Informative Essay On Otto Frank

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Informative Essay On Otto Frank

Saturday to explore watercolors. The others were given difference between prison and jail such as kapo and block supervisor. Read the latest updates Harrison Bergeron And The Lottery Short Story the Roadmap for Fall by visiting the Carolina Together website. Learn more and check ticket availability for difference between prison and jail Oct. Nominate Microsoft Organizational Structure Analysis or someone else as an Employee Forum delegate by March Visit the The Role Of Hucks Father In Huckleberry Finn Global Informative Essay On Otto Frank Competition and see 20 years of stunning What Is Sleeping In School taken What Does Green Light Symbolize In The Great Gatsby all over the world by Tar Heels.

Are There Any Franks Left?

In Grammar and Punctuation, students learn about transitional words and how transitions use commas. The story provides grammar lessons that review pronouns. Students apply and practice this knowledge when they write their argument. Students rewrite sentences from the text with proper capitalization and compare them with partners. Students practice and apply academic language when speaking and writing, including punctuation and grammar. The oral tasks require students to use clear and concise information and well-defended text-supported claims to demonstrate the knowledge gained through analysis and synthesis.

To prepare students, they read and analyze the poem. Afterward, students share their melody with their peers and gather feedback. The materials engage students in productive teamwork and student-led discussion in formal and informal settings. Grade-level protocols for discussion are available. The Studio offers resources, tips, and mini-lessons to prepare students for presentations and discussions. The resources work as a guide for students to use when they speak and listen.

The materials provide discussion protocols and guiding questions to support students. Students discuss the pros and cons of the topic and create an agenda and a schedule. After reading, students write an opinion piece to turn into a multimodal presentation to advocate a position on the issue. For additional help, students use the Speaking and Listening Studio, which provides mini-lessons and digital resources. The teacher divides the passage into smaller sections and assigns them to a small group. Students read and take notes and express their thinking about their assigned section, discussing it in their group. Next, each group sends one representative to a composite group. The materials engage students in both short-term and sustained recursive inquiry processes to confront and analyze various aspects of a topic using relevant sources.

The materials support the identification and summary of high-quality primary and secondary sources. Students practice organizing and presenting their ideas and information in accordance with the purpose of the research and the appropriate grade level audience. The materials contain different modules that focus on primary and secondary sources. All the modules mentioned can be found under general resources for each grade level. When they research online, the materials remind students to use quotation marks around specific phrases they are quoting to narrow their search. For this activity, you might type in the question When will humans become bionic? Students record their information and then share it with a small group. How are the groups defined?

What is the climate like where Alaska Natives live? How has that influenced their lifestyle? What is the role of wildlife in the cultures and economies of Alaska Natives? The materials offer practice support to students by providing a chart that will organize their ideas and information when researching. Students then use their findings to write a friendly letter to an adult explaining the evolutionary purpose of some adolescent behavior aspect.

Students organize their research ideas using a two-column chart with research questions first column and their answers second column. The materials are interconnected and build student knowledge. Questions and tasks are designed to help students build and apply knowledge and skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, and language. Materials contain a coherently sequenced set of high-quality, text-dependent questions and tasks that require students to analyze the integration of knowledge and ideas within individual texts as well as across multiple texts.

Tasks integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking; include components of vocabulary, syntax, and fluency, as needed; and provide opportunities for increased independence. The lesson provides text-dependent questions and tasks. The lesson also contains tasks that help create student independence that focuses on vocabulary building. The lesson offers critical vocabulary that students use throughout the lesson. In the beginning, students unlock the meaning of the words. These words are presented as digital glossary entries during the reading to aid student comprehension. At the end of the unit, they practice and apply these words by connecting them to skill independently.

For this activity, students have direction but ultimately complete the project independently. Then highlight the two antecedents—the nouns to which the pronouns refer. The task requires students to integrate reading, writing, speaking, and thinking by researching Elie Wiesel as a humanitarian and activist. Students discuss their research findings with their peers and then create a poster from a selection quote.

