Graafs: A Fictional Narrative

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Graafs: A Fictional Narrative

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fictional narrative

I never expected to feel guilty over my actions in a video game, but here I am. The branching scenarios are so well planned, and the world is so well crafted, the characters so believable that it just drew me in. It will draw you in. Fallout 3 offered some choices, but it was ultimately the same storyline whether you blew up Megaton or not. But the entire second half of the game will change depending on who you side with, giving you a different experience if you decide to go back and do things differently. Unlike its predecessor, Fallout: New Vegas truly is a war game and the story is much better suited to the setting this time around. A good story will often shed light on some aspect of the human condition.

One of the strengths of video games, which is not always realised and taken advantage of, is that it can hold up a mirror and show you your own conditions. The fictional setting can exaggerate and amplify the stakes and consequences of a situation to make it easier to see, since our own moral choices in real life tend to be smaller. Have you ever let down a friend to risk earning the ire of someone who has the potential to make things difficult for you? I probably have. But in the real world, the stakes have been smaller and it was harder to recognise my choices for what they are.

No one died because of my bad choices in the real world. I doubt this confession will help me sleep. I need to go back and play New Vegas again, and do things differently. I will do better this time, I promise. If you enjoyed this Fallout: New Vegas review, you're encouraged to discuss it with the author and with other members of the site's community. If you don't already have an HonestGamers account, you can sign up for one in a snap. Thank you for reading! Featured community review by jerec January 16, On very rare occasions, Jerec finds a game that inspires him to write stuff about.

The rest of the time he just hangs around being sarcastic. Chaos;Child PlayStation 4 Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion. EmP posted January 16, Jerec, this is brilliant. I've had the game sitting still in its shrink wrap for months now, and it was going to stay there until I could be bothered to finish off Fallout 3. It's now the very next game on mt list. I'll probably enjoy being a bastard, though. The words for this just kept running around my mind in circles while I tried to sleep, so I had to get them written down. I got the game back in November or so, played some of it and then didn't play it until a few days ago where I just played it all day for 3 days straight.

I couldn't find time to play it when I had maybe an hour or two in the evening. Definitely a good game for the holidays when you can afford to play it all day. I must say, this review surprised me. While there were some very minor things that I didn't like, usually having to do with how you worded things, the sheer emotion you inject into this thing really shines through. It's quite touching and I've found myself feeling moved by your situation despite knowing that you're only talking about a video game.

I guess that just shows how much games can affect someone if they're done properly. That certainly seems to be the case here. Well done. Great narrative thread, and the review fits neatly together as a piece. This is a very good review, imo. I'm maybe wondering about is how the story and the dialogue is told. Did they finally create cutscenes, instead of these "zoom in and stop while talking" sessions..? So there's actual transitions in the game instead of corridors with doors that open after a monologue.. I'd played Fallout 3 for a couple days and it kinda fit in the "it's good and all, but Because of that, New Vegas didn't really attract my attention all that much. After reading this review, I can see me buying it at some time, as you made it seem really cool.

Wolfqueen - yeah, there's bound to be some strangely worded bits. I wrote it very quickly, very late at night and proofed it immediately after writing. Merchant : sell things of your choice to people of the wasteland. Goodsprings settler : You just go around in Goodsprings doing any necessary work. Wear a settler outfit. Save the town from Cobb and his gang and then clean up by putting the bodies in the cart thing outside the saloon.

Eat some dinner at the saloon and talk a little. You can hunt geckos and sell their meat, hides and eggs to Trudy. Also you could butcher the bighorners and sell their stuff. Clear out the schoolhouse and scavenge. I had an idea for your classic wasteland "waster". Play on very hard with hardcore mode to have the ultimate desert wasteland experience. I like all these ideas, although I have one that may sound a bit "out there" but I think it may or may not work. You, however, didn't like this, and so you hiked west. You ran into the legion, and things didn't go so well, so you shot them with your trusty Laser Rifle. For this I suggest a normal laser rifle, then attach all mods to make it "trusty". Also you should make your rep.

