Hate Crimes: Annotated Bibliography

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Hate Crimes: Annotated Bibliography

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What is an Annotated Bibliography?

By understanding what drives and motivates perpetrators to commit a hate crime, society can decrease the statistics and become more open to people who are different from the expected norm. In the research article What motivates hate crimes based on sexual orientation? Sexual prejudice, one of the possible motives for committing a hate crime, is having a negative regard towards non-heterosexual behavior and communities.

Sexual prejudice can be demonstrated through aggression toward the gay community, then through anger, and finally through an act of hate crime. Associated with sexual prejudice is the perception that homosexuality threatens traditional gender roles of society. This feeling of threat mixed in with anger can cause someone with sexual prejudice to lash out and become violent. This threat of an unstable society can cause sexual prejudiced individuals to commit hate crimes against homosexual men. Peer dynamics can be another motive for committing a hate cry against gay men.

Peer dynamics is the idea that a man might become aggressive towards gay men in order to prove his toughness and heterosexuality to his friends. Thrill seeking is explained as an individual attacking a gay man simply out of boredom. In most cases, thrill seeking is the side dish to the main plate of sexual prejudice against gay men. Although each branches out to its own explanation as to why an individual might commit a hate crime, the three theories of motives have a root similarity. All three must have grown and progressed from an individual who was taught to be prejudice against homosexuality or from and individual who has become angry from past experiences against gay men. Henderson and McKinney most likely had a combination of the three theories as motives to killing Matthew Shepard.

Details the principles underpinning hate crime legislation and compares approaches taken in different jurisdictions. Report fed into the review of hate crime legislation by the Scottish government. Gelber, Katharine, and Adrienne Stone, eds. Hate speech and freedom of speech in Australia. Sydney: Federation Press. Comprehensive edited volume on the questions and developments around anti-vilification legislation in Australia, including background information, practical implications, and human rights concerns. Suitable for anyone with a hate crime law focus. Gerstenfeld, Phyllis B. Hate crimes: Causes, controls, and controversies.

This is a comprehensive interdisciplinary textbook on the topic of hate crime and is useful for both undergraduate and graduate students. It is the fourth edition of the original publication , including discussion questions, Internet exercises, and suggested readings at the end of each chapter. Hall, Nathan. Hate Crime. Crime and Society. New York: Routledge. Cross-disciplinary accumulation of topics, including issues and theoretical perspectives around hate crime law and law enforcement, exploration of hate crime responses, and challenges for hate crime legislation.

This second edition of the original publication is suitable for academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students, criminal justice practitioners, and policymakers. Jenness, Valerie, and Ryken Grattet. Making hate a crime: From social movement to law enforcement. New York: Russell Sage Foundation. Provides a detailed account of the emergence and evolvement of hate crime legislation in the US context, including comprehensive chapters on federal and state-based legislation. Suitable for students and researchers interested in US-based hate crime legislation. Levin, Jack, and Jack McDevitt. Hate crimes: The rising tide of bigotry and bloodshed.

New York: Plenum. Comprehensive account of the hate crime problem, covering a typology of hate offenses and effective responses to combat hate crime. Very detailed examples used throughout the book. Suitable for anyone interested in the issue of hate crime in the United States. McNamara, Luke. Regulating racism: Racial vilification laws in Australia. Sydney: Institute of Criminology, Univ. Topical examination of racial vilification legislation in Australia. It includes the historical background, the operation of racial vilification laws up until , and the role and limits of Australian hate crime legislation.

Streissguth, Thomas. Hate crimes. Library in a Book. New York: Facts On File. Comprehensive introduction to hate crime literature in the American context. Provides students and researchers with additional materials, such as bibliographical listings and a fully annotated bibliography. Revised edition published in Winterdyk, John, and Georgios Antonopoulos, eds. Racist victimization: International reflections and perspectives. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate. This is a broad-ranging edited volume covering racist victimization in an international comparative context.

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