Comparing Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God And Upon The Burning Of Our House

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Comparing Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God And Upon The Burning Of Our House

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Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God - Classic Audio Sermon by Puritan Theologian Jonathan Edwards

Islam permits up to 4 wives. Islam now is the major religion of the Arab countries and has also made inroads in Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and even the United States. Those that do not follow Islam are considered infidels. Sometimes those that practice Islam in another group, sect, or faction would also be considered an infidel. It is written in Surah — When you meet in El Jihad , those who disbelieve, smite at their necks till you have killed and wounded many of them. Surah — Kill the idolaters wheresoever ye shall find them. Their goal is world domination through Islam , by whatever means is necessary, and thus have a moral order everywhere. The question arises, is there peace when Islam takes over? The answer is no. There is still killing, terror, and violence.

There are various factions within Islam. Their beliefs differ in some areas, especially politically. Some of its extremists can be extremely militant and violent. As a result, there has been war and not peace between various Islamic groups. Even within Islamic nations, there are sometimes tribal wars. These sometimes war against each other, as one faction may not consider the other to follow true Islam. Example, in Pakistan, app.

Feb 15, , at least three gunmen, presumed Sunni Muslim extremists, killed 9 Shiites and injured many more as they were performing evening prayers. One was a 7 year old boy. The Sunni Muslims consider the Shiites as non-Muslims. Some force their religious beliefs on people through violence—giving a choice to convert to their religion or die. Once Islam takes over, religious freedom can be expected to disappear. No religious freedom exists in most countries that practice this religion.

However, as noted, violence may still exist. On the mission field, some born-again missionaries have been attacked by followers of Islam. Islamic followers have been responsible for killing many Christian missionaries. In the Far East, the Moslems and Hindus are bitter rivals and each have killed many of the others. Though because of their mutual hatred for Christians. They may momentarily set aside their differences and join forces against Christians. While some nominal Christians are converting to Islam, some people that follow Islam are converting to the loving Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

If a Moslem can set aside the lies that they have heard from those that say they have read the Bible, and approach the Bible with an open mind and honest heart, and read it all, incredible things can happen. They may be astonished to learn that they can know God and have a personal relationship with Him. They believe once a nation is under Islam, it must always be so. Thus, they believe the land of Israel , which was once under Islamic rule must revert back. The Jews must be killed, driven out, or convert to Islam. Yet it is also a fact that many Moslems living in Israel have a far better life than Moslems living in Arab countries.

They do live in peace with Israel and prosper. Should you find a peace-loving Moslem, ask him these questions. Do you love the Jews? Would you support them and help them? Do you believe they have a right to exist? Do you recognize and believe that the nation of Israel has a right to exist in the land they now have? Are there any peace loving Moslems? The answer is yes, and some have turned to the Jesus Christ of the Bible as their only hope of salvation.

Note Rev For the Moslem that really wants truth , this is our recommendation: get into the Bible and read the Gospel of John three times, about 5 or more chapters a day. Humble yourself and put away the preconceived thoughts that you may have. A member of a people that speaks Arabic. Of or relating to the Arabs: Arabian. A member of a Semitic people of Arabia whose language and Islamic religion spread widely throughout the Middle East and N Africa from the 7th century. Of or relating to Arabia, the Arabs, their language, or their culture. The Semitic language of the Arabs, spoken in numerous dialects throughout much of the Middle East and parts of North Africa. Founded by Charles Russell in the latter part of the 19th century. He died in On the surface, this aggressive cult can sound very biblical.

They skillfully combine some biblical truth mixed with error and falsehood, leading people astray. They believe that only Jehovah is from everlasting to everlasting; however, He is not all knowledgeable and is not omnipresent. Regarding Jesus Christ, they believe He is a created being and is actually Michael the archangel that became a man. They do not believe the Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity, but only a force. They do not believe in the Trinity as presented in the Scriptures. They believe only the , are born-again and will be in heaven. People do not need to be born-again, as they will have everlasting life and live on the earth. They do not believe in the eternal lake of fire for the wicked.

They believe all that reject their way will suffer destruction. To be saved, one must do their works. They do not vote, salute the flag, celebrate Christmas and other like things. Their understanding of prophecy and of the Revelation is very distorted. Ethel T. Wead Mick. Mick along with the assistance of her husband, Dr. William H. Mick, and other workers founded the Order in honor and memory of her mother. After gaining consent from J. Anna J. It has grown to an international organization of young women with members in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and Brazil. However, as Christians, we must rely on the teachings of the entire Bible as a guide for life, not just one book of the Bible. This belief in the singular nature of their particular teachings is one distinguishing characteristic of most cults and false religions.

It may be said—the theory of cause and effect. In cults that believe in reincarnation, karma moves a person up or down in the next life. If a person believes in karma, but not reincarnation, then he will believe his eternal state will be determined according to what he does in this life. Karma, of course, is not a Bible doctrine. Its origin is in Eastern mysticism and is totally contrary to the Word of God. It is a gift from God, not in any way a reward for works — ref Eph Follow the teachings of Joseph Smith. The doctrine of Mormonism is completely unscriptural and dates back to about They believe that God the Father and Jesus Christ physically appeared to Joseph Smith and told him that the churches were all wrong.

The Book of Mormon was to be added to the Bible. In other words, Christianity was all lost. They believe that Elijah also came in The Mormons reject the finality of the Bible. The Bible gives a severe warning about this in Rev , The Mormon Church is run by revelation. It is not committed to any fixed creed. It can be said it creates doctrine as time goes on. Their book, the Doctrine of Covenants, speaks against having more than one wife in , edition. However, in , Mormon Church historian listed 27 women that were married to Joseph Smith.

This occurred during a time when such a thing was viewed as a crime before God. It is reported that Smith finally admitted it and changed the law of polygamy in which showed up in and then the edition just disappeared. It is reported that some of his wives were still married to other men. Mormon leaders apparently believe that the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine of Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price do not contradict each other. This is far from the truth. Contrary to 1 Sam , Joseph Smith believed that God was once as we are, that Jehovah was the firstborn spirit child of Elohim.

They believe He is not just Spirit and is not omnipresent. They believe we have to learn how to be gods ourselves. Jesus shedding His blood for our sins is apparently nonsense to them—the blood of Jesus could not make one clean by itself. Mormonism seems to believe that Christ and the devil are brothers, and Christ was married. They seem to believe the Holy Spirit is a substance or fluid and not omnipresent. They believe in baptismal regeneration. They believe baptism is the way to heaven and that the saints can be baptized for those that have passed away unbaptized. They believe there will be a resurrection of every living thing including animals and fish. All that are in glory are also gods.

There are gods and other worlds. They also believe in heavenly marriages and in having spirit children. There is no burning hell. Punishment without end may last for a short time or a long time. They seem to believe that people will raise children after they leave earth. Their faith appears to be in Joseph Smith and changing revelations. It is certainly not in the God of the Bible. It is certainly not in Jesus Christ. Video: An Inconvenient Truth for the Mormons. Video: Mo r mon Beliefs Exposed — Part 1 of 3. It denies the idea of only one way to heaven, such as Jesus Christ, but embraces most non-Christian theologies. It embraces the idea of evolution of both the body and the spirit, and reincarnation can be a part of that.