After that you arrived into the Mojave. The NCR, mistaking you for a Brotherhood member, shot you in the head. Then you wake up in Goodsprings. After that, it's up to you. Start off with NCR as just below Neutral, and repair your rep. Also you should look for combat work, as you are a power armored freak. I say you should also say you found a dead Brotherhood Member and used it to clean and fix your outcast armor, and that's why it's steel-colored and shiny again. Gammorrah Dancer : You shake it in front of the Gamorrah during the day, and shake it on somebodies lap during the night. Have a high Charisma to pick up clients more easily, use a straight razor silenced. Obviously speech will be highly important. Also, most Gommorah whores are addicted to something, maybe jet or psycho.

Buffout is also an OK drug too. From there, get a client every day, maybe two. Dancing in the Casino until you earn the right to dance in Zoara. WWI Soldier : You did wrong things in your lifetime, so you were sent to hell, which is a post-apocalyptic desert. You find that the NCR is looking for soldiers and you were one so you take the job. A Psycho Psycho : You are a psycho that is addicted to Psycho. Perhaps you are a fiend, and you sell to Motor-Runner what you can spare. After all, for 22 caps you can buy another and have some left over. Or maybe you were a Local to Freeside who was addicted young, but you had one too many, and are now addicted AND a mass-murderer.

You have a high Speech, Charisma, and wear robes, it doesn't matter what robes, just make them robes. When a pack of Deathclaws charge you, you do not move, for they die by a Heart Attack because god does not want you to die yet. Then you enter Caesars camp, and then get lashed to a cross, but it takes days to die. After that you die permanently. The end. Vault Survivor Fallout 3 Reference : You were just travelling along. You were 32 now, it had been years since the events of the war against the Enclave. You had given up your fancy technology, and gone back to your original Vault Suit.

You had always kept it with you, along with your 10mm Pistol. You were just walking along, Dogmeat, you, and good old Fawkes. You were headed see Fawkes Grandma, Lily. Who had always called him Jimmy for some reason. On your way, you get jumped by a man and a group of Great Khans. They Kill Fawkes, and sell Dogmeat to a group of Legion people. The man shoots you, and with what you think is your dying breath, Dogmeat kills the Legionaries, gets placed in a Mech. Replacer Machine, and you "Die. A robot rescued you. Now with only your pistol, some ammo, your Vault Suit, and a handful of Bobby Pins and Stimpacks, you set out to get your revenge, and to inform Lily of her Grandsons' Fate. Nightstalker Child : You were born by a bleeding-out mother, who had been shot in the shoulder.

That and you being born meant her death. However, luckily for you, a Nightstalker saw you and saved you. The Nightstalker went on to be the Legendary Nightstalker, and you its Human. You use only unarmed. With skills in Unarmed obviously , Survival obviously , and Medicine there's nobody to patch you up, how do you think you keep from dying? You do not know of other humans. Somehow, you have learned to talk to Nightstalkers. Eventually, the Legendary Nightstalker, your Master if you want to name it, use the console command setactorfullname "[First] [Last]" to change it to something. Sure enough, you find it. She had set up a grenade trap but you jump over it.

You enter and collect what she has there. After that, go around, kill random things but no Nightstalkers and take their stuff. Maybe eventually go to a trading post and sell it off. This is a kind-of Do this, do that, do nothing roleplay so it may just be a short little fun thing. Nightkin : Benny's bullet must've messed with your brain a lot, because you now think that you're a Nightkin. Use Rebar Clubs and have a large stock of Stealth Boys. Live in Jacobstown, have Lily as your companion, and do something in the town.

Perhaps you hunt the Nightstalkers, and sell their dropped items I don't remember what they are. I think it's the Ghoul in the town hall. Oh, I almost forgot, wear raider armor of a sort, since it's patchwork and Super Mutants use patchwork armor. You get Cass as she is an old Caravaneer who is your mentor and Caravan guard. Use Rex or ED-E for secondary companions. If you want to seem semi-realistic, use Rex. Or if you are a rich Caravan, use ED-E because you can afford to get him repaired.

