Alyces Self Esteem Research Paper

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Alyces Self Esteem Research Paper

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How to Build Self-Esteem – The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden

I am so sorry to read your story. I agree whole-heartedly that this trial is a travesty to truly battered women. Does anyone else remember, just before Ms. Laviolette took the stand, HLN etc. WOW how their tune has changed….. I am not saying killing a human is right…. I have known several women including my daughter and best friend who have been abused and never told anyone the truth related to the abuse. These accusations of tire slashing and doggie door entry are being told by the same friends who thought he was a virgin and had cut all contact with Jodi Arais!

His own friends warned that girl of his past treatment of women and there was a woman on the stand who admitted he pushed too far and too fast for sex. The same ones who are convicting these people without any evidence or with evidence that is not allowed in a court need to stop and think it could be them or someone they love one day and there are reasons why we have the rules of evidence.

The same man who was telling his friends this woman was stalking him was inviting her over for sex….. Hln is going for the sensational. Psychologically abusive people can cause harm that I hope no one ever has to endure. Fast Forward is our friend, people! I agree you stated it perfectly — thank you! RIP Travis Hey Alyce guess what — Men can be abused too -sadly this expert has apparently become so tainted by her own experiences- think she hates men from experiences? I was abused. I was stalked when i got away. I was shot. I am now partially paralyzed.

I called the Police. In my State you have to be injured 3 times before they can charge with stalking. I know this may sound strange to some but I have heard so much garbage out of the experts mouth I had to limit watching when she is on. I feel Jodi was not only the stalker but also the abuser. I understand a lot disagree with me. I lived it. I have to wholeheartedly agree with you Jeannie. The ones that Laviolette considers so very abusive. You are right when you say that everyone says mean things when they are breaking up.

If she has little more than a breakup text, then I see no pattern of abuse. Like you said, miz jodi was a nothing more than a booty call, willing to perform whatever debasing sex acts ta requested in the hopes of making the relationship more than it was. When she failed she sought revenge. It is apparent that Jodi is an egomaniac! The latest news on her twitter account remarks is just one more indication of how full of herself she is…..

Alyce Laviolette is either an idiot when she assesses Jodi to have low self esteem OR …. She appears to be a foolish lady who need lots of attention…. It is all very disturbing! This woman LIED on the witness stand. She lied to a juror who asked if she ever defended a man. She said several. When pressed by Martinez, she retracted, and said only one, and it was in the form of a deposition. She lied about Jodi telling her that she shot Travis in the closet, and even though it was in her notes, she lied and said Jodi never told her that.

She even lied when a juror asked why she looked at Jodi so often, and smiled, winked, etc. She said it was really an old friend she was looking at, when people saw her smiling and winking at Jodi! The jurors saw this! She lied about Travis being a pedophile, because no professional would get up on a witness stand and perjure themselves on the strength of nothing more than the word of a murderous liar, alone. In fact, she lied and said it was on the computer, when it never was, and then said she made another mistake. The public is paying for this trial. They are watching her prevaricate and lie. The public has a right to expect honesty in a paid witness, not what Alyce gave us.

To censure the public is weakening the rights that we have to speak out. A trial is a public event. This kind of absurdity in a trial is very serious and I guess if it takes this kind of heavy backlash for LV, then so be it. And just imagine if these two experts were completely effing up, I mean testifying, in a case where the defendant was utterly innocent! That said, I do not support threats of personal harm. I think that the public reaction to Alyce is over the top and so uncalled for. I think I understand her better now. It seems the actual therapy part of her practice is small.

So for whatever reason the defense found this woman and hired her to represent Jodi as a victim of domestic abuse. Truthfully Alyce is not really qualified to be an expert on any topic other than how to build a 20 page pointless resume. She is just a rank amateur who had a fair amount of local success and she saw this opportunity to make some nice pocket change and spread the word about her passionate subject. So rather than focus on really being honest and open minded, she worried about where was Juan trying to take her and did everything in her power to not go there. Result was epic fail on her part as she then pulled down all this hate and people wanting to end her career. Frankly I blame the defense team for not having the connections or intelligence to actually find competent expert witnesses to testify on behalf of their client….

Well said. I have been very angry with Alyce LaViolette.. I have a very hard time understanding how someone who claims to work for the benefit of battered individuals could put herself in this position.. The answer, sadly, is money. She had to have know that there would be backlash. Totally agree. LaVIolette should have realized early on that she was in over her head. I do think she was overmatched here. I do know that I feel sorry for ALV. No one deserves to be bullied online. Not even Jodi Arias. It blurs your ability to be unbiased! These abused victims, the real ones, need someone who can be a strong and objectional. If you get stuck in the mud, you need someone to pull you out, not get you in deeper.