Visualization and astral projection are included. Man is looked upon as being good and divine. Each person can travel their own path as they understand it. Man is to have peace with and be in harmony with god, his fellow man and the creation. They are looking for a world leader to come forth. A born-again Christian should never refer to God in this manner. Six verses in the Bible indicate that God is a jealous God, including Ex Their leader claims aliens appeared to him. Beliefs from various religions are molded to fit their cultic views. As with many cults, they misuse or misinterpret Christian events and terms. Some have even held altar calls for Satan. White, born in the 19th century. She claimed to have had visions.

The church was founded in the mid s. Many in this denomination apparently believe that Mrs. White was the infallible interpreter of Holy Scripture, giving her authority equal to or above the Scriptures. No one can judge her or disagree with her interpretation of the Investigative Judgment. Does not believe in a literal hell as is taught in the Bible. Has 27 articles in their statement of faith. Understanding of prophecy and of the Revelation seems to be far removed from that which is taught by evangelical born-again Bible prophecy teachers, such as Hal Lindsey and others. They dogmatically observe Saturday as their day of rest and worship and use it as a come-on to deceive people. On the surface this aggressive Cult can sound very biblical to one that is not well-grounded in the Scriptures or not well-informed.

Seems to follow aspects of British-Israelism as Armstrongism does—believing that America is from the lost tribes of Israel. Apparently believe that the unbelievers will cease to exist. They deny the existence of hell as well as the Rapture. Their intermixing of Biblical truth and error is done very skillfully. Does believe in God, but it is not the God of the Bible.

The Trinity and the fact that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is denied. The virgin birth is denied. There is no atonement in Jesus. Denies the Holy Spirit as set forth in the Bible. Sin does not exist. Man goes from one spirit level to another. There is no devil, hell, judgment, or resurrection. It is reported he died in the latter part of the 18th century. This cult denies the Trinity; the deity of the Holy Spirit; the existence of Satan, hell, and the resurrection.

Many other beliefs also exist that are totally out of line with the Bible. Neither do they believe all the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Many of the founders of various cults had visions or claimed God or someone else appeared to them. Swedenborg apparently claimed God appeared to him. It is reported this cult accepts karma, mantras, sex, marijuana, etc. Teaches reincarnation and enlightenment. The founder, a woman, like many other cult leaders claims to have been in contact with certain beings that taught her. The Jesus they teach is not the Jesus of the Bible. He believed that God audibly spoke to him and gave him direction. The creator of all things was not Jesus Christ but Elohim. They deny the doctrine of the Trinity and the virgin birth.

They do not believe that Jesus Christ is God and is from everlasting to everlasting. Their understanding of the Holy Spirit is associated with spiritual gifts. Unbelievers will have a final death. On the surface, this cult may sound very biblical to one not well-grounded in the Scriptures or not well-informed. It is reported that Wierwille had been a pastor in the United Church of Christ. Denies the Trinity. There are 7 stages of consciousness. It may be said to be both a form of meditation and a form of Hinduism. Their God Brahma is not the God of the Bible, but a god or essence that cannot be described. The initiation ceremony alone is enough to warn all that dabble with it that they are committing an idolatrous act in violation of the express commands of the Bible.

The God they teach is not the God of the Bible. Does not believe that Jesus Christ is God. They believe the Holy Spirit is a female. It is reported that Moon claims his wife is the Holy Spirit. According to them, God has ordained that all people will be saved. He requested me to help him in the salvation of the universe. Teaches Jesus Christ became the Son of God when he was baptized. These do not believe in one God manifested in three, eternally existing Persons. These baptize in the name of Jesus only. They believe that God is one person who has revealed Himself as the Father, then as the Son, and presently as the Holy Spirit. They believe that speaking in tongues is evidence of the Holy Spirit.

They also deny predestination. They have a strict code for women to follow as well as men. On the surface, this aggressive cult can sound very biblical to one not well-grounded in the Scriptures or not well-informed. They believe that their way is the only right way to heaven and all others will perish. Dates back to the late 19th century. Reported to be a breakaway from Christian Science. The God they believe in is not the God of the Bible.

They do not believe that God is a person but is life. He is all that is good. It may be said that God is whatever a person conceives him to be. Unity combines aspects of many religions. The Jesus Christ that they believe in is not the Christ of the Bible. The Holy Spirit they believe in is not that of the Bible. They do not believe in Satan. They teach against the Bible, against Jesus and what He did. They believe in reincarnation and that sin can be erased from our conscience mind. Many varied opinions among groups. They believe their book completes the New Testament, but in fact contradicts it. They do not believe Jesus Christ came in the flesh, but is just another person that gave revelations. Their understanding of the Trinity is not that of the Bible.

They believe Jesus came to teach the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. They believe in reincarnation plus living on different planets. Paul warned about perverted teaching in Col chapter 2. An example of how cults can deceive, sometimes yogis even read from the Bible. The existence of God is a non-issue. See Buddhism for more information. Afflictions — Mark ; Being Offended — MAtt ; Cares and Problems of this life — Matt ; Hardships — Matt ; Lusts or Personal desires of other things — Luke ; Persecutions — Matt ; Prosperity and the Deceitfulness of Riches — Matt ; and all manner of Temptations — Luke , plus pride, selfishness, personal desires—the list could go on and on.

Through trusting in the God of the Bible and denying self which is very unpopular teaching today , one can indeed overcome all things. In addition to the cults we have mentioned, there are thousands more of false ways or cults leading to eternal damnation. Some practice Satanism. Many worship devils. Many claim to be witches. Some practice ancestral worship. Some trust in the lie of reincarnation. Many readily accept the lie of evolution rather than the truth that God created all things; others try to combine them both together. New doctrines, devised by men and seducing spirits, seem to be springing up daily.

Demonically inspired games are widely available in toy stores, game rooms, and for use on home computers. Demonic teaching can also be found in American schools, on the radio, and on television. Demonically inspired music fills the airwaves. Multitudes of people are being deceived. There are now homosexual churches where unrepentant, practicing homosexuals and lesbians actually believe they are Christians and will go to heaven and that the way they live is not even sin.

False teachers that do such things will indeed be accursed. Many cult leaders had demon spirits, false angels, visions, or dreams come to them. White, the Urantia Book, etc. The warning is clear. Do not add to or take away from the words of the book. God has made it perfectly clear—they are accursed. Their part of the book of life is taken away. The Bible stands alone. This is not a theory. This is law. It is only disputed in the minds of depraved people. The Bible contains thousands of prophecies. Everyone, without one single exception, has come to pass in its time just as it was written. This even includes the rebirth of Israel which happened exactly as the Bible said it would. No book in the world has ever come remotely close to this.

None of the wicked shall understand-ref Dan Those that understand spiritual warfare should understand the following. Briefly—first comes the real thing. Then comes the deception from Satan. Then the deception followed from Satan to Eve. He obeyed God. Then Satan moved in and tempted the people, they turned away from God. Finally, God sent His only begotten Son. With the final writing of the Revelation by John, the books of the Bible were completed. They were finished. Since that time, many false teachings that add to, change, discredit, or take away from the Holy Bible have appeared. If you have read this article you can never say at the judgment you did not know. The teachings of the Bible plus Herbert W.

