Swing Low Sweet Chariot Meaning

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Swing Low Sweet Chariot Meaning

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Youngsters, teenagers and older folks alike are enjoying my music. The kefir song not only explained how individuals around the world pronounce KEFIR, the sang can entice youngsters to enjoy a healthy beverage kefir. This is thanks to our daughter Shedea. Her cute little voice is among the song deliciously offering her mother Sandra and me, kefir at 20 months of age. The CD also includes a track about the ongoing challenge to save the whales, Sayonara whalers. Here are a few tracks from my CD for your listening pleasure or sampling, including song descriptions. Mp3 versions are also available to play on your iPod or mp3 player. My music makes wonderful background music, while driving long distance, while exercising or jogging to help you keep moving forward with the beat.

After some years of research I have developed what I feel to be an optimal, natural nutrient-media for shipping both dehydrated, and fresh kefir-grains worldwide, which the mother-culture [kefir grains] come packaged in. The specific formulated-media provides physical protection to the grains during transport, and ensures that both fresh and dehydrated kefir-grains re-activate with ease. The natural formula used for shipping fresh milk kefir-grains, provides a unique opportunity, for the grains do not arrive encased among a thick mass of coagulated milk, which makes it quite difficult to impossible to observe the actual kefir grains among the thick, white mass of curd. The latter is what most vendors of kefir grains provide, and a novice to kefir will find it difficult to isolate the actual kefir grains from those thick white curds, for these both appear similar to the eye.

I would also like to forward that I have developed a technique for dehydrating fresh kefir-grains under sterile conditions, so that the culture can be prepared safely to be dispatched in a dormant state. This process ensures good integrity of the dry mother-culture stored for 2 years or even longer in the machine vacuum sealed food-grade packaging that all my cultures are provided. Also of importance is that my milk kefir-grains are cultured with Australian produced milk and only under my care [not out sourced], so I can assure integrity and quality. Australia is free from Mad Cow's Disease including most other bovine diseases. This is due to our strict customs regulations and the isolation of Australia, which thus far has protected this country from what has plagued most other countries at some point.

It is illegal to import milk products into Australia, so I would strongly urge Australian citizens to abide by these laws, and source any dairy milk-based cultures from within Australia. This will ensure that Australia remains with a clean bill of health, and we should not jeopardize this good reputation [think of our dairy farmers, it would devastate them with an introduced disease from overseas. Most of our dairy farmers are under enough due stress through man made means of greed! My milk kefir-grains produce abundant amounts of kefiran and unlike most batches available today, the grains shall produce a wonderful kefir in either Goat or Cow's milk, including dry milk powder or UHT [Ultra Heat Treated or Long Life] milk. I state this for it is common for most milk kefir-grains cultured in Cow's milk for extended periods, are renowned to producing a thin, watery kefir when those grains are transferred to Goat's milk.

There is plenty of research to prove this. I am not saying that my grains are the best in the word, just that I know what I am dong, so I can pretty well guarantee quality. Funds to provide goods, secure that this site remains as an invaluable resource for information, designed to enrich the sharing of knowledge, inspire creativity and enjoyment for the self-help interested individual, and in a non-commercial environment [Have you noticed no commercial banners or links throughout my site?

My cultures can be delivered to most if not all locations of our good mother-earth. To the impatient folk. If you have made it this far in life without kefir, then waiting a few more days longer should not cause you any harm. Please be patient with your order. You have been seeking and have found and shall conquer with patience and compassion firmly by your side.

Stand sound with us, for we are more than happy to support you with any questions you may hae in return, and for a life time of your cuture[s]. Far left of picture is a jug of freshly strained kefir, and a glass of fresh kefir, ready to be gulped Far right in picture is a portion of milk kefir-grains sitting in a tall, cylindrical glass vessel half-filled with fresh water. I refer to this as, fasting kefir grains and this process may certainly have a place in the culture-art of kefir.

