Tekken Female Characters

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Tekken Female Characters

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Top 10 Best Girls in Tekken

After suggestions by her teacher and distant relative Wang Jinrei, she visits Heihachi Mishima and begs him to build her park. Amused at the girl and surprised at her strength she thrashed some of his guards before , he makes an offer to her: win the 3rd tournament and he'll comply. Due to this, she ends moving to Japan and attending Heihachi's private school, where she becomes a close friend of Jin. None of them are actually bothered to even notice her attempts, though; it's a wonder Jin isn't tired of talking her down. A new boy from the first King's orphanage who takes up the name King and his mask, later trained by Armor King, and learns about the death of the first King.

He enters the tournament for revenge, and although he didn't win, he is satisfied to see his predecessor's killer dead. But then comes another news Armor King is killed in a bar brawl, which spurs him to another revenge-bout by releasing the said murderer Craig Marduk from prison and beats the pulp out of him in the 4th tournament. But later, he realizes that revenge is not his style King beats him again, but this time forgives Marduk and they become best buds. But soon after, King learned that somehow Armor King is Back from the Dead , acts differently, and has assaulted Marduk. He decides to investigate his mentor's old home, and discovers that one of his photos bears a secret compartment, revealing another man in the same outfit. King watches the showdown between the second Armor King and Marduk at the first Armor King's grave site, and is shocked when they both knock each other out.

King now enters the 7th tournament to pay their hospital bills and try to help them make amends when they wake up so they don't end up killing each other. King II is a defensive character famous for tricky chain-grabs and good punishment game. Many of his throws comes with unique animation and can be approached in several ways, making throw breaks difficult. However, his regular moves often have poor range, poor tracking or very unsafe when whiffed or blocked. King rewards players who do not rush into battle, but keeps the opponent at bay with good punishes and the threat of grappling. Forest Law. The son of Marshall Law. Forest Law practices the same form of martial arts as his father and is an instructor at his family's dojo.

His father is overprotective and forbids Forest from competing in events outside the dojo. However, Paul Phoenix as a good friend of the Law family manages to sway Forest into joining him in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, unaware of these restrictions. Hoping to win the respect of his father, he enters. Forest also appears in the non-canon Tekken Tag Tournament but has since been unplayable with his father returning in Tekken 4. Prior to the fifth game, he causes a freeway accident after a joyride on Paul's bike.

His father, already deep in financial crisis by this point, is forced to compete in the fifth and later sixth tournament to pay for the multitude of expenses caused by the incident. He returned as a console-exclusive character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Eddy Gordo. Fighting Style: Capoeira. A rich playboy, he gets in a little trouble when his family is targeted by Brazilian drug cartels, primarily since his father is trying to put them away.

His father is killed; his dying wish is to protect his son, so he tells Eddy to confess to his murder and spend some time in a nice safe prison rather than on the outside under the gun. Eddy agrees. Inside, he's saved during a prison riot by some old guy using martial arts. We know where this is going, although in this case the martial art is Capoeira. After finishing his sentence, Eddy promptly enters the third tournament, and gets info on who did his family wrong. It turns out that the cartels themselves were advised to kill Eddy's father, and it seems Kazuya had a role to play in things.

This of course convinces him to start planning some destruction. He's then approached by Christie Monteiro, the granddaughter of his master. He promised to pass Capoeira on to her, so he does, and she enters tournaments 4 and 5. For Eddy, however, his story takes a turn to the dark side when Jin offers him a chance to cure his master Without any other choice, Eddy accepts and now gets involved with a lot of criminal activities. Unfortunately for Eddy, with Jin's disappearance in the Middle East, his master dies and his relationship with Christie is now strained further. With nothing but his desire for vengeance left, Eddy enters the 7th tournament to confront Kazuya and make him pay. Heihachi's pet grizzly bear.

He has trained with Heihachi throughout most of his life, and has a strange fondness for watching television. Is a constant pain in Paul Phoenix's ass, much to Paul Phoenix's dismay. After Tekken 2 , the original Kuma allows for his son also named Kuma to take his place from 3 onward. He loses to Paul in the events of Tekken 3 , which leads the second Kuma to go back into the woods to train on his own. He finally defeats Paul in the 4th tournament, but falls into depression over his master's apparent death. Kuma dutifully returns to the Zaibatsu's headquarters, only to find that Jinpachi has taken it over, so he sets out to reclaim it to honor Heihachi.

Unfortunately for him, he is thwarted by Jin and cast out into the Hokkaido wilderness. Despite failing in his mission, Kuma continues to train until he is eventually found and rescued by the Tekken Force. Injustice 2 Character Roster. Injustice 1 Character Roster. KI Character Roster. MvCI Character Roster. MK11 Character Roster. MK9 Character Roster. MKX Character Roster. Skullgirls Character Roster. SolCal 6 Character Roster. SFV Character Roster.

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Character Selection Screen, Tekken 7. Akuma, Tekken 7 Character. Alisa, Tekken 7 Character. I have shared their ages based on the temporal period of Tekken 7, which takes place shortly after the events of Tekken 6. Most played characters by rank. Rank distribution. Vincenzo is an esports writer with seven years of experience. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Heights - from shorter to taller.

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