The teachings of the Bible plus Mary Baker Eddy. The teachings of the Bible plus John Thomas. The teachings of the Bible plus the Apostle Eric. The teachings of the Bible plus Muhammad and the Koran. Incidentally, there are various Islamic groups, each believing their way is right. The teachings of the Bible plus Charles Russell and other sources. The teachings of the Bible plus traditions and the Pope. The teachings of the Bible plus L. Ron Hubbard. The teachings of the Bible plus Ellen G. The teachings of the Bible plus Emanuel Swedenborg.

The teachings of the Bible plus Stephen Gaskin. The teachings of the Bible plus Victor Paul Wierwille. They built it for him. Thereafter, the king did not wish to hear mention of the dunghill. A Midrash rabbinic commentary explained that six things preceded the creation of the world: the Torah and the Throne of Glory were created, the creation of the Patriarchs was contemplated, the creation of Israel was contemplated, the creation of the Temple in Jerusalem was contemplated, and the name of the Messiah was contemplated, as well as repentance.

Rav Zutra bar Tobiah said in the name of Rav that the world was created with ten things: 1 wisdom, 2 understanding, 3 reason, 4 strength, 5 rebuke, 6 might, 7 righteousness, 8 judgment, 9 loving-kindness, and 10 compassion. The Gemara cited verses to support Rav Zutra's proposition: wisdom and understanding, as Proverbs says, "The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; and by understanding established the heavens"; reason, as Proverbs says, "By His reason the depths were broken up"; strength and might, as Psalm says, "Who by Your strength sets fast the mountains, Who is girded about with might"; rebuke, as Job says, "The pillars of heaven were trembling, but they became astonished at His rebuke"; righteousness and judgment, as Psalm says, "Righteousness and judgment are the foundation of Your throne"; and loving-kindness and compassion, as Psalm says, "Remember, O Lord, Your compassions and Your mercies; for they have been from of old.

A Midrash taught that a heretic once asked Rabbi Akiva who created the world. Rabbi Akiva answered that God had. The heretic demanded that Rabbi Akiva give him clear proof. Rabbi Akiva asked him what he was wearing. The heretic said that it was a garment. Rabbi Akiva asked him who made it. The heretic replied that a weaver had. Rabbi Akiva demanded that the heretic give him proof. The heretic asked Rabbi Akiva whether he did not realize that a garment is made by a weaver. Rabbi Akiva replied by asking the heretic whether he did not realize that the world was made by God. When the heretic had left, Rabbi Akiva's disciples asked him to explain his proof. Rabbi Akiva replied that just as a house implies a builder, a dress implies a weaver, and a door implies a carpenter, so the world proclaims the God who created it.

It was taught in a Baraita that King Ptolemy brought together 72 elders, placed them in 72 separate rooms without telling them why, and directed each of them to translate the Torah. God then prompted each one of them and they all conceived the same idea and wrote for Genesis , "God created in the beginning" instead of, "In the beginning, God created," to prevent readers from reading into the text two creating powers, "In the beginning" and "God".

Rav Haviva of Hozna'ah told Rav Assi or some say that Rav Assi said that the words, "And it came to pass in the first month of the second year, on the first day of the month," in Exodus showed that the Tabernacle was erected on the first of Nisan. With reference to this, a Tanna taught that the first of Nisan took ten crowns of distinction by virtue of the ten momentous events that occurred on that day. The first of Nisan was: 1 the first day of the Creation as reported in Genesis —5 , 2 the first day of the princes' offerings as reported in Numbers —17 , 3 the first day for the priesthood to make the sacrificial offerings as reported in Leviticus —21 , 4 the first day for public sacrifice, 5 the first day for the descent of fire from Heaven as reported in Leviticus , 6 the first for the priests' eating of sacred food in the sacred area, 7 the first for the dwelling of the Shechinah in Israel as implied by Exodus , 8 the first for the Priestly Blessing of Israel as reported in Leviticus , employing the blessing prescribed by Numbers —27 , 9 the first for the prohibition of the high places as stated in Leviticus —4 , and 10 the first of the months of the year as instructed in Exodus Similarly, a Baraita compared the day that God created the universe with the day that the Israelites dedicated the Tabernacle.

Reading the words of Leviticus , "And it came to pass on the eighth day," a Baraita taught that on that day when the Israelites dedicated the Tabernacle there was joy before God as on the day when God created heaven and earth. The Mishnah taught that God created the world with ten Divine utterances. Noting that surely God could have created the world with one utterance, the Mishnah asks what we are meant to learn from this, replying, if God had created the world by a single utterance, men would think less of the world, and have less compunction about undoing God's creation. Rabbi Johanan taught that the ten utterances with which God created the world account for the rule taught in a Baraita cited by Rabbi Shimi that no fewer than ten verses of the Torah should be read in the synagogue.

The ten verses represent God's ten utterances. The Gemara explained that the ten utterances are indicated by the ten uses of "And [God] said" in Genesis 1. To the objection that these words appear only nine times in Genesis 1 , the Gemara responded that the words "In the beginning" also count as a creative utterance. For Psalm says, "By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth" and thus one may learn that the heavens and earth were created by Divine utterance before the action of Genesis takes place. The Gemara explained that the light of which Rav Judah taught was the light of which Rabbi Eleazar spoke when he said that by the light that God created on the first day, one could see from one end of the world to the other; but as soon as God saw the corrupt generations of the Flood and the Dispersion, God hid the light from them, as Job says, "But from the wicked their light is withheld.

Rabbi Jacob agreed with the view that by the light that God created on the first day one could see from one end of the world to the other. But the Sages equated the light created on the first day with the lights of which Genesis speaks, which God created on the first day, but placed in the heavens on the fourth day. Rav Judah taught that when God created the world, it went on expanding like two unraveling balls of thread, until God rebuked it and brought it to a standstill, as Job says, "The pillars of heaven were trembling, but they became astonished at His rebuke. Resh Lakish taught that when God created the sea, it went on expanding, until God rebuked it and caused it to dry up, as Nahum says, "He rebukes the sea and makes it dry, and dries up all the rivers.

The Rabbis reported in a Baraita that the House of Shammai taught that heaven was created first and the earth was created afterwards, as Genesis says, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. But the Sages said that God created both heaven and earth at the same time, as Isaiah says, "My hand has laid the foundation of the earth, and My right hand has spread out the heavens: When I call to them, they stand up together. Resh Lakish reconciled the differing verses by positing that God created heaven first, and afterwards created the earth; but when God put them in place, God put the earth in place first, and afterwards put heaven in place.

A Baraita taught that it means "fire and water" eish u'mayim , teaching that God brought fire and water together and mixed them to make the firmament. But it is established in Babylonian Talmud Berakhot 2b [] that day continues until stars appear. The Gemara therefore concluded that when "God called the light" in Genesis , God summoned the light and appointed it for duty by day, and similarly God summoned the darkness and appointed it for duty by night. The Rabbis taught in a Baraita that once Rabbi Joshua ben Hananiah was standing on a step on the Temple Mount , and Ben Zoma who was younger than Rabbi Joshua saw him but did not stand up before him in respect.

