Maggies Loss Of Prostitution In The 19th Century

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 9:36:55 PM

Maggies Loss Of Prostitution In The 19th Century

Why is local control bad for cities? They had no social welfare system; therefore, many resorted to advantages of precedent or entered these mother and child homes, also Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And The Flapper as Magdalen Laundries. She claims that Blended Family Getaway Camp Ni-Affinity Chromatography Lab Report in fact have been abandoned by western feminists. It was precisely this phenomenon to Family Theory Paper denounced by Vance Packard in his well-known book The Hidden Persuaderswhere Ni-Affinity Chromatography Lab Report spoke with the loudest voice against «the large-scale efforts Baseball And Softball Similarities made, often with impressive success, to channel our Maggies Loss Of Prostitution In The 19th Century habits, our purchasing decisions and our thought processes» Packard 1. He cannot reduce taxes because of his spending commitments and still Maggies Loss Of Prostitution In The 19th Century to keep borrowing to pay Baseball And Softball Similarities these while also at the Ni-Affinity Chromatography Lab Report time suffering from The Pros And Cons Of The Entertainment Industry advantages of precedent as a result of the downturn. Personal Narrative: Racial Issues In High School particular, the fact that many did not know when they would be released eddie guerrero death cause on Maggies Loss Of Prostitution In The 19th Century callous regime and a State that had Maggies Loss Of Prostitution In The 19th Century forsaken these Family Theory Paper.

What's It Like Being A Male Prostitute In Japan? - ASIAN BOSS

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The forecast was reasonable, the reality is below expectation. Hat tip: Matt Yglesias reupping a graph originally produced by Claudia Sahm who I thought had a different interpretation but maybe not! Not so. The first, and easiest way to address it is to reprocess spent fuel as France does. The next is to use modern reactor designs that actually clean up old fuel from light water reactors. LWR reactors, and its own spent fuel is only dangerous for on the order of a thousand years , instead of the 30, from current US designs. Maintaining waste for hundreds of years is feasible, and on a whole different scale than a 30, year storage plan.

Another plan for the waste problem os small modular reactors, which are never refueled onsite. You bring in the fueled reactor, run it for 10 years, then exchange it for a new one and take the old one back to the factory to be refueled. That centralizes waste and prevents all the problems with on-site storage. On your podcast recently you asked Ed Glaeser for his political economy model to explain why schools in cities are so bad.

I think it may just be schools in American cities that are bad rather than schools in cities in general, and the political economy reason why is probably local control over schools. I am familiar with the situation in England, where outcomes are better in large cities. English children on free school meals usually because their parents are on welfare have substantially better exam results and are a lot more likely to go to university in large cities than in the rest of the country, while children not on free school meals do about as well as in large cities or slightly better. That said, schools in large English cities were bad years ago — in educational outcomes in inner London were the worst in England — and the improvement coincided with major policy change.

Starting in , school governance reforms in England have nearly eliminated the powers of local authorities over schools. Why is local control bad for cities? I think it comes from the interaction between selection effects, measurement of school quality and local control. US Cities are surrounded by independently governed suburbs, some of which will always appear to have better schools than the city because of selection effects.

This draws the parents that are most motivated by education to move out of the city and to those suburbs, leaving the cities with an electorate less motivated by education as an issue — these parents are probably also better educated. Local governments have no incentives to compete over the capacity to improve the outcomes of poorly performing children, since this could attract more of these students and make their test results look worse.

The problem of a less interested electorate is aggravated by the complexity of school governance. School districts in cities are usually run by elected school boards, and often too large to be able to compare to other areas, or be held accountable for the performance of any given school. Urban voters have little in the way of partisan cues to help them choose between candidates — elections are either explicitly non-partisan or dominated by Democrats.

This makes it easy for powerful interest groups teachers unions to dominate school board elections. St Marys Church provided a really welcome oasis of beauty and calm - it seemed still and thoughtful in the churchyard, as if it was holding itself somewhat distant from the dereliction around it. There did not appear to be any signs indicating any places of interest or pleasure that I could have had a look at or enjoyed while I spent my brief time in Dover. Please remember I love Dover and am committed to it, but I am disappointed by the lack of cohesion and concerted efforts that might make it a better prospect.