Laviolette is the worst type of person for this type of work. She has no real life experience either. She should retire and let someone more professional in. LaViolette in certain respects, either, unless this is the type of communicator she is. Such as in writing an amicus brief or the like. Not put her on the stand for many, many days. LaViolette is obviously spooked and Mr. Martinez has to know this. That said, ALV is overmatched at this point.

I think she needs off that stand and I hope whatever happens on Tuesday will be consistent with the points of law and done as fairly and ethically as humanly possible. Excellent post. OMG… and I guess a cold grave is an exciting place? Come on now, what is up with this so called expert. That was such an insensitive statement especially in front of the Alexander family. People never seem to amaze me.

It is so obviously that this was a fatal attraction by a woman that was going to make sure that if she could not have Travis, no one would have him. Such a pity. They will use any resources available that will help them to convince the jury to believe that the version of the truth told them is accurate and factual. Juan M. Travis A. It was his responsibility to set and maintain appropriate boundaries in his relationships with women who he nurtured and brought into the fellowship of the LDS church. He was very skill as a motivational speaker in ascertaining whether or not his prospective candidate was malleable to his persuasion. When he found a woman with the right qualifications he actively pursued her. When he found Jodi he found the gold mine.

Jodi A. In about a two minute time span she snapped and killed the love of her life. Did she stalk him? If you suspect the love of your life is lying to you, then you start looking for clues. At some point Jodi started to want more clarity in their relationship. Was it healthy? Could it be turned around into being a relationship that was honorable before God and the church? She made many emotional and faith based sacrifices in order to please Travis A. Many abused women will tell themselves that it will get better if they only try harder to please their abuser.

Abuse is often thought about as physical battery. He bullied her and threatened to expose her. Travis was calculating in his early campaign to discredit Jodi A. I believe Travis A. We saw in text messages from Travis A. Therefore she tried to put distance between them, but she was the moth and he was the flame. Perhaps the unrecovered gun is her grandparents missing hand gun, perhaps she felt as if she needed to have the gun for her own protection. Yes, she killed him and lied about it. Give her jail time for killing him, but not life nor death. I totally agree. Insane in the membrane, WOW!

He was not a choir boy as u say, but he never did threaten her physical safety or life or force her to continueunder the terms of their relationship which SHE established. She drove to c Travis because she wanted him to take her to Cancun.. Noone has ever sought out to go to an abuser, if he was one.. After Travis found out she was a nut job, she just became a booty call, not some monster Alyce has made him out to be..

She should have clamied insanity instead of self defense.. We might have been born at night, but not last night!! I agree, for awhile I thought I was the only person on the planet who saw things this way. Travis and Jodi were the equivalent of the perfect storm. Yes, yes, yes. Jodi is not the devil. Travis was not a saint. He was a liar and womanizer and lived a double life. She killed after taking a lot of abuse. Martinez should not be allowed to badger the witnesses like he does. He was 30 years old, not engaged to these women, not married to them and if he was a virgin as long as they say he was give or take 10 years for a margin of error , god help him.

No wonder he got off big time when a highly sexualized woman like Jodi came his way willing to do anything, any time, anywhere. He talked dirty…so what? He got kinky. So what? He lied to the Mormons that he was getting some nooky,,,so what? Get over your judgmental selves and give this decent young man his due. He was well respected and well loved by friends and family and co-workers. Dorrie, have you been watching the trial??? It does not appear to be the case.

Noticed the difference in the way Samuels and LaViolet answered Mr. Not with the truth…… with a LIE! Dorrie Would you still feel the same if Jodi did it to someone in your family. Oh now… lets go with the evidence and there is NONE that Travis physical abused Jodi Arias except for her word which we know is worthless. I was totally unaware of th is case before the trial began so I listened to the testimony with an open mind not knowing anything about it. I have come to the conclusion that Jodi was obsessed with Travis and premeditated his murder UNLESS she could convince him to take her on the trip to Cancun instead of his other friend.

When an afternoon of her booty call did not work, she went back to plan A which was to kill him in a horrific manner. The evidence is clear and does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. I will concede that Travis was not a saint but Jodi is just like the devil and does deserve a 1st degree conviction. As far as the death penalty, I have my own opinions on that but feel it should be applied as the law dictates and in accordance with input by the Alexander family. God bless them all and may Travis RIP. This is one horrible murder. I agree with you. I think travis had a double life and emotionally abused Jodi and she snapped with anger and killed him. I think Ms. Martinez who frequently yells and puts words in her mouth and she does not take it.

