Tupac/dear Mama

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Tupac/dear Mama

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2Pac - Dear Mama (Official Music Video)

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Poetic license. Rhyme Scheme. Slam Poetry. A Prayer in Spring. Fire and Ice. Akim's Poems. Art as Flirtation and surrender. Oh Beloved. Why Cling. Drapple-thorned Aphrodite. Ode To a Loved One. Penny for a Thought. Scared Money. Talk to Strangers with big heads like Reagan and foheads like Ria :. Bear In There. Messy Room. The coroners office will lead the investigation into the cause of her death. She and Tupac's father, Billy Garland, were both active in the Black Panthers: In , she and 20 other members of the party were arrested on charges of conspiring to bomb police stations and department stores in New York City. Though the group was eventually acquitted, Davis served 11 months in prison, then gave birth to Tupac in Davis struggled with drugs and homelessness in New York City in the s, later moving to Baltimore and then California.

By , her life had become so derailed by cocaine use that when someone told her her son was becoming a hip-hop icon, she said she hadn't even noticed. Even in her drug haze in the mids, Davis realized Tupac needed structure to avoid life on the streets. So she enrolled him in the th Street Ensemble, a Harlem theater group. But then again, how can he feel pain for someone he barely knew? Because he did not have a father for most of his life, he most likely diverted to other people who would show him love and appreciation.

Posted by Antonio M at PM 2 comments:. After attempting to interpret the third verse, I came to the conclusion that this song is definately dedicated to Tupac's mother. It is also indeed trying to show how much appreciation and love he has for his mother. He misses how when he was in doubt, his mother would give him some good words of advice, and it would motivate him to do the right thing. He remembers his childhood and how his mom did her best to provide him with everything he could have possibly wanted.

He thanks her for how she raised him as a child. Basically, he is repeating how he plans to show her that he understands what she went through. He states in the third verse, "I gotta thank the Lord that you made me, There are no words that can express how I feel". This shows once again how he constantly thanks her for not only taking care of him, but also for concieving him, how wierd but understandable. He wishes that he could do something to ease the pain of a such a hard life, but realizes that all he can do is hold on and hope the struggles fade. There is much repetition in this verse to show how he cares for his mother.

For example, also stated in the song was "Pour out some liquor and I reminsce, cause through the drama, I can always depend on my mama". This is another perfect example to illustrate the appreciation he had for his mother. By stating that he could always depend on his mama, he shows everyone that she is most likely the most important figure in his life, along with his only sister. Posted by Antonio M at PM 1 comment:. Theory One, Arguement Three. After looking at the second verse of the song Dear Mama, it is still clearly obvious that the song is written towards Tupac's mother in order to show his appreciation for her. In fact, this verse is the most interesting one, considering it has the most meaningful rhymes out of the whole song.

As stated in the second verse, "No love from my daddy cause the coward wasn't there, He passed away and I didn't cry, cause my anger wouldn't let me feel for a stranger". This goes to show that apparently he did not have a loving and supporting father throughout his childhood and teenage years. Because of this, it might have cuased him to be the person who he was in the song. Since he had no father, he probably grew a very strong relationship with his mother, who was always there for him.

Resorting to anything in order to make money, Tupac started dealing drugs just to put food and money in his mothers hands. Tupac says in the song, "It feels good puttin money in your mailbox, I love payin rent when the rent's due". He feels obligated to take care of his mother no matter what he has to do or go through. He wants to show her his appreciation for her, because he remembers all the nights that she would come home late from work and still struggle to make a meal for him and his sister.

Theory One, Arguement Two. Asides from the overall explanation of the song, "Dear Mama" can be broken down into seperate verses for interpretation. This allows for easier understanding of the song and its meaning. In verse one of the song, Tupac Shakur states that "I reminice on the stress I caused, it was hell, Huggin on my mama from a jail cell. Maybe from selling drugs to doing anything else in order to get money, he is glad that it will be able to help him and his mother out.

And even though it caused his mother alot of pain to see him in those conditions, she was glad that her son was willing to help her out in any way possible. The reality that his mother was a crack addict throughout that period of time did not change Tupac's love and appreciation for his mother. He still would struggle to put money and food on their plates since his mother was not fully capable of doing so.

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