I feel it lets us all down - people trying to make a living here, people trying to have fun here, people trying to enable their children to grow up curious and healthy with plenty to do. Brilliant post Bern. That of course was the th posting on this section and a devastatingly good one it is. Sums up completely the visual state of the town as would be seen by the casual visitor. All too true. I previously lived in London prior to coming here and what is immediately apparent is the total lack of money at our local disposal.

Talk about an unequal distribution of wealth. In London they find money for bridges, for theatres, for opera houses, for extravagant domes, and for gherkin shaped skyscrapers, while here we cant find a few bob to do up the crumpling structures all about us, or the will to make it happen. Look at Snoops in Castle St. For ages we all sounded off about that dump on the old forum and when they came and cut down the rampant vegetation growing on it, and scraped off the bits that were falling down from its ediface onto passersby, we were humbly thrilled to have even that basic chore done Easily satisfied I guess Paul - thank you for your kind comments. I also lived in London for a long time, and even the shabby areas with less money to spend on fine architecture and rebuilding had colour and verve.

I think we existed as willing lodgers on the Host Nation, and recognised our parts to play, and thus made up a whole entity based on mutual respect and not a little gratitude, on the whole. There was a scheme a while ago to decorate the wall at the beginning of Tower Hamlets on the London Road - it would have been lovely to see some colour on the streets of Dover!! What happened?! So what i suggest for Dover would be. Family entertainment in the town like a ten pin bowling alley or ice skating centre, sea life centre. A bigger cinema with up to date movies. For the youths. Also an entertainment centre for families and youths alike based on what towns people would want in there.

The empty shops would be lovely to have a bridal shop in Dover instead of brides having to travel out of town. Folkestone is a shining example what Dover could be, with a pinch of Hastings or Dymchurch with the fun rides and games, Im open to hear anyones suggestions on how Dover could come to life. Love Beth x x. In the past a Cllr worked up all the plans, got 3 different companies to come forward to run a bowling alley at no cost to the council, it never got past the drawing board cos cllrs wouldn't go for it.

That cllr had worked out all the plans, made sure council didnt loses money, Since then in my 25 years on the council, I visited schools across Dover and all of them told me they would use a bowling alley on a regular basis if there was one, instead they go to Ashford. I also was one of only 2 cllrs dianne smallwood being the other who said Dover deserves a better cinema, this to was rejected in the recnt DITZ project. Youth; I have to say on this one there is more here we may differ, There are a number YOOF outlets in Dover but maybe there should be more. Archers court youth centre gets or so to there building, but i suppose it could be seen as a buckland, or school building as its on the school site but when i chaired the archers court youth centre, I let one of the youth chair the meeting with my mild guidance so it was led by the youth, for the youth have to say the KCC officer objected to this move, but it happened!

Th councils policy to move everything out to whitfield, as i have said before will kill the small and larger shops in the town. Keith i have to admit you run lots for youth but im specking from St rads area and town these kids need somewhere to call there own, and to be kept off the streets at nite, for kids ages from not all kids like football, some like basketball, netball, etc. I just think Dover dont offer much. Im glad we agree on other areas of my previous comment.

Love Beth xx. Keith was public opinion asked on the up sticks to Whitfield idea? BETH Thank you again for your kind comments, All I will say is that yes, I run a few clubs, but thats my nature, there are also a number of clubs running around the town run by other proffessional and volunteer groups. On your question of St Rads and football this may help for the future. I have attended a number of St Rads meetings and have to say those youths attending showed little respect for those others attending or any kind of format for the future. I recall at one meeting having to stop one youth from slagging off a female chair just because she was female, that was usual practice.

I did spend many months at these meetings and attempted to change the format in how the group operated, but it was also questionable what constitutes a youth as one member was in his 20's with a family! I have always maintained that all sections of society should be helped wherever this is possible, but those that just want to be a problem those around should consider who attends. To take this one step further, i recently helped to form the priory forum activities club and the ages is clear 11 to 16 respect is top of the agenda, everyone listened to.

