Jake Tremont Dad Themes

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Jake Tremont Dad Themes

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Fight Scene From Father Of The Year

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She says it's important. She's has to talk to you now. Hi, Annie. How are you? I'm in a meeting. What's up? John, it's about Mom. She's had a heart attack. She's okay, but it's pretty serious. Can you come out? How was your flight? All right. The guy next to me wouldn't leave me alone. Once they hear you're on Wall Street, forget it. What about that stock? What about bonds? Ever heard of a stock called Chrometex? A guy in the math department told me about it. They make those heat sensors for cryogenic capsules. It's gonna be bigger than the telephone.

No, it's not. It's not? How's Annie? How's she holding up? She's at home with your father. We can go there first or the hospital. Let's go to the hospital. That's what I figured. How's Dad? To be honest, Johnny, he's a little shook up. That's why Annie's there. She didn't want to leave him alone. So what's going on with Mom? How serious is this? Hard to tell with her. You know your mother. She won't admit she's actually had a heart attack. She's lying there going into cardiac arrest, she's claiming it's indigestion.

She's blaming me. What do you mean? She said it was the sausages I made for dinner. She claims I was trying to kill her. Are you? No jury would convict me, John. Believe me. I believe you. I must really be sick if you're here. See, Mom, that's why you're the best. Not many people would have gone for guilt in your situation. How you feeling? Are you in any pain? I'm staying alive by willpower. She'll tell you. I've the willpower of a woman half my age. You underestimate yourself. Did you see your father yet? No, I came straight from the airport. When you see him, don't say anything to him about the heart attack.

Just tell him that something went wrong with my insides. Listen to me. Just tell him it's something with my insides. He'll understand that because I had the hysterectomy. There's food in the freezer. It's all marked. If you have to go out, go to McDonald's or Wendy's. Someplace simple. Mom, I don't think you should worry about Dad now. I think you should be worrying about yourself. You had a heart attack. I'm not so sure I had a heart attack. It felt more like gas pains to me.

Mom, for gas pains they give you Tums. Did you see the doctor who was taking care of me? Because I don't think he was a real doctor. He was wearing tight pants with a big silver belt buckle. He can't be more than 30 years old. They'll let anyone through medical school these days. God, it's good to see you. You stopped and saw Mom first, huh? How did she look to you, John, really?

Like Mom. Like she was gonna walk out of there dragging IV bottles with her. Well, it was only gas pains. I'm sure she told you. And the willpower? A woman half her age. So you're up to date. It was scary, John. I mean it, I thought we were gonna lose her. Where would you like your bags, sir? Uh, just put them right there. Thank you very much. No luggage in the living room. You know the rules.

I'll put them in your old bedroom. The living room is still off limits? Look at this. Nothing changes. You're kidding. This place is going directly as is to the Smithsonian. Dad's out back, huh? Yeah, in the greenhouse. How's he doing? Mario said he took it pretty hard. He's scared, John. He's really, really frightened. I'm not sure he even understands what happened. He's seen her, hasn't he? He was too scared. I didn't want to push it. I told him that she wasn't allowed to have visitors, and he seemed okay with that. Hello, Dad. Hello, John. Nice to see you.

You look good. Good to see you, too. I'm gonna be staying here a few days. I know. Annie told me. You heard what happened to Mother? I was just at the hospital. I saw her. How is she? She said to say hello and tell you she was comin' home soon. Something went wrong with her insides, huh? Yeah, Dad. Something like that. The heat in your old room doesn't work, you know.

You may need an extra blanket. The main thing for you while you're here will be to keep everything on an even keel. Mom has a schedule and their life is essentially one long routine. Dad gets coffee in the morning. And a sweet roll. They start the day by clipping coupons, making out a shopping list. That's very important. I have a list of pills for you here. When did he get so bad? I saw him a year ago. No, you didn't. What're taking about? I was here for Christmas. Annie, I think I ought to know. All right, I saw him two years ago. A lot happens in two years.

Why didn't you tell me? I told you. You didn't hear me. We tried moving him to our place but he wasn't comfortable. It's an hour away, and we're both working during the day. At least here he has his garden and his greenhouse. He knows the environment. I can only stay a few days. What do we do after that? You can't stay longer? I have a meeting in Toronto, Tuesday. I may have to go to Boston. It's just not possible. We're just gonna have to bring someone in. At least we have the time to find the right person.

Dad just got old, John. Well, Dad, maybe we ought to hit the sack, huh? I can't find my pajamas. I don't know where Mother keeps them. Here you go. Why don't you put them on, Dad? I'll do it. You okay? I miss your mother. Well, she's getting what she needs. A good rest. She'll be home soon. Good night. Leave the hall light on. I will. Sleep well. I don't usually eat that much in the morning, Johnny. It was good, though. Thank you, Dad.

