The Long Walk To The Forest Analysis

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The Long Walk To The Forest Analysis

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Which is not to say its the correct reading Katie, for example, argued effectively for a more open ending. Still, an excellent analysis producing evidence in favor and very effectively giving a counter argument for the one part of the piece that might be used to undermine your position. While there is room for interpretation, the argument you make is as strong as I believe it could be in this short format. Dormant love, like buds in the winter of life. Taking a long walk to fall asleep and allow edification from A.

L to a whole conciousness of real soul, real soul, is called destiny A Long Walk to Forever is a classic love story of the boy and girl next door. Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl are perfect for one another. Boy and Girl get separated. Girl meets new Man, probably in an attempt to forget Boy. Boy comes back. Boy does something extraordinary to demonstrate his love for Girl. Girl leaves Man and is reunited with Boy, whom she was meant to be with all along. And they both live happily ever after!

Where is the background information? The passage of time? Who is the Other Man? Why did Girl fall for him? A Long Walk to Forever is obviously not a novel or a film— it is a short story. Very short. And yet, it does not lack credibility or appeal. This story is told in the purest and most straightforward way. It is short, sweet, and to the point. At times it is sweet and simple practically to the point of being childish. I feel connected to it; connected to every living thing around.

The lushness swims in my eyes. The green trees are home to several living beings. The cool blanket of air has surrounded me. It makes me elated. My soul is shouting with joy. The smile on my face is so natural! As I walk on the soil, I feel the softness of earth. The soil seems a part of me. The more I walk, the more homely I feel. As I touch the leaves, fresh droplets fall from it upon my dry skin. As I run my fingers over the barks, they fingers get cold and sweet. All this enhances my spirit. The air is filled with the fragrance of leaves, flowers and love. No perfume can compete this fragrance. This place seems so welcoming, for, this is my home. When I open my mouth, the mintness in the air fill my tongue.

I feel the mintness paint my throat. Chirping of the birds fill my ears, and I run on the soil to search for the source. When the voice dies, I listen to the heartbeats of the forest. Such a melody! No song can win over the song of the forest. So, here we are in another beautiful forest. It seems that the trees are saluting us. If you look closely, you will realise that everything around is welcoming us. We are the Chief Guests, it seems. And oh! Look at the leaves! They are moving. If you listen carefully, they are singing a song for us.

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