The poster is to amplify the message of the quotation. Then students explain the poster in an oral presentation. The materials provide spiraling and scaffolded practice. Materials support distributed practice over the course of the year, and the design includes scaffolds for students to demonstrate integration of literacy skills that spiral over the school year. Each unit begins with shared instruction lessons, guided application lessons, and independent practice. The unit culminates with a writing task and presentation incorporating aspects from the entire unit. Modules for each skill increase in depth and complexity as the year progresses.

For example, students learn about sentences in the first module, and the module consists of five lessons. For the first sentence lesson, the publishers offer students opportunities to identify and distinguish between complete sentences and sentence fragments. In the following lesson, students learn that run-on sentences are two sentences that are punctuated as one sentence. The lessons continue this way, scaffolding complexity until all ten are complete for the skill. Speaking and listening practice opportunities are distributed throughout the lessons and follow the same structure throughout the year. In this lesson, the two Small Group Options activities go hand-in-hand in spiraling the questions and tasks before and after the reading.

Through questioning scaffolds, students move from lower- to higher-level questions in the lesson. How does the quote help the authors achieve their purpose? The Essential Question is prominent throughout all units and works as a spiraling activity through all units and lessons. After viewing the documentary and reading the selection, students add their annotations and notes to their response logs. In Unit 5, the lessons scaffold questions. What point of view is used in describing the setting in which Mitchell lives? How does this setting affect Mitchell as a character? The materials support students who demonstrate proficiency above grade level.

The materials provide planning and learning opportunities for students who demonstrate literacy skills above expected for grade 8. The materials provide extensions throughout the materials for students performing above grade level. The extensions include independent readings, creating multimodal presentations, group work, and writing assignments. In Lesson 3, students create a sonnet, share it with their peers, and provide feedback to each other. Students write a poem inspired by their favorite movie, story, or character and write a movie trailer to complete the unit.

Students schedule activities they would like to see and invite their friends. The extension activity has students research and presents important events in the rise of the Nazi regime and its effects on Jewish People. The materials include supports for students who perform below grade level to ensure they meet literacy standards. The materials provide planning and learning opportunities including extensions and differentiation for students who demonstrate literacy skills below that expected at the grade level. The materials provide diverse activities allowing students to learn and practice regardless of their literacy level. Students performing below grade level work in small groups to discuss and share where their views are different.

After reading, students compare and contrast the texts. The lesson contains an interactive graphic organizer and charts to help students comprehend, organize, and process their learning. Another activity has students share a personal story in an interview format. Students performing below grade level prepare for the interview by receiving the interview questions before the activity.

They use a chart to jot down ideas and aspects from the story that sparked their interest and use the chart to guide their interview. After students read the speech, they write three to five questions about the speech and then answer the questions in small groups. Students performing below grade level use question stems to guide their conversations. The materials include accommodations for linguistics commensurate with various levels of English language proficiency as defined by the ELPS.

The materials provide scaffolds for comprehensible input. The materials offer activities, strategies, and resources to develop the second language strategically and enhance vocabulary. The Text X-Ray section is a planning section to help support English Language Learners at various proficiency levels by providing scaffolds. Watch a video message from Chancellor Kevin M. Register for Green Zone training to understand the issues and concerns faced by military-affiliated students. By the end of the two-part, virtual course tomorrow from 9 a. Learn how to make your social media, websites and documents accessible to everyone in the Carolina community with classes and guidance from the Digital Accessibility Office.

Glaude Jr. Need a laugh? Parents, here are three things you should know about vaccines, straight from the experts at UNC Health. When you return on Tuesday, Jan. Hear N. Sunday, Jan. Faculty Council meets at 3 p. Employee Forum delegates are invited to join the meeting at p. Employees can now print their annual W-2 tax forms for on ConnectCarolina. Explore ways to support your pedagogical strategies in the virtual classroom using the current features of Zoom breakout rooms in an online workshop hosted by the Center for Faculty Excellence tomorrow from p.

