Baker High School Observation

Saturday, March 19, 2022 6:32:29 PM

Baker High School Observation

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Very trying. Baker has great teachers, but they cannot mold the students properly because there's not proper support from the administration. Students are allowed to constantly push the boundaries and break the rules without consequences. These students are being lost and never being pushed to meet their full potential. I don't know why the next few reviews are so negative. Baker is a great school with a caring and concerned faculty. My kids have had a great experience at Baker High.

Poorly ran school! I'm a parent, and I'm not impressed. I went to this school and it has changed! The staff is rude, and the environment is horrible. I do not recommend Baker High School. A good friend of mine has several accounts of unbridled fighting and widespread instability at this so so called educational facility. Outsiders have been known to breach security and threaten students an incident a pal of mine who attends Baker saw an outsider who had harassed him for weeks ally himself with a boy who attempted to instigate a fight with my friend weeks prior.

I urge the administrators at Baker to maintain a tighter ship otherwise ""Welcome to the Jungle"" by Guns and Roses will become the optimal anthem for this school. If you have problems and bring it to the administers attention all they care about is if your from around here and who you are related to. This school covers up lots of fights and police are always at this school. If your moving here and your in the Military this town isn't a friendly town for outsiders. Some move their children into private schools others homeschool. Don't be fooled by this 7. Its very misleading. My son is a sophomore at Baker this year and we love it!

Even though there are a lot of students the teachers and staff build great relationships with students. The campus is kept clean and is safe. Any normal high school issues that arise are dealt with promptly. My daughter is a freshman at Baker this year, So far, she is enjoying high school a lot. She said that she is learning a lot and it is harder than middle school, as far as homework load, etc. She is in Advanced placement classes and likes all of her teachers a lot. Hope that this continues!!!

We haven't been there long enough to suggest any improvements. This school is terrible. It is not a safe place for kids to learn. There's a fight or incident nearly every day. The police are always at this school for some violent incident. How they manage to keep it out of the media is beyond me. The principal is a bully. If I could afford to send my son to private school, believe me, I would. Baker is a good school when you compare it to other Mobile public schools, but it is the least secure school I have ever been to or worked at.

Anyone can walk in or out when they please, carrying anything they please. The counselors and principal will do anything to let anyone graduate - even students who come to school a few days a semester. They will do anything to make their graduation rate look good, and the students know it and take advantage. Do yourself a favor and send your kids to private school or move to another district. Baker cannot guarantee their safety or that they will actually earn their diploma. College Board. When applying for scholarships, please be aware that you should not give out any financial information regarding credit card numbers or bank accounts.

Any scholarship requesting such information is a scam! Helpful Information for Parents and Students. Mon Mar 23 AM. Fri Mar 20 AM. Login Register. Baker High School Guidance Department. Kristie Matthews, 12th Grade. Jennifer Lee, 11th Grade. Heather Weaver, 10th Grade. LeAnne Smith, 9th Grade. Christy Melton. Email Kristie Matthews. Email Jennifer Lee.

Email Heather Weaver. Email LeAnne Smith. Email requests as follows: Contact Ms. Smith 9th grade Counselor Contact Ms. Weaver 10th grade Counselor Contact Mrs. Lee 11th grade Counselor Contact Ms. Career Portfolio Completion. Career Portfolio Directions.

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