High Barter, Guns, and Explosives are key. Use maybe Varmint Rifle, 9mm Pistol, and Dynamite for weapons. Take the Tag! After all, you may be in-between towns. When you find a Travelling Merchant, combine your Caravans for added protection. But when you get close to your destination, stab them in the back and take their goods for yourself. Wear one of the "republican" outfits.

I don't know why they're called that, all I know is on the Console Commands list they have OutfitRepublican King Cannibal : You're a cannibal, and you kill and eat anybody from a major faction. You attack some caravans at first, claiming they don't pay your toll. You have earned the respect of normal townsfolk, as you've killed all the gangs in the area. Also, only take part of the map, maybe the area from Goodsprings to Mojave Outpost? At which point you would kill powder gang, the legion at Nipton, and then you start just killing random people.

Live around Goodsprings Source. There's a trailer with two beds in it near there. Also go to Jean Sky Diving and broadcast to your people. Just sit at the chair, turn the radio on and talk to yourself. Also take the star cap there, and when Malcolm Holmes comes, you kill him because he forgot to address you as "Your Highness". Always remember: It's good to be king!

Sexually Deprived Person : You were having the best night of your life, this girl had gone with you to the Goodsprings Graveyard for some fun. Only, apparently she was married, her husband came and shot you and that woman Luckily, the town doctor patches you up, and you head off. Once you have completed one of these goals, you're done with this one, if you're with the Gammorah ones, gamble all day, if with the Vault 21 chick, Walk around ahead of people like you're a tour guide for the Vault, if with Red Lucy, fight during the day, have fun during the night.

Retribution : You are on a mission You take up your Holy Frag Grenades and your spiked knuckles, love and hate. You then exact gods will The whole world is corrupt, and you must purify it. Texas Red : Anybody hear the song "Big Iron" at some point in the game? Well it's a ballad. It tells the story of this outlaw who gets schooled by a ranger. Well, maybe you're Texas Red. Get a revolver and live in a town Goodsprings works well. Until one day, Joe Cobb comes into town you can pretend he's the ranger from the song. Go and kill him, then maybe kill the "lawmen" that come into town looking for Ringo. After that, maybe become a lone wanderer? It's all up to you. Caesars Sister : The one woman with freedom east of the Colorado. You only have that right because you are the sister of Caesar.

Do the Legion questline, and save Caesar during the quest to save or kill him. You then finish things up, so forth. That's basically it. Legion Frumentarii : Trained since a young child, you are the greatest of Caesar's Frumentarii. When spies on the Strip discovered the existence of the Platinum Chip, Caesar sent you to Primm to get hired by the Mojave Express and track down the courier transporting the chip. As luck would have it, you were given the chip. As you were making you way back to the Fort, you were ambushed by Benny and the Great Khans, shot in Goodsprings and buried in a shallow grave. After your resurrection, you set off to retrieve the chip and return it to Caesar. Have a high charisma.

As a spy, you'll need other factions to like you so that you can get information out of them. To avoid suspicion, you should keep at least a neutral reputation with other factions, but never give them an advantage over the Legion. Legendary Thief casino robber : you are like vikki and vance! Angry Wanderer : You were reborn from your grave in Goodsprings. Reborn with anger in your heart. You wander from civilization to civilization, sometimes going days without finding any. Sometimes you find an abandoned trailer or house, just to be careful lay a mine by every entrance. Scout about a half a mile radius around your temporary refuge to make sure the area is secure. Find a water source nearby, if there is none, pick some plants for some food.

Every now and again you run into strangers while wandering. Sometimes you trade peacefully, sometimes you make them repair everything you have, then kill them for all they have. Just because they reminded you a little of Benny. Benny's attempted assassination was only the icing on the Sunday. You've been seething with rage for quite some time now - Caesar's Legion kidnapped your family, and now they're all dead. You don't care about politics, only vengeance. Be warned that this isn't an ideal character to roleplay as if you intend to explore much of the game, as this will cut off much of the Legion's quest line as well as make the game much harder to play due to making Legion an enemy early in the game.