To elaborate; since the introduction of kefir to the rest of the world [in ], today, rinsing kefir grains with water between each milk change has become common practice among individuals who prepare kefir at home. As portions of the mother-culture is shared between individuals, it is common for the recipient to be instructed to rinse the kefir grains with water, before adding the grains to fresh milk to prepare a new batch of kefir. Under most circumstances, it is not essential to rinse kefir grains with fresh water or with fresh milk in fact. For further information regarding rinsing, please go to my how to make Kefir on a separate web page.

Although, fasting kefir grains in water for 12 to 24 hours, is a practical option to wean off individuals who are in the habit of rinsing. Fasting kefir grains may be performed at room temperature, or in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours. I personally do not recommend fasting milk kefir-grains for more than one day per fortnight. Milk kefir-grains may also be rested in fresh, clean water stored in the fridge for a number of days, when one needs to take a break from making kefir, and for what ever reason. When you want to start making kefir again, you simply put the grains in fresh milk to recommence the kefir making process at room temperature.

The clear solution strained from fasting healthy milk kefir-grains in fresh water, contains kefiran organic acids [mostly lactic acid], and small percentage of soluble protein and amino acids, lactic acid bacteria [LAB] and acetic acid bacteria, including yeasts. Resilience of milk kefir-grains fasted in water A friend once left [or had forgot] his milk kefir-grains resting in contaminated well-water in the fridge for 7 months. By that time, the grains were rendered almost iridescent green with an incredible foul odour [amines]! He returned the damaged grains back to me, to see if I could recover the culture.

I embraced this opportunity to experiment. The grains were hand washed and rinsed with warm, clean fresh water, followed by soaking the grains for 24 hours in good quality kefir produced with a healthy stock of culture. Fresh milk was added and the contents was left at room temperature for a day. The process was repeated three more times to remove the foul odour. At 2 weeks with daily milk refreshment cycles, the grains produced a reasonably good ferment. The kefir kept improving with each new consecutive batch. At 2 months I discovered that a very small percentage of the entire batch began to grow. The propagable 2 grains discovered among the entire batch, were separated from the non-propagable [non growing] portion.

Growth of a portion of the culture was determined by observing slime felt with clean fingers, and the slimy grains were separated from the firm, non-slimy portion of culture. The weight of the non-propagable portion was found to be exactly the same as when the experiment commenced. This demonstrates that there was indeed a very small fraction of propagable matrix or grain among the whole batch after 7 months of those grains left solely in dirty well water.

The non-propagable portion was continually cultured for a further 2 months, and although the grains continued to produced a reasonably good ferment, there was no further evidence of weight gain [growth], so those grains were discarded, and the experiment was ended. The separated 2 propagable grains continued to increase in weight and numbers and produce good quality kefir. Even under unhygienic stressful starving conditions, milk kefir-grains provide extremely good protection for the organisms that create the grain. Even in the case where only a very small portion of matrix is left intact [undamaged], that portion of matrix shall propagate and increase if cultured carefully, and with daily milk changes.

For further details, please follow this link to my how to make kefir page. Traditionally in a region of the Caucasus Mountains, kefir was prepared with raw, full-cream goat or cow's milk. Fresh milk with the addition of kefir grains stored in a goatskin leather bag was left for 24 hours to ferment at room temperature. This initiated the fermentation process. Separation of the grains was achieved by forcing the contents to a corner of the leather bag by hand, where most of the grains were retained. The liquid-kefir was separated from most of the grains by pouring the contents into a container.

This kefir had a moderate sour taste, creamy in texture and consistency with an alcohol content of around. During cold conditions, the goatskin bag was kept in the sun during sunny cold days, or hung near a fireplace. Apparently, it was a custom to hang the bag near a door way, where by anyone passing by would shake the leather bag. This was possibly performed as a religious ritual, with a beneficial consequence by assisting the culture-process. Maturation Larger quantity of liquid-kefir was stored in sealed wooden barrels of clay crocks, where secondary fermentation preserved the beverage as the beneficial kefir ripened over some days.

