Minimum Wage History

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Minimum Wage History

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A Brief History of the U.S. Minimum Wage - ABC News

This allowed employers to continue exploiting their workers through the Great Depression of the s, when incredible demand for jobs caused wages to drop even further to an all-time low. With poverty becoming a huge national issue, President Franklin D. Roosevelt promised to constitutionally protect American workers as a key part of his re-election campaign. The FLSA introduced sweeping regulations to protect American workers from being exploited, and created a mandatory federal minimum wage of 25 cents an hour in order to maintain a "minimum standard of living necessary for health, efficiency and general well-being, without substantially curtailing employment".

This new law was welcomed as a godsend by the thousands of workers who were previously forced to work for a fraction of that amount, but was violently opposed by many employers and fiscal conservatives who argued that a minimum wage could hurt employers. In addition to establishing a mandatory nation-wide minimum wage the Fair Labor Standards Act introduced many other worker's protection laws still in effect today, including banning child labor and establishing workplace safety statutes. In the years since the FLSA was introduced, the federal minimum wage was revised by Congress every few years to account for inflation and the ever rising cost of living although, in the years after the FLSA was introduced, Congress has actually reduced the Minimum Wage several times.

In , President Bill Clinton introduced legislation allowing individual states to set their own minimum wage rates, and as a result many states have minimum wages that are higher then the federal minimum wage see list of state minimum wage rates. Labor activists call on Congress to raise minimum wage, while others point out the negative effects this could have on the economy read more about the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage.

Want to help change labor law? Contact your senator and let them know what you think at www. Roosevelt passed it as part of the New Deal to protect workers during the Great Depression. The Depression had caused wages for many to drop to pennies a day. The fierce competition during the Depression forced companies to slash pay and extend hours just to stay in business. Another major issue was child labor. According to a U. Public interest grew around the issue, and in the leadup to establishing the minimum wage, President Roosevelt called a special session of Congress in to address matters.

The minimum wage was raised by the U. Congress three more times. But the FLSA applied primarily to workers in interstate commerce. In , Congress amended the Act to include workers in retail and service companies as well as employees in local transportation, construction, and gas stations.. Five years later, FLSA included state and local government employees along with workers in service industries such as laundries, hotels, and farms. Critics and scholars have argued that minimum wage laws created issues of racial discrimination and inequality long before the first federal minimum wage was passed. It set these scheduled increases:. He signed an executive order that said all government contractors must comply with that minimum.

Members are concerned it would force many small businesses to lay off workers to keep their overall labor costs in line, a sentiment that reflects a Congressional Budget Office report. However, it would also cost 1. A similar bill passed the House of Representatives in but stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate. According to an April Pew Research study, the majority of U. Workers who can cover the cost of living have better morale. They are more productive if they have a decent standard of living.

A higher minimum wage can provide more incentive to work while reducing income inequality , the large disparity in how income is distributed between individuals, groups, populations, social classes, or countries due in part to structural racism or sexism. A minimum wage spurs economic growth because it gives workers more money to spend. This increases demand and business revenue. Workers who have more time and money can then invest in their education. This can further increases their productivity while improving the attractiveness of the country's labor pool. A more educated workforce can also increases innovation and the number of small businesses. Finally, minimum wage laws benefit individual businesses. Workers are less likely to leave to find a higher-paying job.

This reduces turnover and expensive retraining costs. When the government makes it a law for them to pay more per worker, businesses tend to hire fewer workers to keep the total labor costs the same. This, in turn, increases the unemployment rate. It hits workers with income at or below the federal poverty threshold the hardest since they must now compete for fewer jobs.

Some smaller companies also may not be able to operate with fewer workers and may be forced to declare bankruptcy instead. Meanwhile, according to the BSIM results, major industries including retail, administrative, and support services are forecast to experience large job losses, which offset increased wages for workers who are able keep or find jobs in these industries. The minimum wage penalizes companies that are labor-intensive. By default, this rewards those that are in capital-intensive industries.

Over time, this can shift the very fabric of the country's economic base. Minimum wage laws may increase job outsourcing. Companies move their facilities to countries where labor costs are lower. Higher minimum wage laws may not reduce the country's poverty. It helps the workers who have jobs but increases unemployment. Research shows experienced workers received higher pay and increased job opportunities, while less experienced workers saw a loss in job opportunities. This was according to a study of Seattle's minimum wage increase by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Finally, minimum wages could raise the cost of living in some areas. A higher minimum wage allows workers to pay more for housing. As a result, landlords could raise rents, creating inflation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of hourly paid workers earning the current federal minimum wage or less went down from 1. That's well below the In total, 1. Those who earn the minimum wage or less are young. Approximately 1. Here are some examples:. If anyone in these categories works for the government, a hospital, or a school, they are not exempt and must still receive minimum wage. Check the state minimum wage laws for these worker categories. The state minimum wage will take precedence over the federal minimum wage law if the amount is higher. The FLSA Reference Guide provides information on the minimum wage, overtime pay, and other standards affecting all types of workers. As of , 29 states and D.

The DOL lists the current minimum wage laws for each state. It also provides a history of the minimum wage for each state since Many countries have a national minimum wage. Most of them review and adjust it annually, depending on the cost of living. Canada: Instead, of a national minimum wage, each Canadian province and territory in sets its own level. While Canada has no national minimum wage, it does have its own history with provincial minimum pay and racial discrimination.

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