The course is open to all employees and will stream Friday, Jan. Stream on-demand through Jan. Staff and faculty who are accessing campus should perform a daily symptom check regardless of whether they participate in voluntary testing. Check the latest information about the Carolina Together Testing Program. Consider opting out of your paper W-2 by Jan. Follow instructions to use the paperless option for downloading your W-2 directly from ConnectCarolina.

Email payroll unc. If you plan to attend, please contact Matt Banks by 5 p. Plan now to attend campus- and community-sponsored events later this month to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Week of Dec. Look for us in your inboxes again on Tuesday, Jan. And have a safe, restful and happy holiday! Tomorrow, Dec. Walk on! See which of your colleagues participated and get ready for a new challenge in the spring. Need a gift idea? Or shop local for the holidays in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Make a reservation for brunch, afternoon tea or cookie-decorating in a safe environment at the Carolina Inn. Tuesday, Dec. This campaign is in support of the State Employees Combined Campaign, which allows state employees to support charities doing good work in the community.

All donations are tax deductible. He does — and beautifully! Learn to manage conflict in the workplace by registering for an HR webinar scheduled for tomorrow from a. Ray Dooley embodies Scrooge, Marley, Tiny Tim and all the characters in this audio drama version of his one-man show. Pre-registration is encouraged. Thursday, Dec. The process is open to individuals, groups, departments, classes, student clubs, faculty or staff with an idea for the April 9 event, which has a theme of Reflections: Within and Beyond. Listen live on Tune in online for a meeting of the new Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor at 9 a. Register in advance and BYOB for an informal online conversation that will begin at 5 p.

Check out the new titles in audiobooks, e-books and streaming video now available to University faculty, staff and students through University Libraries. Week of Nov. Watch a brief year-end video message from Chancellor Guskiewicz. Launched last weekend on the 50th anniversary of the campus crime, the initiative is led by a committee of University researchers, officials from the Town of Chapel Hill and members of the Cates family. On Nov. Ron Strauss, executive vice provost, in a Center for Faculty Excellence workshop about promotion and tenure requirements for early career faculty, pre-tenure and fixed-term.

Attention scholars, writers and artists. Southern Cultures encourages submissions by Nov. Southern Cultures is a peer-reviewed quarterly of the history and cultures of the U. Look for a survey in your email from a no-reply address. Participate in a virtual Community Conversation hosted by the Employee Forum, p. Monday, Nov. Chancellor Kevin M. Our daily publication schedule will resume Jan. Check out these local restaurants for carry-out options for your Thanksgiving meal.

Thursday, Nov. Find out how unexpected art pairings can lead to new insights tomorrow, Nov. Parking in the S1 Public Safety Parking Lot is fully reopened today after being limited to accommodate curb work in the area. The free event will feature a mix of D. Tuesday, Nov. Register for the Nov. Apply by Nov. Wednesday, Dec. Carolina students, faculty and staff can register in advance for the p.

Public access is available to the Zoom webinar and the YouTube livestream. Register for the Virtual Art for Lunch session scheduled for noon Nov. The project will be revealed in a webinar at p. Register by noon Nov. The next session begins the week of Nov. Game day is a little different these days with limited fans in the stadium. Check these ways to cheer on the Tar Heels. Today is the last day to drop off non-perishable food donations between 8 a. Smith Center, Skipper Bowles Drive. Interested in contributing fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds and tea bags for composting at the Carolina Community Garden?

You can bring your pumpkins, too! Place your donation no bags, even compostable ones in a contactless bin located right outside the garden on Wilson Street. The show starts at 5 p. Tune in tomorrow at 4 p. PlayMakers Passholders can stream the production unlimited times, and single ticket buyers have 48 hours from the time of purchase to access and stream the production. Bleed Carolina blue and schedule an appointment now for the 22nd annual Holiday Carolina Blood Drive , a.