Ripened kefir was enjoyed over extensive periods as it matured , for a powerful anti-oxidant produced in kefir through fermentation, preserved the nutritious beverage without the need for refrigeration. As portions of liquid kefir was removed from the barrel or crock for immediate consumption, more freshly strained kefir of the day, was added to replenish the vessel. To elaborate further. A mixture of freshly strained kefir of the day, sometimes with the addition of fresh milk including the crushed root of another anti-oxidant rich ingredient, Snow Rose [ Rhododendron caucasicum ] was stored in wooden barrels, or clay crocks.

The sealable vessel was plugged airtight. The kefir had exceptional good keeping quality, with a substantial increase in some B group vitamins. Folic acid [Vit. Research shows that at, cholesterol and milk sugar content reduce at the end of the initial fermentation with the grains, with less reduction of these components during maturation in a sealed container. This provides a more nutritious beverage with a better health-promoting profile compared to the freshly strained liquid-kefir, including the non-fermented fresh milk. Click on picture for an enlarged view Far left strained kefir with added orange peel and cinnamon bark, ripening in a sealable 10 Lt [2.

Note the foam on the surface of the brew. Far right the matured kefir poured in a glass. This kefir has a wonderful foamy smooth creamy texture with a delightful mouth-feel and an full body aromatic flavour. Yes, this ripened kefir definitely satisfies the bliss-point-factor in good-deed! Including orange peel provides vitamin C, calcium and bioflavonoides, for the white pith of orange peel is high in these elements.

Through fermentation calcium and other minerals are rendered highly biologically available. Cinnamon is also good for Type 2 Diabetes, a digestive aid and as a general tonic. Although many other types of ingredients could be used, such as licorice root, ginger, burdock root, mint, goji berries, pomegranate and the list goes on Note The stoneware crock is sealed with a natural protective layer of beeswax to form a barrier, and to make the lip of the crock seal airtight. This prevents leaching of unfavourable elements from the glaze or terra cotta of questionable quality into the ripening kefir.

If you would like more information about how to use beeswax to line and protect your ferments, then please go to my beeswax web page. Kefir moostash grin-gang of NZ. Got da' munchies? The first ever and original kefir moustaches on the Internet. Yours truly Kefir Moostash clan. For maturation of kefir, see the follow link to Dom's Kefir making web page explaining Secondary Fermentation. The molecular structure of kefiran is not fully understood. It is proposed to be a branched hexa- or hepta-saccharide repeating unit. In itself, the unit is composed of a regular pentasaccharide, to which one or two sugar residues are randomly linked.

The variety of linkage-types of the molecule may be the reason why kefiran is resistant to enzyme attack [ 2a ] [Kefiran is reasonably inert to digestive enzymes]. This property might be important in the ecological stability of the kefir grain, including the therapeutic activity of kefiran, due to the PS remaining reasonably chemically stable through the process of fermentation including gastric digestion. Chair form diagram of the proposed molecular structure of kefiran [ 2a ]. There are other strains of Lactobacilli capable of producing a similar polysaccharide, Lb.

KPBB being one such organism. This, including other species of Lactobacilli, which produce either kefiran or a similar form of PS [with slight variation between glucose and galactose ratio, different molecular weights including variations in the optical rotation of the molecule] produced at variable rates, or, the amount of, may be mechanism[s] involved in the natural tendency for each grain to propagate as an enclosed multi-lobular body.

This is possibly due to the layout of different strains, or type-strains of encapsulated organisms included among yeasts, arranged at specific locations as layers or branched within the matrix. Stress factors due to culture-conditions or the structural makeup of the matrix itself, or how and where the encapsulated organisms are located may incur the same strain of encapsulated organism to produce either variable amounts of kefiran, or a variation of the PS. Experiments performed with mice [against mice really, if we think about it], revealed kefiran exhibited anti-tumour properties.