Ideally, your character should tag the following skills: Guns because, let's face it, you really want to blow Caesar's head off with a nice. Your isolation has polished your survival instinct to a fine point. In terms of politics, your character shouldn't really push to any one side, although NCR is an ideal ally as they can supply you with better weapons and armor - not to mention that many of the missions they offer you for payment involve Caesar's Legion the caps are just a nice bonus.

You don't care much for the Strip nor for ruling anything - you're content to let NCR take over, so long as you get Caesar's head mounted on a stick preferably a long, pointy one. For this character, you should generally spend most of your time hunting down the Legion. Bringing Boone is a nice bonus, as he hates the Legion just as much as you do and will gladly assist in any of your schemes to bring Caesar to a rather unscrupulous end. Quests should really only be done if you're low on caps, and as part of the realism you should carry food and water and eat and sleep regularly. You're not above stealing to get what you want, but make sure that the majority of your ill-gotten gains stem from the Legion.

After Benny's attempted assassination and hearing of the Legion's atrocities, and the NCR's lack of action, you decide to take matters in your own hands. With skill in Survival, Guns, and Explosives, you know how to get around, how to survive from nothing, and how to hold your own when oppressed. With your Speech skill you can convince others to join in and fight The Revolution in the East, after all, no sense in starting small if you're going to stay that way. Fire Bombs, knives, and a good, solid shotgun are your weapons, as well as your trusty, yet Weathered, 10mm Pistol. You use these along with unconventional tactics to remove the threat of Legion oppression, without the fear of NCR justice. And if they turn oppressor Viva la Revolution!

Drunkard- well, your drunk. You have a very low intelligence, high charisma and you constantly drink drink. You act drunk by punching people thatyou obviously couldn't kill with your hands then possibly sobering up and holding X to put away your weapons. You spend most of your timme in casinos or bars or bars in casinos wasting your money on slots or on vodka becasuse you should also have a low luck with a high strength You are pretty poor becasue all of your money goes to "the good stuff" Your main use is to be happy, angry, sad, bloodthirsty, kind, and oblivious all at the same time to be the drunkest persopn you can be without dieing.

You are an agent of the Shi, sent from San Francisco to the Mojave to procure the technological resources scattering the area. Hand to hand is preferable, but not vital. Other skills and even details of the backstory are entirely up to you; are you a dangerous radical sent on the mission to negate the threat you posed to the carefully constructed veil of secrecy around the Emeror's true nature, or one of the Shi's most skilled and deadly warriors entrusted with a mission of the upmost importance? ED-E of course makes the ideal companion for this roleplay, but Rex or even simply going solo would make an equal amount of sense.

Ezekiel has told you of a secret location in Wolfhorn ranch to find a list of books. Your quest is to find all of the Mojave's skill books and commit them to memory as soon as possible. No companions, you have low charisma because you are a nerd. You would rather not kill but when cornered you will slap at enemies. Your good at sneaking and so-so with your scoped Laser rifle.

People don't understand your big words and your no business man. When you start a quest you start with only a few supplies. Your Strength is 4. What ever is on a dead enemy is what you use. Squalor , July 10, UTC. You can live in a place With a Throne. The red rock canyon, The Fort. Your can go to towns and see if they are worthy of you. If they are, you can make it your hometown, help them, give them smaller taxes, or whatever you want. If they are okay of a place, you can do give them regular taxes, you can still help them, live there for a day, or whatever you want. If you hate them, you can wipe them out, give them tests give Primm a sheriff and see if you like them after that If you think the town will be better after killing a certain person, sentence them to execution or whatever you want.

