Soviet Union Collapsed

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Soviet Union Collapsed

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The Collapse of The Soviet Union - A Documentary Film (2006)

By the s, a new type of leader emerged in Mikhail Gorbachev. In an attempt to boost his country's sagging economy, Gorbachev introduced a pair of initiatives known as glasnost and perestroika. Glasnost called for political openness and ended the banning of books and the KGB, allowed citizens to criticize the government, and allowed for other parties than the Communist Party to participate in elections.

Perestroika was an economic plan that combined communism and capitalism. Ultimately the plan was a failure, and the USSR was dissolved. Gorbachev resigned on December 25, , and the Soviet Union ceased to exist six days later on December Boris Yeltsin , a key leader of the opposition, later became the first president of the new Russian Federation. It was formed in and included many of the independent republics that made up the USSR. In the years since its formation, the CIS has lost a few members and other countries have never joined. By most accounts, analysts think of the CIS as little more than a political organization in which its members exchange ideas. Very few of the agreements that the CIS has adopted have, in reality, been implemented.

Of the fifteen constituent republics of the USSR, three of these countries declared and were granted independence a few months preceding the fall of the Soviet Union in Share Flipboard Email. Matt Rosenberg. Geography Expert. Updated August 02, Cite this Article Format. Rosenberg, Matt. Watch Now: Profile of Joseph Stalin. Between and , the gross national product in Soviet countries fell by 20 percent, ushering in a period of complete economic breakdown. Grocery store shelves were often empty, and lines for food were long. The trading the Soviet Union did engage in was mostly with communist countries, many of which were in Eastern Europe. Soviet trade with Western countries largely consisted of currency and Soviet oil exports, as well as trading one manufactured good for another Pepsi for Stolichnaya vodka, for example.

For example, he tried to stop the production and sale of alcohol, forcing the industry underground. He also began leasing state-owned land to farmers and cut state spending on the military. A few years prior, in April of , Soviet and American trade delegations met in Moscow to examine possibly expanding trade relations. That same year, the Soviet Union signed a normalization agreement with the European Economic Community. This helped open the door to Soviet expansion into the world market, bolstering relations with not only former Soviet bloc nations, but also Western powers such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

President George H. Bush signed trade agreements designed to make it easier for U. In , for the first time, Russia participated in economic discussions at the G7 summit in Denver, Colorado. The following year, Russia was integrated as a full member, and the G7 became the G8. By the early s, Russian President Vladimir Putin was working to create a free-trade zone in Russia, and the country eventually joined the World Trade Organization in When the Soviet government fell, the Russian mafia, which had struggled to survive during the height of communism, stepped in to fill the power void. Government infrastructure—ranging from basic public utilities to police services—mostly evaporated during the collapse. Mafia oligarchs seized state-owned assets and enterprises throughout Russia, such as telecommunications and energy networks and industries, and the mafia extorted the public in exchange for providing security and enforcing laws wherever the Russian government was unable to.

Though the current Russian administration has had some success combating organized crime, the Russian mafia is still extremely powerful and well-connected. However, in an autocratic society such as that of Russia, anyone who speaks in opposition to government corruption will be arrested, exiled or even murdered under mysterious circumstances. The fall of the Soviet empire also had far-reaching effects on the world as a whole, particularly among its former Soviet satellite nations. For some countries, such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, oil and natural gas exports have created prosperity but have also enabled corruption. Countries such as Lithuania and Latvia underwent dramatic transformations by quickly turning to the West, adopting Western ideals and political leanings, while other countries, such as Armenia and Tajikistan, have struggled to flourish in the post-Soviet era and many citizens remain poverty-stricken while the states and their politics remain in flux.

In the quarter-century since the Soviet Union collapsed, U.

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