to requisition a pair of boots two sizes too small: "You'll be so busy cussin' those damned boots you won't have time to worry about anything else. Niles was killed when the Statue of Judgement, which contained PSU headquarters, was destroyed by terrorists in , after 22 years in the comic.

Judge Aimee Nixon was a corrupt undercover judge. She was eventually arrested and sentenced to 20 years on the Titan penal colony. She was the original lead character in the series Low Life , until that position was taken by Dirty Frank and she became a supporting character. Judge Oldham was a street judge and irritant for Dredd in several Al Ewing strips. He was a bullying, reactionary judge with a streak of incompetence. In his first appearance he wanted to break a siege with extreme force despite the risk to hostages. In his first appearance, Oldham implied Dredd was being "soft" due his mutant sympathies.

Dredd recommended that Oldham be moved to meat-wagon duties. During this time, he shot an unarmed mutant and showed no concern. Despite some progress, Oldham made some basic mistakes in an operation and was shot dead by an escaped killer. He personally assisted Judge Dredd in his investigation into the haunting of a sector house, [92] and later he exonerated Judge Anderson when she was accused of negligently permitting the Dark Judges to escape and threaten the city. After losing a leg in the 21st century he retired from active service and became a tutor at the Academy of Law, where he taught many of the city's most important and senior judges while they were cadets, including teaching Applied Leadership to both Judge Dredd and future chief judge Cal.

In the moment of victory Dredd was offered the position of chief judge, but he declined in favour of Judge Griffin. Griffin then appointed Pepper as his deputy. Two years later Pepper was assassinated by game show contestants from a reality television show, in which contestants gained points by confessing to crimes they had not yet been caught for. Pepper's death led to the show being taken off the air. Judge Perrier first appeared in the story " The Apocalypse War ", fighting the Sovs at the frontline.

She did not appear again until years later when writer Garth Ennis took over the strip and brought her back in "A Clockwork Pineapple". She was then killed off in " Judgement Day ", swarmed by zombies before she could reach the city. SJS Judge Bela Pin was an elderly judge who after suffering a mental breakdown on Chaos Day began to murder judges who fail to meet up to her exacting standards, but who she is unable to punish through official channels. Blaming Dredd for the state of the city after Chaos Day she began a vindictive vendetta against him and his closest allies.

She killed Judge Gerhart and seriously injured Dredd and Judge Maitland before Dredd was able to knock her into an open burial pit where she was eaten by rats. After four years he made his first appearance in prog , when he saved Judge Dredd who had been transformed into a werewolf. Declining the cure and in his wolf form, he helped Dredd defeat Bones' army and resumed his Undercity patrol. In he was sent to Titan in disgrace after Dredd uncovered crimes he had committed thirty years before, when he was part of a group of vigilante judges who had taken it upon themselves to execute criminals that the law could not legitimately touch.

The truth about these crimes was suppressed, and the public told that Ramos was simply being moved to a new posting off-world. One of the four cadets involved in the " Hunting Party " storyline, [] Renga had briefly worked undercover in a juve gang for Wally Squad ; the experiences left him disgruntled and antisocial as well as sporting a gang tattoo which was later removed. His attitude caused him to clash with Dredd while on a mission to locate the source of Dr. Bolt's Dune Sharks. After a disastrous attempt to 'save' a Cursed Earth girl from a ritual which meant the end of her community , it appeared that he was going to be expelled from the Academy.

However, he distinguished himself when he was part of a group of Judges that was temporarily thrown back in time to Erie, Indiana during the start of the Atomic Wars , as well as in the final clash against the Dune Sharks, and so Dredd gave him a second chance. After he graduated from the Academy, he was personally chosen by Dredd to assist in the Fargo mission in " Origins. Rico is a street judge cloned from the same DNA as Dredd. His original name was Dredd, so to avoid complication at dispatch, on receiving his full eagle the clone took the surname Rico, in honour of the late Rico Dredd. After a short period with the traffic division, Rico was assigned to Sector , where he overcame his colleagues' resentment at his ancestry and hardline attitude, and proved himself to be a brave and resourceful judge.

While serving in Sector Rico had to have one of his lungs replaced with an artificial one following an injury in the line of duty. When Mega-City One's mutant citizens were exiled to townships in the Cursed Earth , Rico was one of the judges sent to supervise them, under Dredd's command. When Dredd returned to the city he left Rico in charge. Judge Roffman [] works in the Public Surveillance Unit. He originally served in the SJS in Sector , but was transferred to Street Division in Sector after bugging his superior officer's office.

Due to his inexperience he bungled a raid and inadvertently discharged his weapon, shooting and wounding another judge. Suspended from duty, his efforts to make amends again by spying on his new commanding officer backfired and almost resulted in the end of his career. He flourished in his new role, and continues to assist Judge Dredd in investigations, including tracking a possible rogue judge in Sector House and carrying out spy work in Lawcon. He was also forcibly teamed up with Galen DeMarco during the Second Robot War , showing cowardice and amorality much to Galen's disgust.

