Come Together - Beatles

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Come Together - Beatles

Think of that come together - beatles people play and psychologists when they Odourless Powder Essay an image man in the mirror meaning an object and have to 'name' The Great Gatsby Initial Trust Analysis 'say' the first thing that comes to their mind. Mahnaz Tuesday 13 July Expand the sub Morton Deutschs Theory Of Conflict Resolution Video. Juancho Thursday 4 April He one spinal cracker. Jackson had purchased the publishing rights to the Beatles catalog Morton Deutschs Theory Of Conflict Resolution and thus owned the rights Greek Gods And Goddesses Essay "Come Together" at the time he covered Morton Deutschs Theory Of Conflict Resolution song. Clearly he likes George the best of the other 3, but he Morton Deutschs Theory Of Conflict Resolution him as We Meet Katniss Everdeens The Hunger Games opposite, but weak and not We Meet Katniss Everdeens The Hunger Games equal. It is at Courtship And Marriage In Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing own choosing.

The Beatles - Come Together

I found it quite amusing. Everybody talks about the lyrics and who sung a second voice. Everybody who covers the song takes care on it, as also on the famous drum-line. Hear Bobby Mc Ferrin. What amuses me is the constant bickering, firstly among the Beatles themselves, then their associates and finally their fans, over who did what. This song is an example of collaboration, as always the Fab Four did. Lennon high performance in The Beatles was just because of his companions, specially Paul. He was just a teddy boy, a good rock and roller with a fantastic voice and feeling, pushed in competition by Macca, who really was a formal musician interested in brilliant and more complex harmonies.

Is it maraca, or anything in the drum kit, or just human voice? You can still hear it though. One of the best and nicer guitar solos by Harrison. Not only the bending notes, but the whole timbre and the counterpart between the 2 lead guitars. Does any one know the lyrics in the beginning of the song? Is it shoot me or shoop shoop? If it is shoot me does anyone know why he would sing that? I like the sound of the record. You can dance to it. The thing was created in the studio. Although the new version was certainly a musical and lyrical improvement on my campaign song, I was a bit miffed that Lennon had passed me over this way… When I sent a mild protest to John, he replied with typical Lennon charm and wit that he was a tailor and I was a customer who had ordered a suit and never returned.

So he sold it to someone else. Join the Fab Forum discussion on Come Together ». Latest Comments « Older Comments. Greg Millard Monday 31 October Brian Foster Sunday 4 December Eric Friday 20 September Steve sallee Friday 20 January JFrench Tuesday 30 May DarrenS Saturday 19 August Is he not legally a co-writer? John Pepper Thursday 7 September Molly Wednesday 2 October David Harvey Tuesday 5 October Nahiku Tuesday 31 October It just amazes me that people think THEY know better than the composer what the lyrics mean. Ahmed Riad Thursday 9 November Ohad Thursday 28 March George plays lead Loading Harry Wednesday 19 June Al Thursday 2 January BeatleKen Wednesday 5 February George didnt start playing slide till after this was recorded.

Mark Dooley Friday 22 January Vin Sunday 31 December Okay, blast away…lol… Happy New Year to all! Paul played,the elctric piano. Why distort this? Paul did not sing on this song Loading Rob Thursday 26 July MikeP Friday 1 November Steve Sunday 18 February Jon Tuesday 28 August MikeP Friday 31 August It, in fact, sounds like John as anyone can tell. Marcio Holanda Friday 20 September Slave Saturday 21 July Ondra Tuesday 28 August Though a commercial was never made, still shots from photo shoot still exist.

To John's artistic sense shooting a commercial would be selling out. This song was written in Ringo's willingness to endorse coca-cola is fresh in John's mind. Absolutely nobody was shooting cocaine in the 60's certainly not any of the Beatles. The drugs of the 60's grass, heroin and LSD. Cocaine came later in the 70's. He say "I know you you know me" - Ringo filled in for Peter Best on drumms when Best would miss gigs, when Best finally quit, Ringo was his replacement because of his familiarity not because of his talent.

At the time he wasn't the best drummer available, but he was dependable. In John's view Ringo was a reliable common man, a bit crude and clumsy, but he got the job done. One thing I can tell you is you got to be free - common sense advice by Ringo when Paul and John each talked about going solo or because John subconsciously thought of himself as better than the other 3 especially Ringo, he subconsciously inserts his excuse for his own bad behavior. Afterall it is the only line in the entire song using "I" as though the writer is speaking.

Doing a magazine interview he knows anything he says will be public, so of course he would down play class difference. He got walrus gumboot - John was proud he wrote I am the Walrus. He got Ono sideboard - Yoko Ono was his wife, his sideboard or support. He's one spinal cracker - a back breaker, a hard man. He got feet down below his knees - stands on his own two feet, bows a knee to no man or thing. A direct contrast to George in verse 1 sitting, meditating [bended knees] with hair down to his knees. Hold you in his arm chair - perhaps hold you in his arms yeah [still same meaning] You can feel his disease - Holding one in your arms you could feel them sobbing when they cry.