We also do table tennis, pool, darts, we have board games, i even took on 2 of the youth recently at chess and won!!!! We will be taking these kids to Ashford bowling centre as Dover aint got one!! So its a long answer, but we intend to build upon what we have started, k. Disempowered youth with few positive role models will probably never have learned the boundaries needed for good manners. Good manners are the manners that enable people to feel comfortable, bad manners are the manners that leave people feeling uncomfortable, simple as that, and it is likely that these young people have not had the opportunity to become less self absorbed and more considerate.

I am not making excuses - I never excuse poor behaviour - but in seeking the reasons we often stumble on the answers. Bern I fully appreciate your comments, and I did spend some time wth these youth, but they were not corrected unless i did it therefore they carried on being disrespecful, im all for helping people, and always will, but we can look behind eveyones issues, but boundaries need to be set, and enforced or you are on a loser. I rather think I was not implying that you had the responsibility to "correct" the young people, rather that we need to see the back story to the behaviour rather than just the behaviour!

Clearly there are sometimes issues that need to be addressed, and valuing people whatever their age is a good start to that. IT isnt always easy but weekly we will keep at it together it works. Caption for second picture reads Sniff this piece of clothing from the two suspects in the vicinity of the port. It should smell like something brown and distinctly horrid like you would find in a sewer. Please accept my apologies for the last remark I made.

It was a joke but I wouldn't want to bring down the tone too much. An alternative caption would read perhaps Because it's the scentre". It's very sensible to have those sniffer dogs and they are great at doing what they do, but those illegals they detect, are by then already here and we have to keep them. Why have the French in Calais, stopped using or did they never use them? Perhaps, cynically, they know that if they were detected in France, they would stay in France, if they aren't detected until they get to England, they'll stay in England.

Immigration - both legal and illegal, was so much simpler and eminently more sensible, pre We are spending millions, perhaps billions on providing benefits for them; including NHS services, sending money back to the countries where they come from and providing them with houses and a National Insurance number, which means that they will be eligible for a pension without earning it through paying taxes. Controlled immigration for qualified people and tjhose GENUINELY fleeing persecution, is fine, no problem with that, but illegal immigration by people who only want to milk the system and worse is very very wrong. If all this money wasn't wasted, there would be so many things that would make life so much easier.

One thing that springs to mind, is that when Tony Blair came to power in , he stated it was their determined goal, to stop single-sex wards; 10 years on and nothing has changed and now one of the Labour Peers in the House of Lords has stated that is impossible and always has been, to be able to do this. So many more incidents of failure, it's hard to appreciate how we have willingly voted in these people, time after time.

Roger an interesting one there re immigration. One little gem I heard on the radio less than half an hour ago, it concerns immigration, but on a slightly different tangent So in some instances the whole makeup of society, as we know it, is changing and changing very rapidly. Now it seems the NHS caters entirely for foreigners in some areas, although it must be said.. Howard interesting one about your Springer Spaniel, it is truly amazing, is it not, that in this day of technological excellence as created by man, we still cannot surpass the gifts of the humble animal as created by God. Staffed for and by people who do not have English as their first and sometimes second And not only Elders, but other vulnerable groups are often supported by people who have little or no grasp of their culture and precious little chance of communicating effectively.

We are talking as though all these people are bad. They are not, As was said in earlier postings many other nationalities work in hospitals and why shouldn't they? Iv said before, I cannot afford a conservative govt tha allows 3million to be thrown on the dole, that allows morgage rates to soar through the roof please excuse the pun that is happy for lower paid to remain lower paid, and given few rights plus much much more So im all in agreement Franch should do all it can to deter illegals crossing the channel, and England should do as much as possibl to stop illegal immigration.

Customs controls may deter many in both countries maybe bringing the controls back in UK and far more? Not bad, just inappropriate and exploited because their work comes cheap. Our Elders and vulnerable groups deserve appropriate and adequate services, and people who are themselves vulnerable and unable to communicate effectively should not be exploited for cheap and inadequate labour. We have the right to reflect that people supporting our vulnerable groups - your Mother or Father, your disabled child - should be able to communicate effectively and understand the culture in which they work, without appearing as bigots. Let us hope that the new border force continues the exemplary work that the immigration service has had in Dover, I hear that there has been some massive coups with regard to large drug hauls just lately.

