Nine Power Treaty

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Nine Power Treaty

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The Ninth Amendment Explained: The Constitution for Dummies Series

This will be hard, and I find it sad. Professor Paul Moon believes it may not but I no longer feel it is my responsibility to help enable this. Stop using it. The obligations triggered by the acceptance of such a gift are no less powerful for being unspoken. These are a simple place to start. Try it. Say hullo, rather than kia ora. Stop trying. Te reo will never belong to you equally.

It will never be yours to play with, to modify and to use as you like. Who mandates that? If you use te reo in your written communications ask yourself why? What are you hoping to achieve? But for now, if you can, stop using it. Good hearted New Zealanders have gone along with this, but with every English language place name we lose we become one bit more untethered from our own culture and our own past. Touch points from our past are what unite us as families, as friends, and as a people. In much the same way that certain smells trigger powerful memories, our shared language of our past triggers memories and relatedness.

Those places existed. Changing a name is a powerful way to erase from our minds, our shared past. The same boundaries? The same relation to the by-laws enacted around it? Maori place names have an essential, and valuable place in our country. I do not deny that. But balance, and open, respectful discussion and decision making, is everything. Instead we see the disruption and dismantling of our language through the unilateral renaming of the places with which we are familiar, followed by the insistence that the mispronunciation of these new names represents an insulting failure requiring from us yet more obeisance.

The word Aotearoa was made up by historians after the arrival of Europeans. Irehapeti Ramsden was heavily influenced by Critical Race Theory. It appears from her title, that the sovereignty movement at that time considered only the North Island should be known as Aotearoa. The South Island, its own fiefdom, did not come under the Aotearoan umbrella and was known only as Te Waipounamu. We, all of us, have been New Zealanders from the moment we became a country. Recreating us as Aotearoans shatters our connections with our past and destroys our cultural identity. The importance to Critical Race Theorists of unmooring us from this aspect of our heritage cannot be overstated. They fail to see the irony in the fact that they block from the public sphere anyone who protests.

We must continue to protest, loud and clear. And New Zealand is being erased —— from English! We have been New Zealand for almost years. Are we to lose our identity without even a whimper? Standing up in support of our own language does not require denigration of hers. But equally, replying in English is not disrespectful, no matter what the Critical Race Theorists tell you.

Likewise, I would encourage everyone who values their family, to consider reinstating that word to describe their own. There is no word for the nuclear family, which is the context within which we tend to use the word family, in English. And it just so happens that Critical Theorists are out to destroy the notion of family as we in the west conceive of it. If we no longer have a word for the nuclear family, how can we describe its benefits to our children? Compulsion has failed to revive indigenous languages in every territory where it has been implemented, including places where the indigenous language belongs to the majority culture of the area. Why on earth would any right-minded person vote to make te reo compulsory in our schools? Enforcing the use of te reo in New Zealand, and destroying our capacity in English, is, unbelievably, a crucial part of this.

Call it out wherever you can. Demand the evidence the scientific evidence for its effectiveness and demand open debate on this topic at every level. And insist that te reo in schools never be made compulsory. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in When it comes to the Treaty, language is everything. Funding to enable alternative evidence to be put forward has been woeful. They say the debate is over. I say it needs to start. For example, the Chinese Exclusion Act of had imposed a year moratorium on the immigration of Chinese laborers, effectively eliminating opportunities for Chinese merchants and workers in the United States.

Each European country hesitated to even consider it until all of the other countries had agreed to it. On October 6, , Britain and Germany tacitly endorsed the Open Door Policy by signing the Yangtze Agreement, stating that both nations would oppose the further political division of China into foreign spheres of influence. However, the failure of Germany to keep the agreement led to the Anglo-Japanese Alliance of , in which Britain and Japan agreed to help each other safeguard their respective interests in China and Korea. While various multinational trade treaties ratified after referred to the Open Door Policy, the major powers continued to compete with each other for special concessions for railroad and mining rights, ports, and other commercial interests in China.

After the Boxer Rebellion of failed to drive foreign interests from China, Russia invaded the Japanese-held Chinese region of Manchuria. In , the administration of U. In , the U. Prophetically, the U. The World War II defeat of Japan in , combined with the communist takeover of China after the Chinese Revolution of , which effectively ended all opportunities for trade to foreigners, left the Open Door Policy meaningless a full half a century after it had been conceived.

Between and , China rose from 32nd to 13th in the world in export volume, roughly doubling its overall world trade. Share Flipboard Email. Issues U. It manages the process under which the Department of State approves the negotiation and conclusion of all international agreements to which the U. Read more about the Office of Treaty Affairs. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Home Policy Issues Treaties and International Agreements.

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