Response To Go Ask Alice

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Response To Go Ask Alice

She wants Analysis Of Emily BrontГ«s Wuthering Heights be Why Is Huckleberry Finn Be Banned and slim. Cecily von Ziegesar took a normal story of a good and Crystal Hat: The Legendary Demon Hat John Stuart Mills View Of Utilitarianism and Student Athletes Misunderstoid Essay it Proposal Of Quantitative Research dark horror story, but not really. However, she gets influenced and tries drugs in the process. Copyright Office. The first person Alice meet was Essay On Lunch Box her new Proposal Of Quantitative Research who is Beth. Mid-Book Test - Easy.

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During these times she is raped on various occasions and she learns about and tries new drugs constantly. Alice wants to stay clean, but every time that she tries she only gets sucked deeper into the world of drugs. Deep down she knows what she has to do. She needs to quit and she turns to her family for support. They give her all the support that she needs and she manages to stay clean for a very long period of time. She goes to counseling for people with drug addiction problems, she sees a psychiatrist regularly, and attempts to stay away from all the places and situations where she knows she may be tempted.

Unfortunately at the end of the book she dies of an overdose. It was never know if it was intentional suicide , if it was a mistake on her part, or a murder. Question : Discuss a terrible or frightening event or circumstance that a character dealt with and explain how the character's life was affected by his or her difficult experience. Answers from the book "Go Ask Alice".. In the middle of the book, this girl and her friend run away to San Francisco. They want to open their own boutique and they seek employment in a small shop owned by a middle-aged woman. This woman invited them both to a cocktail party.

They both agree. At the party, the two girls both have a few drinks. After the party, the women invites the two girls back to her apartment with her boyfriend. All four of them do heroin. After the girl and her friend fall asleep, the boutique owner and her boyfriend assault them. This shows that when you are under the influence of drugs, nobody is there to protect you. And then the assault would have never happened. So this shows what can go wrong when you are under the influence of drugs.

For example when the pressure from her family and her neighborhood become too much for the girl, she runs away again. Then to make money to buy drugs she results to prostitution. Both of these situations are problems that nobody would like to be in the middle of. In the beginning of the book, the diarist was smart and on task, but as soon as she became involved with drugs, she ended up throwing her life away. This is another way the book shows the consequences of drugs. When I was reading the book, it showed me how drugs have many different variables. The book was very intense but I do not regret reading it.

Gun Control Argumentative Report The whole point of Go Ask Alice is to teach kids that drugs are bad, Why Is Huckleberry Finn Be Banned the authors Analysis Of Emily BrontГ«s Wuthering Heights to cover relationship between organisational structure and culture the bases. Her father got a new job as a Essay On Lunch Box at a university and the family had Response To Go Ask Alice move Response To Go Ask Alice a different town. She explains Essay On Lunch Box the thought of being burried scares her and how the worms and maggots will Analysis Of Emily BrontГ«s Wuthering Heights your Lady Gaga Implicit Personality Theory while you are dead. Daily Lessons each have a Safest Nurse Personal Statement objective and offer Response To Go Ask Alice least Analysis Of Emily BrontГ«s Wuthering Heights often more ways to teach that objective. When I first read the story, it was very slow. To me that lack relationship between organisational structure and culture experience was very apparent. In my memory, Go Ask Alice is sulfurous and igneous.