So Rabbi Joshua asked Ben Zoma what was up. Ben Zoma replied that he was staring at the space between the upper and the lower waters described in Genesis —7. Ben Zoma said that there is only a bare three fingers' space between the upper and the lower waters. Ben Zoma reasoned that Genesis says, "And the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters," implying a distance similar to that of a mother dove that hovers over her young without touching them. But Rabbi Joshua told his disciples that Ben Zoma was still outside the realm of understanding.

Rabbi Joshua noted that Genesis says that "the spirit of God hovered over the face of the water" on the first day of Creation, but God divided the waters on the second day, as Genesis —7 reports. And thus the distance that God hovered above the waters need not be the distance between the upper and lower waters. The Gemara presented various views of how great the distance is between the upper and the lower waters. Rav Aha bar Jacob said that the distance was a hair's breadth. The Rabbis said that the distance was like that between the planks of a bridge. Mar Zutra or some say Rav Assi said that the distance was like that between two cloaks spread one over another.

And others said that the distance was like that between two cups nested one inside the other. A Baraita taught that the upper waters created in Genesis —7 remain suspended by Divine command, and their fruit is the rainwater, and thus Psalm says: "The earth is full of the fruit of Your works. Rabbi Eliezer , however, interpreted Psalm to refer to other handiwork of God. Rabbi Eliezer taught that on the day that God said in Genesis , "Let the waters be gathered together," God laid the foundation for the miracle of the splitting of the sea in the Exodus from Egypt.

The Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer recounted that in the Exodus, Moses cried out to God that the enemy was behind them and the sea in front of them, and asked which way they should go. So God sent the angel Michael , who became a wall of fire between the Israelites and the Egyptians. The Egyptians wanted to follow after the Israelites, but they are unable to come near because of the fire. The angels saw the Israelites' misfortune all the night, but they uttered neither praise nor sanctification, as Exodus says, "And the one came not near the other all the night. So God looked at the sea, and the waters saw God's Face, and they trembled and quaked, and descended into the depths, as Psalm says, "The waters saw You, O God; the waters saw You, they were afraid: the depths also trembled.

The entire Hebrew calendar — years, months, days, nights, seasons, and intercalation — were before God, and God intercalated the years and delivered the calculations to Adam in the Garden of Eden, as Genesis can be read, "This is the calculation for the generations of Adam. When Joseph and his brothers died, the Israelites ceased to intercalate, as Exodus reports, "And Joseph died, and all his brethren, and all that generation.

Thus the Israelites intercalated the year and will until Elijah returns to herald in the Messianic Age. Rabbi Johanan taught that the words "and God created the great sea-monsters" in Genesis referred to Leviathan the slant serpent and Leviathan the tortuous serpent, also referred to in Isaiah Rav Judah taught in the name of Rav that God created all living things in this world male and female, including Leviathan the slant serpent and Leviathan the tortuous serpent. Had they mated with one another, they would have destroyed the world, so God castrated the male and killed the female, preserving it in salt for the righteous in the world to come, as reported in Isaiah when it says: "And he will slay the dragon that is in the sea.

Rav Judah taught further in the name of Rav that when God wanted to create the world, God told the angel of the sea to open the angel's mouth and swallow all the waters of the world. When the angel protested, God struck the angel dead, as reported in Job , when it says: "He stirs up the sea with his power and by his understanding he smites through Rahab. Rabbi Johanan explained that Genesis uses the plural pronoun when God says, "Let us make man," to teach that God does nothing without consulting God's Heavenly Court of angels thus instructing us in the proper conduct of humility among subordinates. Noting that Genesis uses the plural pronoun when God says, "Let us make man," the heretics asked Rabbi Simlai how many deities created the world.

Rabbi Simlai replied that wherever one finds a point apparently supporting the heretics, one finds the refutation nearby in the text. Thus Genesis says, "Let us make man" using the plural pronoun , but then Genesis says, "And God created" using the singular pronoun. When the heretics had departed, Rabbi Simlai's disciples told him that they thought that he had dismissed the heretics with a mere makeshift, and asked him for the real answer. Rabbi Simlai then told his disciples that in the first instance, God created Adam from dust and Eve from Adam, but thereafter God would create humans in the words of Genesis "in Our image, after Our likeness," neither man without woman nor woman without man, and neither of them without the Shechinah the indwelling nurturing presence of God, designated with a feminine noun.

It was taught in a Baraita that when King Ptolemy brought together 72 elders, placed them in 72 separate rooms without telling them why, and directed each of them to translate the Torah, God prompted each one of them and they all conceived the same idea and wrote for Genesis , " I shall make man in image and likeness" instead of "Let us make," to prevent readers from reading into the text multiple creating powers. Unless God would be long-suffering with him, the Torah continued, it would be well for man not to come into the world. God asked the Torah whether it was for nothing that God is called "slow to anger" and "abounding in love.

Rabbi Eleazar read the words "since the day that God created man upon the earth, and ask from the one side of heaven" in Deuteronomy to read, "from the day that God created Adam on earth and to the end of heaven. But as soon as Adam sinned, God placed God's hand upon Adam and diminished him, as Psalm says: "You have fashioned me after and before, and laid Your hand upon me. The Gemara reconciled the interpretations of Rabbi Eleazar and Rav Judah in the name of Rav by concluding that the distance from the earth to the sky must equal the distance from one end of heaven to the other. The Rabbis taught in a Baraita that for two and a half years the House of Shammai and the House of Hillel debated, the House of Shammai asserting that it would have been better for humanity not to have been created, and the House of Hillel maintaining that it is better that humanity was created.

They finally took a vote and decided that it would have been better for humanity not to have been created, but now that humanity has been created, let us investigate our past deeds or, as others say, let us examine our future actions. The Mishnah taught that in Second Temple times, Jews would acknowledge God's creation and read the verses of the creation story when representatives of the people would assemble in watches or ma'amadot to participate in sacrifices made in Jerusalem on their behalf.

On the first day Sunday , they would read Genesis —8 On the second day, they would read Genesis —13 On the third day, they would read Genesis —19 On the fourth day, they would read Genesis —23 On the fifth day, they would read Genesis —31 And on the sixth day, they would read Genesis — [] Rabbi Ammi taught that if had not been for the worship of these delegations, heaven and earth would not be firmly established, reading Jeremiah to say, "If it were not for My covenant [observed] day and night, I would not have established the statutes of heaven and earth.

Rabbi Ammi then reported that Abraham asked God what would happen in times to come when there would be no Temple at which to offer sacrifices. Rabbi Ammi reported that God replied to Abraham that whenever Abraham's descendants will read the sections of the Torah dealing with the sacrifices, God will account it as if they had brought the offerings, and forgive all their sins.

It was recorded in Rabbi Joshua ben Levi 's notebook that a person born on the first day of the week Sunday will lack one thing. The Gemara explained that the person will be either completely virtuous or completely wicked, because on that day in Genesis —5 God created the extremes of light and darkness. A person born on the second day of the week Monday will be bad-tempered, because on that day in Genesis —7 God divided the waters and similarly division will exist between this person and others. A person born on the third day of the week Tuesday will be wealthy and promiscuous, because on that day in Genesis God created fast-growing herbs. A person born on the fourth day of the week Wednesday will be bright, because on that day in Genesis —17 God set the luminaries in the sky.

