Christopher Columbus Research Paper

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Christopher Columbus Research Paper

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History vs. Christopher Columbus - Alex Gendler

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Journalist by training, and an academic in aspiration, Shamseer Mambra currently works as a freelance journalist, after spending three years in the newsrooms of some of the reputed media houses in India. When not at work, he likes to read, click photographs and go for a ride on his bike. I have a theory on the Bermuda Triangle ,have you ever thought that on every plane or boat there was metal? And that Columbus on his voyage in saw a flash in the sky. Maybe that flash was an asteroid. Also it could have been magnetic! Therefore causing the metal to sink to the very bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Considering the hundreds of ships you could have used as examples you went with the Mary celeste which was found in European waters and the deering was outside the triangle…… Why?

This is just because of diffrent oceanic currents which have their flow in north atlantic region or bermuda triangle. Reason of disappearences is this. The Bermuda Triangle has an island in the middle of it. On this island, people or aliens live. As it states, most things that went missing are significant in the military or science. My theory? Whatever lives there stripped the sub of its valuable material—Nuclear energy. They then kill the crew or kidnap them to help them identify valuable and non-valuable materials. It is an island, islands are small. This could also be a research facility of some kind, that is researching magnetic power and teleportation. For example, people often experience strange compass readings when going by the Triangle.

I think that the teleportation aspect is not going well, which is causing the reappearance of certain planes of boats many years later. This could also be why Columbus wrote about strange compass readings and strange lights over Bermuda. That or aliens. Time Travel, Magnets, Aliens, Teleportation research. All of these are quite possible I believe yet not all can be proved. This was just to get my OWN theories out there. I thought these up and wanted somebody to hear them.

I think I have a nice idea can a good scientist lunch a good atomic bomb to the bemudia triangle or nuclear bomb. Lets see the result it might bring. Nice article, and good writing skills. You have provided very useful information in your article, keep up the Good Work!!! I can agree that it can be due to the magnetic field but what about the incident happened in it was a land incident so how that can be possible as that was hurricane but if there is hurricane then is the air incidents would be possible.. It is scary but sad that many people have never been found I think that what happened to the realtives of those who went missing on Bermuda Triangle.

Have you ever had a thought of using a non magnetic metal? In great holy book Ramayana it was mentioned when Lord Hanuman was flying over the sea to Srilanka was once stopped by some force and caught him by his shadow. Another similar force must be here. I suggest is the result of African slaves life, that were dumped mercilessly over there are seeking revenge. Unsuspecting ships and planes lost in different time or space. The generated portal energy has lightning arc like unpredictability around it that throw planes and ships from their current space or time.

Many people have thought that currents can disappear entire large vessels and boeing planes just like that? There are interdimensional doorways all around the world, like saying that ghosts do not exist, supernatural does not exist, when energy just takes another form and cannot die. To suppose that nothing bizarre could EVER be the reason!!! Stuns me the lack of thought people apply to such gigantic forces which regularly disappear 20 ships and numerous plane every year?! Make SO much sense to me , this idea. I think it is real and I also believe there are some strange creatures living in the Bermuda Triangle.

Your email address will not be published. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Got it! Representation image. Report an Error. Top 8 Oldest Maritime Museums. What were T-2 Tanker Ships? Want to share your tips and advice? Got questions? Visit the community forum to ask questions, get answers, meet people, and share your tips! Comments I have a theory on the Bermuda Triangle ,have you ever thought that on every plane or boat there was metal? There was a gravtional force and effect of current.

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