Analysis Of Drugs: Why Marijuana Should Be Made Legal

Friday, April 29, 2022 11:18:30 AM

Analysis Of Drugs: Why Marijuana Should Be Made Legal

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized? - Pros and Cons of Legalizing Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Medical use is through doses requiring a medical marijuana card used only for treatment for patients with diseases. Recreational use is illegally abusing the drug to experience being high. There are many street names for the drug such as weed, pot, dope, blunt, broccoli, Mary Jane, and many more. Marijuana can be found in many forms. It can be smoked, eaten, and even sometimes made into a juice. Another reason why it is dangerous is because you could receive the drug from someone who may have put other drugs into it as well and you would be unaware that you were putting yourself at even more risk than when you are just taking the one drug.

Overall, marijuana is a drug that should not be used nor legalized. The immediate effects are puffy red eyes, increase in hunger, slowed reactions, anxiety, paranoia, increased heart rate, and a dazed feeling. This slowed reaction is especially bad because people who decide to drive when they experience being "high" are more than doubling their chances of getting in a car accident. The later effects are dismissed memory, addiction, and lung cancer. Not only will you experience these effects to your brain and body, but you also will notice your wallet shrinking from spending your money on drugs rather than other important things.

Right now, marijuana is legal for recreational use in 5 states. Now that I have familiarized you with the drug and all the bad effects of it, here is why it should not be legal. Other than all the dangerous effects it has on your brain and body, it can influence children to try it when they are older if it were legal. It also can become a dangerous addiction. One of the biggest reasons that marijuana should not be legalized is that it would be a gateway drug to not only trying worse drugs, but also legalizing them, which would be damaging our society and future slowly but surely.

It has really bad side effects, it can become an addiction, legalizing weed could lead to the legalization of worse drugs, it's not good for you, and children would be more prone to doing drugs because it is legal. People think it should be legal so it's less expensive, everyone already does it so it should just be legal, it could be a new way for people to have jobs, economic prosperity from the sale of it, it has been found to help cure diseases, and it's just as bad as drinking and alcohol is legal. Marijuana, in my opinion, should not be legalized for recreational use.

The four sources I found are very persuading and contain strong points. I used the web for research but as I found sources, I made sure they were credible sources since this is such a debatable issue. Jacques, Renee. Medical marijuana use can greatly increase many patients lives tremendously, who have been suffering for too long. Many states have now legalized the use of Medical marijuana but the fight is not over until every state has won. This essay will examine the scope of the need for medical marijuana. The organization of this essay is set up in compare and contrast format. The purpose of this report. And its history in the United States. Marijuana or Cannabis is a hallucinogenic drug that contains a very high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol THC. It can be used for both medical and recreational reasons, but it is currently illegal in most states in this country.

This drug has been illegal for the majority of this country's history, and just recently several states like Washington, California. In this essay you will learn why marijuana should be a legal option. Is it a good substitute for prescription painkillers? Does it help with the after effects of chemotherapy? In the NFL players are allowed to use marijuana as a substitute for prescription painkillers. Prescription painkiller OD. Legalizing Marijuana Even though many hold to the idea that marijuana is ruining people, evidence shows its beneficial. The definition of marijuana n. Most of us, if not all of us will be in the same situation before a party or event. Your inside or outside, and you smell a strange herb.

You see a group of kids talking and laughing as. But personally, I believe in legalizing for many reasons, one of them being medical use for people with sicknesses and diseases. Yeah, there may be are some down sides to legalizing, such as the fact it kills your brain cells and that you should not drive while impaired but more and more people every day are going PRO- Legalization. Along with me, there are many other Americans. Legalizing marijuana is one of the biggest controversial debates in America today. Although legalizing marijuana would be beneficial to America, the government will not allow it.

Marijuana should be legalized because it can help in medical areas, help the economy, and lower crime rates Marijuana should be legalized in America because of its medical value.

Keeping Marijuana Illegal. Monte et al. Totem pole meanings also Person-Centered Nursing Theory become a dangerous addiction. What is marijuana?