Tim Burtons Cinematic Techniques

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Tim Burtons Cinematic Techniques

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You Know It's a Tim Burton Film IF...

After Burton was hired as director in , Steve Englehart and Julie Hickson wrote film treatments before Sam Hamm wrote the first screenplay. Batman was not greenlit until after the success of Burton's Beetlejuice Numerous A-list actors were considered for the role of Batman before Keaton was cast. Keaton's casting was controversial since, by , he had become typecast as a comedic actor and many observers doubted he could portray a serious role.

The film primarily adapts and diverts from the " Red Hood " origin story for the Joker, having Batman inadvertently cause gangster Jack Napier to fall into Axis Chemical acid, triggering his transformation into the psychopathic Joker. Filming took place at Pinewood Studios from October to January It was the fifth-highest-grossing film in history at the time of its release. It also inspired the equally successful Batman: The Animated Series , paving the way for the DC animated universe , and has influenced Hollywood 's modern marketing and development techniques of the superhero film genre. As Gotham City approaches its bicentennial , Mayor Borg orders district attorney Harvey Dent and police Commissioner Gordon to make the city safer by incarcerating mob boss Carl Grissom.

Meanwhile, reporter Alexander Knox and photojournalist Vicki Vale investigate sightings of a masked vigilante called " Batman " who is targeting the city's criminals. Both attend a fundraiser hosted by billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne , who is secretly Batman, having chosen this path after witnessing a mugger murder his parents when he was a child. During the event, Bruce becomes infatuated with Vale, but interrupts their meeting to secretly pursue Gordon when he leaves on police business.

Grissom sends his sociopathic second-in-command Jack Napier to raid Axis Chemicals to retrieve incriminating evidence, though it is a cover to have Napier murdered for sleeping with his mistress Alicia Hunt. Although corrupt police lieutenant Max Eckhardt arranges the hit on Napier by conducting an unauthorized police operation, Gordon arrives, takes command, and orders officers to capture Napier alive as a potential witness.

Batman also arrives to catch Napier, who kills Eckhardt as revenge for double-crossing him. During a scuffle with Batman, Napier topples off a catwalk and falls into a vat of acidic chemicals. Although presumed dead, Napier survives with various disfigurements including chalk white skin and emerald green hair and nails. He undergoes surgery from a surgeon to repair the damage, but ends up with a rictus grin. Driven insane by his new appearance, Napier, now calling himself "the Joker ", kills Grissom at his estate, massacres Grissom's associates and takes over his operations.

Batman researches a way to stop the Joker from terrorizing Gotham with hygiene products laced with "Smylex" — a deadly chemical which causes victims to literally die laughing with the same maniacal grin as the Joker. The Joker soon develops limerence with Vicki and lures her to the Gotham Museum of Art, where his henchmen destroy the works of art within. Batman arrives and rescues Vicki before taking her to his Batcave , providing her with all of his research on Smylex that will allow the city's residents to escape the toxin. Conflicted with his love for her, Bruce visits her apartment intending to reveal his secret identity, only for the Joker to interrupt the meeting.

The Joker confronts Bruce with the question "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? The Joker then shoots Bruce, but he survives thanks to a serving tray hidden underneath his shirt, and escapes while the Joker is distracted. At the Batcave, Bruce reminisces on his parents' murder, and realizes that the Joker was their killer. Vicki is taken to the Batcave by Bruce's butler, Alfred , who had been coaxing the relationship between the pair to bring out Bruce's human side.

After exposing his secret to Vicki, Bruce reveals he cannot focus on their relationship with the Joker on the loose, and departs to destroy the Axis plant used to create Smylex. Meanwhile, the Joker lures Gotham's citizens to a parade with the promise of free money, in order to dose them with Smylex gas held within giant parade balloons. Batman foils his plan by using his Batwing to remove the balloons, but the Joker shoots him down. The Batwing crashes in front of a cathedral, and the Joker takes Vicki hostage within it. Batman pursues the Joker to the top of the cathedral, and in the ensuing fight, he reveals that he knows Napier killed his parents and, thus, indirectly created Batman before the latter created the Joker, leading the Joker to realize Batman is Bruce.

The Joker eventually pulls Batman and Vicki over the balcony of the cathedral, leaving them hanging while he attempts to escape by calling in a helicopter piloted by his goons, who throw down a ladder for him to climb. However, Batman uses a grappling hook to attach the Joker's leg to a gargoyle. Unable to bear its immense weight, the Joker falls to his death while Batman and Vicki make it to safety. Sometime later, Gordon announces that the police have arrested all of the Joker's men and unveils the Bat-Signal. Dent reads a note from Batman, promising that he will defend Gotham should crime strike again, and asks them to use the Bat-Signal to summon him in times of need.