Good for you Ms. She was totally unprofessional and obviously unprepared for cross examination. Additionally, after some investigation, it appears that her license was cancelled many years ago so she is TOTALLY misrepresenting herself. I think she will seriously regret the day when she agreed to take this case. Her life has she knew it is over and all because she either willingly or unwittingly was drawn into the Arias team of liars.

They have used her over and over again. So why would that be??? The defense did not want her to know everything because then, maybe and that is a big maybe, she would not have come to the same conclusion. And what do you think Ms. Arias deserves?? What is the criteria for leading a double life? In the South, there are Baptist churches on every corner with single groups.

The people in the singles group, well, it is well known, people engage in almost all sexual activity with the exception of vaginal sex. It is very common just one of those things people never talk about like masturbation. Everyone does it, just know one talks about it. This is not a person living a double life. My second point is, we do not know for sure what Jodi did to go off on his rant with her. We have all thrown out ideas of what that may have been but to be fair and unbiased, none of us knows for sure unless Quan can settle some of these things in his rebuttal case.

What we do know for sure is that Travis and Jodi participated in sexual activity that was very much mutual. Lastly, with regard to Alyce Liovalette, I have thought about my expressive comments toward her and how would I feel if maybe she was sitting there reading them and became ill. But after thinking it overly carefully, I realized I have not done anything Alyce herself has not done except I have not exaggerated or been dishonest in my opinions. So no, I do not feel bad for expressing my opinions on how Alyce represented herself during the Trial. Nor will I feel bad any longer because she clearly felt no sympathy or compassion for a young man that was stabbed 29 times, cut throat and shot in the face. I think I will save my compassion who truly deserve it such as those who were in Boston today.

Very well said. Thanks for saying some of the things that I feel but you can say them in a more politically correct than I can. Except for Jodi, all they all blind or is money their main reward. What they have done to the Alexander family is unforgiveable. They have inflicted so much more pain and they should remember Karma. It always comes back to bite ya! I agree, the defense strategy is difficult to comprehend in light of how Travis was murdered.

I never thought about him trying to ensure no one would believe her and think you may be right. It amazed me how almost everyone is willing to believe things they know are not true…. How sad this country has so many willing to form a lynch mob. Reading most of these comments I would never guess it is in the Untied States….. Travis was tortured and slaughtered, 29 stab wounds, one through his heart, slashed throat from ear to ear, a shot to the head. He suffered terribly while knowing that he was being murdered,as he pleaded for mercy. I cringe at the thought of such a cold murderer, and she deserves a severe.

Remember that this woman, attractive, very sharp, quick with words, speaks with no expression remorse, and acts as if she is at an interview for a job, had past experiences with men. She was no innocent teenager, talking about chastity in the Mormon religion. Travis might have been trying to be a good role model, but after he met this experienced woman who know all the tricks in the world, he lost his self control,,and became addicted to sex. Think of a young man with all that testosterone that was suddenly released.

What ever he was, or his failures, he did not deserve such a horrible death. It was good to see that Juan Martinez was able to show the expert witness that she did not know everything, and he got her to admit that Travis was in fear for his life at the hands of the cold blooded killer. Lets admit it, that as we watch,and listen ,we too, can have impartial opinions, and become offended when this lady sits in the court for nine days just to promote the killer, when the murdered victim is being disgraced just because he is not alive to tell his part of what really happened with the phone sex, emails, text messages, spider underwear, pigtails, pictures, tender words that he said to her, the happy times they had together until he realized that he was going down in relation to his values, and he wanted to make a new start.

May justice be done. Omg, you make it sound like Travis did this to himself. They BOTH were addicted to the thrill of it all. They never lived together. End of story. Very astute assessment of Laviolette. That is scary to me. I just read an update on AL and it states that her license was cancelled back in and that she had to work under the supervision of another man who has had his license REVOKED. I believe it was CA. Physology but not sure as it was a link that I clicked on. I wonder what would happen if she is impeached for perjury????? The entire defense tteam is screwed!!!!! Sandy I saw that , It also says This registrant may only practice psychologist under direct supervision of a licensed psychologist Also AV License Type said Psychological Assistant it was Cancelled in I am sure Miss LaViolette had her license reinstated at some point after It would be interesting to know why her license was revoked in the first place.

