Persuasive Essay On Foundation Waterproofing

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Persuasive Essay On Foundation Waterproofing

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Rub-R-Wall Waterproofing on ICF Foundation

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At the back of the living room are the three bedrooms. The largest one is the master bedroom. You see the kitchen has basic appliances including a cooking stove, refrigerator, dryer and washing machine. The landlord will also provide furniture if you need it. This is the master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom. The view is delightful. The other two bedrooms are for children. Would I have my wife and kids check it out tomorrow? Also, do you know if there is any discount for the rent? The average rent in this area is around forty five thousand Hong Kong dollars per month. Since the landlord is in a hurry to lease the apartment, so he has already lowered the rent. How much diposit should I pay?

Thank you so much. See you tomorrow. Please follow the arrows to our show flats A and B. The size of show flat A is one thousand square feet and show flat B is one thousand and five hundred square feet. Please enjoy yourselves. First, I would like to explain to you that the red tags denote a free gift from our developer to our future vendors. After a second On your right hand side is the kitchen.

All the appliances including refrigerator, microwave oven, dishes-washer are imported from Europe. Please go straight in. There is a huge living room and three bedrooms. The developer will provide air conditioners for all rooms. Please make yourselves comfortable. This unit faces south, which is the best direction and view for the whole building. Miss, what kind of view is it? Sounds great, right? Dear customers, we have already arranged to have the lawyers and bankers meet us on the ground floor.

They will answer all the mortgage and legal questions you may have. Thank you for joining us today. I hope you will find your favourite units today. I see. Can you show me the location for Block 1? Please take a look of the model of the building. Nice Garden has a total of two blocks which are labelled Block 1 and Block 2. Block 1 has a total of thirty-eight levels. The thirty-seventh and thirty-eighth are penthouses. There are four units in one level. The sizes of the units are one thousand square feet and one thousand and five hundred square feet. The size with one thousand square feet has three bedrooms and the biggest size has four bedrooms.

There are two swimming pools, one is Olympic standard size and the other one is for children. Also, there is a gymnasium for resident members only. The average unit price is five million Hong Kong dollars. There are eight different banks that will provide a seventy percent mortgage loan. Also, the developer will offer another ten percent mortgage to purchasers. I believe there will be one right for you. Please hurry up because almost half of units have already gone. I think I have to talk to the bank representatives. Thank you for your help. I have an appointment with Miss Wang at eleven. Cohen, Miss Wang is expecting you. Please have a seat. Hello, Mr. Cohen, nice to meet you. Miss Wang passes a business card to Mr.

Cohen,would you like something to drink? Is it near the Harbour City? The transportation is very convenient and only a few minutes walking distance to MTR station. Also, a famous shopping mall is connected with the Harbour City. Besides, the management fee and rent are reasonable for your company. How much is the rent? Is it possible to see it right now? May I ask which floor you prefer?

I will show you the twenty-second floor and twenty-fifth floor. We can go anytime. Peter Lee passes his business card to the client. My name is Peter Lee. I am Mrs. I would like to buy an office at around two point five million Hong Kong dollars. Actually, I have a few vacant offices on the seventh, thirteenth and twenty-first floor in Mong Kok Centre Phase 2.

The area is approximately from three hundred and fifty square feet to five hundred square feet. The price range is from two point three to two point eight million Hong Kong dollars. It perfectly fits your price range. I would like to make an appointment to check it out as soon as possible. Cohen, please come in and take a look at the full Kowloon Park view. What is the area of this unit? The net area is about eight hundred square feet. Although many reviewers declared the watch revolutionary, it was criticized for its weight grams and was discontinued in For instance, the company demonstrated coffee makers, weather stations, and alarm clocks featuring built-in SPOT technology.

The information included weather, news, stock prices, and sports scores and was transmitted through FM waves. This watch notified the user when receiving calls and text messages. Though the watch was not popular as it would only connect and work with Sony Ericsson phones. In , Hermen van den Burg, CEO of Smartwatch and Burg Wearables, launched Burg the first standalone smartphone watch with its own sim card and not requiring to be tethered to a smartphone. Sony Ericsson launches the Sony Ericsson LiveView , a wearable watch device which is basically an external Bluetooth display for an Android Smartphone.

