The Intersectionality Theory

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The Intersectionality Theory

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Intersectionality: An Explanation and Critique

It's crucial to check your own privilege in society in order to be a better feminist. I, for example, am a white, straight, able-bodied, middle-class woman. This means that I personally don't have to face challenges that other women do. So, it's important that I recognize my privilege and listen to women who experience the world differently than I do. To listen to their experiences, to see the world through a more complex lens and to raise the voices of those who have less power.

Intersectionality is a term used to describe how different factors of discrimination can meet at an intersection and can affect someone's life. Adding intersectionality to feminism is important to the movement because it allows the fight for gender equality to become inclusive. Using intersectionality allows us all to understand each other a little bit better. At the end of the day, we might all experience discrimination and gender inequality differently and uniquely, but we are all united in our hope for equality.

Denison University Home. Schedule A Visit Make a Gift. Prefer browsing? Check out the A-Z directory. Your Most Viewed. Search Prefer browsing? Check out the A-Z Directory. No Results Clear. Back Campus Life Our students bring diverse talents, interests, backgrounds, and experiences to campus; see how Denison helps them make this college their own. In the United States, intersectionality is rarely thought of as a policy issue, however, "feminists in European Union EU countries, where gender mainstreaming is common and where cross-national equality policies are being developed, view intersectionality as directly useful for such policies and considerably better than approaches that tend to foster a sense of competing oppressions" Kantola and Nousiainen The problem now, according to Choo and Ferree, is how an intersectional analysis should be carried out.

In , they identified "three different understandings of intersectionality that have been used in sociological research, with each producing distinct methodological approaches to analyze inequalities. Their typology of group-centered, process-centered, and system-centered practices provides a useful framework for examining the global usage of intersectionality, and a way of thinking intersectionally about variations in political approaches to gender". Since then, studies surrounding Crenshaw's original theory of intersectionality, combined with the frameworks outlined by Choo and Ferree, have continued to develop on a global level. A nationwide initiative to open up a ladder of opportunities to youth males and males of color.

This campaign has received a lot of support from all over letters signed by men of color, letters signed by women of color and letters signed by allies that believe in the cause. In an interview on the Laura Flanders Show Crenshaw explained that the program was introduced as response to the widespread grief from the African-American community after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the case of his shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin , an unarmed African-American teenage boy. She describes the program as "feel-good", and fatherly initiative but does not believe that it is a significant or structural program that will help fight the rollback of civil rights; the initiative will not provide the kinds of things that will really make a difference.

She believes that because women and girls of color are a part of the same communities and disadvantages as the under-privileged males that are focused in the initiative, that in order to make it an effective program for the communities it needs to include all members of the community girls and boys alike. The letter is signed by women of all ages and a variety of backgrounds including high-school teens, professional actors, civil rights activists, and university professors commending President Obama on the efforts of the White House, private philanthropy, and social justice organizations to urge the inclusion of young women and girls.

The realignment would be important to reflect the values of inclusion, equal opportunity and shared fate that have propelled our historic struggle for racial justice moving forward. The letter is signed by a multitude of diverse men with different lifestyles to include scholars, recently incarcerated, taxi drivers, pastors, college students, fathers of sons, fathers of daughters and more. All the men believing that the girls within the communities that these men share homes, schools, recreational areas share a fate with one another and believe that the initiative is lacking in focus if that focus does not include both genders.

In , after Barack Obama was elected as president, he signed to approve a program called "My Brother's Keeper". In a White House Summit address concerning working families, President Obama announced "new commitment to the program" with the support of corporations, schools and assorted nonprofits. In Obama's speech he noted how "boys who grew up are more likely to be poor. More likely than whom? Certainly not their sisters, who are growing up in the same households, attending the same underfunded schools and living in the same neighborhoods.

Crenshaw has published works on civil rights , black feminist legal theory , race , racism , and the law. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American lawyer and civil rights advocate. Canton , Ohio , U. Main article: Intersectionality. This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful.

Main article: My Brother's Keeper Challenge. Retrieved March 10, Retrieved July 12, New Statesman. Retrieved December 27, Huffington Post. Retrieved December 16, Modern Sociological Theory. SAGE Publishing. ISBN A Dictionary of Gender Studies. Oxford University Press. University of Chicago Legal Forum. Retrieved September 15, The Guardian. Retrieved May 9, Retrieved June 10, The Repository. The New Press. Vanity Fair. And, as sobering as these statistics are, they are improvements to the past. Most schools across the country do not require or urge K teachers to teach critical race theory, and most say they are opposed to adding the academic approach to their course instruction, the Association of American Educators reported in June.

More than half Fewer than half of respondents Search Search. Home United States U. Latest show. VOA Africa Listen live. VOA Newscasts Latest program. VOA Newscasts. Previous Next. Student Union. What is Critical Race Theory? August 12, PM.

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