It would also be interesting to know why she never pursued a Ph. LaViolette is a radical lesbian feminist man-hater. She has no business counselling anyone. She desperately needs counselling herself—from a professional. Her license was as an assistant psychologist. Or asst. Anyway, for that license you have to have a licensed psych you are working with who sponsors you. Hers was some dude who lost his license. So hers was no longer valid. Dunno if he did something wrong or just let his lapse or what. Robert Edwards, I recall Juan beginning a line of questioning pertaining to her not continuing her education. Many people are into those kinds of things. In most of the media coverage the physical relationship between jodi and travis is aptly described as kinky, freaky, weird, perverse etc.

I think Ms Laviolette is getting a very bad rap. She has been a therapist for over 30 yrs. She is qualified in domestic abuse. Travis was no choir boy and probably did verbally abuse Jodi. Jodi is a self-admitted killer. The whole thing is just terrible. I think cameras in the court room are okay but that is where it ought to end. I believe there should be a federal law against programs like the ones on HLN.

Murder trials should not be entertainment. Jodi or one of his friends may have informed him that she was planning to blackmail him or submit their recorded sex tape of which there is no evidence he had knowledge she had taped to their bishop, to the woman he was then dating, or to his friends to try to destroy his reputation. And you can bet that the words out of my mouth — via text — after learning that a friend-with-benefits was about to expose our sex life to the world would have been much, much worse.

So call me abusive. His disgust with her was palpable. It was not unprovoked, IMO. Your point about her provoking him is right on. It is funny that everyone talks about what he did to provoke her to slaughter him, with no thought to what SHE did to make him hate and fear her. His texts sound like a frustrated and scared man fighting back. He was responding to her own particular brand of crazy. In the phone sex, it appeared that she had him repeat many things that at first may have been inaudible and appeared to be overly enthusiastic in order to prompt him to go further with the sex talk. She was definitely leading that parade. People want to be critical or defensive about harsh opinions about Alyce but the way I look at it, Alyce did the same to Travis. However she put herself into the spotlight and it is her opinions and unprofessional testimony we have railed at.

We discussed her dinner and speculated on what was happening. As far as people contacting her speaking engagements maybe they have seen the biased opinions for themselves and decided that is NOT the image of an DV expert they want to present. All boils down if you stand in the fire you might get burned. I wish no harm to lav and last thur was afraid she was gonna stroke on stand. Instead we all made fun of her potty breaks and still do. Too many people will blog things they would not say face to face. If she would have not been so biased in her opinions we would not have had fodder to gripe at.

Alyce needs to put her big girl panties on. People writing about her or expressing their disdain in the way she is conducting herself is not wrong. Of course I do not agree with trying to ruin her career or make death threats. Let her career go down from her own actions. To change her ways and start doing her job right. She is not a stupid old woman. It is time to put her big girl panties on and understand that if she is going to hurt victims of domestic violence everywhere, she can not play a victim when people get upset about it.

Jaun M. As for her career, I hope she benefits from the media coverage. Most people have no sympathy for the victims of abuse especially if the abuser is well loved by others. The public also has no clue as to how damaging emotional and sexual abuse can be to the victim. They are outraged at how she has diminished and trivialized the horror of their experience and of the true nature of domestic violence. Many have said that she has set back their cause back significantly. They certainly do not feel she has done anything to enhance their humanity.

The thing is, she agreed to do this, and she put herself out there in a high profile case in order to gain notoriety for her book. We see the pictures of Travis mutilated body and yes we are angry. We have the right to free speech and she should know this as old as she is. We also have a very good reason to be angry. I completely agree. She has no respect for the fact that Jodi is a self-professed throat-slashing, stabbing, shooting killer who ended the life of someone a lot of people loved. She had to know what she was getting into. The public has come to disrespect her and strongly dislike her due to her incompetence on the stand as shown in her own statements and misstatements and admitted mistakes.

I think the problem most people have is simply that she refuses to acknowledge that a man can suffer the same abuses. Evern worse, it was clear that the defense with-hel information from her and that she found on the stand that Jodi lied. Real abuse victims know that all must be considered and that the landscape of abuse is ever changing. People like Miss LaViolette have been responsible for the breakup of many families over the years. She can not tolerate any person lecturing to her, especially a man such as Mr. Her evil grin and nasty snarl hav eprobably intimidated many for years. She no doubt believed that it would be a breeze testifying in this case. Surprise, surprise Miss LaViolette. It seems a man Mr. Can you please show me the comment that Ms.

