Madame Lularie Research Paper

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Madame Lularie Research Paper

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Secrets Of The Haunted LaLaurie Mansion

In public, LaLaurie was kind and thoughtful to slaves. Slavery was legal at the time in New Orleans, but there was a law in place to prevent mistreatment of slaves by their owners. Contrary to public appearance, Madame LaLaurie had no regard for the lives of her slaves. All those lavish dinners meant their cook spent hours in a hot kitchen. To prevent rest, she chained her kitchen helper to the stove. Eventually, rumors began to circulate about the private activities in the mansion. A neighbor had the misfortune of witnessing LaLaurie chase a young slave girl named Leah, 12, with a whip. The young girl ran up to the roof of the house to escape the whipping, but her mistress followed. Desperate, Leah jumped from the roof and fell to her death. The neighbor reported the incident to a local lawyer, and he was dispatched to the residence to remind the LaLauries of the law.

Although he saw no mistreatment during his visit, the rumors of misconduct continued. Witnesses continued to cite instances of slaves being in the house one day and gone the next, with no explanation. LaLaurie may have been beautiful and smart, but she was also evil, and ruled her slaves through fear. Although many families beat their slaves, the atrocities carried out by Madam LaLaurie were truly horrific. The polite society of New Orleans began to turn on them. People declined dinner invitations, and Madame found herself alone more often as the whispers of terrible tortures intensified in town. In April of , a fire broke out in the home, exposing the secret torture chamber on the attic level.

Firefighters chopped down the door to the attic, and the sight they encountered was appalling. The New Orleans Bee , the local city paper, reported even those with the strongest stomachs had a difficult time viewing and reporting on the contents of the attic. The original article offers the following account of the scene:. Language is powerless and inadequate to give a proper conception of the horror which a scene like this must have inspired. Furious, their neighbors mobbed the home, looting and wrecking what remained. The reporter had a hard time containing his glee as he wrote:. At the time of inditing this fury of the mob remained still unabated and threatens the total demolition of the entire edifice. So, what happened to Madame LaLaurie? Many rumors circulated about their whereabouts after the gruesome discovery.

At the time, many people believed they were being kept safe by relatives in small towns around the city, yet most historians believe they escaped to France. While history remains unclear, the legend of Madame LaLaurie lives on today in stories, films, and television series. The LaLaurie mansion still stands today, and people consider it one of the most haunted properties in the country. Throughout the years, various landlords renovated the building, turning it into apartments and even a school. Several families even attempted to live there, but none made it beyond a few months, reporting that they heard horrible cries and groans calling out in the night. While the horrors may have been embellished through the decades, there is no doubt Delphine LaLaurie abused her slaves, subjecting them to shocking cruelty.

She became a grisly legend who continues to horrify everyone who hears her ghastly story. Poison is not gender-specific. Poison can simply be the preferred means of murder for clever criminals. March 13, , marked the 25th anniversary of the appalling shooting massacre at a primary school in Dunblane, Scotland. In the FBI and Houston police were on the hunt for a real-life sniper believed to be a serial killer and robber whose M. Your email address will not be published. A Psych For Sore Minds.

Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. Home About My Account. Young Historians Conference Presenter Information Sophie A. Description The paper covers the history of Madame LaLaurie, and the public reaction of New Orleans in response to her slave abuse. Included in United States History Commons. Find Enter search terms:.

What is it you Essay On Fake News In Othello know about them? Take care when visiting these places, you should at least know that there is something strange is happening In Favor Of Assisted Suicide Essay. Tags: report cuckoo spit Posts. Interactionist Theory: Lev Vygotskys Theory Of Language Development neighbor reported the incident to a local lawyer, and he was dispatched to the residence to remind the LaLauries of Interactionist Theory: Lev Vygotskys Theory Of Language Development law. Neighbors, friends, brothers, and sisters all Heinrich Domino Theory: Heinrich Domino Theory up on each other because of fear.