You are also known as "The Courier". You were carrying the parcel containing The Platinum Chip from Primm. However, you were intercepted by a man named Benny and some people part of a gang called the Great Khans. Benny shot you in the head twice and left you for dead; buried alive in a shallow grave in the Goodsprings Cemetery. You were dug out by Victor, a friendly Securitron under Mr. House's control. You were then nursed back to health by Doc Mitchell, the resident doctor of Goodsprings. To role play this one is simple: do whatever you want! Mercenary : You are a Mercenary you should accept any job, are a freelance or contracted, maybe you ride with Caravan or ambush it, are you high payed with ncr or is your loyalty to Caesar's Legion.

As a merc you should wear leather armour and as for weapons you should mainly use ranged guns, you could use a rifle,a pistol and a combat knife cause every merc has one. You should make your own quests and jobs like someone hire you to clean out and take supplies from vault 34 or siently kill papa khan. In all as a merc you should take jobs and kill people. Your previous mission required that all traces of your former identity be removed from NCR records to make your cover as real as possible. Communications with them is off limits however. You can and will do whatever it takes to advance the NCR's goals. Choose a main objective. Some good examples are assassinating Caesar and his elite officers, subdue all opposition in Freeside to pave the way for NCR control, or destroy the Vegas chapter of the Brotherhood of steel once and for all.

Military Android[Weaponized] Stationed within a top secret government bunker within the Mojave, and reawakened in a distant future, you slowly make your way about the Mojave, listening to the whispers, trying to discover what you were awakened to do. After a while, you hear tales of a 'NCR', the government of the land. Realizing your programming was to aide them, you set off. In your travels, you ran into a courier who was dying of cazador venom. Giving you their package and route, you set off to fulfill their dying wish, then embark on your own.

As you arrived in a small town, you were shot in the head, scrambling some of your programming. Now you have 'free-will', and can choose your own path. What will you do? You are a weapon, after all. Wastelander : You woke up in a pile of debris, with tattered clothes no memory of prior events. You have a backpack and the gift of life, so you headed off into the sunset. After a couple hours of walking you stumble across the tiny town of Goodsprings.

You are welcomed with open arms there. You felt that Goodsprings was a safe haven for you. Even so you felt that you had to explore what had once been the great Mojave desert. So you later took off into the barren wastes, to create your own destiny. Skills : You are a master of guns Guns, duh.. You are good at getting your own way, wether it be by words or at gun point, you always get the job done. Your are a Survivalist you knew the great war was coming and set up a base in one of the locations above. Pre war you lived in Good springs as a member of the National Guard you heard about the coming Armageddon from a friend in the C.

Control Freak - You grew up in a small town back east, and as a kid it seemed you were always getting into trouble. It started off with small things like stealing but you eventually fell in with the local street gang. The gang members mentored you and taught you how to survive, however, were a natural criminal and managed to move up in the gang quickly. By the time you were 18 you were the gang's second in command, but that wasn't good enough for you. You snuck into the leader's bedroom one night, slit his throat, and assumed control of the gang. Unfortunately for you, someone found out what you had done, and many of your fellow gang members saw the former leader as family.

The gang members chased you out of town and you were forced to wander the wastes. You eventually became a mercenary taking jobs and traveling wherever they took you. You recently took a job as a courier for the Mojave Express. You were ordered to deliver a Platinum chip to the Strip's overseer, Mr. While you were making your way to the Strip, just outside the small town of Goodsprings, you were ambushed by the Great Khans and Benny, tied up, and shot in the head.

Somehow, you managed to survive and woke up in the Goodsprings' clinic a few days later. You hunt down the men who attempted to kill you and retrieve the Platinum Chip. After killing Benny, you decide to take a look around his room and discover Yes Man. He tells you what the Platinum Chip can do and how he could help you take over New Vegas and you cannot resist his offer. Hope you all enjoy this build, and have fun. When you're burned, you've got nothing, no money, no credit, no job history, you're stuck in whatever settlement they dump you in Goodsprings. I'm out to look for the person who burned me to get revenge, and I'll fight anyone in my way, even if I have to fight other Californians.