In these experiments, orally administered kefiran was found to reduce the size of certain tumours, by inducing a specific immune response in mice. Much of this early research was performed in Japan. Recent research evaluated kefir grains induced a systemic anti-inflammatory response in kefir-grain fed rats. The anti-inflammatory effect was later investigated and correlated scientifically [ Prof. Schneedorf JM. The author has published a web page explaining the protocol implemented to correct Ulcerative Colitis in his case, including other individuals over some years, here. More recently, the author observed another discovery. The cause was due to excessive use of a computer keyboard and mouse-clicking over some years.

These latter findings further suggest the systemic anti-inflammatory property of kefir-grain kefiran. Quite possibly kefiran activity in conjunction with organisms of the grain, encourage a systemic benefit via multiple components or vehicles, rather than the action of a single component. The study also explains kefiran supplementation had the ability to significantly lower blood glucose in KKAy mice. In addition, the administration of kefiran in constipated SD rats caused an obvious improvement in the levels of faecal moisture content and wet weight of faeces.

A recent study in China found kefir extracts have a preventive effect against human breast cancer cells, without effecting healthy human breast cells. The consumption of kefir modulates the immune response, implying that kefir contains bio-active bacteria and compounds that enhance communication in the body's immune system. Similar research in Japan found that kefiran-fed rats had a serum cholesterol lowering effect in 2 rat models 1, loaded with cholesterol and 2, given orotic acid.

Kefiran accelerated sterol excretion and protected hepatic injuries glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase [GOT], glutamic pyruvic transaminase [GPT] in both rat models. It was also discovered that histamine excretion decreased in the caecum content and faeces, suggesting that kefiran has various preventative functions, [ 25 ] the mechanisms of which are not yet well understood. Other research found that kefir stimulated body cells to produce 14 times more Interferon-beta, a vital glycoprotein excreted by body cells to combat viral infection, and possibly combat cancer cells.

The active substance in kefir in this case, which other fermented milk contain, was found to be sphingomyelin. Over the past 10 years, the author has received multitudes of testimonies by email and through his internet lists from individuals of all corners of the globe, expressing how kefir has markedly help to improve their health and well being. Kefir has helped with many different conditions. Recently, a local individual shared with a friend a suggestion I explained to her, which is also included in my book. After her friend followed through with rectally injected and retained kefir grain implants, she experience a sure cure from the previous medical condition of Celiac [Gluten intolerance]. This positive feedback is quite encouraging to state the least.

We are observing long term effect of this recent outcome. The combination of all the above, suggests that kefiran, and in fact kefir grains and kefir are useful as functional food to prevent or control common occurring diseases of the modern age. This further reinforces what the author has suggested for many years, that the regular ingestion of kefir grains, should be considered of greater, practical importance and especially appreciated by individuals preparing traditional kefir for themselves at home, school or their place of work [and why not make kefir at school or at work?!

As an end note, kefiran is also useful as a natural gelling agent, for thickening food. The author explains many examples for the possible use of kefir grain kefiran in the preparation of wonderful textured baked goods such as wholemeal sourdough bread, cakes, pretzels and pastry. For ice-cream making, for thickening yogurt and more. This extends to the use of kefir grains or kefiran in the preparation of natural cosmetics, for skin care products such as moisturizers, and skin conditioners or toners etc. There misleading information regarding to kefir and kefir grains on the internet. One example, the separation of kefir-whey through fermentation of milk with kefir grains to produce traditional kefir.

An individual is suggesting that the clear liquid is solely kefiran released from kefir grains in milk. This information is incorrect. The pale yellow or straw coloured clear liquid is simply whey, or kefir-whey in the case with kefir. Although kefir-whey does contain a very small percentage of kefiran, because the PS is water soluble, but by no means is the liquid portion pure kefiran. The process of fermentation of milk, creates an acidic environment, which separates [precipitates] the milk protein [casein or curd] in solution, creating a mixture of a thick, white mass of curds among a pale yellow solution -- kefir-whey , which should not be mistaken for pure kefiran. Click picture for enlarged view.

Kefir grains were considered a gift from Allah [God] among the Moslem tribes-people of the Caucasus Mountains and the grains were passed down from one generation to to the next. The folks of this particular region considered kefir grains a source of family and tribal wealth, and the process for making kefir was a closely guarded secret to the extend of protecting the art and the natural mother-culture [kefir grains], with their very lives.

