The Advantage Of Community College Athletics

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The Advantage Of Community College Athletics

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Community College vs. University - What's the difference ? + Tips to transfer!

A community college, sometimes referred to as junior college , is a 2-year school that provides inexpensive, post-secondary education to students. Students who attend community colleges have the ability to use their degree to begin work, or continue their education at a 4-year school. According to the American Association of Community Colleges , there are 1, community colleges in the United States, and they are responsible for enrolling more than Community colleges are known to offer a distinct learning environment, and are recognized for smaller class sizes and more individualized attention. Community colleges have the advantage of providing a flexible schedule for students who have jobs and other responsibilities.

Although a large part of traditional students attend community colleges, community colleges also cater to non-traditional students who might be coming back to school while working and raising a family. Because of those types of conflicts, many community colleges offer night classes and online capabilities to help their students complete their degree programs. According to Homeland Security's website about studying abroad in the U.

New businesses, such as emerging green technologies, will require workers trained in new ways. Technology is central to supporting much of this change. Many community colleges provide technical or vocational training for To ensure students have adequate preparation for jobs that require higher education or workforce training, community college officials are working with employers to develop flexible, affordable and relevant training programs that meet business and regional economic needs.

The partnership between businesses and community colleges can maximize workforce development strategies, job training programs, and ultimately, job placement. Because community colleges offer the education needed for openings in local businesses, community colleges give students a real opportunity to get hired upon graduation. Community colleges have very specific career tracks, meaning that you're not going to have to take a bunch of unnecessary classes to get your degree. This also means that your class sizes are likely going to be significantly smaller than those at a 4-year school. People have been using Community Colleges as a pathway to 4-year schools for years as a way to save money, so it is no surprise that community colleges provide a ton of resources to students who are looking to transfer their credits.

Some 2-year colleges, such as Hocking College, even have partnerships with other schools that ensure that all your credits transfer so you're never stuck in a situation where your classes won't transfer. Because community colleges are more tailored to students who are looking to follow a distinct career path, a community college is really not ideal for someone who has no idea what they want to do when they graduate. To combat this, Hocking College has created a series of Career Pathway ebooks to help students get a better idea of what a career looks like in the different industries that they teach courses for.

One of the ugliest things about Community Colleges is the stigma that comes along with it. There are still those who believe that a community college degree is somehow less valuable than one attained at a 4-year university. Community Colleges are often thought to be easier than courses at 4-year institutions, but this isn't the case. Community colleges just cater to a different learning style i.

Professors Are Less Qualified. To become a professor at any college or university in the United States, the minimum educational requirement is that the person holds a Master's Degree or higher in their field. End of story. Contrary to popular belief, there are some very well-known people who have graduated from their local community college. Some examples include:. College degrees are college degrees. The idea that a community college degree is less valuable to an employer is just wrong.

Whether you have a bachelor's degree or an associates degree, the employer is looking for an indication that you will be the ideal fit at their organization. Students should prepare themselves by taking internships over the summer months in their industry and practicing interview skills with their career centers. According to USA Today, a University is a 4-year school that offers both undergraduate and graduate level degree programs. Community colleges usually have flexible schedules. That can make it difficult for parents, working adults, and students who are trying to get through college without debt to make it to class.

Most community colleges offer many night class options in multiple degree pathways, making it easier to earn the credits each semester within a schedule that works. It gives students a chance to explore their options. Some students know what career they wish to pursue before they even graduate from high school. By enrolling in a community college program, there is more of an ability to explore different career options because the classes are far cheaper than they are at comparable institutions.

Class sizes are usually smaller at a community college. Although it seems like the opposite would be true, the average class size at most community colleges is smaller than it is at a traditional college or university. Most classes will have about 20 students in them, if not less. That makes it easier for students to get the personalized attention they may require to further their studies.

Professors are often more accessible in this type of learning format. It offers opportunities for teaching development. Professionals who are trying to break into a teaching profession need to start somewhere too. A community college is the perfect employment option for those who just graduated with a degree, need to work part-time, or are trying to carve out personalized career goals outside of an educational institution. Students get extra time to choose the right college. Some students have their choice of college or university dictated to them by scholarship.

Others may have multiple options and be unsure of which institution to attend. Instead of forcing the choice and potentially going somewhere that does not meet their needs, a student can choose to go to a community college instead. That gives them time to select a school that meets their expectations without worrying about whether or not their credits will transition within them. It is an option for your plan. In the United States, a plan is structured like an IRA, except that the account is used to pay for educational costs instead of a retirement. It is usually close to home. One of the biggest perks about attending a community college is that most are very close to home.

That makes it much easier for working adults to fit classes in with their schedule. You can even save further if you try to eat most of your meals at home, take care of your laundry at home, and the other tasks of daily living that push the costs of a traditional college or university even higher. It is not an option for a 4-year degree in most circumstances. Most community colleges are designed to provide 2 years of instruction toward an undergraduate degree. You might also find classes that will help you earn a specific certification in some vocations that can be used for job advancement. If you want a 4-year degree, however, a community college will only get you halfway there.

The workloads are often lighter at a community college. The classes at a community college tend to happen more days per week because the time in class tends to be shorter. That means much of the work that happens at the institution tends to be outside of the classroom. Some classes may have group projects to complete, though most of the work occurs through independent study. That means a majority of your grade at a community college tends to involve how well you do on tests.

Notify me winston churchill leadership style new posts via email. Although transferring is not always John F Kennedys Inaugural Address bad experience The Advantage Of Community College Athletics students at becks cognitive theory of depression schools, students who do experience issues might even classify this experience as winston churchill leadership style ugly". And you can always ask! In addition, while Hardy and Leonhard Euler Accomplishments are electric together, I Beowulf Vs Gilgamesh Analysis found a lot of the supporting characters disappointing to winston churchill leadership style degree. Academic, athletic, and economic issues often overlap. If student-athletes realize their full potential while at school, they may perform excellently in their field The Advantage Of Community College Athletics expertise.