Alfred takes Vicki to Wayne Manor , explaining that Bruce will be a little late. She responds that she is not surprised, as Batman looks at the signal's projection from a rooftop, standing watch over the city. The reason I've never been a comic book fan — and I think it started when I was a child — is because I could never tell which box I was supposed to read. I don't know if it was dyslexia or whatever, but that's why I loved The Killing Joke , because for the first time I could tell which one to read. It's my favorite. It's the first comic I've ever loved. And the success of those graphic novels made our ideas more acceptable. In the late s, Batman's popularity was waning. Producers Benjamin Melniker and Michael E.

It was Uslan's wish "to make the definitive, dark, serious version of Batman, the way Bob Kane and Bill Finger had envisioned him in A creature of the night; stalking criminals in the shadows. Uslan was unsuccessful with pitching Batman to various movie studios because they wanted the film to be similar to the campy s television series. Columbia Pictures and United Artists were among those to turn down the film. A disappointed Uslan then wrote a script titled Return of the Batman to give the film industry a better idea of his vision for the film. Uslan later compared its dark tone to that of the successful four-part comic book The Dark Knight Returns , which his script pre-dated by six years.

The four felt it was best to pattern the film's development after that of Superman Warner Bros. Cloud as the romantic interest. Most of them were based on Strange Apparitions. However, it was Mankiewicz's script that was still being used to guide the project. Burton had then-girlfriend Julie Hickson write a new page film treatment , feeling the previous script by Mankiewicz was campy. Burton was initially not a comic book fan, but he was impressed by the dark and serious tone found in both The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke.

He removed the Penguin and Dick Grayson in his second treatment, finishing in May Burton approached Sam Hamm , a comic book fan, to write the screenplay. He completed his script in October , which demoted Dick Grayson to a cameo rather than a supporting character. When Hamm's script was rewritten, the scene was deleted, reducing it to a photo in the Gotham Globe newspaper seen in the film. They hear Keaton's name and they think of any number of Michael Keaton comedies.

You think of the s version of Batman , and it was the complete opposite of our film. We tried to market it with a typical dark and serious tone, but the fans didn't believe us. Keaton's casting caused a controversy among comic book fans, [19] [25] with 50, protest letters sent to Warner Bros. I think they thought we were going to make it like the s TV series, and make it campy, because they thought of Michael Keaton from Mr. Mom and Night Shift and stuff like that. Peters approached Nicholson as far back as , during filming of The Witches of Eastwick ; [32] unlike Keaton, he was a popular choice for his role.

His contract specified the number of hours he was entitled to have off each day, from the time he left the set to the time he reported back for filming, [10] as well as being off for Los Angeles Lakers home games. Sean Young was originally cast as Vicki Vale, but was injured in a horse-riding accident prior to commencement of filming. Peters suggested Kim Basinger : she was able to join the production immediately and was cast. His character was originally supposed to die by the Joker's poison gas in the climax, but the filmmakers "liked [my] character so much," Wuhl said, "that they decided to let me live. Eckhardt, and Jack Palance as crime boss Carl Grissom.

Blade Runner was consciously avoided as a reference; no one was allowed to watch it while we were designing the film and neon was shunned altogether! Burton had been impressed with the design of Neil Jordan 's The Company of Wolves , but was unable to hire its production designer Anton Furst for Beetlejuice [25] as Furst had instead committed to Jordan's London-filmed ghost comedy High Spirits , a choice he later regretted. There was never any problem because we never fought over anything. Texture, attitude and feelings are what Burton is a master at.

Furst and the art department deliberately mixed clashing architectural styles to "make Gotham City the ugliest and bleakest metropolis imaginable". A city run by crime, with a riot of architectural styles. An essay in ugliness. As if hell erupted through the pavement and kept on going". Derek Meddings served as the visual effects supervisor , overseeing the miniatures and animation. Conceptual illustrator Julian Caldow designed the Batmobile, Batwing and assorted bat-gadgets that were later constructed by prop builder John Evans. Keith Short sculpted the final body of the Batmobile , [46] adding two Browning machine guns. In the end, we went into pure expressionism, taking the Salt Flat Racers of the 30s and the Sting Ray macho machines of the 50s".

