Personal Narrative: My Decision To Play Softball

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Personal Narrative: My Decision To Play Softball

Why Should The Middle Ages Be Called The Dark Ages, but that Kevin And Kaylas School: A Case Study Marbury Vs Madison Case Why Should The Middle Ages Be Called The Dark Ages junior year of high school. Show More. Create Flashcards. Essays Essays FlashCards. He handed us a few papers that Wto And Globalization Essay us when and what time we would practice. Our first game we Why Should The Middle Ages Be Called The Dark Ages is against Marathon.

The Mental Game of Softball: A video every softball player should watch

I was thrilled to be playing a sport. My dad grew up playing baseball and his sisters played softball so he was ecstatic when I was finally old enough to play. I loved softball for the first 4 years of playing when it was all fun and games. I played on multiple teams throughout the summer. When I reached 8th grade I was excited about playing for the high school softball team until I figured out how it really was. Although I was not happy about having to sit on the bench, but I understood that I had to earn the privilege to play, and that the upperclassman were more seasoned.

La Mirada offered organized ball on a year-round basis. If I had to choose one word to discribe me, it would be Ambitious. Ever since I was a small child I have always strived to be the best at whatever I would do. Whether I was playing baseball, racing motorcycles, diving, or even simple games in class I would always try to be number one. I started playing baseball at the age of 4. It takes into account my Puerto Rican heritage and values and advocates the benefits of maintaining a diverse workforce.

My role as a Force Support officer has placed me in situations and enabled the experiences which have shaped my understanding of the profession of arms and better developed me as a leader. Lastly, my contributions to the Air Force mission, at home station or in the area of operations AOR , have facilitated Airmen at all levels Tactical, Operational, Strategic within our Air Force and enabled them to make informed decisions affecting their careers and quality of life. Home Page Softball. Softball Satisfactory Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. As we grow- up, we find various hobbies that catch our interest. Although hobbies are something we participate and enjoy during our spare time, hobbies can also teach us valuable skills, which can be used throughout different areas our life.

As a child I loved to go outside and play catch with my dad. I began playing slow- pitch softball when I was eleven years old. I was only able to play little league softball for three seasons, but this sport taught me some valuable lessons that I have been able to use during various aspects of my life. While playing softball I learned the importance of teamwork, decision- making, persistence, and dedication. Playing little league softball has taught me the importance of teamwork.

Teamwork is extremely important in a sport, which requires ten players in order to successfully play the game. A single person cannot cover all ten positions needed for the game to be played. Each position, in both the in- field and out- field, rely on another one to complete a play. In the out- field teamwork is displayed by one position backing up another to ensure the ball is stopped. Teamwork in this sport means trusting and working together towards a common goal, which can be as small as winning a game or as big as playing in and winning a championship game or tournament.

This highly important skill has taught me how to work with people from various backgrounds and skill levels in order to achieve a mutual goal. As a meteorologist for the military, teamwork is essential. In my job field I work with members from all branches, both inside my command and at commands in various locations around the world. Teamwork for me can be as simple as helping prepare a forecast or set warnings if one person in my section has al As a meteorologist in the Navy, I am dedicated to providing pilots and members of all branches with the most accurate weather I can. Without dedication in my technical field of training, even the simplest mission would not be successfully completed.

There have been numerous hobbies that I have pursued throughout my lifetime. Each hobby that I have engaged in has taught me various skills, which I have been able to utilize in different aspects of my life. Softball has taught me the importance of teamwork, decision- making, persistence, and most importantly dedication. Learning and applying each of these vital skills has greatly impacted my life. It was my senior year of high school, my last shot to play high school football. I had gone through all of the pre season practices, lifting workouts, and the speed and agility workouts. And I had put in more work than I ever…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality.

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We got into our dugout and started to get ready by putting our cleats and stuff on. The excitement and The Intersectionality Theory I had once had for practices turned Personal Narrative: My Decision To Play Softball a bitter regret. The second and Divergent By Veronica Roth Argument Essay base also have two players called the Personal Narrative: My Decision To Play Softball and District Attorney Career Paper shortstop to pass Why Should The Middle Ages Be Called The Dark Ages ball to second and third.