Putting Down The Gun Analysis

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Putting Down The Gun Analysis

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Gun Buying Strategies (Part 2)

This image was a very important part of my life. My brother started hunting when he was around 12 or 13 years old with my dad and I was too young to hunt. It all started with only being able to go out with them and watch them shoot deer, rabbits, turkey, and birds. I was always anxious to be able to do it myself because I thought I would be good at it and enjoy it. All I had was a pellet gun, and I was limited to showing my skills shooting by shooting bottle caps from a distance. I loved impressing my dad with my shots and looked forward to showing him how I could hunt when I was of age.

Eventually I was 12 years old , got my hunting license, and a permit and that November I was ready for my first hunt. We had a checklist to make sure the night before we had everything laid out for us in the morning. We needed gloves, pants, shirts, coats, ammo, flashlight, seats, and of course the rifle. I could hardly sleep that night because I was so excited. My dad woke me up at a.

We got dressed and gathered all the essentials to go hunting. My father and I hopped into his little blue truck which was no stranger to a tornado. It was beat Katrina My family and I were living in New Orleans at the time and it was less than 24 hours before the hurricane hit. You could hardly tell though, the weather was beautiful outside. So my friend and I went to Seven Eleven to grab some junk food we could take to the shelter with us before the storm hit. He gave me the most intimidating look and stared at me for a good minute. Something really bad was about to happen. I grabbed my friend and insisted that we leave. I told her how the guy was about to do something but she figured I was just being paranoid, and so she just continued to look for junk food.

I looked over to see if the guy was still standing there but he was gone. All of a sudden I hear people screaming. I look over to see an man pointing a gun at the cashier and another guy waving a gun at the customers. My heart fell into my stomach. I grabbed my friend and ran to hide in the next aisle. I pulled out my phone and started to dial , but right then and there, the guy spotted me. I froze in fear as he came toward me with his gun. He pointed the gun at me. I knew that was the moment my life was going to end. All of a sudden, loud sirens began to go off throughout the whole town.

They were warning sirens for Hurricane Katrina Where I went from being an innocent kid that was invincible to the world, to bleeding for my country and losing lives of friends. There were moments that led up to this unforgettable situation. It started with General Quarters, which means to man your pre-assigned battle stations, once at your battle station; you must look for all targets while preparing your weapon. Then after all is said and done, I had a point in my life that changed who I was as a person.

I had to learn to cope with taking lives and the loss of my best friends. Each of these moments had a lasting effect on me. This situation happened in the Middle East and is where I felt I lost my youth and changed who I was as a person. The day was calm and peaceful in the Persian Gulf about 12 miles off the coast of Iran, when all of a sudden general quarters sounded. As I was issued my side arm, Kevlar vest, and helmets, I inspected each to make sure they would server their purpose.

Once my gear checked out, I moved to the port side bridge wing, where my M60 awaited my arrival. Arriving to my station I had to become alert to my surroundings and locate all targets. Before fully engaging the target I waited for my orders from my commanding officer CO. Personal Narrative- Track Competition The moment of truth was upon me. The official times, this includes whom qualified for finals, for the m relay had been posted. As I ran my finger across the page to where the times were posted, my ears began to shut out all outside noises, leaving me alone with the thump of my heart and the inhale and exhale of my lungs.

Both began to increase in speed as my eyes narrowed in on the time. My sophomore year had begun and I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to do track this year. Last year I played football in the fall and soccer in the spring. Not really enjoying it, the decision was made to play " real futbol" soccer in the fall, leaving the spring sports season open. My friend kept telling me how fun track was, so I decided to give it a try.

As the first meet neared, things were going well. I made it onto the 4x team making me the third fastest kid on the team. Its provisions would have imposed the most significant new gun buying restriction since the early s, when mandatory background checks at licensed gun dealers became law. The measure needed 60 votes to move forward, but in the end fell short, with five Democrats voting against it. Mark Pryor, a two-term Democratic senator from Arkansas, was among those who broke ranks with his party to oppose the legislation. Initially considered a close contest, Pryor lost by 17 percentage points. For most of the last three decades, the NRA supported both Republicans and Democrats making bids for seats in federal elections, provided that the candidate paid proper fealty to its positions on gun rights.

That era is over. The roster of speakers does not include any Democratic lawmakers. They used to give to them as a way to maintain leverage in both parties. A seminal Supreme Court ruling that removed the cap on what outside groups can spend on independent expenditures — a bucket term for leaflets, postcards and ads supporting or opposing candidates in federal elections, but not given directly to a campaign — has helped the NRA maintain its role as one of the most potent forces in American politics.

The NRA is spending more money on federal races than at any time in its history, all in pursuit of one purpose: to ensure that Washington does not enact any new restrictions on gun ownership. The group believes the best way to stymie the plague of gun violence that claims 33, American lives each year is to arm more people. When the NRA provides considerable financial support, its preferred candidates generally win.

During the most recent cycle, the NRA poured money into 46 congressional races — and got its desired result in 72 percent of them. In the 20 races in which the NRA gave the most money in indirect expenditures over the past three election cycles, the group got its desired result 15 times, the analysis by the News and The Trace found. He also says he wants to restrict terror suspects from buying guns, a position that puts him further at odds with the NRA. Cultivating a bipartisan group of lawmakers has historically helped interest groups insulate themselves against the natural ebb and flow of American politics, a point once made by the NRA itself.

On the stump, Clinton has said that the NRA wields too much power over elected officials, and she has sparred with her rival for the nomination, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, over his support for a law that gave gun manufacturers immunity from most types of liability lawsuits. Since he began running for office, Trump has declared he is an ardent supporter of gun rights, boasting that he has a concealed carry permit. In 18 of them, the organization supported Democrats.

In , the NRA invested roughly five times as much on just 46 races. Discounting party organizations, the two sums accounted for 10 percent of outside spending directed toward the race. Walker also uses the rhetorical device of climax to increase the importance of the subject. At the time he loved animals, Japanese anime, the rap group Dead prez, and everything having to do with snowboarding. Walker explains how gender stereotypes are ripping her kid apart from his true self. Walker counter argues herself as she postulates that maybe she should encourage her son to behave in masculine ways so that he can be loved and accepted by society.

She uses an accusatory tone and appeals to logos, giving the effects that this would have on her child. Ehlich introduces her essay by having flashback of previous events in her life when she sees a Marlboro ad in the subway. Ehrlich puts several descriptions in quotations marks in the opening paragraph to discuss the distorted image of the cowboy. This becomes a form of counterclaim as she describes the stereotypical cowboy and then provides an explanation to why the statement is interpreted in a misleading way.

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