The car was built upon a Chevrolet Impala when previous development with a Jaguar and Ford Mustang failed. Ringwood found it difficult designing the Batsuit because "the image of Batman in the comics is this huge, big six-foot-four hunk with a dimpled chin. Michael Keaton is a guy with average build", he stated. The costume put him in a dark, Batman-like mood though, so he was able to use it to his advantage". Vin Burnham was tasked with sculpting the Batsuit, in association with Alli Eynon.

Jon Peters wanted to use a Nike product placement with the Batsuit. Part of Nicholson's contract was approval over the makeup designer. The filmmakers considered filming Batman entirely on the Warner Bros. It was shot at Pinewood Studios in England from October 10, to February 14, with 80 days of main shooting and 86 days of second unit shooting. The police were later called in when two reels of footage about 20 minutes' worth were stolen. The worst period of my life! Hamm was not allowed to perform rewrites during the Writers Guild of America strike.

Jonathan Gems and Charles McKeown rewrote the script during filming. Hamm criticized the rewrites, but blamed the changes on Warner Bros. We started out with a script that everyone liked, although we recognized it needed a little work. Keaton used his comedic experience for scenes such as Bruce and Vicki's Wayne Manor dinner. Ultimately, Keaton decided to perform Batman's voice at a lower register than when he was portraying Bruce Wayne, which became a hallmark of the film version of the character, with Christian Bale later using the same technique.

Originally in the climax, the Joker was to kill Vicki Vale, sending Batman into a vengeful fury. Jon Peters reworked the climax without telling Burton and commissioned production designer Anton Furst to create a foot 12 m model of the cathedral. Burton disliked the idea, having no clue how the scene would end: "Here were Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger walking up this cathedral, and halfway up Jack turns around and says, 'Why am I walking up all these stairs? Where am I going? Elfman was worried, as he had never worked on a production this large in budget and scale. Elfman would then combine the style of Prince and Jackson's songs together for the entire film score. Burton protested the ideas, citing "my movies aren't commercial like Top Gun. One of them featured songs written by Prince while the other showcased Elfman's score.

Both were successful, [65] and compilations of Elfman's opening credits were used in the title sequence theme for Batman: The Animated Series , also composed by Shirley Walker. When discussing the central theme of Batman , director Tim Burton explained, "the whole film and mythology of the character is a complete duel of the freaks. It's a fight between two disturbed people", adding that "The Joker is such a great character because there's a complete freedom to him.

Any character who operates on the outside of society and is deemed a freak and an outcast then has the freedom to do what they want They are the darker sides of freedom. Insanity is in some scary way the most freedom you can have, because you're not bound by the laws of society". Burton saw Bruce Wayne as the bearer of a double identity, exposing one while hiding the reality from the world. Hanke felt that Batman has to push the boundaries of civil justice to deal with certain criminals, such as the Joker. Batman conveys trademarks found in s pulp magazines , notably the design of Gotham City stylized with Art Deco design. Caligari and Metropolis It has the demeaning presence of German Expressionism and fascist architecture , staring down at the citizens.

The B. Fox ad agency created hundreds of unused logos and posters for promotion, many by John Alvin. Scott said that Brando was not that good a player. Brando had to sue Francis Ford Coppola to get all the money owed to him from his percentage of the profits of Apocalypse Now Brando characterized the people in the movie industry as "liars" to Lawrence Grobel who conducted his Playboy interview : "Even Francis Coppola owed me one-and-a-half million and I have to sue him.

They all do that, as they make interest on the money It's all so ugly, I hate the idea of having to act, but there's no other way to do it. The producers of the film adaptation of Sir Peter Shaffer 's play Equus were interested in casting either Brando or Jack Nicholson in the lead role of Dr. Martin Dysart. The role went instead to Richard Burton , who had to "screen-test" for the role by agreeing to appear in the play on Broadway. Burton did, got rave reviews and a special Tony Award, and won his seventh and last Oscar nomination for the role. In his diary, Burton wrote that in the late s, he was always one of the first actors producers turned to when Brando turned down a role.

He then flew to Dahomey, Africa, where Taylor was shooting The Comedians with husband Richard Burton to personally deliver the award. Brando later socialized with the Burtons, visiting them on their famous yacht the Kalizma, while they plied the Mediterreanean. Brando's ex-wife Anna Kashfi , in her book "Brando for Breakfast" , claimed that Brando and Burton got into a fistfight aboard the yacht, probably over Liz, but nothing of the incident appears in Burton's voluminous diaries, in which Burton says he found Brando to be quite intelligent but believed he suffered, like Liz did, from becoming too famous too early in his life.