She never said that, Lourdes. However, I do get a man-hating vibe from her and so do many others. I think they mean her overall testimony suggests she feels that way. Lourdes, read some of her writings. She will go to the grave spewing that women never perp domestic. Thanks to Miss Laviolette the world is now seeing these vengeful radical feminists and lesbians for what they are. Men-haters misandrists. Get a grip, Lourdes, it is not Reliable statistics not feminist sponsored tell us that women are as capable of domestic violence as are men.

Since most men are bigger, women tend to show more physical trauma. Have you never heard of a woman throwing beer bottles at men, throwning knives, driving over men, slapping, punching, kicking. Have you never seen a woman being verbally abusive towards a man or child. How about the statistic that shows that women perp more violence against children? Thanks again, Miss Laviolette,for showing the world that there are still many man-haters in the world BTW It would be interesting to know what form of abuse she suffered that has made her so hatefu towards the opposite sexl. She weighed 7 pounds. June 4. She weighed 8 pounds. Cameron Diamond of Marianna, Fla. Charlotte County divorces Brian Douglas Abel v. Ethel Abel Tamara L. Bouchard v.

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In-home health care is a very important part of healing, and to be without this was a very frightening experience. We had to give injections of Lovenox for nine days, change the bandage and the compression stockings. The stockings were next to impossible with my arthritic hands. Our worst problem was not having the physical therapist and a constant fear of the knee locking up from lack of movement. VA Choice scheduled an outpatient PT appointment for June 1, which was the ear liest date they had, this being the rst PT appointment over a week away.

I hope anyone using the VA Choice Program will look into all their health concerns before using this program. Its founding people are present and past members of The Sons of Italy, but it has no afliation with that organization. We will kick off the club on Aug. All have been big fundraisers. The dinner will be at 6 p. Call for tickets at Ask for Sherry. You can pay in advance. Don Mastrogiovanni Punta GordaEditor: Now that the grand opening of the Winchester Boulevard extension is rapidly approach ing, I have several questions that come to mind. Now keep in mind you have two new trafc lights to deal with at Placida and Winchester and the other at McCall and Winchester.

I would estimate this multimillion-dollar new road cuts down maybe 10 to 15 minutes. The real question is who last owned the property that the county had to purchase for the road to be built? I would not be surprised that before the new road was announced, many parcels traded hands and the county paid a huge sum for this land. Secondly, watch over the coming months, after the new boulevard is open, how many new homes will be built on land that before this road was opened, was worthless. The second question is who owns that land, who proted from the road being built? I would estimate that Charlotte County wasted many millions of dollars on the road. In , Marion came to our plant in Dundee, asking whether we could build a pontoon tour boat.

She initially wanted our berglass pontoon model for transport of six passengers plus a captain. My son, Jon Paul, and I discussed with Marion various water conditions, passenger comfort, etc. Editor: The lady who wrote in about not being able to turn right on a red arrow was in error. You may also turn left, on a red arrow, from a one-way street into a one-way street.

Page 80, Florida drivers handbook. I will have the most transparent administration in history. The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your healthcare plan, period. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period. The IRS is not targeting anyone, not a smidgen of corruption there. Benghazi attack was a spontaneous reaction to a video. I will restore trust in government. I never knew my uncle from Kenya, who is in the country Elbow room at our parksDrive into Indian Mound Park looking for a parking spot on a Saturday afternoon and well, good luck.

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If possible, though, parking spaces also would be appropriate there. Price, negotiations and a cost-benet analysis will play into the eventual decision. The event, to be held at Charlotte High School on June , is expected to attract more than participants. The meet is a great showcase for Char lotte County to a desirable demographic of active lifestyle seniors. Jobs available include supporting ofcials at track and eld events, relaying times, distributing refreshments, stafng the admission gate and hospitality venues and assisting during the awards presentations. You will be contacted with additional details. For information, contact Doherty at or sean.

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The reason our economy is oundering is that the average American is nancially stressed. What a different world it would be. The economy would be strong because people would have money to spend. Health would improve because people could afford to take time off. America could also subsidize and provide quality education, making it affordable for all. But the reality is much different. Having spent trillions on war and letting huge prots go to the very few, public institutions are bleeding, and American families are being worked to death just to keep their heads above water. Info from www. More and more countries, states and communities have decided to do the right thing and pay workers a living wage. A rst step in that direction is to raise the minimum wage.

