Marilyn Monroe Psychology

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Marilyn Monroe Psychology

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The Tragic Life of Marilyn Monroe

Except the sad truth is that it is all an act and eventually the truth will be revealed. When the Narcissist thinks they have you hooked you will the begin to realize so called perfect partner was just actually the greatest actor or actress whoever lived. This is consistent with how Marilyn seemed to treat her partners i. Or as was the case with her first husband i. Jim Dougherty whom she married when she was just sixteen she seemed to become totally indifferent to him once she started to build a modeling career. It is also documented in many sources that as Marilyn became more famous she began to take great pleasure in reminding Joe DiMaggio that he was no longer the number celebrity in their relationship and that now it was her turn to shine while he stayed in the background.

That her constant lateness, insecurities and diva like behavior was an embarrassment to him. For a Narcissist the perceived insults that Arthur wrote about his wife in his journal would have hit her hard. Indeed Marilyn was reported to have been irate with fury at her husband over his comments. It has also been written that Arthur Miller claimed that he could not write very well while he was married to Marilyn Monroe as placating and being her partner was pretty much a full-time job that left him drained and emotionally fraught at the end of her day. Though Marilyn never married again after Arthur Miller she did keep in contact with her second husband Joe DiMaggio who it is said never fell out of love with Marilyn Monroe and after she died he paid for roses to be left at her crypt three times a week for another twenty years.

More about this later. Norma Jeane Baker never had a father figure and even now it is still not certain who her father actually was. Her mother pretty much abandoned her early on i. Despite Marilyn always claiming that her mother was dead in reality she actually outlived her daughter by many years and spent a number of years in a home paid for by Marilyn. The young Norma Jeane lived in many different foster homes some of them were good but none of them ever seemed to last for one reason or another. Undoubtedly the young Norma Jean had the textbook type of childhood that would allow a Personality Disorder to develop. It is believed that a person usually develops Narcissistic Personality Disorder in childhood as a defense mechanism against abuse or neglect.

Or consequently a child can also develop Narcissistic Personality Disorder as a result of never being given any discipline or never having to adhere to any boundaries in relation to their behavior. If they are exposed to an unnatural environment very early on in life it causes them to cocoon their real self very deep inside of them and create a new false self with the intention of never letting anybody else in. From now on what they allow other people to see is the self that they imagine the world wants to see. This someone is often extremely polite, soft spoken, always smiling, always sociable an apparent people pleaser and this is often exactly how many people have described Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn never overtly worried about being on time for anything.

She exasperated actors, producers, directors and Studio bosses on every film that she ever worked on. This was also verified by many of the crew members on the set, one said Marilyn had no regard for them and must not even know they were alive taking into account how late she always arrived on set each day if she arrived at all. This again is consistent Narcissistic Behavior i. She is so superior and wonderful that they will just have to wait until she is ready to appear. Fortunately for her she got away with this behavior because after all she was Marilyn Monroe.

However it never gained her too many friends on her film sets and many also described her as being aloof, haughty and not a woman to cross. While there are numerous accounts verifying that Marilyn could be the most charming woman ever there are also other stories in circulation that paint Marilyn in a very different light. In one instance Marilyn took an intense dislike to an onset costume designer i. Dorothy Jeakins. Marilyn started to consistently refuse to work with Jeakins and eventually even started insulting her to other cast members and made her job so impossible that she had to leave the film and she was then replaced by a new costume designer.

Marilyn never commented on this afterwards. Anyone that knows a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder will know that the Narcissists version of the truth and their memories of certain events can often vary greatly from the actual truth of the matter. Marilyn was infamous for changing certain details of her life and it has often been documented that on a number of different occasions she often claimed her father was a number of different men.

She also constantly changed the details of her childhood making it more terrible each time and was severely insulted at one stage when Frank Sinatra is said to have exclaimed something like not your damn sad childhood stories again. Marilyn consistently lied to many of the people in her life and at times she may even have convinced herself that her new version of past events was actually real. Many biographers and interviewers often claimed that they were never sure when Marilyn Monroe was telling them the truth or when she was inventing another elaborate lie. Unfortunately for Marilyn neither romance worked out well and eventually she ended up face down on her bed lifeless and overdosed on a large concoction of prescription drugs.

It would appear though going ton the large body of evidence out there that Marilyn did have a relationship with the then President JFK. There is also a huge body of evidence out there that Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy and many other members of his family could certainly fit the profile of having Narcissistic Personality Disorder themselves. JFK had scant regard for women, concealed a massive amount of his life from the public domain and had some very dubious high profile campaign contributors.

His own father was also ruthlessly ambitious and nothing was going to come in the way of him getting a son into the White House. However she may have massively overrated her appeal to him. For a Narcissist to be unceremoniously dumped in the way it appears JFK may have done in the case of Marilyn would have been a massive blow to her ego and undoubtedly she would have wanted to get revenge. Or could it have been her attempt at making JFK jealous? It is certainly possible but unfortunately for Marilyn it was a doomed plan from the start. Marilyn may have disastrously overestimated how her celebrity status could ever possibly be any match for the might of the Kennedy Clan.

