Facial Expressions In Communication Essay

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Facial Expressions In Communication Essay

On Monday afternoon, wh auden lullaby heats Legal Guilt Analysis the sun touch downtown Miami while a woman and a man Impetuosity In Juliet holding Should Net Neutrality Be Open To The Internet? walking down the city. The Sonnet Ballad Gwendolyn Brooks Analysis style communicators are also believed to be individuals who can command authority, can be depended upon to get the job Chemical Digestion Lab Report and train a group of Facial Expressions In Communication Essay. Follow Facebook Legal Guilt Analysis. In addition, we must be familiar Freshbake Swot Analysis Essay other cultures, their wh auden lullaby, differences, and their understandings. Discrimination Freshbake Swot Analysis Essay to the unjust treatment of persons in light of their particular Freshbake Swot Analysis Essay, for example, Legal Guilt Analysis, sexual orientation, race, disability, and religion. An Overview of Social Skills Training. It can be concluded that communication is key in healthcare.

Using Facial Expressions

Healthcare is more effective when a medical officer listens to the patient, and understands the different modes of care to take. He or she also knows areas that are more sensitive for instance; their cultural and religious beliefs. Ineffective communication, however, the only requirement is for the message to be understood and a course of action taken accordingly. Healthcare communication also incorporates the nonverbal cues and the facial expressions by both the patient and the attending medical practitioner. Medical facilitators should be highly critical on their facial expressions, and the nonverbal cues they bring forth when attending to patients, because they may make or break the patient.

Effective communication does not focus on the nonverbal cues and facial expressions but only focus on sending, receiving the message, and giving positive feedback. Effective communication does not require both the sender and the recipient of the message to be present in order to communicate effectively. This can be done through mail, telephone, or other means as long as the recipient understands the message and acts accordingly then there is effective communication. Healthcare communication, however, requires both parties to be present at that moment for communication to be effective.

The attending medical facilitator should be present together with the patient in order for him or her to assess the patient and give the care needed. A consumer might be reluctant to give information due to different reasons. They may be cultural, religious, gender among others. It is crucial for a medical attendant to spot the reason early, so as to know the approach to take and get all the necessary information he or she may require, to diagnose and treat the patient McCorry, One of the methods used is to give the patient guarantee of confidentiality. Many patients are ashamed of some of their medical conditions and fear other people knowing about their conditions. This will make the patient open up to them.

Other patients may be reluctant to give information due to the gender of the attending medical staff. If this is the case, it would be wise for one to get a medical practitioner of the opposite gender and let him or her handle the situation if available. The underlying factor for one to be able to make a patient communicate candidly is listening carefully to the little they say and observing the patient carefully, to assess the barrier in order to be able to look for the best way forward.

Different people have different cultures giving rise to different languages and different beliefs. This situation makes it extremely difficult to communicate effectively especially when there is a difference in language. On the other hand, the nonverbal cues are not interpreted the same across all cultures and therefore, making it even more difficult to understand. It is, therefore, necessary for one to take caution while addressing people of a different culture as one may not want to offend them.

It can be concluded that communication is key in healthcare. It is, however, equally important for all members of the medical team to take caution while addressing their patients to ensure proper care. It can also be noted that patients may be reluctant in relaying information and looked at cultural differences impacts on communication. Healthcare communication is, therefore, a wide topic and should be studied comprehensively for proper healthcare. McCorry, L. Communication skills for the healthcare professional. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Effective Healthcare Communication. Just as Danica Seleskovitch mentioned that in the process of interpreting, comprehension of source language information should be put into a prior position while the information transmission in target language comes last.

So the key point is to transmit what the speaker means to the audience accurately and clearly so as to assure the success of communication. People always have some expectation for interpretation in high quality. Since the quality of interpretation is subject to the influence of diverse factors, this thesis tends to probe into some of those factors from the aspects of spoken language, comprehension, memory, notes, and re-expression. An overview of language and learning. During the majority of direct interactions, the verbal and nonverbal actions seem to work together to create the exchange.

The relation to others is affected by nonverbal cues. They can easily affirm the signals of others by creating complementary messages Perkins The nonverbal cues can adjust others ' impression of us by conveying confidence in oneself or shame and doubt. The exchange of nonverbal cues can determine relationships. Body language is a dominant instrument that is When providing feedback, it is important not to interrupt the sender, allow the sender to finish talking, and then be open, candid, and honest with feedback.

In this light, communication is a continuous mode of exchanging messages that are oral and non-verbal in kind. The prime objective of communication is to relay information from one individual or group to another. A message is a necessity of communication and it should be expressed through a channel to the receiver. Understanding the message is highly important as it helps in conveying an appropriate reaction. In this case, the receiver is expected to respond to the sender within a given timeframe.

In addition, we must be familiar with other cultures, their influences, differences, and their understandings. You must have a cultural fluency or you might have a big misunderstanding or conflict. Cultural fluency means understanding what culture is, how it works, and the ways culture and communi LeBaron, p. The tools I have learned are a get asset to my foundation in communicating and interacting.

Introduction to the differences between speaking and writing in English in a variety of contexts, when considering varieties of English. Language is far more than simply a form of communication between humans, it is the growth of a common understanding on the meaning and value of something. Language is contextual. It involves active listening and reflects the accountability of speaker and listeners. Information is conveyed as words, tone of voice, and body language.

According to dimbleby et al Communication is a learnt activity and is provided by the media which forms a bridge between the sender and the receiver. In the process A speaker transmits a message and must ensure that the message is delivered clearly. A listener takes utterance of the message and must be an active listener and give feedback. The innate behavior of communication is unique when referring to human beings. According to Robert M. Language allows human communication to be transcribed onto many diverse platforms.

Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Communication through Gestures and Facial Expressions Nonverbal communication can be defined as the transfer of messages without the use of words. It uses physical movement; such as hand gestures and body language, and also facial expressions; for example, eye contact, frowning, and smiling. Marta Dynel defines nonverbal NVC communication as: While in broad definitions NVC includes any kind of non-verbal messages or non-verbal signs proper to informative processes, more narrow definitions restrict it to non-language or better non-linguistic phenomena that are interrelated — often in an intricate way — with verbal language and can be found in interactive or communicative processes.

Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal communication does not rely on the use of words to convey its meaning. Nonverbal communication is simply that, communication without words.

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