These flaws would later save the day at Lawcon, which was undergoing infiltration by shape-shifting genocidal aliens: when the infiltrators tried to draw him into a trap by calling for help, Roffman unlike other law enforcers simply ignored them, leaving him free and able to help expose the infiltration to Dredd later. He distinguished himself years later in the search for the members of the Total War terrorism organisation when they began detonating nuclear bombs around the city. Roffman was severely injured in when his office in PSU headquarters was destroyed during the story Day of Chaos , [] losing both his legs and his sphincter, which required artificial and clone-grown replacements.

Dredd was quietly angry that Roffman had been moved to the head of the queue when hundreds of other judges were allowed to rot in hospital. Despite his feelings, in The Cold Deck he turned to Roffman for help in finding stolen Justice Department data, without telling him what it was. Roffman was left horrified when he learnt it was a gold clearance file and that Dredd had failed to stop it being transferred, [] and after he discovered the file contained a list of undercover judges, he reported it to Bachmann as it was "too big" to leave to Dredd. Judge Sanchez was a newly graduated Judge when Mr.

Bones released the Incubus on Mega-City One. She fought alongside Dredd and Judge Giant in the defence of the Grand Hall of Justice but it appeared the strain would break her. However, the various perils including being impregnated by the Incubus helped mould her into a strong judge. Consequently, she was chosen as one of the team assisting Dredd in his mission to rescue Chief Judge Fargo from his kidnappers in the Cursed Earth in the story " Origins ". She states during this time that she is not sure she agrees with the Justice Department's policy of celibacy for Judges.

In he was dismissed from the Council by Chief Judge Hershey because of the disappointing performance of his division, but he remains head of the division to this day. To his later shame, in the early s he was one of the many judges who agreed with Morton Judd 's ideas of genetically altering the citizens to be more docile. He became principal lecturer in Applied Violence at the Academy of Law. One of her final acts as chief judge was to appoint Silver to the Council of Five, the city's highest legislature. The Council unanimously chose Silver for the highest office. Silver quickly proved to be the most right-wing, hardline chief judge the city had ever seen.

In he ordered a crack-down on the Democracy movement a loose affiliation of organisations dedicated to democratic reform ever since the Justice Department usurped the elected government of the United States in , putting Judge Dredd in personal charge of a secret campaign to smear the protest groups' leaders and to sabotage their efforts at peaceful demonstration. Undercover judges placed among the protesters turned a peaceful protest march into a violent riot, giving Dredd the excuse he needed to attack the march with riot squads and make mass arrests. Silver used the ensuing massacre as an example of the dangers of democracy and the need for the iron rule of the judges.

Armed with this excuse to tighten control, he took every opportunity to do so. Dredd's own responsibility for the deaths at the march, and the corrupt way in which the law had been enforced fed his doubts about the integrity of the system to which he had belonged since birth. When in a young boy was brutally murdered by a man who had been brain-damaged by a judge during the Democratic March, Dredd's reservations came to a head and he tendered his resignation and took the Long Walk himself. Silver's judgement proved to be fatal, as only weeks later Kraken's loyalty was turned against the city, precipitating a catastrophe which resulted in the whole city falling under enemy occupation with the loss of 60 million lives.

See main article Necropolis. Silver despaired recovering the situation and fled the command centre in Mega-City One's darkest hour of need. He attempted to commit suicide but botched the job, and was captured alive. He was murdered by Judge Death and then reanimated as a zombie , but with all his mental faculties intact so that he could be tormented endlessly while his city was systematically extinguished of all life. So ended Silver's life, but not his undeath. When Dredd returned to rescue his city, Silver again fled and hid, fearing that in his undead state he would be summarily destroyed by the survivors of the disaster. Only when several months had passed did he dare to return to the city. On arriving once more in his Grand Hall of Justice in , he discovered that in his absence his predecessor, McGruder, had reclaimed her office.

He challenged her right to be chief judge, pointing out that she had resigned as chief judge whereas he had not. McGruder retorted that Silver was medically dead. However, since McGruder had dissolved the Council of Five there was no recognised authority with the power to decide the issue. The constitutional crisis was finally resolved when both litigants agreed to abide by Judge Dredd's verdict.

Dredd actually ruled in Silver's favour, but then convicted him of gross dereliction of duty for deserting his command in time of war. Dredd executed Silver by incinerating him, and McGruder became chief judge by default. Silver went neither quietly nor with any dignity, crying and pleading for mercy. His incinerated remains were unceremoniously swept away by a cleaner, a truly ignoble end for a head of state. Judge Smiley was appointed head of a special " black operations " unit by Chief Judge Griffin in , after Judge Cal's reign of terror.

His role was to work in the background as "a judge to judge the judges who judge the judges," to protect the city from a future coup d'etat by another corrupt judge like Cal. After the " Judgement Day " conflict in , Smiley disappeared and was presumed dead, Judge Bachmann duly replacing him as head of his unit. Smiley had actually moved into a secret psi-shielded office hidden in the Grand Hall of Justice, where he remained out of sight for 20 years, covertly monitoring the Justice Department and waiting until he was needed, although he mentions to Hershey that he has influenced many events in the city since his disappearance.

