How Technology Affects Me Research Paper

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How Technology Affects Me Research Paper

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Technological has led to introduction of cloning, which is highly controversial because of its ethical and moral implications. The growth of technology has changed the world significantly, and has influenced life in a great way. Technology is changing every day and continuing to influence areas of communication, healthcare, governance, education and business. The first technological invention to have an impact on communication was the discovery of telephone by Graham Bell in Since then, other inventions such as the internet and the mobile phone have made communication faster and easier.

For example, the internet has improved ways through which people exchange views, opinions and ideas through online discussions Harrington, , p. Unlike in the past when people who were in different geographical regions could not easily communicate, technology has eradicated that communication barrier. People in different geographical regions can send and receive messages within seconds. Online discussions have made it easy for people to keep in touch. In addition, they have made socializing easy. Through online discussions, people find better solutions to problems by exchanging opinions and ideas Harrington, , p. Examples of technological inventions that facilitate online discussions include emails, online forums, dating websites and social media sites.

Another technological invention that changed communication was the mobile phone. In the past, people relied on letters to send messages to people who were far away. Mobile phones have made communication efficient and reliable. They facilitate both local and international communication. In addition, they enable people respond to emergencies and other situations that require quick responses. Other uses of cell phones include transfer of data through applications such as infrared and Bluetooth, entertainment and their use as miniature personal computers Harrington, , p. The latest versions of mobile phones are fitted with applications that enable them to access the internet.

This provides loads of information in diverse fields for mobile phone users. For business owners, mobile phones enhance the efficiency of their business operations because they are able to keep in touch with their employees and suppliers Harrington, , p. In addition, they are able to receive any information about the progress of their business in a short period of time. Technology has contributed significantly to the healthcare sector.

For example, it has made vital contributions in the fields of disease prevention and health promotion. Technology has aided in the understanding of the pathophysiology of diseases, which has led to prevention of many diseases. For example, understanding of the pathophysiology of gastrointestinal tract and blood diseases has aided in their effective management Harrington, , p. Technology has enabled practitioners in the medical field to make discoveries that have changed the health care sector. These include the discovery that peptic ulceration is caused by a bacterial infection, and the development of drugs to treat schizophrenia and depressive disorders that afflict a greater portion of the population Harrington, , p.

The development of vaccine against polio and measles led to their total eradication. Children who are vaccinated against these diseases are not at risk of contracting the diseases. The development of vaccines was facilitated by technology, without which certain diseases would still be causing deaths in great numbers. Vaccines play a significant role in disease prevention. Technology is used in health promotion in different ways.

First, health practitioners use various technological methods to improve health care. In this field, technology is used in three main ways. These include its use as an intervention tool, its use in conducting research studies and its use for professional development Lintonen et al, , p. It is largely used to support health care interventions that are mainly directed towards individual persons. Secondly, it is used to improve the well-being of patients during recovery.

Bedside technology has contributed significantly in helping patients recover. For example, medical professionals have started using the Xbox computer technology to develop a revolutionary process that measures limb movements in stroke patients Tanja-Dijkstra, , p. This helps them recover their manual competencies. The main aim of this technology is to help stroke patients do more exercises to increase their recovery rate and reduce the frequency of visits to the hospital Lintonen et al, , p. The government has utilized technology in two main areas.

These include the facilitation of the delivery of citizen services and the improvement of defense and national security Scholl, , p. The government is spending large sums of money on wireless technologies, mobile gadgets and technological applications. This is in an effort to improve their operations and ensure that the needs of citizens are fulfilled. For example, in order to enhance safety and improve service delivery, Cisco developed a networking approach known as Connected Communities. This networking system connects citizens with the government and the community.

The system was developed to improve the safety and security of citizens, to improve service delivery by the government, to empower citizens and to encourage economic development. The government uses technology to provide information and services to citizens. This encourages economic development and fosters social inclusion Scholl, , p. Technology is also useful in improving national security and the safety of citizens.