Wednesday, Nov. Look for the reminder from a no-reply address in your email around 6 a. Join Emily J. Collection boxes for food items are located in the bus loading zone in front of the Dean E. Drop-off times are 8 a. R3 is back! The drive-through tests are for employees with no symptoms. Register, then join faculty members from the UNC School of Law and the political science department tomorrow at 8 p.

The Ackland Film Forum watch party starts at 6 p. Register to get links to the film and panel. Get an up-close look at the joys and pains of entrepreneurship at noon Nov. Close Looks at Cocktail Hour begins at 5 p. What gives soul music its soul? Preregister no later than Nov. Agenda items include spring planning and budget implications. A link to the livestream is available. Learn the dates of the five Wellness Days for spring semester, announced this week by the University Registrar.

Apply for an Employee Forum Professional Development grant by p. Sunday, Nov. Participate in a Wellness Wednesday webinar at noon, Nov. Register and join faculty members from UNC School of Law and the political science department tonight at 7 p. Register for an interactive workshop tomorrow, Nov. The discussion will take place tomorrow, Nov. Need to access special collections materials from Louis Round Wilson Library? Request a limited number of free digital reference copies for research purposes through your user account.

Plan your visit and reserve tickets for timed entry to the newly renovated Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, which reopens Nov. Election Day is tomorrow. When voting in person, take additional COVID precautions like wearing a mask and bringing your own black pen. Get public access to the Campus and Community Advisory Committee meeting at 3 p. If you want to attend the virtual meeting of the Employee Forum at a.

Early voting in North Carolina ends tomorrow, Oct. Not sure where to vote early? Search by county. Check out special discounts for employees on health and wellness resources , including a reduced price for the Calm app for meditation and sleep and Blue, which offers discounts on gym memberships, weight loss programs and more. Looking for an affordable home? Beginning Nov. Listen to a podcast from the third season of Data Rest , programming from ITS Information Security on social media, cloud security and other topics. Learn more about the benefit plans available and enroll by Oct. The discussion will provide a foundation for the intersection of race and police brutality and provide local resources to stay connected and informed.

Register for Standard Safe Zone training , a class designed to introduce concepts, terminology and resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. The course will stream tomorrow, Oct. Register for the virtual discussion, streaming at 5 p. The event begins at 6 p. Learn how to deal with difficult people in a Human Resources course , streaming tomorrow, Oct. The Digital Accessibility Office has resources to ensure that all University materials are accessible for everyone.

Be sure to make the request by 5 p. Kendi speaks tomorrow at 6 p. Submit your questions and join a discussion moderated by faculty members Travis Albritton and Tonya Van Deinse. Are you a Carolina employee? Look for Chancellor Guskiewicz and other members of the Carolina leadership team. Vote early in Orange County 8 a. Schedule an appointment now for the 22nd annual Holiday Carolina Blood Drive , a. Register before the 28th for the 3 p. Open enrollment ends on Oct. Learn more about the benefit plans and information sessions available to help you make decisions. Advance registration for the webinar is required. Carolina battles NC State on the gridiron at noon Saturday.

Discover new ways to cheer the Tar Heels — and enjoy enhanced fan experiences — from home. Deadline is Nov. What do Vienna and Nashville have in common? Learn more in a series of three lectures and discussions with Carolina faculty that runs from 10 a. Register for a seminar on how to listen effectively and give feedback as a faculty leader, hosted by the Center for Faculty Excellence tomorrow from noon-2 p.

Learn about the current state of free expression on college campuses at a UNC Program for Public Discourse panel discussion at p. Learn how to live happier at the webinar Loving You! The Art of Self-Acceptance at noon Oct. This online yearlong prevention program is for people who are at risk for diabetes. Learn more about the how Carolina researchers are overcoming hurdles in translating basic discoveries into clinical solutions during a free webinar panel discussion at a.