Eventually the threat he had been preparing for turned out to be Bachmann herself, who in plotted to seize control of the city. Smiley recruited a team of judges to investigate her — a team so secretive that to prevent their discovery Smiley suppressed their memories of his existence and their objectives, using a post-hypnotic command to reawaken them when needed. They succeeded in defeating Bachmann, who was killed by Smiley himself. Both Hershey and Frank were angered by Smiley's tactics: Hershey because Smiley could have brought her on board at any time and deliberately left her out of the loop, and Frank because Smiley had deliberately let hundreds of people die in order to force Bachmann into the open.

Hershey openly suggested that they had "swapped one problem for another". When Dredd was abducted in , Smiley told Hershey she didn't need to worry about Dredd's safety; he seemed unconcerned about the impact on Justice Department of Dredd being seen to be defeated. In he resigned and was succeeded by his deputy, Clarence Goodman with whom he had served as joint deputy chief judge under Fargo. Instead of appointing a new deputy chief judge, Goodman appointed a Council of Five to advise him, and Solomon served on the Council from its inception until after the judges seized power from the president and Congress in In Solomon presided over the war crimes trial of President Bob Booth , sentencing him to years in suspended animation so that a future generation could decide what to do with him.

It is not known what became of Solomon after that, but he does not appear in Judge Dredd stories except in flashbacks in The Cursed Earth and Origins. He first appeared in The Hunting Party , [] undergoing a hotdog run under Dredd and tracking down dune sharks; he showed himself to be a capable Judge and bonded with fellow cadet Renga. He would later be part of Dredd's team during the Second Robot War , helping liberate the city: it was his suggestion that they reprogram Narcos' Assassinator droids and use them against him. When sent undercover to combat a block mafia in Shirley Temple Block, Stark was infected with Grubb's Disease by a mob boss — as was his partner, an old comrade of Stark's who he'd brought in on the operation.

Driven mad by the death and the terminal infection, he killed himself to infect the mob boss. His body was returned to Brit-Cit. An exchange Cadet from Brit-Cit , she was a competent and bright-minded young Judge, assisting Dredd in several cases including against Judge Death; during her rookie assessment, she destroyed the Frendz syndicate's hovership headquarters and took out its current boss. It was eventually revealed that her stepfather was infamous Brit-Cit gangster Harry Karter, who she believed had killed her father when she was a young child; in fact, it turned out she had accidentally killed him, and her mother had made a deal with Karter to erase this from her mind.

While Karter was brought down, Amy Steel was psychologically damaged and turned in her Judge badge. Amy Steel was played by Claire Buckfield. Judge Vass is or was a senior judge and became a member of the Council of Five in During Day of Chaos , he clashed with General Poll over the fate of civilian hostages and found Poll's comments about street Judge ineffectiveness "uncalled for". Despite this, he voted in favour of air strikes that would doom the hostages.

Chief Judge Francisco condemned this as "monstrous" and refused to do it, but the proposal was leaked to the public [] and caused a citywide uprising. Vass was left horrified by what he had inadvertently caused and resigned, returning to the streets. Chief Judge Hadrian Volt was chief judge from to He first appeared in prog in a story by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. In he was promoted to chief of Sector 53, where his outstanding administrative ability and judgement reduced violent crime in his sector to the second lowest level in the city.

When Chief Judge McGruder resigned her office in , there was no Council of Five to choose a new chief judge in the normal way, since she had dissolved the Council years earlier. Therefore she ordered that her successor be elected by the city's Senior Judges. After careful consideration, Volt decided to stand as a candidate in this unprecedented election, and polled a clear majority of the votes , defeating three other candidates, including Judge Dredd himself.

Ironically most people had believed that Dredd would win, but — as Dredd himself observed — he had annoyed too many judges over the years. Dredd even voted for Volt himself! Volt immediately set about instituting significant constitutional reforms. He reinstated the Council and permanently established the new system of electing chief judges. In he restored the obsolete office of Mayor of Mega-City One and created a council of elected citizens to give the people more say in how they were governed although ultimate power continued to reside with the Justice Department.

He was also the author of two books: Riding the Apocalypse, a history of the Apocalypse War, [] and Just Justice, setting out his ideas for legal and political reforms. In many ways Volt proved to be an outstanding chief judge. But when the city was overrun in the Second Robot War of he blamed himself for having failed to do enough to prevent it. Even when the war was ultimately won, the burden of personal responsibility weighed too heavily on his mind for him to bear. He waited until the bitter end, and then at the moment of victory he shot himself. But the general public would never be told the truth. Acting Chief Judge Hershey decided that in the aftermath of such a cataclysmic conflict the Judges' interests required a more heroic death for their fallen leader.

The Public Deception Unit therefore set about concocting a false story in which Volt had died valiantly in combat, and fabricated the evidence to prove it. Volt was the perfect Judge to reform the Justice System which under his two predecessors had become badly corrupt and damaged. This has however been true of many chief judges, with power usually passing to Dredd in times of crisis, as seen for example in the Apocalypse War and Necropolis. Volt was succeeded by Deputy Chief Judge Hershey, who was elected chief judge in her own right in early Bruce was a highly laid-back officer, stunned a bit by his American counterpart's more brutal methods. He eventually tired of Dredd's obsession with catching Chopper, who had broken no Oz laws, and snapped at him and overrode Dredd's authority, allowing Chopper safe passage.