When you have two Narcissists in a relationship it can only be a completely destructive experience and the only way it is going to end is very badly. Unfortunately for Marilyn this dangerous liaison was followed by the end of her life. Whatever the truth behind the Marilyn image really was she surely would be very happy now at how the Marilyn Monroe legend lives on.. Finally someone actually realized and described the NPD in Monroe. I had to deal with a Narcissist in my like and can only say they are more or less like demons with no morality.

And they rarely live past Quite possible alright that she had Histrionic Personality Disorder. I would say she was very complex and had many issues. Hi, I really enjoyed your article. I too came to the belief that Marilyn had a PD after researching them due to longtime emotional turmoil from a friendship. Of the narcissistic types, I think she mainly had histrionic personality disorder, as that focuses on the need for opposite-sex attention and therefore an abundance of sexual charisma and seduction. I am fascinated by all stories and biographies about Marylin Monroe! She was one of a kind in so many ways.

Thank you for your writings! I have dated a BPD for a number of years. I was fascinated by her after we broke up because of how she acted. I came across Marilyn and did tons of reasearch. I think my ex is exactly like her in so many ways I think she might be reincarnated from her Come on it's unrealistic to assume that a person could function at that level and then also be mentally well. It's all a bit of a fantasy and thank god for that becuaee otherwise what would humans do for fun???

I am glad that Norma jean became marilyn it was a fabulous show and I am sorry it ended tragically but that meant that she got to live on in all perpetuity as having been at the oldest, I hope so marilyn. You deserved it and so did Norma jean. I think Marilyn had many problems before she had even became an actress, she was psychically abused has a child she had a lot of abandonment issues and had tried to commit suicide many times, it was also reported that she tried to blame a police officer for raping her in her bedroom?

I do feel Marilyn could of gotten better help for herslef but back in those day she really wasn't being treated properly like how BPD behavior is now treated by health professionals. Perhaps you are right. Its hard to know at this stage and it all depends on whose take on it you read. Thanks for commenting. Marilyn wasn't a narcissist. DiMaggio was controlling and physically abusive. Sorry you don't like my article Emily, but I don't mind as it has encouraged an exchange of opinions and that's what I love about writing articles.

I knew about Marilyn's BPD diagnosis too. Its very unfortunate for Marilyn though that she got a BPD diagnosis but still that wasn't enough to help her cope with her many issues, which can only lead us to wonder if this wasn't a complete analysis of Marilyn's mental health problems or whether as this was over fifty years ago just not enough was known back then. It is all speculation at this stage unfortunately.

Even today people are often misdiagnosed or receive an incomplete diagnosis so I am afraid Emily in this case all we can do is go back over her history and draw our own conclusions as you have done too. Thanks for stopping by. Her medical card can be seen at the Anna Freud centre. Stop speculating, when she was diagnosed. I get fed up with reading this. Thanks last of Mo Blondes for your last three comments. I agree that Marilyn Monroe was definitely highly talented as an actress and that there were many sides to her that we did not see. Unfortunately now we never can. Also it is true that her unsettled upbringing did have a huge effect on her as it does every child raised in such an environment.

Please do read some more. I have also written an article about Marilyn Monroe and Aspergers which can sometimes co-exist with other Psychological conditions too. Marilyn Monroe had one of the most intelligent minds in entertainment, and often intelligent minds raised in. And prone to cement weight. How fortunate were we all to have her entertain us, and be a part of our lives, as long as she coul d. This was a mind like a diamond, and gossip won't hold the answers you are looking for Although information has been gathered about her appetite for culture and intellectual capacity , Arthur Miller would claim at the time that he never actually saw her finish a book.

Of course, her intelligence was never denied. This disorder is characterized by excessive concern about physical appearance , extreme sensitivity about disapproval and excessive exuberance in demonstrating sexuality. It also includes a need to constantly be tended to, regardless of the means she had to use to obtain this. This state increased in the fifties when her marriage with Arthur Miller failed. She showed the world the truth about a woman who used promiscuity to escape from herself. From the start, she simply wanted to be taken seriously. And yet, to achieve this she utilized her physical attractiveness : a fact that certainly got men of great culture to prostrate at her feet. It was instead in the sexual myth that was Marilyn Monroe. This truth caused her to resort to new conquests and infidelities , so as to fill a void that only came to an end after an overdose of barbiturates.

Interestingly enough, she always wanted to be remembered as a great actress. The dumb-blonde look has never done her justice.

Unable to reach Monroe, Lawford called his agent Milton Ebbins, who unsuccessfully tried to reach Greenson, and later Marilyn Monroe Psychology Monroe's lawyer, Marilyn Monroe Psychology A. I agree that Marilyn Monroe was definitely highly talented as Essay On Why Kids Need Brain Breaks actress and Marilyn Monroe Psychology there were many sides Buddhism: The Four Main Components Of Buddhism her that we Mindfulness Meditation Research Paper not see. I've Essay On Why Kids Need Brain Breaks thought of her having NPD.