Airline Pricing Strategies

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Airline Pricing Strategies

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Airline pricing strategies

A fifty seat regional jet would create 9, Available Seat Miles. Gate time incurs agent expense and airport rent, while taxi time drives full pay for the cabin crew and burns fuel. Wheels-up time is actual flying time high fuel burn. Each phase of the commercial operation has a different expense profile — the key takeaway is that flying is only a fraction of the cost. Click on the table for a detailed view. Now that you know something about the time demands based on stage length, you can combine that with expense ratios to predict how much revenue an airline must generate for each seat.

Fuel, Maintenance and Crew costs are cash expenses an airline can avoid when they reduce their schedules, but rent, leases, ownership and overhead will continue to be paid and those costs will rise in the short term as capacity declines. I modeled a few variables to see how this assumption holds up and to determine if a simple model could predict industry pricing. Those assumptions produce results that look very similar to ticket prices customers are paying. Click for detail. I changed the previous assumptions to take a deeper look at a three class, long haul trip. The result is below. This back of the envelope analysis suggests that airlines that operate two-cabin aircraft on International routes actually have enhanced pricing power vs.

Two-cabin aircraft can dedicate more floorspace to business class and offer all travelers a price point below their three-class competition, while generating higher average revenue. Additionally, more business class seats allow an airline greater flexibility to upgrade coach customers and eliminate expectations that business class customers will be upgraded. Furthermore many airlines use the upgrade waterfall to eliminate overbookings in Coach by closing business class before it sells out, but First remains available.

They protect oversales by moving travelers from business to first, and from coach to business. Both models offer you a framework to bin ticket prices by distance and cabin to help you develop your own cost ratios. All of these examples of different pricing strategies are especially helpful in unique business situations. If you want your company to be a leader in your industry, you must have extensive knowledge of your competitors and how they run their businesses. Just ask the entrepreneurs whose companies skyrocketed this year. An analysis of the way in which your competitors price their products leads to you understanding their pricing strategies and making a pricing decision on your own based on that.

This is why competition is really good for business. This may be lower, the same or higher than the competition, depending on how you want to differentiate and position your product. In broad terms, the elasticity of demand means that lower prices should lead to higher sales volumes; however, you will have to sell more products, which will, in turn, increase your costs. This is a pricing strategy whereby you work out the production costs and add a fixed percentage markup in order to discover the selling price. This pricing strategy is often used in manufacturing companies. This pricing strategy is much loved by supermarkets all over the world and will definitely get your product in stores and keep it there.

It is a variant of Bundled pricing. Bundle pricing : Two or more products are bundled together and sold at a single price. Dynamic pricing : Enterprises set flexible prices based on market demand. Decoy pricing : Offer at least 3 products — 2 of which have a similar or equal price. The 2 products with similar prices are the most expensive. One of these is less attractive than the other one. Customers compare the options with similar prices. Sales of the more attractive high-priced item go up. Freemium pricing : This is not just a pricing option, it is a business model in its own right.

The way you make freemium work is by promoting a free version of a product, i. The objective is to convert a proportion of the users into paying customers, who then receive the full product. Examples being MailChimp plugins and Spotify music streaming. Geographic pricing : Different prices are offered to customers depending on where they live or happen to be. Petrol prices! High-low pricing : Products are priced higher than competitors. However, promotions offer lower prices on some products, in order to gain new customers think mortgage rates. Loss leader pricing : A pricing strategy that attracts new customers and increases market share.

The product or service is sold at or below production cost, or the cost of buying it in. Options pricing : An extensive range of optional features are offered to a basic product. Pay what you want pricing : The customer is allowed to pay whatever they feel is reasonable for the product or service. This pricing strategy has been tried within the music industry. It can attract considerable publicity. Payment options. Pay by cash or card? Lease the product or purchase it outright? For example, these days there are many different B2B payment solutions that small businesses can offer.

Penetration pricing : The enterprise chooses low pricing in order to boost sales and market share. If sufficient market share is attained, they may choose to increase prices. However, penetration pricing can start a price war. Premium pricing : A high price is set in order to reflect brand exclusivity and product quality. Think Rolls Royce and Rolex watches. Interestingly, it is not just the physical product that attracts buyers think buying experience, service and all sorts of additional touches. Price skimming : An enterprise starts with a high price and then gradually lowers the price, in order to increase market share. Product line pricing : Each product line or product category is given its own pricing.

For example, budget, standard and premium product ranges. Psychological pricing AKA Optical pricing : This strategy just might be one of the most effective psychological marketing tactics. A small change in price can make a significant difference in turnover. Self-liquidating pricing SLP : The objective here is to recover your costs and gain publicity and market share. The challenge is that two airline travelers can be sitting next to each other on a flight and discover that they have paid different prices.

How would this make you feel if you had paid the higher price? This is known as price discrimination, by the way. If you are wondering how to price your services, then you are in need of a service pricing strategy. A service pricing strategy can be closely related to, but not the same as all of the other pricing strategies about products. Simply put, there is a great difference in how to price your product and how to price your services.

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