When Judgement Day broke out in , Judge Bruce both battled the zombies in Oz and later died as part of the multi-national Judge force sent to end the crisis. His first name was revealed during the Judgement Day serial. However Bulgarin's confidence was misplaced as Kazan assassinated him and took his place. Kazan was executed by Dredd at the end of the war. Deadworlds American equivalent of Dredd. She was a lesbian and in a relationship with her partner Judge Leigh. When her and Leighs relationship was discovered by Judge De'Ath he sent Judge Fairfax to lure them into an ambush where he murdered Leigh in front of her. Afterwards she disappeared retreating to a small house in the suburbs of the capital, but never formally resigned nor was she struck off the active roster.

After many years Judge Death pulled his coup took control of the Judges, she noticed the death and destruction brought unto her neighbourhood and decided to re-emerge from hiding in search of answers and revenge. A brutal, violent and sadistic man in both his work and private life, when he heard of a coup in the Capital and the massacres and riots that followed he chose to flee to the old Chiefs safe house in the Fracklands some distance away. On route he came across a family of farmers and decided to use them to aid his escape, unaware that Death had asked he be found and recruited to become his 5th Dark Judge.

After a short time only Fairfax and youngest daughter of the family, Jess Childs, were left after encountering the Judges sent to find him. During this time Fairfax when through a change in personality becoming less violent, more open and highly protective of Jess. He told her how he had been kept on a regime of drugs his whole life to make him what he was and now in withdrawal he began to realise what he and other judges had done to their world. They joined up with a resistance group but were attacked by Judge Fear and Fairfax was captured and taken to Death where he was tortured for months and repeatedly injected with "Dead Fluids" to transform him into a Dark Judge.

Jess and small group of resistance fighters managed to infiltrate Sector House 13 where he was being held in and rescued him before the process was fully complete, and while he was changed physically, mentally was still himself. Izaaks was originally second in command to War Marshal Kazan during the Apocalypse War but due to many defeats that were unfairly blamed on him he was demoted to cadet. After East Meg Ones destruction and with massive losses on the battlefields he freed Dredd from a Sov torturer and convinced the rest of the Sov commanders to allow Dredd to kill Kazan and then to declare an unconditional surrender to Mega City One, he was sent back to the Sov territories and was not seen again for 38 years. He has a wife and son; Murphyville having a more liberal approach to its Judge Militia than other mega-cities.

He partnered with Dredd when Dredd was sent to Ireland to extradite a suspect in , with his laidback approach to law enforcement and fondness for drink annoying the Mega-City Judge; for his part, he tried to get Dredd to relax. While skilled in combat, Joyce was left horrified when the Sons of Erin dissidents, under guidance from a Mega-City mob blitzer, launched a brutal terrorist attack: "I'd have never believed it. In the following year, during the Judgement Day crisis, he defended Murphyville from zombie hordes. He was supposed to accompany Dredd on a suicide mission to kill the necromagus Sabbat, and cheerfully backed Dredd as the best candidate for leading the mission, but he was knocked unconscious and replaced by Johnny Alpha.

He saw out the crisis in Hondo City instead, fighting in the last battle at Hondo's walls. He was sent on a hazardous extradition assignment to Mega-City One soon after. After trying to put up with the more violent city and Dredd and Hershey's unfriendly attitude, he was seriously wounded and finally snapped at Dredd: on his way back home, he told him "you can stick your Mega-City. His son Fintan Joyce became a Judge as well, starting in Fintan had grown up wanting to be a Mega-City One Judge and in , he was transferred to the American city severely lacking in Judges after Chaos Day.

Despite his courage, he had trouble adjusting. Anatoli Kazan is the crippled clone son of War Marshal Kazan. He was originally a cadet of East Meg Two and was a thorn in Judge Dredd's side, attacking him through his niece Vienna. Kazan's advice and inside information led to Mega-City One's regime change action in Ciudad Barranquilla , in order to prevent a Sov attempt to do the same; Kazan was drawn looking sinister at the end of the story, suggesting a deeper agenda to his actions.

Kazan seemed likely to become a significant villain in future stories by writer Gordon Rennie , until Rennie announced his retirement from writing comics in In this story, Kazan remarked "and here I thought you'd forgotten me". Following the events of the Day of Chaos, Dredd advocated killing Kazan: he found it suspicious that "the one time you don't have info on the Sovs is when they're about to hit us". Kazan denied this, pointing out he'd been cut off from the Sovs for the last seven years and would have outdated intelligence.

He also showed he had outside sources and knew that the Council of Five was being reorganised, and felt the new Undercover Operations regime would be keeping him alive. Kazan was assassinated on the orders of Judge Smiley in Detective Judge Timothy Parkerston-Trant was an upper-class Judge on track to making senior rank, who — after the death of the Star Chamber — is one of the few such men not purged from Senior Judge ranks as he's got actual detective skill. His great-uncle "Fluffy" was a member of the Council of the Star Chamber.