Will Bronson is a former candidate for U. Congress in District Readers may reach him at willbronson7 gmail. The consequence is the rise of super PACs dedicated to the support of single candidates. Since , the court has held that the only legitimate purpose for limits on political contributions is to prevent quid pro quo corruption or the appearance thereof. Circuit Court of Appeals, ruled against Federal Election Commission limits on the size of contributions to independent advocacy committees, including single-candidate super PACs that make no contributions to campaigns and operate independent of candidates and parties.

The court has implicitly rejected, as a reason for regulating contributions to independent groups, the supposition that large donations distort the political process. Perhaps this prompts cynicism among voters who see soon-to-be presidential candidates feign indecision about running while they solicit large contributions to their super PACs. Voters might wonder: Why have this misleading minuet? The limits the reformers hoped would decrease cynicism about politics is increasing it, which is just another unpleasant surprise for reformers who are repeatedly surprised by their own consequences. George Will is a Washington Post columnist. Readers may reach him at georgewill washpost. In , it was one of the three main arguments from then-Gov.

More broadly, conservatives have long held Texas up as a supposed demonstration that low taxes on the rich and harsh treatment of the poor are the keys to prosperity. The facts: For many years, economic growth in Texas has consistently outpaced growth in the rest of America. But that long run ended in , with employment growth in Texas dropping well below the national aver age and a fall in leading indicators pointing to a further slowdown ahead. In most states, this slowdown would be no big deal; occasional under performance is just a fact of life.

But everything is bigger in Texas, including inated expectations, so the slowdown has come as something of a shock. But Texas still has a disproportionate share of the U. By my estimates, about half the energy-related jobs created by that boom since it began in the middle of the last decade were in Texas, and this extractive-sector windfall accounted for about a third of the difference between growth in Texas and growth in the rest of the country. What about the other two-thirds? Texas also attracts new residents with its permissive land-use policies, which have kept housing cheap. Now one of the three big drivers of Texas growth has gone into reverse, as low world oil prices are bringing the fracking boom to a screeching halt.

Hey, things like that happen to every state now and then. It was supposed to be the shining exemplar of the economic payoff to reverse Robin Hood economics. But the promised boom never materialized, while big budget decits did. Not so much, it turns out: The budget is back in surplus in part because the emergence of a Democratic supermajority nally made it possible to enact tax increases, and the state is experiencing a solid recovery. The states, Louis Brandeis famously declared, are the laboratories of democracy. Will anyone on the right take heed? Probably not. It would be foolish to expect recent events to make much difference.

Still, the spectacle of the Texas economy coming back to earth, and Kansas sliding over the edge should at the very least make right-wing bombast ring hollow, in the general election if not in the primary. And someday, maybe, even conservatives will once again become willing to look at the facts. He can be reached via www. Walden, Au. There is a sense of accomplishment, excitement for the future, sadness in saying goodbye to friends and familiar school experiences, and anticipation for what lies ahead.

It is like closing one chapter, with plans to write the next. High school seniors across Southwest Florida will be creating new chapters for themselves as they consider their next steps. Florida SouthWestern State College currently has applications from more than 3, graduates from the class of who plan to continue their education with us in the fall. And, as a new academic year begins, many adults also want to include college in their story. Why should FSW be part of your next chapter? FSW is the largest and most affordable public institution of higher education in Southwest Florida. In addition, FSW Online represents a popu lar option for students to complete coursework without having to step foot on campus.

FSW serves more than 21, students annually, but boasts an average of 27 students per class. With 68 percent of our students 24 years old or younger, we serve a large population of traditional college-age students, but have many nontraditional students returning to college to change or further their careers. FSW trains professionals in education, health care, law enforcement, business, construction and technology. Our most popular program is the Associate in Arts, which is a twoyear, general education degree. Regardless of the program a student pursues, FSW is committed to student success by offering a wide array of support services. For example, First Year Experience classes and related workshops help students as they transition to college; academic success centers provide free tutoring ser vices and learning labs; and academic advising supports attainment of educational goals.

College is about not only the education, but also the personal, cultural and social experiences gained along the way. There are a variety of opportunities for students to get involved with clubs, organizations and student-developed activities at each location. Get a jump-start on your chapter with summer classes. The Summer B term application deadline is June 22, and we currently are accepting applications for the fall of Check us out on campus or online at www. She can be reached at The society has a va riety of volunteer positions available, including those that work directly with animals, people or both. Spring and summer is the time when the society experiences an inux of animals; however it is also the time when many of the seasonal volunteers have left for up North.