In the early s, the All-Russian Physicians' Society contacted two Blandovs brothers, who owned a cheese factory in the northern Caucasus Mountains. The society asked the two brothers for their help to obtain the kefir culture. The brothers decided to take on the challenge, and planned to use one of their employees, a beautiful young woman named Irina Sakharova , to coax a Caucasian prince, Bek-Mirza Barchorov into giving her some kefir grains. Irina indeed dazzled the prince with her beauty, but the prince refused to give her any of his precious probiotic-jewels, possibly due to strong religious beliefs.

However, the beauty-dazzled prince wasn't willing to giving up Irina, so he instructed some of his men to kidnap her as she returned home. Against her will, the men brought Irina back to the prince's courtyard, where the prince, hoping to win her love, proposed her hand in marriage, however, Irina understandably refused. The Blandovs brothers eventually rescued Irina from the clutches of the prince. Then, backed by the two brothers, Irina brought her case against the prince to the Czar's court.

The prince offered Irina gold and jewels as reparation for the crimes done against her, but she refused his offer. Instead, as a settlement of her suit against Prince Bek-Mirza Barchorov, Irina demanded, and received, probiotic jewels [kefir grains] instead. In late , Irina Sakharova brought the first amounts of kefir to Moscow, where it was used medicinally in lung sanatoriums as part-treatment for tuberculosis with good success. The information above was originally obtained from a Web Page in [Edited here by the author, in his own words]. But alas, the original site has since disappeared from e-space, hence no reference is provided here.

The author wishes to express his gratitude for the writer of the original e-text, which has inspired not only the author, but other webmasters and the like from here, it seems. To order kefir grains, please click this link which takes you further up this page. While researching culture-products in general, including kefir in the late s to early s, the author came across an interesting abstract [unable to locate the original source material]. This explained microbiologists' many unsuccessful attempts in the spontaneous production or propagation of kefir grains from non-existing grains.

These experiments were performed by culturing pure, mixed starter-cultures , prepared under laboratory conditions from organisms isolated from kefir grains. After failing to propagate kefir grains from such mixed-cultures, the microbiologists came to ask how the Caucasians acquired or propagated the original kefir grains. The Caucasians simply explained something to the effect of Come to think, could kefir grains be "manna"? Manna: A sweet white substance God spontaneously provided from the Heavens to feed the hungry Israelites, as Moses led his people to the promised land of milk and honey.

Manna means, What is it? With this, one may conclude that literally, kefir grains are indeed manna; due to the mystery surrounding the existence of kefir grains, and how they propagate. The fact that manna literally refers to mystery of the unknown is quite obvious in this case. It is said that the tribe-folk of Caucasus referred to kefir grains as The grains of the Prophet Mohammed and kefir was known as, The drink of the Prophet [ Beatrice T. Hunter ]. If it is at all possible that kefir grains were some how acquired through Prophet Mohammed [p. At the time of writing, it is not well understood scientifically, how the bio-matrix, or a grain is created, or in fact, the relationship involved between different types of organisms in the construction process.

The mystery still remains with kefir grains at this point, although there is ongoing research to try and understand the mechanisms involved. This may include diseases such as tumours, carcinomas, including diseases which involve microbial, or viral aetiology [infections e. This could possibly open doors in other areas e. Organic soil enrichment for optimal plant growth and increased yield may also be of some interest. The author prepares an organic fertiliser with kefir fortified with wood ash, sea shells, eggshell, and ground bone meal. This used as a liquid fertiliser gives extensive better yield of fruits and vegetables. Other areas of interest is in the development of more efficient probiotics, by which the probiotic component is better protected within a specifically customized bio-matrix, so higher counts of viable organisms are able to pass through gastric function, and become better established in the gastro intestinal tract in greater numbers-- a super-renditioned kefir grain [The super abode of the friendly microbe].