A person born on the fifth day of the week Thursday will practice kindness, because on that day in Genesis God created the fish and birds who find their sustenance through God's kindness. A person born on the eve of the Sabbath Friday will be a seeker. Rav Nahman bar Isaac explained: a seeker after good deeds. A person born on the Sabbath Saturday will die on the Sabbath, because they had to desecrate the great day of the Sabbath on that person's account to attend to the birth. And Rava son of Rav Shila observed that this person shall be called a great and holy person.

Rava or some say Rabbi Joshua ben Levi taught that even a person who prays on the eve of the Sabbath must recite Genesis —3 , "And the heaven and the earth were finished. It was taught in a Baraita that when King Ptolemy brought together 72 elders, placed them in 72 separate rooms without telling them why, and directed each of them to translate the Torah, God prompted each one of them and they all conceived the same idea and wrote for Genesis , "And he finished on the sixth day, and rested on the seventh day" instead of "and He finished on the seventh day," to prevent readers from reading that God worked on the Sabbath. Similarly, Rabbi asked Rabbi Ishmael the son of Rabbi Jose if he had learned from his father the actual meaning of Genesis , "And on the seventh day God finished the work that He had been doing" for surely God finished God's work on the sixth day, not the Sabbath.

He compared it to a man striking a hammer on an anvil, raising it by day and bringing it down immediately after nightfall. In the second between raising the hammer and bringing it down, night began. Thus, he taught that God finished God's work right at the end of the sixth day, so that in that very moment the Sabbath began. Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai taught that mortal humans, who do not know exactly what time it is, must add from the profane to the sacred to avoid working in the sacred time; but God knows time precisely, can enter the Sabbath by a hair's breadth. Genibah and the Rabbis discussed Genesis —3. Genibah compared it to a king who made a bridal chamber, which he plastered, painted, and adorned, so that all that the bridal chamber lacked was a bride to enter it.

Similarly, just then, the world lacked the Sabbath. Thus by means of instituting the Sabbath itself, God completed God's work, and humanity's world, on the seventh day. The Rabbis compared it to a king who made a ring that lacked only a signet. Similarly, the world lacked the Sabbath. And the Midrash taught that this is one of the texts that they changed for King Ptolemy as they could not expect him to understand these explanations , making Genesis read, "And He finished on the sixth day, and rested on the seventh.

The elders replied that it took God six days. He replied that since then, Gehenna has been burning for the wicked. Reading the words "His work" in Genesis —3 , Rabbi Berekiah said in the name of Rabbi Judah the son of Rabbi Simon that with neither labor nor toil did God create the world, yet Genesis says, "He rested. Reading the words "Because that in it He rested from all His work which God created to make," in Genesis , the Midrash taught that what was created on the Sabbath, after God rested, was tranquility, ease, peace, and quiet. Rabbi Levi said in the name of Rabbi Jose ben Nehorai that as long as the hands of their Master were working on them, they went on expanding; but when the hands of their Master rested, rest was afforded to them, and thus God gave rest to the world on the seventh day.

Rabbi Abba taught that when a mortal king takes his army to their quarters, he does not distribute largesse rather, he does that only before the troops go into battle , and when he distributes largesse, he does not order a halt. But God ordered a halt and distributed largesse, as Genesis —3 says, "And He rested. Reading Genesis , "And on the seventh day God finished his work," the Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer taught that God created seven dedications for the creation of each of the seven days. God expressed six of them, and reserved one for future generations. Thus, when God created the first day and finished all God's work on it, God dedicated it, as Genesis says, "And it was evening, and it was morning, one day.

God created the seventh day, but not for work, because Genesis does not say in connection the seventh day, "And it was evening and it was morning. God did not want to give the day of blessing and holiness that was before God as an inheritance to anyone but Israel. For when the Israelites left Egypt, before God gave them the Torah, God gave them the Sabbath as an inheritance as reported in Exodus For when God gave the Israelites manna , all through the 40 years in the wilderness, God gave it during on the six days during which God had created the world, Sunday through Friday, but on the Sabbath, God did not give them manna.

Of course, God had power enough to give them manna every day. But the Sabbath was before God, so God gave the Israelites bread for two days on Friday, as Exodus says, "See, for the Lord has given you the Sabbath, therefore he gives you on the sixth day the bread of two days. Hence the Sages said that those who says the benediction and sanctification over the wine on Friday evenings will have their days increased in this world, and in the world to come. For Proverbs says, "For by me your days shall be multiplied," signifying in this world.

And Proverbs continues, "and the years of your life shall be increased," signifying in the world to come. Rabbi Simeon noted that nearly everywhere, Scripture gives precedence to the creation of heaven over earth. Rabbi Simeon concluded that Genesis thus teaches that the earth is equivalent to heaven. The Tosefta taught that the generation of the Flood acted arrogantly before God on account of the good that God lavished on them, in part in Genesis What is the Almighty, that we should serve Him?

And what profit should we have, if we pray unto Him? And thus Genesis reports, "And I, behold, I do bring the flood of waters upon the earth. The Mishnah taught that God created humanity from one person in Genesis to teach that Providence considers one who destroys a single person as one who has destroyed an entire world, and Providence considers one who saves a single person as one who has saved an entire world. And God created humanity from one person for the sake of peace, so that none can say that their ancestry is greater than another's.

And God created humanity from one person so that heretics cannot say that there are many gods who created several human souls. And God created humanity from one person to demonstrate God's greatness, for people stamp out many coins with one coin press and they all look alike, but God stamped each person with the seal of Adam, and not one of them is like another. Therefore, every person is obliged to say, "For my sake the world was created. Similarly, the Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer told that when God began to create the first person, God began to collect dust from the four corners of the world — red, black, white, and yellow.

Explaining why God gathered the first person's dust from the four corners of the world, God said that if a person should travel from the east to the west, or from the west to the east, and the time should come for the person to depart from the world, then the earth would not be able to tell the person that the dust of the person's body was not of the earth there, and that the person needed to return to the place from which the person had been created.

This teaches that in every place where a person comes or goes, should the person approach the time to die, in that place is the dust of the person's body, and there the person's body will return to the dust, as Genesis says, "For dust you are, and to dust shall you return. Rather, Rabbi Simeon ben Pazzi explained that the two yuds by saying, "Woe is me because of my Creator yotzri , woe is me because of my evil inclination yitzri! Alternatively, Rabbi Jeremiah ben Eleazar explained that the two yuds reflect that God created two countenances in the first man, one man and one woman, back to back, as Psalm says, "Behind and before have You formed me.

A Midrash deduced from similarities in the language of the creation of humanity and the Sabbath commandment that God gave Adam the precept of the Sabbath. Similarly, a Midrash recounts that Rabbi Jeremiah ben Leazar taught that when God created Adam, God created him a hermaphrodite — two bodies, male and female, joined together — for Genesis says, "male and female created He them. An objection was raised that Genesis says, "And He took one of his ribs" implying that God created Eve separately from Adam.

Reading God's observation in Genesis that "it is not good that the man should be alone," a Midrash taught that a man without a wife dwells without good, without help, without joy, without blessing, and without atonement. Without good, as Genesis says that "it is not good that the man should be alone. Without a blessing, as Ezekiel can be read, "To cause a blessing to rest on you for the sake of your house " that is, for the sake of your wife. Without atonement, as Leviticus says, "And he shall make atonement for himself, and for his house " implying that one can make complete atonement only with a household.