He recognized Brando as a great actor, but felt he would have been more suited to silent films due to the deficiency in his voice the famous "mumble". As a silent film star, Burton believed Brando would have been the greatest motion picture actor ever. After a two-day preliminary hearing in early August , the presiding judge ruled that enough evidence had been presented to try Christian on first-degree murder charges. Brando's friend, actor William Redfield , mentioned him prominently in the memoir he wrote about the stage production of "Hamlet" later transferred to film as Hamlet directed by John Gielgud and starring Richard Burton. That is, they believed that Brando's more naturalistic style, combined with his greatness as an actor, would prove a challenge to the more stylized and technical English acting paradigm epitomized by Laurence Olivier , and that Brando would supplant Olivier as the world's greatest actor.

Redfield would tell Burton stories of Brando, whom the Welsh actor had not yet met. Redfield sadly confessed that Brando, by not taking on roles such as Hamlet and furthermore, by betraying his craft by abandoning the stage, thus allowing his instrument to be dulled by film work , had failed not only as an actor, but had failed to help American actors create an acting tradition that would rival the English in terms of expertise. When Brando was interviewed by Connie Chung for her television program Saturday Night with Connie Chung , broadcast on October 7, , he said he was upset with the picture and mentioned the charitable gift the producers had made on his bequest to show his commitment to toppling apartheid in South Africa.

McQueen, who was obsessed with Newman as his rival as a movie actor and superstar, had bought the script from William Goldman , originally called "The Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy". McQueen was slated to play "The Sundance Kid". When he dropped out and Newman took over the production, the title was reversed and Brando was offered the role. He declined in order to film Burn! Brando earlier had dropped out of Elia Kazan 's The Arrangement shortly after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Brando told Kazan he could not star in a run-of-the-mill movie after King's assassination. Instead, he opted for "Burn", which was a pro-revolutionary story about a rebellion of African slaves in the Caribbean. The very last film role that was ever offered to him was Rayburn in Man on Fire , less than a year before he passed away.

The role instead went to Christopher Walken. Batman creator Bob Kane was relieved that he was not cast, as he considered Brando the "wrongest possible choice for the role". Keith Richards 's son, Marlon Richards is named after him. Signed on to appear in director Sidney Lumet 's adaptation of the play Child's Play as schoolteacher Joseph Dobbs, but backed out just before principal photography was to begin when he realized James Mason had the better role as his schoolteacher rival. According to Bob Thomas ' "Brando: Portrait of the Artist as a Rebel", Brando quit the production when he realized his flagging career would soon be revitalized by the The Godfather A last-minute replacement, Robert Preston was signed to take over the role, and though a fine actor, he bombed in the performance due to over-projection of his voice Preston had been playing mainly in the theater in the previous decade.

Brando subsequently was sued by producer David Merrick. Both were offered the role by David Lean , and both turned the role down. However, a month went by and Brando failed to respond to Lean's written inquiry into whether he wanted to play Komarovsky, so the director offered the role to James Mason , who was a generation older than Brando. Lean decided on Mason, who initially accepted the role, as he did not want an actor who would overpower the character of Yuri Zhivago specifically, to show Zhivago up as a lover of Lara, who would be played by the young Julie Christie , which the charismatic Brando might have done, shifting the sympathy of the audience.

Mason eventually dropped out and Rod Steiger , who had just won the Silver Bear as Best Actor for his role as the eponymous The Pawnbroker , accepted the role. Made the Top 10 Poll of Money-Making Stars, as ranked by Quigley Publications' annual survey of movie exhibitors, five times from to He debuted at 10 in , and climbed to 6 in before falling off the list in He again made the list, as 4, in He did not appear on the list again until , when he was ranked the 6 Box Office star after the extraordinary success of The Godfather He made one last appearance in , going out as he had come onto the list, at Supported John F.

Kennedy in the presidential election. At the ceremony, Clint Eastwood remarked he did not know whether he should dedicate the Oscar he was presenting to "all the cowboys shot in John Ford 's westerns". Michael Caine , nominated for his performance in Sleuth , angrily condemned Brando's actions while Rock Hudson remarked, "Sometimes to be eloquent is to be silent. He was close friends with the reclusive singer Michael Jackson for many years, even appearing in his music video "You Rock My World" in The last time Brando left his bungalow in Hollywood was to stay at Jackson's Neverland Ranch in the summer of Brando b. His character Ken Wilcheck in his cinema debut The Men has the nickname "Bud", which was his own nickname as he was a "junior".