Want to learn more about the benefits offered during open enrollment? Sign up for a minute online consultation with a Carolina benefits consultant. Today is the last day to complete the U. Learn what Early voting begins today. Check the location of your polling place , or learn about other options for submitting your ballot. The tour is from a. All participants must wear a mask. Learn how to flip your classroom and engage students in a higher level of learning in a two-part workshop series sponsored by The Graduate School beginning tomorrow with an asynchronous course and continuing Oct. Open enrollment starts tomorrow and ends Oct. Use a variety of digital methods, including a degree tour, to experience the show.

Register in advance to get a link to the film. Employees who are credentialed by UNC Hospitals and get flu vaccinations off campus must provide proof of immunization to the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic. Apply online for your flu vaccination certification. Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Watch a livestream broadcast as Chancellor Kevin M. Hear Professor Jennifer Gates-Foster, classics department, speak at 2 p. Sunday in a virtual lecture at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Join photographer Nelson Morales tomorrow from noon-1 p. The course will stream Monday, Oct. Learn to relax and manage stress by registering for an HR webinar scheduled for Tuesday, Oct.

Tune in at 4 p. Tomorrow at p. Guskiewicz as chancellor on Oct. Classes will be held as scheduled on Oct. The Employee Forum meets tomorrow a. Email employeeforum unc. State University. Senate when Cal Cunningham D and Shannon Bray L take questions directly from constituents at a virtual town hall today at p. Get ready for the November election with the workshop Adulting Keeping Up with the Candidates , p. Listen to Thomas Wolfe Prize recipient and author Michael Parker give a lecture, read from his work and respond to questions at p.

Join the virtual celebration. Get a preview of Chancellor Kevin M. Need help eating better and exercising? Participants receive weekly support from a registered dietitian nutritionist in online classes beginning Oct. Enroll before 8 p. Tryon St. Register on-site. Participate in an interactive computer hacking contest and other activities during SecurityCon , a free all-day virtual event on Friday, Oct. If you speak Italian or are learning, join Carolina Public Humanities for a brown bag lunch tomorrow from noon p. Frank Baumgartner, Richard J. Richardson Distinguished Professor of Political Science, will lead the discussion.

On Saturday from a. Join department of history Professor Lloyd Kramer tomorrow at 5 p. Learn why the Roman Empire lasted so long during a moderated discussion from p. Radio host and musician Ivy Sheppard will also demonstrate old-time music styles. They will recommend ways to partner with them and their communities when conducting research. The program from Morehead Planetarium and Science Center begins at 10 a. Discover how American studies professor Bernie Herman uses art in the Ackland Museum to teach about folk and outsider arts at the next Virtual Art for Lunch session, noon Sept. The virtual talk begins at p. Looking for one of the short story dispensers introduced during Arts Everywhere? One has been recently relocated to Epilogue, a bookstore at E.

Franklin St. The magic begins at 5 p. Grab coffee at Epilogue , E. Need an idea for Saturday night? Celebrate International Observe the Moon Night at an p. Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month at the Ackland with a virtual friends and family event from p. Zoom registration required for story time. Beginning Sunday, Zoom will require a waiting room or a passcode for all meetings, even those previously scheduled. Check your settings to ensure your meetings are safe.

Wednesday is the last day to complete the census. Learn more about why the census is important by listening to Rebecca Tippett, director, Carolina Demography, on Focus Carolina. Celebrate Constitution Day tomorrow at a noon webinar about the 20th anniversary of the Bush v. Gore election law case. Zoom will update on Sunday, Sept. Watch the livestream meeting of the University Board of Trustees at 10 a. Learn what makes interpersonal communication with others important in the Human Resources course Effective Communication , streaming tomorrow, Sept.