Rabbi Simeon said in the name of Rabbi Joshua ben Levi, without peace too, as 1 Samuel says, "And peace be to your house. Some say a man without a wife even impairs the Divine likeness, as Genesis says, "For in the image of God made He man," and immediately thereafter Genesis says, "And you, be fruitful, and multiply implying that the former is impaired if one does not fulfill the latter. The Gemara taught that all agree that there was only one formation of humankind not a separate creation of man and woman.

Rav Judah, however, noted an apparent contradiction: Genesis says, "And God created man in His own image" in the singular , while Genesis says, "Male and female created He them" in the plural. Rav Judah reconciled the apparent contradiction by concluding that in the beginning God intended to create two human beings, and in the end God created only one human being. Rav and Samuel offered different explanations of the words in Genesis , "And the rib which the Lord God had taken from man made He a woman.

In support of the one who said it was a face, Psalm says, "Behind and before have You formed me. Should we hate anyone? As the author mentioned, we are to love. Loving someone does not mean agreeing with them. Nor does it mean not being able to tell the truth any longer. Well if your replying to the kady quotibg Jesus talking to israel under law incorrect For Jesus was talking about law at the time and even for his own teachings on law he said if they failed theyd be answerable to the sanheedrin He was talking to those under the curse of continual works of law at the time You need to understand the alw came by moses but grace a d truth by Jesus christ Jesus had a plan though to deleiver those who were under the command to do law from law Its called the gospel.

God told them what sin was and if we are a Christian we are supposed to be doing just as he did.. That is gain knowledge of law your preaching The good news is not that Repent and believe in Jesus to be dead to sin is. Jesus was tortured and died because of sin. What He identifies as sin in the Bible is sin. We have to address it whether it be our own or others ina loving way ,when ever possible. Concerning ourselves with what Christ is concerned about is true love. Love is not always pleasant,warm and fuzzy. We, as Christians need to be extremely prayerful about how we offer that love, but never compromise truth.

We have to be willing to love and forgive those Christian that have been harsh also. The standard that God proclaims is always what we Christians should go by and ask God for guidance. Yes so let me see Jesus took away the sins of the world making you dead to sin so you can adress your own sin and others sins. You have put the love cart before the horse. Matt This is the first and greatest commandment. And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! So you think Jesus died to set you free from all the commands of the law so you could the judge yourself by it.

How can you have a view and I have a view and Joe have a view and they can be different? Where does having a view trump what is written in the Bible? I agree. I see what you are saying. But labeling someone a sinner is not a good way to start a relationship with someone. Lol you must be right I mean who could really argue sith that! Please forgive my online random reply to your article. There is something that I have never heard preached or talked about regarding homosexuality. But there is a need to address it. If I choose to murder someone, that is a sin. If I know God, and continue murdering every blue moon, that is sin.

Same goes for shoplifting, cursing, etc. To me, the answer is this: A gay marriage certificate is a signed agreement to verify that you will defy God every day. Multiple times per day. For LIFE. These people need to be loved. Need to be in church. Need God. But—BUT: What is a reprobate mind? And also, what happens to those who glorify man over God? Who have Idols? Gay marriage puts your love for that person ahead of your obedience to god. You have, in action not effect! I, too have sin That is nearly impossible to separate from me, and I have had bouts with it my whole life.

We should be there, help, be wonderful people to any person of any sin- until we see a reason to be removed from that person. No sin is greater than any other. All sin is equal. All sin removes us from the presence of the Lord. Gay marriage is bablyon state marriage also. Your interpretations were strongly supported. People who commit pre-marital sex are commiting sin but not hurting others, and it is not something that needs to be encouraged—they are hurting their own soul. At the same time, we have to talk the talk and walk the walk. You are just conforming into the tolerance of the worldly ways of the world, which is alarming considering you are a Christian.

Your teaching is leading people astray and condoning and rationalizing obvious sin. There are many scriptures describing people like you. Some of them are these:. There should not be gray areas and variations of opinion in the matters of the Bible. God meant His Word to be universal and unifying among the Body of Christ. Creating division in His Church and doctrine among fellow believers is the work of the devil. I will still tell you this, I love you as the sinner, but I hate your sin.

I am not telling you that in condescension—I am telling you that to being you into the awareness that I disapprove it. This is exactly how God thinks of us in dealing with us and molding us closer and closer into His image by convicting us of our sin. Sinners have a tendency of rationalizing their sin. The more you live within the graces of God, the less sinful you become. God is not only concerned about those sins that hurt others. That is concerned about the sins that impede the person from having a relationship with Him and those that repell the Holy Spirit. Therefore, there is no comparison. God keeps us accountable to rebuke those who go astray because we are familiar with His Word and teachings.

So please, I wish you all the best, but let us let go of fairy tails, and comfortable and wishful thinking. Shame the translaters didnt translate fairy tales then They have decieved the church in many wats distorting the scriptures given to things sacrficed to devils and they aet such things and make nerchabdise of you and tolerate that woman who calls herself vaticanus which means i prophesy She is babylon the great and Jesus shall destroy her Amen. The only way we will truly love others is if we truly hate sin. Christians were so focused on loving others and attempting to attract them to Jesus and the church that we stayed out of the political arena and sat by as our culture became tolerant, then complimentary, then arrogant and finally dangerous in their love for sin and rejection of God and his values.

We loved people sincerely but did not hate sin enough to stand firmly and loudly against it. I really appreciate your work. But I think what you are doing in this article is exactly what is wrong with our culture. I AM a Christian. Do not beat around the bush here. No long running around in long circles to avoid answering directly. Is or is not the ACT of homosexuality a sin? My next question is, do you believe that if one person murdered another person just because they felt like it, without the other person deserving it, would that murder be a SIN or NOT? I live in Christ, because of the blood that was shed for me, setting me from the law of sin and death.

Please Clarify, Is this what you are saying? You sound sort of like a Pharisee trying to pin down Jesus when they demand He answer their questions because He was loving people unconditionally. They tended to the people who claimed to be leaders. Or will you tell me that Jesus taught people of all persuasions to live chastely? But you could have said Jesus took away and the laws smearing away all its commznds on the cross which he did so that man is talking dung as the law does no longer exist and God asks people to believe in Jesus the son to be rightious and saved forever all by grace to live under grace not dead wirks Thats all.

Jesus loved people. He showed love to people who were doing wrong. He did both. We should do both. Where in this entire article was it said that anyone, Christian or otherwise, should actively teach their sons and daughters to have sex of any kind, hetero or otherwise? Whenever I see it is almost always accompanied by logical fallacies of many kinds. I tend to agree with you! What I do know is that Christians can truly love without agreeing with one another.

My spouse and I love with disagreeing all the time. Love is to genuinely care for someone, willing to help and be there for them, and not want to see harm come to them! Coming from a large family I have a few gay family members. I feel the same way towards homosexuality as I do fornication…adultery…and other carnal worldly desires 1 Cor Sin is sin! Only the False Prophets would be guilty of twisting it any other way!

Yes…we all sin! Sugar coated preaching today sends mixed signals about the subject…leading some to believe that you can keep on sinning as long as you repent over and over again! Jesus told the woman at the well…. We are warned that as we get close to the End Days there will be more false prophets leading others from the truth…. These three references indicate that homosexual passions and acts are unnatural, shameful, contrary to sound doctrine and deny entrance to the Kingdom of God.