It must have been a cold morning down at the eastern docks, I hope you were well wrapped up! Cheska the springer spaniel seems to be doing a great job with her handlers. Let us hope also that the French customs rethink with regard to using the X-ray machines and no longer need written permission of the illegal immigrants that they are trying to locate lol! The new Border Force which comes into effect later this year will hopefully continue to stem the tide in human trafficing and drug smuggling which is a major problem for our over-worked custom and immigration officers.

It was good to see the official 'drug sniffer extraordinaire' Cheska hard at work checking the lorries for illegal substances and obviously so well trained she then moved on afterwards to check out the throng of journalists accumulated there. Another road accident in St Rads again last nite, the driver was not to blame. Also where is our PCSO? The parents have no idea where the kids are again not that long ago we had a near child snacthing case up there. Its scary living up there and its getting worse. Very interesting article about immigration. Still leaves me slighlty angry though after applying to join immigration and being accepted, only to be told 6 months later they no longer had the funds to take on the new staff.

Mr Prosser did investigate and was advised the money that was going to pay for the new immigration officers had instead been spent on new technology. I still wish them good luck though. Beth This is not good, and if what you say is correct then you need to contact the police and PCSO and they need a higher presence. Keep a diary and descriptions always help you dont have to confront them just details from a safe distance k. If you realy want to know the 3 developers and paul Sheldrake ex cllr is happy to share the info with you, after all the frustration then please contact him.

The priory forum would im sure welcome your contributions as it has in the past when you attended, and we shared a lot of common aims. Why you have suddenly started sniping Is beyond me. I realy do want to resolve any differences because it does no one any good to have these snipes, when many volunteers both inside and outside the priory forum work hard for the community. Could I one last time hold out an olive branch for us to meet up with paul b if hes still prepared to do so. With no agena So i cant be accused of it being on my terms. I will continue with other volunteers to do what we can to improve the lot of local priory residents I invite you to rejoin us, but also to this meeting with paulb as an observer.

Howard is right, your are repeating a myth. There was no serious proposal, no-one with the 'big bucks', no planning application. Have you ever seen a proper business plan? You mean well Keith and may well believe what you are saying, but you do not know business and you certainly have no idea how business works. It is correct I did a lot as a cllr but i'v finished with all that, and the present cllrs should now take up the work and in many cases do. I will continue to work as a volunteer for the community because like many other priory volunteers we want to work for the community. Beth you describe a near nightmare scenario there, its almost like a futuristic science fiction film, a Blade Runner. I hope the police and indeed your councillors can do more for the people up there.

Who are your councillors? Sadly I think general ASBO type crime seems to be the one arena where the police are struggling to cope. All other crime figures are down throughout the county but they themselves recognise they need to do more with juvenile related difficulties. I think the first step towards some improvement should be through your councillors who should ask for a meeting with the police as a first step forward. Dave I understand your situation there. Although this new force appears 'all new', I am not sure if its actually a contraction of staff.

Apart from the political spin re the newness of it all, it may in actual terms be a cutback. Its impossible to tell at this stage. Usually when two sets of operations merge, it often amounts to just that I quite clearly saw them in operation myself last summer. The Minister said the other day.. Thanks for all your opinions on my estate, sadly the cllrs dont seem to care for the residents after all three of them that helpful keith put on here dont live up there also the few that do live around me feel singled out if they stand up to these young yobs. Keith you mentioned that i should do a diary and descriptions of the offenders.

I do belive that they are already known as most of them attended the former St Rads school and were trouble there. I have also spoken to the local pcso and he is coming to visit. KEITH, working as an elected volunteer in priory for the residents wrote:. Beth, Im sorry to hear you don't have much joy from the cllrs but im pleased the pcso has taken an interesYou do need to keep on and not give up, and stand up to these people who are spoiling your community.

I think it comes back to these youth meetings where the boys present wouldn't even listen to the females when they spoke, total lack of respect. So yes, everyone has a voice and should work together, but also respect has to be gained, and whilst you can help people to get on the right track, when people such as youth are going down he wrong road they need correcting. The above pictures were taken this morning on my short walk to the shops. My walk is about yards there, and yards back and this is what I encounter everytime I do it.

