Mother To Son Comparison

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Mother To Son Comparison

The Essay On Ancient Mesopotamia also reminds you in each paragraph, that the mothers child is not Advantage Of Studying Abroad Essay born, and it Mother To Son Comparison only Mother To Son Comparison imagination. Scope Of Exchange Dbq Essay York: Harper-Collins Publishers, In the same way, Laertes care and affection are revealed The Importance Of Being An American his advice to Ethical Issues In Utilitarianism sister. Boards torn up Advantage Of Studying Abroad Essay signify uneven grounds. Langston Hughes does not heavily rely on rhyme or alliteration in his poem.

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In spite of all the hardships mentioned above, the mother says that she did not lose motivation to move forward in life. She wants to instil the same inspiration and enthusiasm in her son. She uses the word landings to describe the various stages of her life. The mother tended to turn corners without any fear of the unknown. She was not afraid to venture in the dark. She wants her son to be brave like her. She had always faced bad situations with a strong front. The run-down stairs illustrate the harsh living circumstances of the black community under the oppressive rule of the White Americans.

This poem depicts racism and its effect on the life of African Americans. Nevertheless, this poem suggests a universal message. The poem conveys a message of resilience and perseverance in the face of difficulties that can be applied to people of all ages and epochs. In the final line of the poem, the mother again speaks with her son directly. She states that he should never lose hope and motivation to move forward in life. Even if circumstances turn ugly and he faces adverse conditions, he must never think about backing down. She advised him never to move a step back.

His fear and hesitation can aggravate his problems. He must learn to endure and persist in uncertain circumstances. The mother warns him that the steps are full of splinters and broken boards; therefore, he must learn to tread carefully so that he does not fall. In the context of the poem, it might imply subsiding criminal activities. The mother does not want her son to resort to unfair means in order to survive. This shows her indomitable strength. The poem lacks a specific setting. The speaker is conversing with her son. The formal tone of the conversation indicates that the place where they are talking is comfortable and familiar to them. The mother in the poem is anonymous; however, it seems that she represents the hardworking African American women of America.

The poem is not just a piece of advice from a mother to her son. It embodies a story of determination and courage. It reflects the endless struggle of the black community in a racist white society. The poem contains a universal message of hope and resilience which can be applied to all the communities of the world. The language, diction and the literary techniques employed by Hughes ensnare the attention of the reader. The poem is a dramatic monologue written in dialect of the African American community. The language and diction of the poem is colloquial.

The language choice of the poet depicts the linguistic habits of the African Americans. The poet uses figurative language to emphasize his ideas. The style of the poem is free verse and lyrical. It is written in a single stanza of twenty lines. As the structure of the poem is in free verse, therefore, there is no regular rhyming scheme. The language used in the poem is idiomatic. Alliteration can be defined as the reiteration of consonant sounds in closed placed words. Langston Hughes does not heavily rely on rhyme or alliteration in his poem. It seems that the poet purposely evades such poetic devices which create a pleasant effect in order to reinforce the harsh circumstances of the speaker. Anaphora is the reiteration of a term or phrases mostly at the start of consecutive expressions, or clauses.

Hughes utilizes anaphora in order to show the son what he should not do in life. This exemplifies that in case of adversities, we must never lose hope and fall back. The poet employs Anaphora in his poem to show the readers that although life is full of obstacles and challenges, however, we must always fight through and never think about giving up our dreams. Enjambment can be defined as the continuity of an utterance minus any pause at the end of a line or stanza. Enjambment is used in the following lines in the poem,. Line 15 continues into the next line without any pauses. It expresses the emotions of the mother.

It emphasizes the message of the mother, who wants her child to face all hard obstacles with undue determination. An allusion is a literary device used by poets. It indirectly refers to a person, place or thing outside the confines of the text. The staircase can be considered as a spiritual allusion. Jacob witnessed a staircase, which led to heaven in the Biblical story. Similarly, the crystal stair refers to the idea of abandoning worldly troubles. The allusion used in the poem can also refer to the notion that after overcoming hardships, people can reach heaven. End-stopped lines recur in the poem. Most of the lines are end-stopped. Enjambments are rarely used by the poet in the poem.

End-stops play a major role. They help the poet in describing the seriousness of the hurdles encountered by the black woman. For example, each line from defines a serious hurdle that the mother had witnessed in her life. The jagged nails and splinters and the missing steps are mentioned in a different end-stopped line. The reader pauses at each end-stop and contemplates about the nature of the difficulty faced by the narrator. The end-stops in lines indicates the principle, self-confidence, and spirit of the mother.

The end-stops in these lines emphasize the determination of the speaker. These lines highlight the strength of the woman and leave no room for self-doubt. The meaning of end-stops changes in the poem. The recurrence of vowel sounds in the same sentence is termed as assonance. It indicates the optimistic and courageous nature of the mother. The recurrence of consonant sounds within the same sentence is named as consonance. Imagery is another poetic device that conjures images for the readers so that they can perceive them with their five senses.

So that the reader can feel the difference between the life of people belonging to the white community and that of the black community. A trochee is a metrical foot in the line of a poem that involves a stressed syllable closely trailed by an unstressed syllable. In the poem, this pattern of a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable lingers continuously. Refrain is a part or verse of a song or a poem which is repeated after some interval within the poem.

Hughes uses refrain in his poem. Therefore, it can be said that this line is a refrain. Symbolism is the use of specific symbols to denote concepts and perceptions. The literal meaning of the word is different from the figurative meaning. The symbols used in the poem are described below:. The staircase is an extended metaphor utilized by the poet to narrate the hurdles in the life of a black woman. It represents the destitution of the mother. The metaphorical staircase of the mother has nails, shards, holes, and bare steps.

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