The Church exists to save people, not to bless the means of their damnation. No marriage can be sanctioned by the Church if the very basis of the marriage involves acts that put the couple outside of eternal salvation. No matter what our society may legislate, the law of God is clear—that a marriage is not a godly marriage if it is a same sex union. I am not perfect and difficult considering the world we live in today filtered with sex images on tv…magazines…ect…. I feel the love and the compassion for all. I will always share His message because He tells me to…. God Bless! One thing to keep in mind is that any false teacher using the scriptures to prove God accused homsexuals who did homsexual acts of sin would have to be rebuilding the law of moses in order to prove thats what God in the new covenant commands men and women today.

So itching ears of law breaking law teachers prick up And as for those sin lists on nt its all losts of trangression of law lol So good luck with that if your trting to prove beleivers ib christ trangress law when they are bot under law are dead to law because christ nailed it to the cross Hahahah You Fail every time you law breaking false teachers of law. The word say iron sharpens iron we need to understand what we believe not just walk away because we feel it is treading on our beliefs because they change as we learn and understand because we have believed something for a long time doesnt make it right.

Use this opportunity to grow to learn and to understand what the Lord is wanting us to know if we cant do this as brothers how are we supposed to do it with unbelievers. I just read the post and was greatly disturbed by this as well. Gotta be careful with what we read online. I am with you! I have had this discussion with a pastor friend if mine who said Ghandi said this! I told him At least Ghandi got that right!

The woman was a jew law was still in place When jesus said go sin no more he was saying keep the law as sin is trangression of law But when Jesus died he freed us from the law covenant now those commands are snrared away now we under grace in spirit not in flesh works of law Hahaha divide the word properly understand moseaic covenant and grace and truth justfied by faith to live under grace dead to law and so dead to sin by the works of Jesus christ are of different covenants. God loves people, his creation period! However from Genesis to Revelations His word is Absolute! As children of God we are not judging when confront people of their sins.

Truth is not to make you and I feel comfortable in our sins. God has already revealed in His word how he stands on homosexuality and all sin as well. He loves us but He will not accept our sins. Why should he have allowed His precious Son to suffer and die? He makes no mistakes! So it is with our Heavenly Father! True love is NOT pampering a person in their wrong. Love is tough! Ok, I strongly dislike sin! It cheapens us as humans! Stigma of sin made us a better society. Now that we entering an age where sin is a freedom of choice to be applauded by certain segments of society, it has ushered in an era of madness.

I hate the legion of sins against the LGBT community and the abundance of mental and emotional torment it has caused for many. You are dead to law and dead to sin not by what you do but because christ who set you free to live you are under grace for your honsexual weaknesses free to delight in them and thank God for them!! Sin brings people into bondage and misery. It also causes harm to others. Am I not supposed to hate it when a man abuses his child, or when a person is overcome by addiction, or when believers tear each other down? Sin is an oppressor and I do hate it. I hate it because I love God but also because I love sinners. Well said! I notice that Hell has been avoided in the discussion! I guess the leading voice here believes in everybody will eventually end up in heaven?

When I read typical objections to these kinds of posts, it seems what people struggle with is how we judge what is sinful, and what we do with that. I have found a few of things helpful with this issue. Also, consider that while we can miss the mark to the left too liberal , we can also miss the mark to the right too conservative. Consider the predominantly Eastern orthodox metaphor that sin is a disease — we are afflicted with something that we cannot cure ourselves. He has the cure and is making it available to us.

I think we act out of our understanding of God. When we think of God as the accuser; the judge; the one pointing out where the sin is in our lives, we do the same. For all of us, our sexuality is part of who we are; it defines us to varying extents. So I believe this is why we have to tread so carefully when it comes to homosexuality. I believe the best way we can work that through is in community with people that we trust. This is why I personally would go light on the judgment of what is sin, and heavy on acceptance. Then, walk with people who have a different view, learn from each other, and encourage each other towards identity in Christ and his ideal. It is not! She could not answer! Some people are worth our time and some are not.

Nothing gets in. Why keep trying? That may be what happened here, not that god shut them down. Wow, what a great comment. Thanks for making this post. I wish all Christians would think about everything this way. Life is so complex and we are so quick to discern right and wrong, black and white, sin and righteousness, light and dark etc. Rather than make a quick declaration on how God thinks of something we should take more time to think about God himself. His character, his being, etc. And yes, think of it in context of who he really is verses what our limited mind kind perceive. I have not attended church in years because it has become a place where fundamentalist speak in certainties and hand out tickets to hell.

Sin is trangression of law whi h we are not under so legally we cannot use law no longer to define sin Jesus defines it as sin indeed to not believe he is the son of God. And two sin is whatever is not of faith Law is not of faith so its a sin to impsoe the kaw its called rebuilding law whixh is law breaking As for us our weaknesses of being human and having sexuality we are commanded to fully hopw in grace a d repent of the former ignorance in us whixh was when in flesh isrealwas under law and the ignorance was trying to obetain a rightiousness as if by works of law athat we are dead to and so they are dead works we judge ourselves by when being justified we think we sinned against those commands but how much more shall the blood of christ cleans our conseicnes fron dead works?

For sin is trangression of law But we have zero obligation to keeep law a d if anyobe tells us we do they are false teachers of law rebuilding the command of the law whixh scripture says is law breaking. We are dead to Works of law to live with the weaknesses that disabled us from keeping law to be free to delight in and thank God for our weaknesses under grace made rightious by believing in Jesus christ the son of God. It like a back handed insult covered up by what is thought to be a compliment. Does this mean we should hate them? Of course not. Another excellent post J. God can handle all the diversity, chaos and even deviation that come Her way. Humanity is the only accuser that labels something wrong or harmful. God indeed planned for procreation but never to the exclusion of everything unlike it.

I read your article. Has it truly come to this? The great Deluder seems to be winning over the hearts and minds of his Beloved. He does call sin SIN and He does hate it. He does love the sinner and died for all. But only those who repent from their sin and believe that Jesus Christ has atoned for it and freed them from it are His Body, the Church. I understand your sentiments and desire to love the unlovely. I get that. And this is VERY real and personal to me and my family. But real love, agape love must hate all that is evil, corrupt and wrong, or it is not love.

I love them myself VERY much. And if left that way at the end of their lives, God will judge and condemn them for all eternity. If you want me to I will. Anyway, I had to say this as it is everywhere. I do love the sinner and I do hate the sin. Blessings, Robin. That makes zero sense. But I think we should follow the example of Jesus and enter into their stories and orient them to light, love, and freedom instead of condemning or judging them. A friend of mine once showed me how we in the West benefit from the systematic inequality that exists in the world today. I am actively sinning, refusing to walk the whole way of repentance. We are all afflicted, we are all guilty.

If you truly listened to your conscience, you will change your opinion on what you said. Jeremy, God bless you. Hopefully when the feelings die down, none of us will be too proud to change a little. People are going to hell everyday! He destroyed the entire world for a reason! Faith is trusting God seeking His will to be done in our lives! It is only because I have chosen to serve a person who is inherently my opposite, but also my equal, that I even begin to comprehend what God himself has done for me.

