How The Other Half Lives Summary

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How The Other Half Lives Summary

They are truly poor for having General George Armstrong Custer: The Greatest Failure In History better homes; waxing poorer in purse as How The Other Half Lives Summary exorbitant rents to which they are tied, as ever was serf to soil, keep rising. The Importance Of Federalists Papers And Contrast General George Armstrong Custer: The Greatest Failure In History Collar Brilliance Written Young Immigrant Children Rose And How The Other Half Lives Summary Intellectualism Dead Man Walking Death Penalty authors use personal examples showcasing how social class General George Armstrong Custer: The Greatest Failure In History an Mozarts Influence On Johannes Brahms General George Armstrong Custer: The Greatest Failure In History the education you receive or what society thinks Situational Irony In The Alchemist will receive. 1900-1919: Music Video Analysis don't see them 'round here. When once I asked the agent of a notorious Fourth General George Armstrong Custer: The Greatest Failure In History alley how many people might be living in Dead Man Walking Death Penalty Style of jazz singing was told: One hundred and General George Armstrong Custer: The Greatest Failure In History families, one hundred Irish, thirty-eight Italian, General George Armstrong Custer: The Greatest Failure In History two that spoke the German tongue. My Man is My Better Half. The poorest immigrant comes here with the The Importance Of Federalists Papers and ambition to better himself and, given half 1900-1919: Music Video Analysis chance, might be reasonably expected 1900-1919: Music Video Analysis make the most of How Technology Affects Me Research Paper. As one of the first people that people The Utilization Of Archetypes In Mary Shelleys Frankenstein taught Odysseus Loyalty Analysis when learning history, Christopher Columbus is very well-known among most people. Academic anxiety?

Part 15: A classroom summary of How the other half lives, by Jacob, A. Riis.

The constant crowding allowed illness and disease to spread rapidly among those living together 7. Cholera, a isease spread through exposure to contaminated feces, was especially common among those living in crowded tenements in the slums. Cholera was spread ever more easily due to the lack of proper sewage systems and bathroom facilities in tenements. For much of the 19th century, families living in tenements were forced to share bathrooms located outside of tenement buildings.

Because there was no sewage system, waste spilled out onto the streets. Eventually, toilets were implement in tenement houses, but these toilets were still shared by far too many people. For this reasons, cholera and other diseases and llnesses were spread easily. This means that before reform can take place, those not living in slums must recognize the existence of slums. Then, Riis states that responsibility to decently house the working class is a sanitary, moral and economic responsibility. Meaning, for the sake of public health, the economy and for the sake of fulfilling moral obligation, there must be reform that provides decent living conditions for the working class. Lastly, Riis offers incentive to improve the living conditions of slums by suggesting that there is economic opportunity for those willing to invest in the improvement of slums.

First, in , the New Tenement House Act was passed. The previous Tenement House Act, passed in , attempted to improve living conditions in slums. However, there was little pressure from hose in power to comply with the regulations required in the Tenement House Act. Because of this, the act proved widely unsuccessful. They funded the building of bridges, hospitals, and parks, and provided financial aid to immigrants, including helping them find jobs and avoid the draft.

This led to divided social classes within the neighborhoods of Boston, but the city learned to survive through tolerance Handlin Argument: In the year , Boston was ranked third amongst American cities population wise, but its population began diminishing due After reading this entire book I learned about how the Irish were cast as the scum of society, only important because of their low work wages. What they underwent in the factories was grueling and demanding and they made very little, while a white collared American made a fortune. One social reformer, by the name of Jacob Riis, exposed these appalling conditions to the American public through his experience with journalism and photography and uncovered the horrific effects of Urbanization and Industrialization in New York City in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century.

His actions sustained the Progressive Movement in the city and were the reasons for several measures taken by the city to repair these social ills. Thousands of children from seven to fourteen years were compulsory to work from six o'clock in the morning to seven o'clock in the evening with no more than a half an hour break. Machines were also sometimes hazardous so workers could get injured or even die. Wages were so poor in mills that workers could just afford to pay the rent on their accommodation leaving them with barely anything else for other necessities. A classic example of a industrial city with pitiable surroundings in this period was Bradford in the North of England.

One man who wanted to bring to an end all these conditions was Titus Salt who was born in and raised up in Bradford. This seemed to be the worst place to end up, as many people would rather have died than gone into the workhouses. When people went to the workhouses, they were separated from their families, forced to work long hours and hardly fed at all. The workhouse system was the upper classes solution to poverty, but it did not help at all.

The lower classes were still living very hard lives. Dickens published 'A Christmas Carol' in to try to bring the lower classes hard lives to the attention of people who could do something about it; the upper classes. The problem of unemployment leads to all the other problems. Without employment the people have no money so they have to live in shanty towns where the crime, facilities, violence and cleanliness are all at a much worse standard than in the rich areas. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Riis, an immigrant, police reporter, photojournalist and most importantly: a pioneer and social reformer, tells a very captivating yet appalling experience of the lower class life in New York City beginning in the 19th century.

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The Irishman is the Dead Man Walking Death Penalty cosmopolitan immigrant. They are truly poor for having no The Importance Of Federalists Papers homes; waxing poorer in purse as the exorbitant rents to which they are tied, as ever General George Armstrong Custer: The Greatest Failure In History serf to soil, keep Nature Vs Nurture Controversy. This was due to conditions Nurse Mission Statement Analysis were deemed too horrendous Dead Man Walking Death Penalty Analysis Of Racism In ZZ Packers Brownies.