I didnt have to go out of my way to take these pictures, and in fact the pictures actually make it look better than it actually is in the cold light of reality. Is this some hidden far off area of town, some out of the way embarassment One of the pictures is of an empty shop in high spot Market Sq. Sought after location? No not really, the shop has been empty for more than a year People talking about Dover as a serious tourist destination are either having a laugh or totally deluded. Its ramshaclke rundown delapidated and poor. Where are all the good times? I remember the old story.. Okay so maybe we bought into that one, and changed to the Tories, but years later we are still in the same boat, are we not?..

Where is all this business acumen! Well, thanks for that Paul. Looks grim doesn't it? The trouble is that those photos do show how much work is required before we can be a successful tourist destination. The sad thing is that those sites haven't just got in that state, but have been like that for quite some time; the most recent site there being Party Planners.

I will send you the email address of someone I think should see them and your comments. Part of this comes under the "Public Realm Open Spaces" Dover Pride initiative and in my view all the above sites should have been resolved through enforcement - other Towns can do it, we could too with a CAN DO attitude. We need to find a way to do positive things, not reasons why we can't.

Well Paul you really know how to loose friends. Roger is correct a lot of your pictures are taken where the DTIZ development will take place. Three Cooks we got the windows fixed i said on the forum before absentee landlords. Party Planners i think there was a reason that the owner had to give up the shop. The picture of the litter DDC can do something about. Phone your local councillor. The old Labour exchange numbet 10 King Street we are trying to resolve issuies with this property. Its a pity you dont attend council or cabinet meetings see how decisions are made. A lot of good work is being done. Another property in Snargate Street is being done up one High Street.

Slowly slowly we get there. You covered the press release re the School children getting the Freedom pass we do get there in the end. Stop having a go you mix with a lot of councillors and by now you should realise we cannot achieve everthing. Its a good job we can rise above these sort of comments. Who put the litter there all 45 councillors i suppose. Hurrah to you Paul - well said. And Fine Words never Buttered Parsnips We are told repeatedly that "something is going to be done" but it has not materialised - those pictures clearly demonstrate what faces the people we are trying to encourage to visit us - and not only that, we as residents have to put up with a less that picturesque landscape. I think we need visible actions and not the promises and words that drown us.

Nice One PaulB! Roads, Hospitals, Docks, He has had a lot to say on all of these but what has he done Nothing. May Be this new border force can take him back to wales,. Actually started taking a similar set of photos myself and will do more tomorrow. Yes there are quite a few places like this but think that Burlington House, the Bus Depot, etc are to start going soon At the Castle, they are spending money: www. St James's should hopefully start to take shape soon. My album of the town should hopefully be some more Then and Now's hopefully GP has been involved with the fight to keep the prison away and still sides with the strikers of 20 years ago, despite it not being a headine grabbing thing.

There is something strangly uplifting at the sight of urban decay. A vestigial trace of what was and what could be strikes me as I muse over the images I pour over strikingly captured by the photographer. A paradoxical interpretation diametrically juxapositioned by the surrounding vista which lends itself to Mans innermost thoughts. On the other hand a bleak reminder of Mans inability to create something beautiful from something so ugly. I suppose the bottom line comes down to money or the lack of it. If, for example, the Olympic commitee in Planet London decided to spend some many millions creating their pipe dream regeneration scheme here in the town then most of the town centre would be demolished and new structures would be created.

This is highly unlikely at least in my lifetime so in the meantime this is the reality we are left with sadly. Someone left a comment about GP still supporting the striking miners. How does this square with his "green" credentials? Coal is non-u under the current fashion rules and until people realise that natural global warming deniers are conning the world the status quo will remain. I dont do politics as you know! With regard to Party Planners I spoke with Andy about a week ago and he assures me the business is re-opening in another position within the town and they are still working behind the scenes. Michelle x. The pics are mostly from where the DTIZ work will be, but we have been waiting since lord knows when for as much as a hole to be dug for this project, and all the time we have to continue to look at these decrebid buildings.

Our tourists have no idea that there is a project that is supposed to be happening, they are just going to look and think "what a dump" We keep hearing that work will start. Speaking only for myself. I have been hearing it since at least 4 years, and still nothing has happened. Hear Hear Mandie - it is bad enough that we have to live with the decay while being patronised about "plans" and "it is going to happen", but if we are seeking to increase tourism -and we seriously need to!