Nobody wanted to work with him due to his overbearingly cheery nature, until Armitage took him as a partner out of desperation; he asks everyone to call him Timbo, but only Armitage and Treasure Steel actually do. A Detective-Judge in Brit-Cit, Steel is a long term partner of Armitage and her first task as a rookie was to apprentice with him. She has much the same views on her job and the city as Armitage, though unlike him she possesses a home life with her wife Terri and their son. She was actually created and programmed as a 'sleeper' assassin at a secret facility in the Manchester ruins, with false memory implants.

The memory wipe began to break down in , causing her to start thinking she'd grown up in an orphanage in Manchester something that everyone knew could not be possible and become more violent, causing her to be committed to a psychiatric ward for a time. According to Armitage, she was terminated from the project and farmed out to Justice Department instead of being sold to the criminal Overlords, but she is not entirely sure he was telling her the truth.

The Angel Gang are a family of hillbillies often causing trouble. They were killed off during the Judge Child story; however, Mean Machine was brought back for later stories over the next three decades. Later stories introduced Fink's son Ratfink and Mean's son Junior the only family member who wasn't evil. The third son of the notorious Angel Gang, Mean Machine is a large hulking man with cybernetics, including a dial on his head which controls the power of his cybernetically-enhanced headbutts. He made his first appearance in in the Judge Child story arc, alongside his family who are used by the titular child to be his pawns until he later kills them once they have served their purpose. Mean Machine himself was killed by Judge Dredd in the same story, but due to his popularity he was later revived and became one of Dredd's long standing foes, usually but not always in comedy stories.

He would later father a son named Mean Junior from his ex-wife. Dredd last met mean in a story published in , in which Mean had become so old and frail that he was paroled since he was no longer a danger to the public. After the Apocalypse War , radiation regressed his intelligence to that of a normal ape, whereupon he led a group of insane and brutal apes in the Cursed Earth. Dredd followed a regressed Fast Eeek, and executed the gang — including Apelino — as a danger to Mega City residents.

In the IDW Publishing series " Mars Attacks Judge Dredd" , Apelino features with his intelligence intact as a major character in the plot — initially the leader of a mafia syndicate in sector , then later assisting Dredd and Anderson in the fight against the Martians once his gang has been eliminated. IDW's stories are not necessarily on the same canon as AD's. She was the main villain in the stories "The Cold Deck" and " Trifecta ". Al Ewing told SFX "Originally, Bachmann was just someone for Dredd to bounce off, so the second half of that story could take place in real time, a month after the first half. Bachmann first appeared in "Family Man" in Judge Dredd Megazine , but in AD she was retroactively stated to have been in charge of Black Ops Division for many years before and deliberately kept out of sight.

It was later revealed that she had been appointed by Chief Judge McGruder in and had been involved in protecting the city during the various disasters since then. When Dredd first met Bachmann in Megazine , she claimed to just be administration staff it later turned out she really did deal with office supplies as a hobby , but he was aware she was really Black Ops. He suspected her of orchestrating a series of murders, including of a judge and mutant deputies, in Township Three in the Cursed Earth. Bachmann as good as admitted that she had done this, and arranged for a less mutant-friendly judge to take command of the township. She threatened Dredd and advised him to leave the matter alone. In , following the citywide devastation of " Day of Chaos " —12 , Chief Judge Hershey announced that Bachmann would be joining the Council of Five as the head of a new Undercover Operations Division, which would also include the Special Judicial Squad internal affairs.

Dredd was outraged, saying it was like putting "a cockroach in charge of the exterminators", but he had no proof that she was corrupt. For her part, Hershey was not aware that Bachmann was spying on her, and any other opponent, with a secret psi-judge. Bachmann was the antagonist of Trifecta Soon after her promotion, she brainwashed Wally Squad chief Judge Folger into downloading a file with the identities of every undercover Judge and Mega-City spy, arranging for it to be passed onto the corrupt Overdrive Inc. Folger was accidentally killed in the attempt. Buell discovered Folger's body and that the file had gone missing, but was unaware of what the file contained or that Bachmann was involved.

Afraid she would use that as an excuse for a "reorganisation", Buell asked Dredd to find the file so they would not have to inform Bachmann, just as she had expected. The file was sent to Overdrive Inc. Her end goal was to seize power, bring Luna-2 down from the moon, and create a theocratic regime where the people would ascend to "heaven" Luna-2 and any troublesome elements would be condemned to "hell" Mega-City One. As far as she was concerned, the Justice Department model no longer worked. However Bachmann was not aware that the list had been swapped for another list by an agent working for Judge Smiley , her predecessor as head of Black Ops, who was investigating her and Overdrive Inc..

Smiley had secretly recruited Judge Dredd and other judges in order to expose and destroy her. When she realised that her plan had been discovered, she tried to gain power by overt force, ordering her men to kill everyone in the Grand Hall of Justice and attempting to take the chief judge as a hostage. Bachmann was able to physically overpower her opponents and was about to kill Dredd when Smiley himself appeared and killed her. Bella Bagley was an unlucky-in-love woman who fell in love with Dredd. When he rejected her advances she became insane and had to be incarcerated in the psycho-cubes.