Attend a virtual discussion on the importance of the Korean War, the legacies of the war on Korea and the future of the Korean peninsula from p. Get your flu vaccination at the campus walk-up clinic in the tent on Polk Place from noon-4 p. The Rev. Registration is required to participate. The Zoom event will be livestreamed and followed by a facilitated question-and-answer session. Register by Sept. Learn more about voting through a virtual voter information booth on Sept.

The show will be livestreamed at p. Take the UNC System survey on race. Trying to keep your kids busy? Take a virtual tour. Attend a virtual conference on the relationship between workers and the arts, presented by the Art Student Graduate Organization. The conference, streaming from a. Join author and alumna Jill McCorkle this afternoon at p. Ross MacDonald Distinguished Professor and director of creative writing in the department of English and comparative literature. This event is part of the Well Read series hosted by University Libraries. Watch Across the Tracks on Sept. When schools integrate, she changes her destiny by passing for white. Professor of History. Register for upcoming Safe Zone training , which introduces participants to concepts, terminology and resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Special training for health care professionals is also available. Learn from Digital Accessibility Office guidance and classes how to make your social media, websites and documents accessible to all. The survey results will help identify tangible steps in pursuit of racial equity and understanding. Join Dr. Martin Kohlmeier at 6 p. Time to get your flu vaccination at Student Stores or Campus Health pharmacies or at one of the scheduled walk-in clinics. Check out the available days and times. After you get your flu shot, help Carolina win a national vaccination participation competition.

Answer a few questions and put a point on the scoreboard. The clinics run 10 a. However, the game, which starts at noon , will be played without fans in Kenan Stadium and without tailgate parties. Support a healthy lifestyle and get farm-fresh produce delivered to your home or office from The Produce Box. Registration is limited. Sisco Memorial Forum via livestream at 6 p.

The forum will feature a keynote address by Ambassador Thomas Pickering. Check the new CV19 Faculty Support Hub for key resources and links for well-being, equity and teaching. Weinberg, the William Rand Kenan Jr. Professor of History Emeritus, on Saturday, Sept. Register for the Sept. The daylong Zoom event highlights graduate students from across the globe as they present research on relationships between art, art-making and human labor. From the Well will be back on Tuesday. The Meantime Coffee Co. Reserve a virtual spot in Kenan Stadium for the football season with your personal cutout.

Purchase yours by 11 p. Did you adopt a pandemic pet? Consider signing up for pet insurance from bivvy. Discover actions you can take to fight racism tomorrow from p. The online weight management program is delivered by a live registered dietitian nutritionist, and participants also receive one-on-one support through a secure online portal. Enrollment closes Friday, Sept. Use coupon code GNC to receive the discount. Nominate a worthy teacher or mentor for the University Teaching Awards.

The deadline to submit a nomination is Wednesday, Sept. Changes coming to Zoom Sept. To help employees navigate work and life changes during the pandemic, UNC Human Resources created a resource page with updated information about leave and benefits, workplace concerns and relevant trainings. For developing your department in areas such as communication skills, leadership and project management, consider specialized services and training from the UNC Human Resources Organization Development team. George and liberal Cornel West for an online discussion on how to foster dialogue and friendships across the political aisle at p.

Faculty and students with questions about an idea or venture can get expert advice at Ask an Innovator , an online platform powered by Innovate Carolina and created in partnership with Carolina-connected innovators. Honor Carolina inventors at p. Given the de-densification on campus, Alert Carolina will no longer be used for these notifications. Join the virtual event at 5 p. Be sure to fill out your U. Learn more about setting up direct deposit and how to view your paystub online, along with how to opt for paperless W Beginning Sept. Read more about how your future meetings may be affected. The session will stream at p. Registration is required for the talk, streaming from noon-1 p.

If you or another faculty or staff member has been affected by recent events across the country and in the local area, the Employee Assistance Program gives you access by phone to trained counselors 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Share ideas and learn about teaching remotely during informal open-topic sessions on Aug. Ask questions, share ideas and compare notes with faculty colleagues and instructional support staff. Sponsored by University Libraries. Authorized people with One Card access will still be able to enter buildings for research, work or academic activity.