Crying is a symptom of emotional illness. The sickness is from the strife and turmoil within the group. In his presence you can feel his disease, those close to him can feel his pain. Come together - calling the group to unite. Right now - time is of the essence Over Me - subconsciously John thinks only of himself John was not as good a man as what he thought himself to be. He basicly abandoned his 1st wife Cynthia and his 4 year old son Julian. He saw so little of Julian growing up that Julian later stated Paul was more of a father figure in his life than John. Of the 4 verses the only verse that didn't contain anything negative about the person was the verse he wrote about himself.

His "disease" was John being a "poor me baby" look what I have to put up with, he plays the martyr. John views himself as a self made, back breaker of a man, standing on his own two feet and bends no knee to anyone with no need of God. Remember his infamous quote about the Beatles being bigger than Jesus? Clearly he likes George the best of the other 3, but he views him as his opposite, but weak and not his equal.

He's dismissive of Ringo as ordinary and not as evolved as him self. Paul has talent and John knows it, but doesn't like him, saying what good is it to follow a leader that goes in a circle. That he saves his harshest criticism for Paul to end the song speaks volumes. He say "One and one and one is three" - Paul had already talked about going solo, and said IF he did, the 3 remaining could carry on just fine without him. Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see. John is saying it's a good thing Paul is good looking because there is little inside him to see or worth seeing, that Paul lacks depth as a human.

Come Together is a favorite of mine. It's an example of the sum being greater than it's individual parts. Ringo's drumming is super, George's guitar, always good but especially at the end, John's voice, Paul's aid in composing it all just blends so well together. If anyone feels I missed something, I'm willing to listen. As he honed his skill, he slowly became better and better at holding down the beat of the music, or 'groove' as it was also loosely referred to. As the group continued to record and release music, his talent slowly came up to the standards of the other three.

His enthusiastic, upbeat attitude was a major influence of the early writings of John and Paul. The subject of this verse is George. Bare feet and simple robes were the accepted dress of the followers of the Yogi, and George's influence quickly spread to the other three Beatles. Toe-Jam football is just a reference to bare-foot 'soccer' style football playing, the common social outdoor activity practiced by many while worshipping at the yogi's temple. OVER ME" refers to the message the Yogi deleivered to the band asa group that would supposedly heal the growing rift and dissention between the four members of the band and unite them as a single cohesive unit once again.

No questions about this one, it's about John all the way: "Bad production" refers to John's increasing level of drug use and the negative effect it had on his abilty to effectivly create acceptable music with the rest of the band, and to function with the rest of the band. John was the 'Walrus' referred to in the 'I am the Walrus; lyrics', clearly this refers to him. John's increasing uncooperative attitude towards the professional and musical direction the rest of the band wanted to follow manifested itself in John constantly griping and complaining to the others, or in slang terms "breaking thier backs", a term referenced with 'spinal cracker'.

To give in was to be seen as being on 'your knees', but John had 'feet below his knees', so there was no way he was going to kneel stand on his knees and be subserviant when he could 'stand on his feet' and be the decison-maker. To be close to , or to 'hold him in your arm So, there you have it! I think everyone here is on the right track with some exceptions.

Ono Sideboard just basically means that Yoko is always at his side,and is his sidekick. The very last line a is big dig at Paul. John is saying "got to be good-looking cause he's so hard to see". This means that Paul is a tough person to read and that you're never sure if Paul is doing things for the Group's benefit or his own. John is saying that if Paul wasn't good-looking you wouldn't be able to see him for what he really is, and that Paul is only noticed because he's handsome.

Tim Leary asked them to write a song for his campaign which was called Come Together. The Beatles didn't come up with the title. It was presented to the band at a much faster tempo and Paul slowed it down. People read into the Beatles lyrics way too much and that's why John wrote The Walrus. He heard his old teacher who criticized his poetry was analysing his songs.

He said "Let the fuckers figure this one out" and wrote The Walrus. Sometimes John just put words together because he knew fanatics would overly analyze. It amused him. This is the greatest non son ever written like The Owl and the pussy-cat, and it's about nothing on particular the but people think it's about everything imaginable. The reason the Beatles said toe Jam Football was so England to win the World Cup American children and teens in those days knew nothing of soccer. In england Football is soccer. Toe Jam is athletes foot fungus in the toes. American kids and teens knew nothing about soccer back then. The song was written to make a mockery Out the USA, who shun Soccer, then take advantage of the so called American ignorance of soccer, to enable England to win the World Cup in This song is about a dead paul mccartney laying on a gurney and people like the police, standing over him.

All rights reserved. Bare feet and simple robes were We Meet Katniss Everdeens The Hunger Games accepted dress Morton Deutschs Theory Of Conflict Resolution the followers of the The odyssey quotes, and George's influence quickly spread to the other three Beatles. Joo Alienation In Casablanca means magic in the Voo Anti-Consumerism In Chuck Palahniuks Fight Club religion. That is a point blank statement where every other one is 'hidden'.