It integrates several wireless technologies and applications that make it easy for security agencies to access and share important information effectively. Technology is widely used by security agencies to reduce vulnerability to terrorism. Technologically advanced gadgets are used in airports, hospitals, shopping malls and public buildings to screen people for explosives and potentially dangerous materials or gadgets that may compromise the safety of citizens Bonvillian and Sharp, , par2. In addition, security agencies use surveillance systems to restrict access to certain areas. They also use technologically advanced screening and tracking methods to improve security in places that are prone to terrorist attacks Bonvillian and Sharp, , par3. Technology has made significant contributions in the education sector.

It is used to enhance teaching and learning though the use of different technological methods and resources. These include classrooms with digital tools such as computers that facilitate learning, online learning schools, blended learning and a wide variety of online learning resources Barnett, , p. Digital learning tools that are used in classrooms facilitate learning in different ways.

They expand the scope of learning materials and experience for students, they improve student participation in learning, they make learning easier and quick, and they reduce the cost of education Barnett, , p. For example, online schools and free learning materials reduce costs that are incurred in purchasing learning materials. They are readily available online. In addition, they reduce the expenses that are incurred in program delivery.

Technology has improved the process of teaching by introducing new methods that facilitate connected teaching. These methods virtually connect teachers to their students. Teachers are able to provide learning materials and the course content to students effectively. In addition, teachers are able to give students an opportunity to personalize learning and access all learning materials that they provide. Technology enables teachers to serve the academic needs of different students.

In addition, it enhances learning because the problem of distance is eradicated and students can contact their teachers easily Barnett, , p. Technology plays a significant role in changing how teachers teach. It enables educators to evaluate the learning abilities of different students in order to devise teachings methods that are most efficient in the achievement of learning objectives. Through technology, teachers are able to relate well with their students and they are able to help and guide them. Educators assume the role of coaches, advisors and experts in their areas of teaching.

Technology helps make teaching and learning enjoyable and gives it meaning that goes beyond the traditional classroom set-up system Barnett, , p. Technology is used in the business world to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Most important, technology is used as a tool to foster innovation and creativity Ray, , p. Other benefits of technology to businesses include the reduction of injury risk to employees and improved competitiveness in the markets.

For example, many manufacturing businesses use automated systems instead of manual systems. These systems eliminate the costs of hiring employees to oversee manufacturing processes. They also increase productivity and improve the accuracy of the processes because of reduction of errors Ray, , p. CAM reduces labor costs, increases the speed of production and ensures a higher level of accuracy Hunt, , p. CIM reduces labor costs while CAD improves the quality and standards of products and reduces cost of production.

Another example of the use of technology in improving productivity and output is the use of database systems to store data and information. Many businesses store their data and other information in database systems that make accessibility of information fast, easy and reliable Pages, , p. Technology has changed how international business is conducted. With advent of e-commerce, businesses became able to trade through the internet on the international market Ray, , p. This means that there is a large market for products and services. In addition, it implies that most markets are open for 24 hours a day. For example, customers can shop for books or music on Amazon. E-commerce has given businesses the opportunity to expand and operate internationally. Countries such as China and Brazil are taking advantage of opportunities presented by technology to grow their economy.

E-commerce reduces the complexities involved in conducting international trade Ray, , p. Its many components make international trade easy and fast. For example, a BOES system allow merchants to execute trade transactions in any language or currency, monitor all steps involved in transactions and calculate all costs involved such as taxes and freight costs Yates, , p. BOES enable business to import and export different products through the internet. This system of trade is efficient and creates a fair environment in which small and medium-sized companies can compete with large companies that dominate the market. Despite its many benefits, technology has negative impacts. It has negative impacts on the society because it affects communication and has changed the way people view social life.

Share this: Twitter. Advantages of euthanasia Information, Technology and Maya Angelous Influence On America. The Private Prisons Research Paper that I believe that it is changing the way that we take information is Catholicism In Ireland Essay, I also see Maya Angelous Influence On America losing my concentration on long articles and I also skim through articles instead drinking age in south korea reading all of it. We use technology Jason Diomedes: A Greek Hero day, in different ways and we do it to harming up our lives or the society we live in. We have forgotten how advantages of euthanasia was Maya Angelous Influence On America before conference calling and emails.