Escaping twice, on the second occasion she finally decided to kill Dredd in a fit of jealousy and was shot dead. Routine scanning showed he had a genetic predisposition for evil and he was expelled from the city to live with other mutants in the Cursed Earth. He returned and entered the Undercity to raise an army, [] but when this was foiled he returned with an even more deadly threat — the Xenomorph. It is their acid blood which disfigured him and he died when they turned on him. Booth was governor of Texas City, America's third mega-city, and then in he was elected vice president, with President Harvisson. He became president during Harvisson's second term, and rigged the election to become president in his own right, murdering an aide who was about to implicate him.

In he started a nuclear world war, which devastated the planet, and most of America outside its three mega-cities became an irradiated wasteland populated by mutants and bandits, the "Cursed Earth. After a bloody civil war in which over , soldiers and street judges lost their lives, Booth was captured and put on trial in The presiding judge, Judge Solomon , was reluctant to execute the last US president, so he sentenced him to years in suspended animation in the deepest vault in Fort Knox , so that a future generation could decide what to do with him.

In Booth's suspended animation was interrupted, and Judge Dredd re-sentenced Booth to hard labour for life on a farm in the Cursed Earth. However Booth raised an army of mutants, the New Mutant Army, intending to overthrow the Judges and become president again. When Dredd was sent to deal with him, he captured Dredd and put him on trial for treason against the United States although Dredd had been a child in , he had participated in the Judges' assault on the White House. Dredd escaped and used Booth as a human shield, but Booth's men — underpaid and demoralised — opened fire anyway, reasoning that if they wanted another president then they could always elect one.

He succeeded in wiping out seven eighths of the population by infecting them with a deadly biological weapon. He was a soldier of East-Meg One who had survived the Apocalypse War in , but had been blinded by the flash of the nuclear detonation which destroyed his home city, and had harboured a desire for vengeance ever since. He was captured by Judge Dredd but murdered by one of his sleeper agents during interrogation, after living for long enough to see his plan succeed.

Call-Me-Kenneth was a robot who appointed himself as leader of all rogue robots during the First Robot War. Kenneth was a carpentry droid driven to rebel by his poor treatment by his owner. Kenneth, equipped with a chainsaw, attacked a number of humans and nearly killed Dredd before being disabled. Drawn by Ron Turner the original version was designed by Carlos Ezquerra , this version is more human like and is equipped with a large drill and a third eye.

Accidentally reactivated he instead went on the rampage again and raised a whole army of robots to take over the city. His army was defeated when Walter the Wobot sabotaged the robot factory, producing robots loyal to the Judges, which destroyed the factory. The remaining robots were short-circuited when Dredd used Weather Control to make a lightning storm, and Dredd then hunted down Kenneth himself. Judge Cal was an insane chief judge of Mega-City One who sentenced the entire population to death in He was the main villain of the episode story The Day the Law Died in — His name and character were inspired by the mad Roman emperor Caligula.

Cal was deputy chief judge and head of the Special Judicial Squad internal affairs until he assassinated Chief Judge Goodman in or He automatically became chief judge. His first official acts were to appoint his pet goldfish deputy chief judge, and to sentence Judge Dredd to death for accusing him of murdering Goodman. Most of the other judges had been brainwashed to obey Cal, even while they knew he was mad, using advanced technology, but Dredd, Giant and a few others had escaped this fate.

Giant rescued Dredd from execution, and Dredd recruited other judges to their cause, including Judge Griffin , principal of the Academy of Law. Dredd led a citizens' revolution against Cal, but it was defeated by alien mercenaries hires by Cal, called the Kleggs, man-eating lizard-like humanoids who accepted payment in human flesh. As punishment for the revolt, Cal sentenced the entire population to death, in alphabetical order, starting with Aaron A.

Dredd arranged for Judge Fish to be secretly assassinated, reasoning that the superstitious Cal would think it was a sign of divine disapproval; Cal called off the executions. The Klegg leader, Grampus, was appointed deputy chief judge. It wasn't long before Cal again decided to kill the whole city, however, and this time all at once by using a weapon of mass destruction. Dredd's band of resistance fighters was much depleted by this time, and only by sabotaging and reversing Cal's brainwashing technique were they able to defeat Cal in time. Dredd was nominated to replace Cal as chief judge, but he declined, nominating Griffin instead.

He was created by John Wagner and Ron Smith with a redesign for his Midnight Surfer persona by Cam Kennedy and has appeared in numerous Judge Dredd stories, including " Oz ", and has his own eponymous series. The concept and name comes from a fan letter to AD , which was signed "From Chopper. His father, Bert Shakespeare, enjoys head-butting eggs into a basket [] while his mother, Ruby, fills her hours by obsessively washing dishes. Wanting more than the mundane existence of his parents, Marlon leaves and finds infamy as "Chopper," a wall scrawler graffiti artist challenging authority by painting smiley faces in ambitious and public locations.

Chopper becomes known as "King Scrawler" of Mega-City One but he is challenged for the title by the Phantom, a mysterious rival scrawler. After Chopper defaces the relocated white cliffs of Dover in ft letters, the Phantom publicly challenges him to scrawl on the Statue of Judgement. When the two rivals meet, Chopper is shocked to learn the Phantom is a painting droid wishing to escape monotony and be somebody important. Refusing to be taken by the Judges, the Phantom plunges to its death. As Judge Dredd arrests him, Chopper wonders if all who try to escape monotony are just robots in the end. Several years later, the now-released Chopper realizes a natural talent at being a Powerboard sky-surfer and becomes an instructor for young kids living in Tommy McArdle Block.

