Bow Hunt: Fred Bear

Monday, October 4, 2021 6:42:48 AM

Bow Hunt: Fred Bear

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From Fred Bear's Archives Elephant Bow Hunt!

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Father Quotes. Family Quotes. Baby Quotes. Quotes Quotes. The Great Fred Bear-love archery hunting. Dustin Simpkins. Funny Hunting. Survival Tools. Barbed Wire. Bow Hunting. Archery Targets. Archery Training. Archery Shirts. Archery Club. Survival Bow. Camping Survival. Outdoor Survival. Survival Prepping. Survival Skills. Emergency Preparedness. You have have to spend time finding where these deer are at so you can put up a tree stand. There is way more preparation for bow hunting then what there is for gun hunting. Bow hunting just has more excitement to it then gun hunting has to offer.

I believe that people should get more involved in bow hunting over gun hunting because bow hunting is safer than gun hunting and it also gives the hunter bigger sense of accomplishment with the hunt. Bow hunting offers a way better experience than what hunting with a gun does. Fred Bear chose to stick with bow hunting because of the challenges that bow hunting has and to get a bigger sense of accomplishment. Fred became a famous hunter from his bow hunting career. He became one of the best bow hunters in the world. He would not of made it that far if he only hunted with a gun. To get into the bowhunters hall of fame it takes many years of helping out the bowhunting industry, long hunting trips, and being the founder of a archery company helps a lot too.

Fred Bear earned his way into this. After years of helping out in the bowhunting industry, and owning and producing a bowhunting company called Bear Archery, there should be a reward for him. Not many people can say that they are in the Bowhunters Hall of Fame. It will take many years of doing bow hunting related things to accomplish this. This movie was about a man by the name of Arthur Young and how he bowhunters in California. After seeing this movie Fred Bear also wanted to get into bowhunting. Fred Bear won many Michigan archery competitions. He also traveled to other countries and took down some big named animals. He shot a tiger with his bow in India, and he also took down a polar bear in Alaska. Fred Bear has said that the most dangerous bear to hunt with a bow was the polar bear.

The biggest animal he has taken down with his bow was an elephant in Africa. This helped him significantly to get into the hall of fame because hunting these animals with a bow is extremely dangerous. Fred Bear made bows in his spare time in Within the next 6 years he started Bear Archery. He founded this from his love of hunting and his passion to bow hunt. He wanted other people to feel the same way that he did. Once he started selling these bows, everyone wanted them. They became a hot item back then.

He manufactured a lot of different bows. His best selling bow was the Grizzly bow. This was the first mass produced bow in archery history. Fred Bear was always promoting the sport of archery. He traveled to major cities putting on archery exhibitions and he also filmed all of his hunts and journeys around the world. He was a pioneer in filming hunts. He wanted to show people that bowhunting was a really fun and challenging thing to do. You actually have to have a passion for bow hunting and be totally committed to the sport. I think most people think that hunting is all luck. There is a lot that goes into hunting and you have to work very hard to make a name for yourself in this sport.

EHD is transmitted from deer to deer through the bite of a midge small fly called a biological vector. EHD does not affect humans, so edibility of the venison is not impacted by this disease. There is no evidence that humans can contract the EHD virus either from the midge or from handling and eating venison. When Fred bear was around, EHD was not a big concern. It just shows how much more serious this is getting. Back then if they saw a dead deer they just thought a coyote probably got it or just died from old age. And by doing this, the population will increase again.

I have seen the destruction that has been caused by EHD first hand. We counted 8 dead deer within just a couple of miles down the river. I also went fishing in Hudsonville on the grand river and saw 3 dead deer within 50 yards of each other. There has been over 10, deer killed by EHD just this year in Michigan. Fred Bear left the family farm when he was 21 years old. He went to Detroit to work in the automotive industry and he discovered that he loved the woods in Michigan. He loved to hunt in these woods. After watching this movie, Fred started making bows in his spare time and he started to use these bows while hunting. Fred soon became a very good marksman with his own bows. He started to win a lot of archery tournaments. In he was making bows full time.

Fred soon travelled the world filming his bow hunting adventures. It was on these adventures that Fred Bear became a famous hunter and a legend. He was 86 years old. I am writing this blog on Fred Bear. He was an avid outdoorsman and hunter. He is one of the most widely known bow hunters in the world. He travelled all around the world in search of almost every big game and small game species. He has taken down some of the most dangerous game in the world. His love of bow hunting turned into a love of making the best hunting bows the world has ever known.

Fred Bear started the Bear Archery company making high quality hunting bows. These bows are becoming very popular to hunters across the world today. In fact, I actually have one of his bows. This bow has been very successful for me. I chose to do this blog on Fred Bear because I am an avid outdoorsman and hunter. My dream is to travel the world to hunt every big and small game animal just like Fred Bear. I think doing this would a great accomplishment and a great adventure. I will hopefully be able to accomplish all of this before I die.

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