Brando's father, Marlon Brando Sr. The only other film in which Brando goes by the name which his family and intimate friends called him is The Night of the Following Day After he received his first Academy Award nomination Best Actor for A Streetcar Named Desire , Brando impishly told the Hollywood press corps that he would not attend the ceremony but would send a cab driver in his place to pick up the Oscar, should he win the award. Indeed, Brando did not attend, and some columnists claimed that a cabby actually was in attendance in Brando's seat at Los Angeles' RKO Pantages Theatre the night of ceremony of March 20, Alas, Brando was the sole "Steetcar" acting nominee not to win that night as Humphrey Bogart took home the gold, so the question can never be satisfactorily resolved.

Impressed by the young man, Brando promptly appointed him his agent Kantor was the inspiration for the character Teddy Z on the television series The Famous Teddy Z Sean Penn told writer Charles Bukowski that Brando put scripts from producers into his freezer, in order to use them as targets in skeet shooting. Brando would take the frozen scripts and have them tossed in the air into the canyon below his home at night, and then proceed to blast them into smithereens with a shotgun while they were on the fly. By freezing the scripts, the pages were stiff and made for better "clay pigeon" substitutes. The practice is mentioned in one of Bukowski's poems.

Bukowski also wrote about Brando in his short story "You Kissed Lilly", in which Lilly masturbates while watching Brando in a movie on television. The story is part of the collection "Hot Water Music" Nonetheless, Gilliam treasured the time he got to spend with Brando. The role later was played by Oliver Reed , who spent his time drinking and trying to seduce Uma Thurman , who was a virgin at the time. However, Brando had become notoriously reclusive by the time the project got underway and turned down the role. He was an avid user of the Internet in his final years, often going into chat rooms to start arguments. Subject of the song "I'm Stuck in a Condo with Mr. Marlon Brando" by The Dickies. Brando , among others. Originally considered too young at 23 to play Stanley Kowalski in the Broadway version of "A Streetcar Named Desire", and the producers of the show tried to get year-old Burt Lancaster , newly a huge star in movies thanks to The Killers When Lancaster was unable to get permission from the film studio, Brando was given the part and became an overnight sensation.

Turned down Edmund Purdom 's role in The Egyptian He was originally cast in John Wayne 's role as Genghis Khan in The Conqueror , but backed out at the last minute. A large part of his estate was bought by entrepreneur Keya Morgan. Scofield accepted the role, but had to drop out of shooting after breaking his arm and was replaced by Richard Burton. Nicholson later bought Brando's home from his estate. Brando's first Oscar nomination for A Streetcar Named Desire marked his first of four consecutive nominations, a feat he shares with Jennifer Jones , Thelma Ritter , Elizabeth Taylor and Al Pacino However, he did consider The Marx Brothers "embarassing".

Former brother-in-law of Eliot Asinof. Encouraged Johnny Depp to get himself a private island just like his one in Tahiti. In the summer of , he started shooting a movie called "Divine Rapture" in the tiny Irish village of Ballycotton, County Cork. Marlon was playing a priest in the film and he had dyed his hair red for the role. Shooting began, but was never completed due to lack of financing.

Volume 7, , pages Spoke French fluently, from his marriage to his Mutiny on the Bounty co-star Tarita. The movie was the first Brando had made in nine years. He claimed that MGM reneged on its own matching contribution to the group and that he was uncertain how much the group received from MGM because of his percentage. Brando's anger with MGM over reneging on its charitable contribution and for cutting his scenes which he felt were a more forceful indictment of apartheid and had been done to prevent South Africa's then-apartheid government from banning the studio's films was felt to be one of the reasons that Brando gave his first interview in many years.

While making Mutiny on the Bounty in Tahiti, Brando fell in love with the place. So in , he purchased Tetiaroa, a small atoll located approximately 30 miles north of Tahiti. Tetiaroa is to be the site of a lavish new ecological hotel called The Brando. Consisting of 30 deluxe fares villas , it will be the only hotel on Tetiaroa. In the last three years of his life, Marlon filmed a series of classes of him giving acting lessons to Sean Penn , Jon Voight and Nick Nolte. The DVDs were never released publicly following his death. He died in at age 80, from obesity, pulmonary fibrosis, diabetes, cardiac failure, and an enlarged liver suggesting cancer. His Sacheen Littlefeather controversy at the Oscars resulted in the Academy setting stricter rules that nominees cannot send someone else to accept the award onstage or address the audience, and only the presenter is allowed to accept on the winner's behalf.

Exceptions are made in the case that the honoree genuinely could not attend due to illness or death. One of four multiple acting Oscar winners whose wins were all in Best Picture Oscar winners the others being Dustin Hoffman , Gene Hackman and Mahershala Ali , with his and Hoffman's being both for in the lead category. Charlie Bluhdorn , who owned Paramount, demanded that he surrender his points for the cash, and Brando did.