Dog walkers and cat cuddlers provide socialization for canines and felines awaiting adoption. The dogs are walked, leashtrained and exercised. Cat cuddlers provide attention, such as holding, grooming and loving the felines. All of this helps to prepare adoptable animals to become loving companions in their new homes. Visitor assistants welcome visitors to the society, answer basic questions, and provide tours through the adoption center. Foster parents provide temporary homes and care for special-needs pets. These include those too young for adoption, slightly ill, or in need of proper socializing before being placed for adoption at the animal care center.

Thrift store volunteers should be energetic, personable and at ease with working in a retail environment. Volunteers help to accept quality items for sale, sort, assist with displaying merchandise, and assist with sales. For more information, call , visit www. Tamiami Trail. This free program encourages conversation and develops reading and communication skills. The dogs love the attention and the kids love the interaction. Meet at the Dragon Castle Theatre. For more information, call The event, called the Summer Safari Golf Scramble, is scheduled for Saturday, and registration is ongoing. Golfers can register the day of the event at a. The shotgun start is set for a. Sue Garand, St. Octagon is a place that is at once depressing and inspiring. The facility is home to lions and bears that were beaten with clubs as part of training for shows.

One of its bears has dementia. One of its tigers was used in baby photos when it was a cub. It started when a vet was in one of the buildings taking care of some animals. It gives us a chance to share what we do with businesses. They go all-out. Saturday Where: St. Robert William Steele, 19, of the block of Grace Avenue, Port Charlotte, was arrested Thursday on seven counts of possession of a photograph depicting a sexual performance by a child. He was booked into the Charlotte County Jail, where he remained Saturday. Both vehicles were headed south on U. Moore fell from the vehicle onto the right shoulder of the road.

His scooter became lodged under the front of the SUV, which continued south on U. Moore was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital for treatment. Anyone with information pertaining to the crash is asked to contact the FHP at Charge: violation of probation. Dallas Benjamin Gunning, 20, of St. Charge: violation of probation original charge: possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond: none. Nichole Lea Derose, 33, block of Acorn Blvd. Charge: violation of probation original charge: grand theft of a motor vehicle. Carolyn Ann Wrobleski, 57, block of Jerry Ave. Charges: possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Justin Alan Kase, 60, block of Administration St. Charges: habitually driving with a revoked license and driving without motor vehicle insurance.

Charge: resisting an officer. Zachary Dylan Smith, 29, block of Jamaica St. Charges: two out-of-county warrants. James Stephen McGlone Jr. Anthony Eli Bromfield, 43, block of Harbor Blvd. Charges: possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of a harmful new legend drug without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia and nonsupport of dependents. Charges: two counts each of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and failure to appear; possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Anthony Jahjuan Lawson, 23, of Palmetto, Fla. Charge: violation of probation original charges: possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia. Willie Earl Reedy, 28, of Fairfield, Ala. Charge: out-of-county warrant. David Bruce Rice, 68, block of Gulf Blvd. Charges: three counts of delivery of marijuana; and four counts each of possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Brennan Ross Joliffee, 19, of Tavernier, Fla.

Charges: possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of probation. Charges: two counts each of giving false ownership information to a pawnbroker and dealing in stolen property. Arthur Henderson, 54, block of Einstein St. Charge: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Charge: driving while license is suspended or revoked. Nicholas Luciano, 22, block of Gaillard St. Charge: robbery with a firearm. Brystarfer Milliken, 24, block of Alam Ave.

Latina Ransom, 42, of Sarasota. Charge: grand theft. Charge: DUI with a blood-alcohol level of 0. Charge: violation of probation original charge: DUI with a blood-alcohol level of 0. Rickey Stewert, 30, block of S. Ravenna St. Charge: contempt original charge: failure to appear for burglary. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt is determined by the court system. No mere gift, they were an honorar ium from the Tooth Fairy, left in exchange for the discarded tooth you had carefully placed beneath the pillow the night before.

Like the Tooth Fairy, mythical, ethereal and magical fairies, sprites and pixies have been a part of global culture for millennia. From Celtic fairies and Japanese yokai to Spanish and Latin American duende and Slavic fairies, they often are described as diminutive, sometimes winged, humanoid creatures. June A bag lunch is included. Friends started seeing them and suggested I take them to a gallery. All machine work will be pre-sewn, so participants need to bring only their hand-sewing skills; a small, sharp pair of scissors; a regular sewing needle and thread; as well as their creativity.