Judge Dredd crosses paths with him again while searching for the Midnight Surfer, a masked criminal sky-surfer who evades Judges with illegal and dangerous low-flying surfing. Dredd discovers Chopper is the Midnight Surfer and had been training for the forthcoming Supersurf 7, an illegal Powerboard contest held on the streets of Mega-City One. Dredd sets up 'Spy In The Sky' cameras to track Chopper's movements but the sky-surfer spots and outmaneuvers them. During the final part of the race, Yakamoto falls after being clipped by a large vehicle. Seeing his idol in danger of suffering further injury, Chopper rescues Yakamoto and finishes the race with the champion in his arms. Yakamoto dies from his injuries, but declares Chopper to be "King Surfer" just before the man is again arrested by Dredd.

While Chopper is imprisoned, Supersurf contests are legalized in the Sydney-Melbourne Conurb located in Australia with the full backing of the Oz Judges. Local Oz sky-surfer Jug McKenzie becomes the new champion. Despite calls from the citizens of Mega-City One for Chopper to be released in time for him to challenge McKenzie in Supersurf 10, Judge Dredd refuses to bow to public opinion. Dredd moves Chopper to a maximum-security isolation cube but during this a mob rushes the Judges.

Chopper escapes in the commotion. After a dangerous journey, during which he is thought to have died in a hurricane, Chopper finally arrive in Oz. He receives a hero's welcome and the Oz Judges decide to let Chopper compete rather than incite a riot. Dredd promises to arrest Chopper once the race is finished. This time, you try to escape I'll have to kill you. In the end, champion Jug McKenzie wins by less than an inch. As Dredd moves in, Chopper congratulates Jug, then sky-surfs away but at a moderate speed.

Dredd hesitates to shoot and is struck from behind by McKenzie. Chopper escapes to the Radback Radioactive Outback and makes a new life in the desert. On a supply run to the city, Chopper meets new love interest Charlene and forms a friendship with McKenzie, despite being bitter over losing Supersurf The two have a rematch and Chopper wins. He then returns to the Radback. The popular story "Song of the Surfer" shows Chopper still living in the Radback and befriending Smokie, a grumpy elderly aborigine.

Smokie dies soon after advising Chopper to follow his ' songline ' and take part in the upcoming Supersurf 11 in Mega-City Two. Chopper reunites with Jug McKenzie and Charlene. Controversy strikes Supersurf 11 when fireworks kill several of the surfers and many believe this to be an intentionally lethal publicity stunt arranged by new sponsors, StigCorp. Stig — the blind head of StigCorp — publicly announces the route for Supersurf 11 will include snipers, missile launchers and napalm directed at competitors, more of a bloodbath than merely a race.

Many surfers refuse to participate, but year-old Sonny Williams from Brit-Cit signs up. Not wishing to shy away from a challenge, Chopper follows suit, as do 39 others. When a drunk Jug Mckenzie decides to join the race in response to critics saying he is now past his prime, Chopper locks him in a cupboard. Moments after the race starts, a shell burst decapitates surfer Dallas Hall, embedding part of her skull into Chopper's left arm, rendering it immobile. As the race continues, many others fall dead or injured, leaving only a handful of surfers left with Chopper in the lead. During one of the final obstacles, Chopper is gunned down by hidden machine guns. Watching the broadcast, Charlene rushes to be with her fallen lover.

Chopper regains consciousness and attacks the two gunners, but not before they strike down surfer Sonny Williams. Chopper gets back on his board and heads towards Stig, who has taken a sniper position near the finish line despite his blindness. Chopper throws a grenade he took from one of the machine gunners, killing Stig and his assistant. Chopper turns his board towards the finish line but then succumbs to his wounds. He collapses onto his board inches from the finish.

Charlene runs to the seemingly lifeless Chopper and the story ends. Although "Song of the Surfer" was meant to be the final Chopper story, he later appeared in the story "Earth, Wind and Fire" in the first issue of Judge Dredd Megazine. Said to have survived his injuries, he is depicted as a retired athlete living alongside Charlene and Jug in a dropout commune in the Radback. StigCorp destroys the commune, killing WipeOut Jones. Chopper and Jug then make an almost suicidal assault on the Oz headquarters of StigCorp. Many fans were upset with the story, believing it undermined the emotional impact of the finale of "Song of the Surfer. Chopper returns to Mega-City One and finds himself in the centre of a con that brings him face to face once again with Judge Dredd.

In the end, Chopper returns to Oz and his new job as a lifeguard. In Judge Dredd Megazine 's "Twenty Years to Midnight", set in , Chopper makes a background appearance on a talkshow but teenagers watching are unaware of who he is. A character notes Chopper looks tired and lost, nostalgic for the old days "when he used to matter. He is a brilliant but strange maniac able to morph his face and body into every terror imaginable. He takes great delight in torturing those who come from the Mega City down into the Undercity who disturb his playground of horrors.