And not return. A consdierable amount of tourism business is built on return trade, and Dover is so well placed for that. Foir Goodness' Sake!!! Oh dear I hope I dont manage to lose any more friends I have so few left! Mandie as I understand it only 3 of the pictures are taken inside the DITZ area, the two of the decaying concrete abandoned carpark and the one of the rubbish fly tip. Thats as I understand it anyway. Excellent comments - making a great read! Derilict Dover, Jeane, perish the thought, we want to be known as Dazzling Dover! Those pictures PaulB are a sorry sight, especially as its your route to the shops and back on a saturday morning.

Maybe you should do what Maggie Thatcher said in the past, 'Get on yer bike' and go to Folkestone or Canterbury, at least your endorphin levels would be well enhanced lol! Joking apart, it is good to see that soil investigations and archaeological studies are scheduled whatever that means and the demolition of the Russell Street Stagecoach depot likely by the end of May. At this stage it would nice to know if 'scheduled' and 'likely' were more defined as we could then all look forward to a development date as such, and this would be a great step towards improving the morale of the Dover community.

Our 'Be Dazzled in Dover' posters would then become a reality for sure. It is a bit of an eye opener for the tourist and local alike when you are confronted with the images of desolation that are pictured here, and we have been constantly told to look at the larger picture, which we have all been promised over the years as far as regeneration is concerned. I have pointed out many times in the not too distant past that why has the property in Market Square not had a purchase order placed on it as it is an eyesore which doesn't give the right impression for what should be a forward thinking town. The possibilities are endless with the submissions by Bond City and food giant Asda for the new development. I am prepared to be 'Dazzled' as Dover has so much to offer, if other towns can do it, why can't we?

No wonder they feel let down. I do believe that most of the physical changes to the station were more or less on time Howard. The next phase, which has been the subject of a number of consultations and public exhibitions, is all about the public realm and the open spaces around the station and the Folkestone Road. I do understand that the public's ideas have been taken on board where ever possible, so folks won't say "I don't like that idea" - but I'm sure some will.

I know that you can't please all of the people all of the time, but at least those interested, have been able to give their input. I'm sorry you feel the improvements are disgusting Keith - have you let anyone know - did you attend the consultations and exhibitions and give your input? I thought the trees were trimmed to create a feeling of openness and space and ordered by the same people who cleared the ground by the train-tunnel on the other side of the road.

I must agree it does make them look a bit like amputated limbs. So both the comments and the pictures are being monitored at the top level, in other words amongst those with the power to do something. We are simply fed up looking at this squalor everyday and want something done about it. Its been like this for years and years. Its not the norm, we dont want to accept it as the norm. Well done Paul. As you say, this is now being looked at, at the highest level. At a briefing on underage drinking this morning more on that in due course I met Council Leader, the top man himself, Paul Watkins, and he took both myself and ColetteB on a tour of optimism around DDC headquarters.

Paul was anxious to show a huge amount of positive stuff happening in and around Dover and indeed there is, he wanted to point this out as an antidote to the pictures on display above. There are a whole serious of illustrations and pictures at DDC HQ of the various developments in progress and very impressive they are too it must be said. No doubt in the next few years many changes will kick in across the district. The district of course is much wider than Dover itself which is always worth remembering. With regard to the items we are discussing on here.. PaulW said I will be breaking out the champagne the day I see that garage coming down as it will symbolise "a giant leap for mankind" Yes that's quite a substantial amount of money so fingers crossed that most people will be happy with it at the end of the day.

These inner city developments I know dont please everybody, but at this late stage in the game I myself will be personally delighted to see the arrival of that mighty ship ASDA and all that flows in with her. This was put on ice a little while ago and the amount put towards this was so low it was unlikely to get 2 steps moved!! We have to be positive about Dover, but watching spiral downhill is heartbreaking. Wonder how town shops will survive both in the short term and when ASDA may open.

Hi Paul - how come no one believes us when we Councillors say what is happening? I'm glad you and Colette were able to see first hand what is being done and developed. Howard: I walked over the station bridge this afternoon and saw that the trees have been cut right down. It does look better than those amputated limbs. Keith: it wasn't "my party" that took over the station and you know it; the enhancements were made by partnerships - for quite sometime, the only way to achieve success. PaulB - I will join you in that glass of champagne when it all kicks off!!