For the more adventurous practitioners, art dolls can be made completely from scratch. She currently has a tiny forest setting, with greenery and rocks, for one doll on display at the Renaissance Academy. Or you can pick up the latest copy of Art Doll Quarterly at an A. Moore arts and crafts store. He can be reached at rramos fgcu. Owner, Mike True, and his staff are all ASE certified and they offer the finest full service repair in this area. At Dr. Only superior quality replacement parts are used and rates are very reasonable. With the computerized engine analysis, you can be assured that the service required on your vehicle is necessary.

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Morales will also match prices on any instock TV. Before you make your purchase, give Quality TV a call at and allow them to give you a quote, or stop by the store located at W. Tamiami trail, North Port and see their large selection. They can advise which brands are the best engineered to fit your needs. For those looking to beat the heat this summer, it might be time to consider replacing your air conditioner. There are many ways to cool down this summer; stay hydrated, close the curtains, or turn on the fans, but nothing really beats the feeling of a cool running air conditioning system. So what do you do? Replace your old unit If your air conditioning unit is ten years or older it may be time to replace the unit.

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For more information, visit their website at www. I want a custom paint job on my antique vehicle. Who can you recommend? Whether you have a small dent in your car door or major collision damage, your car will be put back in like-new condition by this first rate repair shop. Jack and Regina run a first class operation and are always available to give a free estimate. Stop by and trust these pros to make your vehicle like new again. All offers with approved credit. Offers cannot be combined. Pictures for illustrative purposes only. All offerswith approved credit. All preownedH vehicles are plus tax, titre, license and dealer fees.

Reconditioning fees may apply on certain vehicles. Includes Honda oil filter and Synthetic Blend oil. See dealer for more details. Now 15 and at The Academy at Charlotte Technical Center, an alternative high school, she is still trying to catch up. It was the rst Bowl for Kids Sake event in Charlotte, and is one of the largest national fundraisers for BBBS, which has agencies across the country. Mary Beth Harris, BBBS community resource director for the Charlotte ofce, explained that with the essential guidance of adult mentors, who are carefully screened, children ages 6 to 18 receive the nurturing they need to reach their potential.

The site-based program allows children to meet with their mentors in schools. The middle school program, known as Gateway to Success, gets students ready for secondary school. The high school program, named Decisions to Win, prepares them for college and careers, she said. Meanwhile, the community-based program provides activities that the child and mentor both can enjoy, such as a picnic coming up at the end of this month, and regular craft nights. The local community also generously donates tickets to theater and sporting events to give their bond a chance to deepen.

For more information, call Melissa Nelson at , or visit www. Email: groberts sun-herald. At Lexington Manor you have the freedom to remain independent while relaxing or enjoying our fully scheduled calendar of social and recreational activities. Our many exceptional services and amenities include outings, exercise classes, full-service beauty salon and barber shop, game room, library, transportation, laundry, and housekeeping. You can rest easy knowing the details are taken care of so that you can live a carefree lifestyle. Hurricane Season Is Here! Many other models and floor plans available! Searer implemented the Quarter Auction program in North Port, which helps raise money for local charities.

The auctions, which are open to the public, are held the rst Tuesday of every month. Dena DeGarmo, adviser for Creative Memories and founding member of Legacy Republic, holds up items available for guests to bid on during the quarter auction benet. Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance plans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal.

Code: CS00 w w w. When everyday life calls for a little assistance,you can still surround yourself with the comforts of gracious, elegant living thatincludes resort-style amenities, private residences in 5 spaciousfloor plans, and a nationally recognized, innovative approachTheSpringsatSouthBiscayne. Members of the L. Where Shopping Makes Cents charlottecountychamber. Referred party must fulfill payment obligation. Adam Gutwein , D. Wright so there isn't a conspicuous clarification for the hatred they felt.

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One of the things Joy begins to deal is when he find her mother's book entitled ' Big Girls Dont Cry'. For example, Jane never liked their teacher Miss Scatcherd because she was always rude to Helen, but Helen always pointed out the good in their teacher, even when Jane saw the bad. Jane got upset with Helen for always being so collected, but when she saw that Helen was still calm, even after her outburst, she learned to also be more serene. Helen dying also helped Jane become a more independent person.

Reed was always cold and bitter towards Jane and. Unlike in the poem What my lips have kissed, and where, and why by Edna St. Vincent Millay has a depressing tone. By telling us how it has not been easy to find love and when she has found it has not lasted.

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