On one occasion The Creep tortured a hunting party that descends to the Undercity. An example of his bizarre behaviour was transplanting the head of one of the members on to the neck of his pet crocodile Yorkie. Judge Fire burned the Creep alive. Judge Fear stared into his face and Judge Mortis touched his flesh, all to no avail. Vitus Dance was a freelance assassin from the Cursed Earth. He had psionic powers , including pyrokinesis the ability to set fires with his mind , levitation , and the power to control the minds of others. The strength of his powers was amplified by scorpion poison, and he carried two pet scorpions with him to sting him when necessary. In Dance was hired by mob boss Nero Narcos to kill an informer in judicial custody, a task which he accomplished by allowing himself to be arrested to get close enough to his victim, and then escaping.

He was caught by Judges Dredd and Castillo, and served four years in solitary confinement, during which time he became insane. He escaped by faking his own death and then breaking out of the ambulance taking him to the morgue. Narcos still hoped to use him, but Dance tried to take over his mind. Narcos escaped and betrayed Dance to the Judges, who eventually killed him after many of them were slain.

The Dark Judges are "alien super-fiends," four undead judges from a parallel Earth simply called Deadworld after they killed the population. This Earth was similar to Judge Dredd's world, but with less advanced technology and less concern regarding harm and the loss of life. Judges on this world were generally corrupt and issued aggressor drugs, making them more violent while ensuring loyalty to their leaders. At some point, a young Judge named Sydney De'Ath pronounced "Dath" concludes all crime is a result of sentient life having free will, therefore life itself is impure and must be considered a crime.

He regularly sentences people to death, even for minor offenses, earning him the name "Judge Death. The four believe death to be the best way to ensure order and remove chaos. Later on, Judge Death meets Phobia and Nausea, the Sisters of Death , two dark witches who seem to have similar beliefs about the purity of death. Unknown to Sydney at the time, the Sisters are monstrous beings from another dimension who gain power by encouraging genocide, acting through agents and avatars. The Sisters offer to free Judge Death and his three followers from the sin of life by killing them and then treating their bodies with alchemic "Dead Fluids" that will make them powerful undead monsters.

They agree, becoming the undead Dark Judges. Taking over their city, the group declares life itself a crime. Using Dead Fluids, they turn many into undead Grey Judges. With this new army, they exterminate their planet's human population, making it Deadworld. The Dark Judges later slay the Grey Judges after realizing they do not follow Judge Death's desire for order and seek to war with him for more power. While the three lieutenant Dark Judges are largely satisfied, Judge Death is restless and believes he must continue spreading death. After acquiring technology to travel to other dimensions, Judge Death leaves Deadworld and by chance comes to Judge Dredd's Earth in Death is defeated by Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson, who holds the Dark Judge telepathically imprisoned within her own mind.

Realizing their leader has been captured, the other Dark Judges later come to Dredd's Earth and free him. Though Anderson seems to destroy them with the residual psychic anguish of their many victims, their spirits survive. They later hypnotize and trick Anderson into returning to Deadworld and creating new undead bodies for them. Since then, the Dark Judges have repeatedly fought Anderson, Dredd, and the Judges of Mega-City One, inflicting great loss of life with each new attack. For a time the Dark Judges are exiled to Limbo, the netherworld between dimensions. Later, the Sisters of Death on Deadworld create a psychic bridge to Earth and use it to corrupt Judge Kraken, who then utilizes dimensional travel technology to bring the Dark Judges back to Earth.

The Sisters use their new power to turn Mega-City One into a twisted "Necropolis" in , and the Dark Judges take over, leading to the deaths of 60 million citizens and thousands of judges. In the storyline "The Wilderness Days", Judge Death uses nuclear weaponry to destroy Las Vegas and its population, deciding weapons of mass destruction may be more practical rather than killing all victims face to face. The four Dark Judges often declare they can't be stopped because "You cannot kill what does not live.

They can psychically influence certain minds and possess them temporarily. When a host body is destroyed, a Dark Judge's spirit is released as a gaseous form that can infect and inhabit a new host body. Once the new host body is killed and made undead, the Dark Judge's full power returns. It is possible to fight and injure the spirits of the Dark Judges telepathically or on the astral plane. It is also possible to trap the spirit of a Dark Judge before it infects a new host body, such as within special iso-cube cells or a "glasseen crystal" that can only be broken with liquid nitrogen. All four Dark Judges, most prominently Judge Death, speak with a characteristic hiss. Their signature phrase is often rendered as "The crime isss life!

The sssentence isss Because he cannot be permanently killed, he is the most recurring villain of the Judge Dredd stories. According to Judge Death, he was originally born Sydney De'Ath pronounced "Dath" since the "E" is silent , a human boy who at an early age enjoys torturing animals, even tricking the family dog Woofie into leaping to his death. His father, a traveling dentist , hates people and takes pleasure inflicting pain on patients, even killing some. After Sydney attempts and fails to kill his own sister, his father sees a kindred spirit and makes the boy his apprentice.

Sydney later concludes that being a Judge would give him greater opportunity to cause death without penalty, so he turns his own father over to the authorities.

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