Instructors looking for new resources should check out the Keep Teaching website , which has been updated all summer. Remember that all undergraduate instruction has been paused for today and Tuesday to give students time to move their belongings. Classes will resume Wednesday. Saturday, Aug. Mondays and Wednesdays, Oct. Messages left after hours and weekends will be responded to within one business day.

The session will stream from p. From p. Additional information is available on the Carolina Together site. Get inspired. With just a few days left in This Was the Place , the senior class art exhibition, be sure to see it soon. The extra masks, thermometer and hand sanitizer supplement the regular CPE provided by the University. Download Carolina Ready , the new campus safety app that puts direct access to public safety officials and resources at your fingertips.

Deadline is Aug. Have you missed volunteering in the Carolina Community Garden? A limited number of slots are open for advance registration only. Sign up for a webinar about talking to your child about tough issues affecting the family from noon to 1 p. Make your Zoom background a pen-and-ink piece by Rembrandt van Rijn or some other work of art from the Ackland Art Museum. If you or another faculty or staff member has been affected by recent events across the country and in the local area, seek help from the Employee Assistance Program.

Learn about parking regulations for the new permit year. Get the latest information from University Libraries on how to reserve a seat, no-contact pick-up service, remote services for students and instructors and much more. Check out the changes Chapel Hill Transit has made for the fall semester, including simplified routes, high-frequency corridors and new Sunday service. Remember to lock your car doors and windows. Last week, Chapel Hill Police reported that items had been stolen from several unlocked cars along Estes Drive. Find out how you can be a Wellness Champion in your workplace at an online information session at p. Register now so you can tune in at p. Register online for the 1 p.

Saturday class. Locate food trucks, outdoor seating for dining and other important information using the new Carolina Together Campus Map. Watch for traffic congestion today through Aug. If you provide career advising for students, join a virtual Carolina Career Community welcome back event at 3 p. Friday, July 31, From noon-1 p. The course will stream on Tuesday, Aug. The webinar will stream on Tuesday, Aug. Read about reimagined classroom spaces, an updated campus map and other Roadmap for Fall updates from Provost Blouin.

If so, be more careful than usual as the Town of Chapel Hill will remove a large tree in the block. Learn about changes to several Chapel Hill Transit bus routes that begin August 3. Watch a recording of the July 24 Office of Faculty Governance webinar that focused on updates for fall semester. Have you filled out your census yet? Your response not only helps the federal government direct its funding for local communities, it also determines how many representatives North Carolina has in Congress.

Do your part at mycensus. Regist e r online for this free afternoon event on July The Town of Chapel Hill is looking for your feedback on how to improve multiuse paths for social distancing. Spring JSTOR Evans, Richard J. The Third Reich in Power. New York: Penguin Books. The Third Reich at War. New York: Penguin. Fleming, Michael Auschwitz, the Allies and Censorship of the Holocaust.

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The Holocaust in Poland. Camps, ghettos, execution sites and attacks. Action T4 Grossaktion Warsaw Human medical experiments. Perpetrators, participants, organizations, and collaborators. Sobibor Treblinka. Resistance: Judenrat, victims, documentation and technical. Sonderaktion Aftermath, trials and commemoration. Frankfurt Auschwitz trials Treblinka trials. The Holocaust. Camps and ghettos. Wannsee Conference Operation Reinhard Holocaust trains. List of major perpetrators of the Holocaust. Einsatzgruppen Police Regiments Order Police battalions. Early elements Aftermath Remembrance. Germany portal World War II portal. Authority control.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikivoyage. Nazi concentration and extermination camp — Drone footage, Google Earth. German-occupied Poland. Nazi Germany and the Schutzstaffel. Roma and Sinti. Soviet prisoners of war. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Auschwitz concentration camp. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Auschwitz concentration camp. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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