There may be a possibility that understanding the mechanism behind how microbes create a bio-matrix such as kefir grains, could be implemented in nanotechnology. Kefir grain as a model for the study of the theory of evolution. It is believed through collected evidence perceived by human senses, and then digested with intellectual enzyme power of thought of heavy duty scholars, to form current-day theory of evolution, by which it is calculated that single celled organisms without a nucleus [ prokaryotes ] such as most microorganisms, came to exist some 4 billion years ago.

It is quite possible that the potential for the making of kefir grains may have been possible not long after these events unfolded [their DNA strands ;-]. Although it is calculated that life forms remained quite simple for about 3 billion years after the first single cell organism came to exist, where possibly no multi-cellular organisms forming during that time. So no cows at that point in evolution, and so, no milk was available to create and feed kefir grains, for it is estimated that cows and other mammals came to exist supposedly 3.

In relevance to the Evolution by Endosymbiosis theory [A theory that tries to explain evolution of life], regarding how singled celled organisms came to form multi-cellular organisms or eukaryotes , kefir grains may resemble a multi-cellular model before more complex life forms came to exist. In this respect, the study of the populations of microorganisms of kefir grains; how they interact, including the compounds they produce and the synthesis of the matrix, could make a good model for such studies, the author thinks hence he feels:. Until then, I'll be content enjoying the benefits and nutrition of a simple glass of traditional kefir.

Including harvesting the fruits of ingesting spare kefir grains on a regular basis. Oh, have I mentioned how we not only enjoy a smoothie of kefir blended with fresh fruit, we also enjoy fresh herbs blended with kefir to prepare a super atonic smoothie for breakfast, too?! Click photo for enlarged view. Photo of a tiny fraction of a sugary kefir-grain [SKG] magnified 1, times, revealing encapsulated lactic acid bacteria [LAB] and yeast cells among a transparent dextran matrix. This sample was prepared with Differential Stain to distinguish the organisms. Apart from traditional dairy-milk fermentation, with some adjustment, milk kefir-grains may be cultured in alternative media e. The natural mother-culture may also be used to prepare other interesting alternative cultured-products, all of which shared throughout my web pages were pioneered and developed by yours truly [let facts be known].

There is a variety of a refreshing effervescent beverage, often referred to as Kefir d'acqua [link to recipe] or water-kefir , which is commonly prepared with a different variety of kefir grains, referred to as water kefir-grains or sugary kefir-grains [SGK]. See table below for alternate names. SKG consist of a polysaccharide [linked or chained dextran made up solely of glucose.

Scientists are surprised by the ability of the organisms of SKG to ferment a media, poor in nitrogen and growth-factor source, doing so over many years without modifying the balance between the different microorganisms. The grains are firm, transparent and fragile; they easily break apart with little applied force. SKG are not gel-like or slimy in consistency to milk kefir-grains nor are they white in colour. The unique property of SKG is produced by Lactobacillus casei , which is believed to condense the polysaccharide into a non-soluble form. Where as the polysaccharide of milk kefir grains, kefiran , is water soluble. Ginger Beer Water Kefir I have discovered the addition of 2 to 4 tablespoons of fresh ginger root juice per 8-cups of sugar solution, produces what one of my list members referred to as a marvellous ginger root beverage similar to ginger beer.

SKG grow well with added ginger root. I have come to the hypothesis of the possibility that SKG may well be the original mother-culture for preparing ginger root beer. I came to this conclusion for the fact that today among ginger beer brewers, it is common to prepare what is referred to as a Ginger Beer Plant. This is by mixing sugar, ginger root powder and active brewers or bakers yeast, and feeding the so called ginger beer plant with the addition of more sugar and ginger root powder each day, over 7 days. This is followed by bottling and storage to produce a root beer with natural carbonation.

It is suggested that SKG were brought back by English solders on their return from the Crimean War, and the mother-culture was originally referred to as a Ginger Beer Plant. If this was the case, then quite possibly due to the lack of SKG, someone along the line with an understanding in basic fermentation, may have decided to prepare a variety of the plant as a substitute for the real deal [SKG], as explained above [Just as I recognised that milk kefir-grains can be substituted for SKG to produce a variety of water kefir, because I did not have SKG in early part of s necessity is the mother of invention].