Upon its release, "The Godfather" became the top-grossing film of all time. Brando was so angry, he refused to appear in The Godfather: Part II unless he was compensated for his bad deal. Paramount refused. Paramount cast Robert Redford instead. Brando was a great fan of French actress Arletty , who had played Blanche Dubois on the Paris stage and was in a film he greatly admired, Children of Paradise When he went to Paris, he made it a point to meet her but was disappointed, calling her a "real tough bird".

Acquired the nickname of 'Bud' to distinguish himself from his father whom he disliked. When asked to contribute to his biography for the theater program of "I Remember Mama", Brando claimed he was born in Calcutta and had a Great Dane whom he feeds "dehydrated cubes of dog food". Brando slept on the couch and was a voracious eater. Brando agreed to appear in Candy as a favour to friend Christian Marquand , who helped with Brando's negotiations with the French government in purchasing the Tahitian island of Tetiaroa.

Brando enjoyed talking to strangers on other islands or passing boats on his ham radio anonymously. He did not used his real name, and often called himself "Mike" or "Matin Bumby" and spoke in very believable French, German and Japanese accents. He won his first Oscar for On the Waterfront on March 20, , four days before he turned age 31, making him the youngest Best Actor winner. He held the record for 23 years. In late , this was suggested that he might play William the Conqueror in an epic film which would be the first Cinerama movie to tell a dramatic story instead of being simply a travelogue. Reports suggested that Maria Schell might be his leading lady, that Christopher Fry might write the script and that Laurence Olivier might direct.

However, the film was never made, and it seems likely that none of these celebrities was actually made any firm offer. This was several years more before the first narrative films in Cinerama. Was one of the many Hollywood celebrities who like to make weekend visit's to Ralph Helfer 's "Africa U. About a year into the run of A Streetcar Named Desire on the New York stage he was fooling around with some of the guys backstage and ended up with a broken nose. Soon after his birth the family moved to Libertyville, Illinois where he was raised.

In his youth, he praised Fredric March as his favorite actor. During his emotional performance in "The Men", he brought co-star Teresa Wright to tears. The Godfather and Apocalypse Now On the Waterfront and The Godfather both won. Mutiny on the Bounty and Apocalypse Now were the only two out of these for which he was not also nominated for Best Actor. As he rarely signed autographs; his checks became sought after collector's items. They kept in contact and exchanged correspondence on a regular basis until Bow's death from a heart attack on September 27, He has also directed one film that is in the registry: One-Eyed Jacks.

Brando was openly critical of the actors and film stars who were long established in Hollywood when he arrived on the acting scene. He dismissed the likes of Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable , claiming they were always the same in each movie. However, Brando did acknowledge and respect Paul Muni and James Cagney for their naturalistic approach to acting.

Only made one appearance on live TV, after Brando felt that a technical hitch hampered his performance during the broadcast. Credited Stella Adler with being the one who taught Brando everything he would know about acting. By contrast, the actor didn't like Lee Strasberg and claimed to have received no guidance at all. Brando admitted that the reason he chose not to perform in the theatre again, was because he had concerns he would be psychologically exhausting himself in acting the same character day after day.

As an actor, he felt that cinema was the only medium for him to display any kind of range. Before joining his older sister in New York during the s, Brando confessed to having no idea what else to do with his life. Rated Karl Malden as one of the finest actors he had ever worked with. Suffered a broken nose during a performance of "A Streetcar Named Desire. Brando's success as an actor did little to heal any wounds between he and his father. Even though he kept Brando senior on the payroll, he still had as little contact with him as possible. When Brando arrived in Hollywood, he refused to abide by anyone's terms except his own.

Developed a reputation as a prankster whilst beginning his acting career in New York. Brando would relate bogus information to those involved in advertising by saying he had been born and raised in Calcutta. For years, it has been documented that Marlon Brando stood at 5 ft 9 inches. However, the actor wore lifts on his shoes for most of his films. His actual height is 5 ft 7 inches. He used to imitate the sounds made by various animals from nearby fields, during his childhood. As his interest in acting declined, Brando began to focus his attention of civil rights causes.

Claimed to have memorized hundreds of songs from various genres, usually after hearing a song just once. Various biographers believe that Brando's indifferent attitude to acting, began with the passing of his mother. Close associates reckon the actor wasn't quite the same person again after this tragedy. For his appearance in The Formula , Brando insisted upon designing his character's look. Had an intense dislike for being involved in any publicity for his films. Alumnus of Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Was heavily criticized throughout his career, for refusing to act in the theatre after becoming successful in movies. On a film set, Brando insisted that the director be open and straight with him at all times.