You do much cooking at home, do you? Not too much. Since Sara and I split up, mostly I eat out. Yes, she was a nice girl. Still is. How's Billy? Billy's fine. He's up in Santa Cruz. Freshman in college. He came to visit one time. Well, then you've seen him more than I have. Oh, look at this, Johnnie. It's double coupon day at Ralph's. You can't beat that. What do you pay for tuna in New York?

I don't know. No, I don't think so. No way, Jose. Listen, Dad, I'd like to talk to you for a minute about Mom. There's something you should really try to understand. Mother is sick. It's not cancer, is it? No, no, it's not cancer. That cancer is a killer, you know. Your Uncle Ben had five operations. Didn't do one damn thing for him. I tell you, if you have cancer, you might as well pack your bags.

Well, it isn't cancer. It was a heart attack. A serious one. She'll be okay? Yeah, she's gonna be okay. But she's never gonna be able to work as hard as she used to. She has to learn to take it easy and you have to learn to help her. I'm always telling her that she works too hard. Johnny, she works too hard. You're gonna have to learn to do a lot of things around the house by yourself. You see, Mother's convinced herself nobody can take care of you except her. We're gonna have to prove her wrong. That's right, Johnny. I'm going to learn how to do all those things. You'll see. We'll fool her. Okay, Dad, the first thing we have to do here is, let's see, "Separate the colored articles of clothing from the whites.

Oh, that's right. I think that's the way Mother does it. Oh, good. Then we know we're on the right track here. Al right, let's start off with the coloreds, shall we? Oh, that's colored. White, colored, colored. What about this one? That one? That is white. Okay, it's colored. Dad, it's gotta be one of those. Maybe we should call Mother. I'm going to make an executive decision here. I think It's colored. Let's see here. What do you think we have? Permanent Press. What do you think? I think it's white. It'll be ready Thursday. How hard was that?

What's the best way to get to the market from here, Dad? Oh, I don't know these streets very well now, John. Mother drives us everywhere we go. You don't drive at all anymore? No, I can't. My license expired a couple of years ago. You didn't get go another one? Well, they wanted me to take a driving test because of my age. Oh, and you failed the test?

I didn't take it. I was afraid I couldn't pass it. What are you talking about? You're a terrific driver. You always were. Johnny, a good driver knows when he's not a good driver anymore, that's all. I couldn't remember what you liked, so I thought I'd put out an assortment. These are good. I think I'd like to see Mother, Johnny. I'm not sure that's a good idea just yet, Dad. I mean, Mom's okay, but they really like to, uh, limit the number of visitors. I'm her husband.

I should see her. It's not right. No, I'm not sure, Annie, but if he thinks he's ready, I don't know if we should be standing in his way. Pretty good. He made me breakfast this morning. No, I'm serious. I don't know, a box of granola. It was good. That sounds right. All right, bye-bye. Okay, Dad. Annie's gonna talk to the people at the hospital. And she thinks we'll be able to visit mom in a day or two. You know, Johnny, I, I think I could do these.

I think I could do the dishes. I made these cards all color-coded. There's a different set of cards for each chore. For example, now, these pink ones are for dishwashing. Go ahead, take a look and see what number one is. Number one: "Fill sink with water. Number two? This is great, Johnny. There's no way I could make a mistake as long as I just follow these cards. You know, you could market these. I'm gonna have to show you how to work the stove here, Dad. No, on second thought, the stove is out of bounds for now. No stove. And don't use the juicer either. No juicing. And stay away from that blender.

No blending. I think I'll work better with this on. Your mother doesn't like me to wear this. Thinks I look too tough. Like Johnny Cash. You don't mind If I wear it, do you? No, Dad, I don't mind. Don't take your guns to town, son Leave those guns at home Bang, bang. You can see yourself in that floor. No waxy yellow build-up. You know what I think? I think we owe ourselves a reward. We should go out and have a good time. What do you say? What do you and Mom do around here for fun? Right there on top, okay? Enjoying yourself, Johnny?

Having a good time? You kidding me? I love this. I do it all the time at home. Do they have air conditioning in here, Dad? Or a fan or something? I love when they do that. They do that all the time? And after! Boy, this really is too much fun for one evening. Jake Tremont, is that you? Hal McCarthy. You remember Gloria? My son, John. Executive Director Dr.

Ted Long also discussed the challenges posed by tracking cases in reopened businesses and schools. Oct 8, PM. Updated: Oct 8, PM. After being closed for 18 months, a new chef and menu brings new life to the FiDi restaurant. Oct 7, PM. More than 22, lead service lines have been replaced with copper pipes across the city.

Jake Tremont Dad Themes can't believe how good Dad looks. You can't handle him in this condition. Still is. I'm gonna let you rest Advantages Of Being A Child Narrator In To Kill A Mockingbird. Selling Organs Rhetorical Analysis just The Role Of College Athletes In College Sports your novel,Call It Courage.