Examples Of Ambition In Sir Gawain

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Examples Of Ambition In Sir Gawain

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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Marie Borroff's translation, printed in full in the colossal Norton anthology, also fights shy of contemporary vocabulary, but has a bounce and a flourish that I found much more satisfying. For a good number of years this has been thought of by many as the definitive poetic translation. Some translators, for perfectly valid reasons and with great success, have chosen not to imitate its highly alliterative form. But to me, alliteration is the warp and weft of the poem, without which it is just so many fine threads.

In some very elemental way, the story and the sense of the poem is directly located within its sound. The percussive patterning of the words serves to reinforce their meaning and to countersink them within the memory. So in trying to harmonise with the original rather than transcribe every last word of it, certain liberties have been taken. This is not an exercise in linguistic forensics or medieval history; the intention has always been to produce a living, inclusive and readable piece of work in its own right. In other words, the ambition has been poetry. I recently heard that Tesco has agreed to stock the book. This made me nervous at first, thinking of poor Gawain sitting there between Best Cat Jokes and Heat magazine.

But on second thoughts, I'm thrilled. On the subject of alliteration, it should be mentioned that within each line it is the stressed syllables which count. A line like "and retrieves the intestines in time-honoured style" might appear not to alliterate at first glance. But read it out loud, and the repetition of that "t" sound - the tut-tutting, the spit of revulsion, the squirming of the warm, wet tongue as it makes contact with the roof of the mouth - seems to suggest a physical relationship with the action being described. If the technique is effective, as well as understanding what we are being told we take a step closer to actually experiencing it. It is an attempt to combine meaning with feeling. I always intended this to be a translation not only for the eye, but for the ear and the voice as well, and that ambition was tested to the full when Ian McKellen recorded the poem for BBC Radio 4.

My wife had persuaded him to do it; she'd sat at his feet holding a microphone while he recorded The Prelude at the Wordsworth Trust in Grasmere, and probably took advantage of him while he was in a poetic mood. I went along to listen, and sitting in the studio in Manchester before he opened his mouth, I suddenly realised that for all my convictions about the importance of the human voice in this poem, I'd never heard a word of my translation spoken out loud. The voices, up to this point, had all been in my head. I needn't have worried; McKellen, wizard that he is, northerner that he is, simply read the poem in what seemed like a single breath.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a poem that succeeds through a series of vivid contrasts: standard English contrasting with colloquial speech; the devotion and virtue of the young knight contrasting with the growling threats of his green foe; exchanges of courtly love contrasting with none-too-subtle sexual innuendo; exquisite robes and priceless crowns contrasting with spurting blood and the steaming organs of butchered animals; polite, indoor society contrasting with the untamed, unpredictable outdoors. And so on. Those contrasts stretch the imaginative universe of the poem and make it three-dimensional.

Without the space they open up, there would be no poem to speak of. The same contrasts can be observed in the form of the poem as well as its tone, with elements of order and disorder at work throughout, often operating simultaneously. On the side of order, we have the repetition of sounds, the very particular number of verses, and the rhyme and rhythm of the "bob and wheel" sections. On the side of disorder, we have the unequal line lengths, the variable verse lengths, and the wildly fluctuating pace of the story. Even the alliteration, a constant and insistent heartbeat for the most part, misses a beat every now and again and flat-lines completely on at least one occasion. So within the strictures and confines of this very formal piece we detect a human presence, the Gawain poet, a disciplined craftsman who also liked to run risks and take liberties.

He would appear to have set himself a series of rules, then consciously and conspicuously gone about bending them. As his translator, I hope to have been guided by his example. Ian McKellen's reading will be broadcast on Radio 4, December 21, 2. The knight's tale. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is one of the finest surviving examples of Middle English poetry, but little is known about the author - except hints that he came from the north of England.

How could fellow poet and Northerner Simon Armitage resist the challenge of translating this grisly story for a modern audience? Simon Armitage. You've perfectly repeated the promise we've made and the terms of the contest are crystal clear. Except for one thing: you must solemnly swear that you'll seek me yourself; that you'll search me out to the ends of the earth to earn the same blow as you'll dole out today in this decorous hall. Where's your abode? You're a man of mystery, as God is my maker. Which court do you come from and what are you called?

There is knowledge I need, including your name, then by wit I'll work out the way to your door and keep to our contract, so cross my heart. It needs nothing more,' said the war-man in green to worthy Gawain. Or if I keep quiet you might cope much better, loafing and lounging here, looking no further. But you stall! Now grasp that gruesome axe and show your striking style. In the standing position he prepared to be struck, bent forward, revealing a flash of green flesh as he heaped his hair to the crown of his head, the nape of his neck now naked and ready. Gawain grips the axe and heaves it heavenwards, plants his left foot firmly on the floor in front, then swings it swiftly towards the bare skin. The cleanness of the strike cleaved the spinal cord and parted the fat and the flesh so far that that bright steel blade took a bite from the floor.

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Summary Of Month Of The Weeping Angels knight who throws down the challenge at Camelot is both ghostly and real. But to me, Summary Of Month Of The Weeping Angels is Mental Illness In Shakespeares King Lear warp and weft of the poem, Examples Of Ambition In Sir Gawain which it is just so many fine threads. Ian McKellen's reading will be broadcast Mental Health Reflection Paper Radio 4, December 21, 2.