While the less refined sugar types such as brown, raw, demerara, jaggery, rapadura, muscovado, sucanat and Chinese red sugar produce SKG with a light brown colour. This is likely due to precipitation of colloidal compounds of such sugar-types through fermentation becomes entrapped among the micro-channels and crevices in the matrix [the grains become tainted with the colour of the sugar solution]. However, soaking light brown coloured SKG in water for a few hours, removes most of the colouring on the grains, which tells me that those colouring agents are indeed able to be extracted from SKG much the same way they were entrapped in the grains in the fist place, but in reverse. On human nutrition alone, less refined sugar-types are ideal, and recommended over refined sugar.

So this is good for the SKG and for the consumer of water kefir. Water-type seems important too, regarding grain growth as does sugar type. I discovered if an amount of either dry Korean Ginseng [ Panax quinquefolius ], or dry Chinese Angelica root or Dong Quai [Angelica siennas ] is added to strained water kefir [SKG have been removed] and brewed for 48 hours in a secondary fermentation, the beverage incurs noticeable psychoactive activity. The altered state of mind occurs very shortly after drinking an amount of the brew, and it lasts for only a short time [short half life].

Other varieties of herbs possibly due to pharmacological activity when brewed in a water kefir preparation, may also produce a similar effect. This could be due to the production of certain compounds, or, it an indication of pharmacological activity increase of specific compounds, or better bio-availability of those compounds due to fermentation. Where acetyl groups are bound to certain other organic molecules through fermentation, they impart an increased ability to cross the blood-brain barrier which could be the case here.

I doubt very much that this is simply due to an increase in alcohol content through the added sugars of such herbs, for the feeling of euphoria is quite unique to that of an alcohol-induced euphoria. However, certain photo-compounds may be responsible for the production of interesting molecules through fermentation. This certainly makes an interesting area for further research. If an interested scientist reading this does research this area, could you please be so kind to forward your findings on to me? I am always willing to supply the culture in return for a paper on such a study, as I have done in the past. On the other hand, milk kefir-grains increase at a reasonably constant rate when cultured in fresh milk.

Many individuals including myself, have found a great potential for SKG to cease propagation, and remain non-propagable, when cultured in water with no mineral content without the addition of a little sodium bicarbonate and ground eggshell. More so with activated charcoal filtered water or reverse osmosis filtered water. The outcome is mostly observed as a slow deterioration in growth over time, which at a point, becomes irreversible. At this point, SKG acquire a light brown murky film covering the surface of each grain, and the grains lose the typical transparency of good growing [propagable] grains.

SKG do not appear to grow well, and in most cases growth may cease altogether over future batches, when cultured in a sugar solution prepared with purer forms of water, such as distilled , demineralised or activated carbon filtered water [Brita filtered water e. Leaving SKG in the same sugar-solution for longer than a period after the grains have doubled in volume over a number of batches and especially in warmer conditions, has an adverse effect regarding growth-factor of the grains. Lack of essential nutrients and energy source due to over fermentation, is a major cause for problems, because of starvation, if it occurs over an excessive number of proceeding batches.

This can be over 3 to 5 or so batches. Please see my YouTube video of a time lapse movie demonstrating how well my SKG grow using two of my recipes. Adding Fruit Juice SKG do not grow well if a concentration of most acidic fruit juice is included as part ingredient. With the addition of most acidic fruit juice, SKG reach a point where the grains never growing again. Whether this is due to the acids of such fruits, is unknown to me at this point. Fruits such as grape, apple, pineapple etc. However, if one wishes to brew fruit juice, this is best achieved through secondary fermentation , whereby preparing a traditional water kefir, and then adding the preferred fruit juice to the strained water kefir [after separating the SKG].

Secondary fermentation can be carried out over a number of days at room temperature, or under cold storage, such as refrigeration.

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