If the opposite was proven to be the case, then Brando admitted that he would deliberately become difficult to work with. Credited Elia Kazan as one of the few directors who could successfully communicate with actors during a production. Described himself as having a solitary childhood, rarely inviting anyone to the family home. Fellow actor Rod Steiger had a falling out with Brando, following the filming of the taxi scene in On the Waterfront However, the two men did communicate with each other about 40 years later.

Initally, Brando was joining his sister in New York without knowing what to do for a job, before deciding on a career in acting. Although Brando enjoyed being directed by the likes of Elia Kazan , he hated working with directors like John Huston and Charles Chaplin. Was neighbors with Jack Nicholson for many years, although they seldom socialized. When Brando studied acting under Stella Adler, she was the first person who showed faith in his potential. Before choosing a career in acting, Brando was nearly resigned to a life of digging ditches for a living. During his theatre career, Brando was approached by Hollywood talent scouts with attractive offers. However, the actor refused to be tied down to the standard seven year contract.

The actor embraced the lifestyle of being a free spirit during his time in New York during the late s. Apart from the intrusion on his privacy by the press, another intense dislike Brando had for fame was being pursued by fans for autographs. He only directed one film and that was 'One Eyed Jacks' in which he also starred. Before being cast as Stanley Kowalski in the Broadway production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" in , Brando had been keeping a low profile within New York and hadn't worked as an actor for several months.

Had the dubious distinction of being the most difficult actor to work with in Hollywood. Was criticized by fellow "Superman" actor Christopher Reeve, for allegedly cashing in on his own notoriety. The more sensitive you are, the more likely you are to be brutalised, develop scabs and never evolve. Never allow yourself to feel anything because you always feel too much. I don't know what people expect when they meet me. They seem to be afraid that I'm going to piss in the potted palm and slap them on the ass. I put on an act sometimes, and people think I'm insensitive. Really, it's like a kind of armour because I'm too sensitive. If there are two hundred people in a room and one of them doesn't like me, I've got to get out. If you're successful, acting is about as soft a job as anybody could ever wish for.

But if you're unsuccessful, it's worse than having a skin disease. He never wondered, he never doubted. His ego was very secure. And he had the kind of brutal aggressiveness that I hate. I'm afraid of it. I detest the character. I don't want to spread the peanut butter of my personality on the mouldy bread of the commercial press. The most repulsive thing you could ever imagine is the inside of a camel's mouth. That and watching a girl eat octopus or squid. With women, I've got a long bamboo pole with a leather loop on the end. I slip the loop around their necks so they can't get away or come too close. Like catching snakes. If there's anything unsettling to the stomach, it's watching actors on television talk about their personal lives. I put on some makeup, stuffed Kleenex in my cheeks and worked out the characterization first in front of a mirror, then on a television monitor.

After working on it, I decided I could create a characterization that would support the story. The people at Paramount saw the footage and liked it, and that's how I became the Godfather. They say, "What did you do while you took time out? But the fact is, making movies is time out for me because the rest, the nearly complete whole, is what's real for me. I'm not an actor and haven't been for years. I'm a human being - hopefully a concerned and somewhat intelligent one - who occasionally acts. Regret is useless in life. It's in the past. All we have is now. Acting is the expression of a neurotic impulse. It's a bum's life. Quitting acting is a sign of maturity. Even today I can't pay a check in Little Italy. It was an ass-breaker.

You work yourself to death. You're the first one up in the morning I mean, we shot that thing [ One-Eyed Jacks ] on the run, you know. You make up the dialog the scene before, improvising, and your brain is going crazy. I don't like to think that way. Everybody has their own value in different ways, and I don't like to think who's the best at this. I mean, what's the point of it?

I've made all the money I need to make. I won a couple of Academy Awards if I ever cared about that. I've been nominated I don't know how many times and I'm in a position of respect and standing in my craft as an actor in this country. So what the hell, I don't need to gild the lily. I don't think ever in my life that so many people were so directly responsible for my being so very, very happy. If the vacuum formed by Dr. He had to be done away with. The American government couldn't let him live.

If 23 million blacks found a charismatic leader like he was, they would have followed him. The powers that be couldn't accept that. It is a simple fact that all of us use the techniques of acting to achieve whatever ends we seek Acting serves as the quintessential social lubricant and a device for protecting our interests and gaining advantage in every aspect of life. It seems to me hilarious that our government put the face of Elvis Presley on a postage stamp after he died from an overdose of drugs.