The watch has a millimetre 1. In , the claim to first ever smartwatch to capture the full capability of a smartphone was laid by startup Omate with the TrueSmart. The TrueSmart originated from a Kickstarter campaign which raised over 1 million dollars, making it the 5th most successful Kickstarter to date. The TrueSmart made its public debut in early Acer's S. Liew stated in an interview with gadget website Pocket-Lint , " I think every consumer company should be looking at wearable. This device enables users to leave their handsets in their pockets, since it has a speaker for phone calls in both quiet and noisy environments.

In April , the Samsung Gear 2 was released among the few smartwatches to be equipped with a digital camera. It has two megapixels and can record in p. At the Consumer Electronics Show , a large number of new smartwatches were released from various companies such as Razer Inc , [66] Archos , [67] and several other companies, as well as a few startups. Some had begun to call the CES, a "wrist revolution" [68] because of the number of smartwatches released and the huge amount of publicity they began to receive at the start of The Wear-based Moto was announced by Motorola in The launch of Samsung's Gear S smartwatch was covered by the media in late August On 9 September , Apple Inc.

However, others praised Apple for creating a potentially fashionable device that can compete with "traditional watches," [76] not just the smartwatch industry in general. The watch only turns on when activated either by lifting one's wrist, touching the screen, or pressing a button. The watch is compatible with industry-standard 20 mm straps. At the Consumer Electronics Show , Razer released the Nabu Watch , a dual-screen smartwatch: integrates an always-on illuminated backlit display, that takes care of some pretty standard features as date and time, and a second OLED screen, which is activated by raising your wrist, allows access to extra smart features.

It featured a larger display with smaller bezels, as well as an EKG feature which is built to detect abnormal heart function. In Qualcomm's September presentation, it unveiled its Snapdragon chip. It is a successor to the Wear , and it includes greater power efficiency, and a separate low power core that can run basic watch functions as well as slightly more advanced functions, such as step tracking. The app aims to improve sleep for people suffering from PTSD -related nightmares, by vibrating when it detects a nightmare in progress based on monitoring heart rate and body movement.

Smartwatches have risen in popularity during the s. They are often used as fitness trackers but also as smartphone entertainment or communication "companions". Many smartwatch models manufactured in the s are completely functional as standalone products. Some are used in sports, the GPS tracking unit being used to record historical data. For example, after a workout, data can be uploaded onto a computer or online to create a log of activities for analysis or sharing.

Some watches can serve as full GPS watches , displaying maps and current coordinates, and recording tracks. Users can "mark" their current location and then edit the entry's name and coordinates, which enables navigation to those new coordinates. As companies add competitive products into the market, media space is becoming a desired commodity on smartwatches. With Apple , Sony , Samsung , and Motorola introducing their smartwatch models, 15 percent of tech consumers [90] use wearable technologies.

The functionality of these watches attracts tech consumers who possess buying power, which has attracted many advertisers. In order for an advertisement to be effective on a smartwatch, companies have stated that the ad must be able to create experiences native to the smartwatch itself. Functions may include training programs such as intervals , lap times, speed display, GPS tracking unit , route tracking, dive computer , heart rate monitor compatibility, Cadence sensor compatibility, and compatibility with sport transitions as in triathlons. Other watches can cooperate with an app in a smartphone to carry out their functions. They are paired usually by Bluetooth with a smartphone. Some of these only work with a phone that runs the same mobile operating system ; others use a unique watch OS, or otherwise are able to work with most smartphones.

Paired, the watch may function as a remote to the phone. This allows the watch to display data such as calls, SMS messages, emails, calendar invites, and any data that may be made available by relevant phone apps. Some fitness tracker watches give users reports on the number of kilometers they walked, hours they slept, and so on. Starting around , several manufacturers started to release smartwatches with LTE watch smartphones or autonomous vs.

Long battery life lasts up to 30 days on a single charge, plus 20 more with time and activity tracking only. Some watches use a button battery for time, with longer-lasting periods. Flyme OS , firmware based on Android operating system by Meizu. Tizen is a Linux-based operating system for various platforms including smartwatches. AsteroidOS is an open source firmware replacement for some Android Wear devices. Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system for various platforms, including Sailfish smartwatches. InfiniTime is the default firmware for the PineTime smartwatch, produced by Pine In China, since around , smartwatches have become widely used by schoolchildren. The devices are commonly colorful and made of plastic. They normally have no display unless a button is pushed.

These smartwatches have limited capability compared to other smartwatches; their main functions consist of being able to conduct calls , displaying of time , and sometimes have air temperature sensitivity. Some smart watches can also help elderly with dementia by reporting their location to a caretaker in case they get lost, or if they fall. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about smartwatches generally. For the Sony brand, see Sony SmartWatch. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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