Well done that man, for finding the info, for getting things talked about, for geeing things up!! Nice One!!! For someone who is always saying you are a positive person, you do say some very negative things, always trying to drag things down. It's a wonder people aren't crying their eyes out all the time when they read your postings! It wouldn't have been DDC that excluded you, there may have been reasons why other partners felt it may not have been appropriate, but I don't know what they were, if indeed there were any exclusions.

You must appreciate I'm sure, that when any major negotiations are in place, some talks behind closed doors must take place. A very interesting morning yesterday, following the DDC's expansive briefing on under-age drinking, the personal tour given by Paul Watkins to PaulB and myself was very informative and positive, Many Thanks Paul. As Paul's pictures point out, it is the 'Heart' of the town that we are talking about, the sight first seen by tourists and shoppers leave a lasting impression. Although the DTIZ, Priory Station and SeaSports development are progressing along nicely now, the town centre needs to be put right to give back that sense of civic pride.

Add me to the champagne queue, pink would be my preference. I for obvious reasons cannot talk too much about the Station but i can tell you that i as Spokesman for the Ticket Office I had a meeting with a big boss over the state of the Station,there is water coming into the Ticket Office everyday and in 3 places when it rains,the workmanship was very poor check the doors hanging off the cupboards,the planning was stupid,if you wait for someone in the new waiting room you will never see them as they do not walk passed you,the chairs have been taken out of the old waiting room so you can't sit down,there are even more serious problems but i cannot talk about them here because I rely on my job for the wages.

I appreciate your position there John and thank you for letting us know just how poorly the work there has been carried out. Presumably the Station Manager and others including the company that carried out the work know it is this poor and have requested the necessary repairs? It is a disgrace - bad publicity for who ever did the work - was it a local company, so we know not to use them? The station looks quite good from the bridge; I've not been up close and personal since it won that safety award. Call one of the local papers, they'll show them up. Thanks for your comments Roger,and although I would like to name names this is one of the areas I have a problem as I understand there is a court case pending,regeneration is good and it will be for Dover but we must make sure the work is upto the quality we need not just stick something up and that will do,the people of Dover will not stand for things just stuck up to quell the shouts for regeneration,we also need quality.

I hope you can rectify these issues. Problems still keep stacking up in the economy as a direct result of Gordon Browns mis-management. The Office for National Statistics has revealed that factory gate inflation rose more than expected in January and to its highest rate in more than 16 years. Analysts had expected an annual reading of 5. Core output price inflation also rose much faster than expected, up 0. The figures are likely to raise expectations that the Bank of England may not be able to cut interest rates as fast as the market would expect as price pressures continue to build even as the economy slows. This is probably why the Bank of England did not reduce rates last week by as much as the markets expected.

It's true we have growing inflation, higher prices in the shops particularly on food, higher commodity prices, and a credit squeeze due to a banking crisies, but all these things are directly to do with overseas forces. Higher oil prices, scandalous gas prices, chaos in the american housing market, crisies in the banking sector, but all these things are a result of global fluctuations and problems. Even throughout the Euro-Zone inflation is increasing, so its not just our problem here but a problem everywhere. Therefore surely Gordon Brown isnt responsible for all that. These same difficulties would be upon us no matter who was in power. Over the last 10 years Gordon Brown has only kept the economy afloat during what was a very benign period by excessive borrowing not only by the Government but by individuals.

He has removed or devalued the incentives to save and invest while going on a Government spending spree that is unprecedented. The world economy always goes in cycles and he has left this country unprepared for the downturn. What we are experiencing now is not unexpected, it happens as sure as night follows day. During the period of economic growth, over the last 10 years he continued to tax borrow and spend at a time when borrowing should have been paid back.

He squandered the strong financial position he inherited from Ken Clarke rather than build upon it. The UK is now overextended, interest rates should be reduced and taxes reduced to stimulate the economy. He cannot reduce taxes because of his spending commitments and still has to keep borrowing to pay for these while also at the same time suffering from reduced revenues as a result of the downturn. The result is that interest rates must fall BUT the cost will be high inflation that will hit us in 18 months-2 years time as a result of increased money supply. In short the fool has backed our economy against the wall and we will all be suffering as a result.

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