Genetically Modified Foods Case Study

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Genetically Modified Foods Case Study

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These deficiencies threaten the productivity and health of more than half of the universal population, children and women being the most vulnerable. Production of genetically modified food will significantly assist in alleviating these deficiencies and, therefore, improve public health and productivity. The Golden Rice, a type of rice modified to produce? The production of genetically modified food will increase the global food supply, especially with the burgeoning world population. The universal population surpassed 6 billion at the end of 20th century. This implies that the global population would be more than twice at the end of the second half of the 21st century. Researches have projected that the global population would be about 7.

However, poor nations account for the largest population growth. The increasing global population will require additional supply of food. Nevertheless, the conventional methods of food crop production cannot meet the rising demand for food. Genetically modified food will play a substantial role in meeting these demands. In conclusion, GM foods are not the right solution for food insecurity. This is because there are public fears about the safety of these crops. Genetically modified foods negatively affect the human health and the environment.

The insertion of genes into the genome of a plant might result in unexpected and unintended pleiotropic impacts on the host. On the other, the production of genetically modified food will increase the food supply, especially with the burgeoning world population. Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! In general, modification has made food to grow in places that other plants could not grow. Furthermore, genetically engineered foods can also be manipulated in a manner that, such foods might contain nutrients that it never had. As a result, such foods like rice can be engineered with the target of increasing vitamins and minerals, to reduce the number of individuals going blind each year.

Having all these advantages of GM foods, scientists are in laboratories expanding this technology. For instance, they are looking atthe possibilities of modifying fish nuts, and plants genetically to ensure that they grow faster. This technology will not only increase food production, but also reduce food production costs. Is GM foods Bio-Terrorism? Other than all these advantages of GM food, it has been shown that, such foods have a lot of implications on morals, health, economics as well as social life of individuals.

There are various psychological as well as physical impacts that are brought about by the process of tempering with natural processes of plants and animal development and growth. For instance, it might cause unintended harm to other organisms in the region. To elaborate on this point, it has been shown that pollen grains that originated from a GM corn resulted to a high rate of mortality in Monarch butterfly Caterpillars. This happened after pollen grain from B. As an effect, these caterpillars that ended up feeding on such plants ended either dyeing or become stunted. As an effect, long term consumption of GM foods might also lead to unknown suffering.

As an effect, over long time, GM foods might lead to ecological damages, Shah, par In addition, though scientists have involved themselves in a serous research concerning GM foods, but it should be known that, as humans, they have limits on how they can manipulate the earth. They have the capability of selecting the gene to manipulate; however, they lack the capability of knowing where in the DNA the gene can be precisely inserted. In addition, they lack the knowledge of how gene expression can be controlled. It should be noted that, genes never work in an isolated state, hence altering just a few of them, ends dup changing the entire DNA structure. These alterations might result to different pictures, having unpredictable and far much different impacts at different conditions.

This might in one way or the other lead to allergies Rissler, Research has indicated that, most of the GM foods companies do not indicate on the GM food products that such foods are genetically modified materials. This is due to the fact that, their businesses will be affected b due to GM food bias in most countries and communities.

However, their point of not labeling is very immoral and unethical, and even unfair to the consumers as a whole. This is based on the fact that, every consumer needs to know, or even has a right of being acquainted on what they are buying. After which, they have a right of buying it or not. Even if health factor has never been an issue with GM foods, there are those individuals who hold either religious or moral values that making them object GM foods.

The point of claiming that the growth and consumption of GM foods will food shortages has no foundation. This is based on the fact that, food shortages are not in any way caused by shortages in food production, other than poor planning and management, as well as lack of access to other food types produced by other communities, as well as financial and political problems. Another danger of GM foods is that, food diversity will disappear if in any case everyone engages in the production of Gm foods.

People also claim GMOs resulted in the rise of childhood allergies. One benefit to Bt corn is that it decreases the loss of corn crop due to kernel rot. A fungus known as Aspergillus causes the rot farmers see in their crops also, this fungus is related to insect damages Vries, a. Bt corn reduces the amount of food loss because the corn has the genes to protects itself from the many predictors that wish it harm, such as many pests that attack corn.

An entomologist, named Patrick Dowd, found that Bt corn can even be healthier than normal corn. He found that the levels of mycotoxin fumonisin, a potential carcinogen, were drastically reduced in the genetically modified corn, compared to a non-GM plant Vries, b. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Related Documents Environmental Effects Of Gm Foods This is helpful, until it is realized that it is not just hurting the pest insects, but also the pollinator ones. Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. Persuasive Essay On GM Crops Any pesticide or herbicide that 's from the plant could injure organisms in the environment. Words: - Pages: 8.

Words: - Pages: 5. GMO Cross Pollination allergic reaction leading to anaphylaxis. Essay On Genetically Engineered Food Actually they think that this is the wrong solution all together.

It is safe? Tuesday, January 28, Genetically Modified Foods Case Study is one of Literary Analysis Essay On The Great Gatsby greatest global challenges of the 21 st century. Genetically Modified Foods Issue. Start Xenotransplantation Persuasive Speech Free Somewhere over the rainbow words.