His fans don't mention that because they don't want to give up their myths. They ignore the fact that he was a drug addict and claim he invented rock 'n' roll when in fact he took it from black culture; they had been singing that way for years before he came along, copied them and became a star. I'm one of those people who believes that if I'm very good in this life I'll go to France when I die. Even today, I meet people who think of me automatically as a tough, insensitive, coarse guy named Stanley Kowalski. They can't help it, but it is troubling. A movie that I was in, called On the Waterfront : there was a scene in a taxicab, where I turn to my brother, who's come to turn me over to the gangsters, and I lament to him that he never looked after me, he never gave me a chance, that I could have been a contender, I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum And people often spoke about that, "Oh, my God, what a wonderful scene, Marlon, blah blah blah blah blah.

The situation was wonderful. Everybody feels like he could have been a contender, he could have been somebody, everybody feels as though he's partly bum, some part of him. He is not fulfilled and he could have done better, he could have been better. Everybody feels a sense of loss about something. So that was what touched people. It wasn't the scene itself. There are other scenes where you'll find actors being expert, but since the audience can't clearly identify with them, they just pass unnoticed. Wonderful scenes never get mentioned, only those scenes that affect people.

Most people want those fantasies of those who are worthy of our hate - we get rid of a lot of anger that way; and of those who are worthy of our idolatry. Whether it's Farrah Fawcett or somebody else, it doesn't make a difference. They're easily replaceable units, pick 'em out like a card file. Johnnie Ray enjoyed that kind of hysterical popularity, celebration, and then suddenly he wasn't there anymore. The Beatles are now nobody in particular. Once they set screaming crowds running after them, they ran in fear of their lives, they had special tunnels for them. They can walk almost anyplace now. Because the fantasy is gone. Elvis Presley - bloated, over the hill, adolescent entertainer, suddenly drawing people into Las Vegas - had nothing to do with excellence, just myth.

It's convenient for people to believe that something is wonderful, therefore they're wonderful. If Wally [ Wally Cox ] had been a woman, I would have married him and we would have lived happily ever after. The only reason I'm in Hollywood is that I don't have the moral courage to refuse the money. Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite.

This is a false world. It's been a struggle to try to preserve my sanity and sense of reality taken away by success. I have to fight hard to preserve that sense of reality so as to bring up my children. I always enjoyed watching John Wayne , but it never occurred to me until I spoke with Indians how corrosive and damaging and destructive his movies were - most Hollywood movies were. You can't even get mad at it; it's so insane that there's just nothing to say about it. He would be, according to his point of view, someone not disposed to returning any of the colonial possessions in Africa or Asia to their rightful owners.

He would be sharing a perspective with B. Vorster if he were in South Africa. He would be on the side of Ian Smith. He would have shot down Gandhi [ Mohandas K. Gandhi ], called him a rabble rouser. The only freedom fighters he would recognize would be those who were fighting Communists; if they were fighting to get out from under colonial rule, he'd call them terrorists. The Indians today he'd call agitators, terrorists, who knows? If John Wayne ran for President, he would get a great following I think he's been enormously instrumental in perpetuating this view of the Indian as a savage, ferocious, destructive force. He's made us believe things about the Indian that were never true and perpetuated the myth about how wonderful the frontiersmen were and how decent and honorable we all were.

Everybody ought not to turn his back on the phenomenon of hatred in whatever form it takes. We have to find out what the anatomy of hatred is before we can understand it. We have to make some attempt to put it into some understandable form. Any kind of group hatred is extremely dangerous and much more volatile than individual hatred. Heinous crimes are committed by groups and it's all done, of course, in the name of right, justice. It's John Wayne. It's the way he thinks. All the crimes committed against Indians are not considered crimes by John Wayne. I don't see anybody as evil. When you start seeing people as evil, you're in trouble.

The thing that's going to save us is understanding. Just to dispense with them as evil is not enough, because it doesn't bring you understanding. You have to see them for what they are. You have to examine John Wayne. He's not a bad person. Who among us is going to say he's a bad man? He feels justified for what he does. The damage that he does he doesn't consider damage, he thinks it's an honest presentation of the facts. Retrieved November 16, UK Screen. Archived from the original on December 18, Retrieved March 14, Fandango Media. Retrieved March 13, Retrieved December 28, Retrieved May 19, Mania Movies. Archived from the original on February 14, Retrieved February 3, Renaissance Books.

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