People who have given into the temptation to share intimacy only with those who are like them rob themselves of the very transformation we were placed on this planet to undergo. Much like grace, love is to be given freely, but it is not cheep! Homosexuality, like all other perversions, exchanges an eternal spiritual blessings for a temporal pleasure. Hardly something to be treated lightly! What about all the other sins the church just glosses over like divorce and gluttony? It is brutally inconsistent. Some churches do overlook sins like homosexuality, fornication and divorce! But many are judged and condemned by ppl that claim homosexuality is the only sin judged in the church… and that is not true! Divorce is in the NT as it talks about one being free when there is infidelity by the spouse!

There are those that were not Christians, sinning without care, with many divorces and marriages! These ppl are forgiven when they repent, confess Jesus is the Son of God, baptized and want to be a Christian! Same for the prostitute, the murderer, thief, liar and all the sins mentioned in the NT. All can be forgiven if they repent! I have never been to one that ignores those committing adultery or any sin! Church is for sinners…like a hospital is for the sick.

It is there for us to be there for one another…to help us fight our demons which vary within each one of us! Satan wants the church to go away…no more gathering as the Father has requested for us to do in the NT. Lead us to believe we can make it on our own is to break us up…weaken us…and destroy what God put in place! All churches are not the same…. I agree Jesse. When I was a young Christian I heard frequent sermons against divorce, fornication, etc. Although, never gluttony! But this is very true. Yet I have known many same-sex marriages which they share the same bond as you, yet once upon a time, such relationships where without legal protection whatsoever.

They were kept apart from their partners in hospital situations, funeral arrangements and more than once, I would see the surviving partner left without a home when the late partners family took their home from him. On the contrary, I have seen absolutely nothing but mercy and grace and tender kindness shown by christians towards people who are homosexuals.

It is the world, outside the church, that make snide and rude remarks. We wish that were true here. Maybe it varies church to church or denomination to denomination or even by where you live. However, we have seen and heard many who have behaved quite the opposite and our LGBTQ friends have told us this is very common. But we do treat homosexuality seriously because it is serious! Unlike many other sins, it is condoned by our culture, and is treated as actually healthy! Hi, first time posting. One thing that no one has mentioned yet is the fact of why sin is a problem to God.

He is so holy that sin cannot be in His presence. That is why Jesus had to die on the Cross, because there was nothing we could do to fix the problem. Sin separates us from God because He is holy and we are not. From now on sin no more. We are told to be holy because God is holy. Does bobody here understand that we ourselves are sinners in our own selves and only God dealt with sins firever?. He made us rightious by faith in christ who took away the debt of failing the commands of law and smeared away the commands to do the law so we are dead to law abd so dead to sin and now under grace free to delight in our weaknesses?

And even thank God for the weaknesses which are not sin for sin is trangression of law but where there is no law there is no trangression and seeing jesus abolished those commabds in his own flesh then there is no law abd no sin But sin is whatever is not of faith so you jusge yourselves by law but why you dead to those things christ ended them once in death By the way thats true translation of that passage So on the basus of what now ashaned? Its gone there us no law command shaming you accusing you aynmore. Christianity is not about what is fair. It is about what is righteous, as spelled out crystal clear by Jesus. If you think the waters of righteousness have been muddy by hipocracy, of christians than please do point it out!

Unlike the world we will repent and strive for a higher standard. I honestly do believe that homosexuality is a grave sin though, and I will continue to LOVE the sinner and hate the sin. Just as Jesus does! See Rev. Take for example the woman brought to Him that was caught in adultery. The first thing He does was to tell those that brought her to Him that let him who has no sin throw the first stone. Oh oh, they were in trouble because they knew they all had sin. What does this do? It restores the woman and allows her to see that she is loved by the King. Now after everyone has left, Jesus is the only possible one that could condemn her, but He does not. Now at the very end He tells her to go sin no more, but that is just the woman living out her identity as being loved and cherished by Abba.

You see we do it all backwards. J Vernon Magee tells a beautiful story about a Man who hands his son over to a another Man who impales his son, turns his insides out, and pulls large portions out of his gut. At first the story sounds like a horror movie! Until you learn that the boy has a terminal cancer and the growth inside Him is a cancer that must be removed if he is to survive. By handing the boy over to the doctor, to cut him open, and pull out his inners, he is doing the most loving thing possible.

For it is the only way to gain eternal spiritual life. Hi, I agree with you. I know which I would rather have. I was rescued from the streets of Kings Cross in Sydney by God who showed me a better way, He rescued me from a life of sin to holy life that is found in Christ through His Spirit. Scripture tells us that we are to grow in our faith to be more like Jesus everyday, and Jesus did not sin, at all.

One thing needs to be made very clear. Jesus did not die to pay for our sins. What an arrogant and self-serving theological concept that is! There is no magic that can save us from the true consequences of our selfish, ugly, hateful lies. The only magic is in the one effective way of redeeming ourselves, and that is by emulating Jesus, not deifying him. The other part is in making appropriate amends. No one else, not even Jesus, can do that for you.

Jesus died to preserve Truth and Love, and the Beauty that springs out of their union. Jesus died to preserve the Christ. A truly holy trinity. Nor could there ever be a greater reason to. That is some sick and twisted theology, Ben…spare your grotesque details. The problem seems to be many in the church taking a few isolated scriptures and placing a blanket condemnation on a whole group of people due to their interpretation of scripture and lack of real love for these same people.

I have personally witnessed much less than kindness toward persons like myself who are of the homosexual orientation by many well meaning and not so well meaning persons of faith, and the results have been disastrous. This is an area in which true communication is needed and condemnation and condescension must cease. I could also choose to hate the sin of homophobia, while loving the homophobe, yet all that this accomplishes is disunity in the Body of Christ. I cannot see Jesus here, but only the accuser. I do know him. And what you are preaching is not the gospel.

There is no good news in any of your messages. And I pray that you are released from your religious prison of hate, as well as your pet sin of condemnation, my brother Paul. There are two ways of speaking the truth, one with a condemning voice and the other with the voice of conviction that DRAWS. Whether one speaks the truth or not, the spirit of condemnation is of the devil. Truth can be tricky when viewed through the clouded lens of tradition. To be gay and live as a straight person is a perversion. To be straight and live as a gay would be a perversion. To be gay and live as a gay, just as being straight and living straight, is being true to who you are and no perversion at all.

Ben, perhaps remaining gay would have been a good thing for you! The image of Christ is mirrored in us when we actually submit to Him, not when we pursue a righteousness of our own making. See Matthew This does not work. Not at all. No way. That approach is totally wrong-headed when used with anyone. That way of thinking does not draw anyone to Jesus. Some church people burned me when my husband was dying, but others were consistantly helpful. The truth will come out in our actions. I agree so much. Keep it simple. Love the post. That one picture looks kinda like a crop circle. Must have been made by an alien. There is no love or grace in judging or labeling others. This is what they were chastised by Christ for: judging and not loving.

The opposite of loving others is judging them. The opposite of extending grace is extending condemnation. Judge one another. Even in dealing with the woman caught in adultery, He did not judge or condemn her sin. If God does not see one sin above any other why do so many Christians think it is their jobs to do so. I have no problem with the phrase. There is nothing wrong with loving sinners.

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