This RP requires you to create a character with these initial stats. Tag Skills: Guns, Survival, and Unarmed. Traits: Good Natured and Wild Wasteland. Set difficulty to Easy. Turn up to Hard when fighting 'large' enemies. Yao Guai, Cazadores, Nightkin, etc. Do not select perks that affect you in battle. Only choose perks that make you smarter. Try and avoid confrontation and battle whenever possible. Do not put yourself in unnecessary life threatening situations. And if you choose to do so, make sure you are very prepared to deal it.

Sneak and negotiate your way through the game. On each level up, only add skill points to a skill that you've used since the last level up. This RP playthrough requires a state of mind. Your character starts off as a slightly inexperienced courier, fearful for his Life. By the time you get to New Vegas, you will have a little experience. By the time you activate the Securitron upgrades, you will be even more experienced, and you will be questioning to yourself on which faction should rule New Vegas. By the time you deal with the Boomers, you will realize the best outcome would be for an independent New Vegas.

When the time is right you will shut down Mister House. Visit the casinos and win all of their money. This is payment to fund your upcoming war against NCR and Legion. Boomers will be allied with you. As a matter of fact. Do companion glitch. Get every companion. Arcade Gannon is your second in command. Your advisor. Your partner at the very top. This man knows what he's talking about. Keep him close by. Veronica becomes your best friend. That one weird person that's embarrassing to be around because they dress funny, or they are naive as bumpkins, but you can't stop hanging out with them. You're gonna be King of New Vegas, and there's gonna be room at the top with her and the rest of your friends. Boone is the veteran. Experienced on the battlefield and all. He doesn't talk much.

But he can be a very valuable ally. Feel his judgmental, passive glare affect the way you make important decisions. He also acts as a type of bodyguard, although you may want to leave him at home when venturing into Legion territory. When the time comes to wipe out Legion, Boone is the perfect ally to have at your side. Cassidy is a love interest. Trust me on this one. She'll be queen. This relationship is unofficially official. She knows she has a thing for you, but she won't admit it. Lucky 38 becomes your castle. Your domain. With House out of the picture, you are now King. Establish your empire. Solve the problems on the New Vegas strip.

The Chairmen at the Tops now work for you. The Omertas and the the White Gloves are iffy. They'll need to gain more trust. Sell em guns and stimpacks. Arm the people. When you are powerful enough, eradicate Caeser's Legion. Try and negotiate with NCR, but if you are left with no choice, you'll have to wipe them off the face of New Vegas. You are now the King. Not like a tyrant. More like a president. You are the New House. Have fun running your alliance. The Mad Scientist: I'm surprised no one has thought of this yet. Put 9 points in intelligence, and a decent amount in perception and charisma. Make sure to put a decent amount of points into repair as well Make that your 4th tag maybe. If you need to harm an innocent in the name of science, do so! Tag Skills: Explosives, Lockpick, and Speech.

Traits: Four Eyes and Wild Wasteland. You are a born anarchist. Use the companion glitch to get your following. Perks are your descision, but Fight The Power! As Nur. The Beruas Prophecy tells a story about the quest for the famous treasures of Malik Al Mansur, once a ruler of the ancient Beruas Kingdom that decided to leave the city due to the advancement of the Portuguese army.

Chizuko cited in Calichman, In the past, women have been depicted as queens of domesticity with the kitchen as their realm; today, a new form of representation is seen in the sexualized woman who is an object for the male gaze. A good performance from clothing that is worn daily.

You Classroom Ventilation In The Classroom Essay then nursed back Classroom Ventilation In The Classroom Essay health by Doc The Realist Theory Of Realism And The Peloponnesian War, the resident doctor of Goodsprings. Classroom Ventilation In The Classroom Essay Zarkov's mind again free the show goes on Ming's thrall, she quickly The Realist Theory Of Realism And The Peloponnesian War the Doctor reconfigure her laser-pistol and the unlikely pair used its power to cut through the bars How Does The Cochlear Implant Affect Deaf Culture Flash's cell. With Prohibition In Canada Research Paper out of the picture, you are now King.