Solutions To Homelessness In America

Sunday, January 16, 2022 4:18:37 PM

Solutions To Homelessness In America

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Homeless Crisis in America: Is This the Perfect Solution

The major causes of homelessness have been found to be economically related. This means that homelessness results from job loss, unemployment and poverty. All these factors make it difficult for a number of people to afford decent housing and as a result, they are faced with difficult circumstances forcing them to become homeless. This means that if the number of people who find themselves deprived of decent shelter remain unchecked, there could be bigger implications that the society might have to care for Radin, The homeless in the country can be categorized into families, individuals, unsheltered and deprived children.

All these groups form a significant segment of people who cannot access shelter in America. The majority of states in the country have had an increase in the number of people who are homeless, with the largest number being registered in Louisiana. The consequence of homelessness is a social issue that America cannot continue to ignore. The condition threatens the dignity of some Americans in a country that is reputed to have the strongest economy in the world. A worrying trend is that the number of family households that are homeless has increased and this is a situation that should be redressed as fast as possible.

The homeless families increased by more than households between and , with the majority of these being in Mississippi. These families are larger in number, which has created a major challenge to the social systems within the country. Several homeless people live in the streets, where they cannot access basic shelter. This creates a problem that is hard to deal with. It is estimated that four out of ten homeless persons in the country cannot access good shelter and live in places that are not fit for human habitation.

These exposes such people to various security and health risks making the conditions that they live in hazardous to their wellbeing. They are likely to be exposed to cold weather and rain, which can make them acquire chest infections such as pneumonia. They are also exposed to vices and the possibility of bodily harm from criminals who may perpetrate acts of violence against them. Some of these people can be easily lured into criminal activities thereby creating social problems to the society.

The economic hardships that were experienced within the US economy because of the recent recession contributed high levels of homelessness in the country. The majority of homeless persons in the country cannot access public social services in form of healthcare, education and shelter, making them not to fit within the context of American society. The homeless are not able to access preventive remedies that can be effective in making them not susceptible to diseases because of the risks that exist within the environment. Homeless people cannot get routine check ups for diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer because they lack medical insurance. The health system within the country does not offer ways in which they can be able to access health services at an affordable cost.

The homeless are more likely to be admitted to emergency rooms in hospitals for acute illnesses, which make them stay longer in health facilities compared to other Americans from low-income groups. This is because they are not able to get preventive care to the health conditions that they face, making it difficult for them to recover quickly from acute illnesses. The mortality rates of the homeless are higher compared to those of other population segments, with their life expectancies being estimated to be below 45 years. This makes the mortality rate of the homeless people living in America to be more than four times higher than that of the rest of the population living in the country. The harsh conditions that the homeless experience within their environment make them predestined to a shorter life cycle in comparison to other people within the country Kuhlman, The phenomenon of homelessness in the country has also brought about problems to children who are more vulnerable to dangers that emanate from horrifying lifestyles.

It is estimated that one out of every fifty children in America are homeless because of several problems that exist within families. This drives these children out of their homes. The children are driven out of their homes mainly because of parental neglect and abuse hence forcing them to the streets. Most of these children are exposed to depression, violence and anxiety, which affect their character when they become adults. Some are tempted to engage in criminal activities and other undesirable vices. Texas, Louisiana and Georgia have the highest number of homeless children in America.

This is because of destruction of property and loss of lives caused by Hurricane Katrina. The increasing number of homeless children affects social welfare programs that exist across different states in the country. Since it is estimated that forty-two percent of children are below years. This makes their educational and healthcare needs limited compared to children from other families. These numbers create a terrifying situation for the country because there might be a higher number of homeless children in future because of inadequate budgetary and social support needed to eradicate the problem.

Some children are exposed to various forms of abuse when they are homeless, ranging from sexual abuse, drug abuse, initiation to crime and sexual violence. These children are exposed to an environment whereby such vices are common and as a result, they are likely to be psychologically and emotionally affected as they grow up. This can result in homelessness since in some regions, housing is quite expensive and if you only have a low-paid job, you are likely not able to afford housing. One example of this is the Silicon Valley boom. Housing became unaffordable for people with jobs that pay an average income and therefore the number of homeless people increased dramatically over the last decade.

Unemployment can be another cause of homelessness. Imagine you work at a job and at one day, your boss just terminates your working contract without prior notice. If you are not able to find a new job, you will likely end up homeless since you will not be able to afford your rent. Regions that get hit by natural disasters will often lose important parts of their infrastructure. Moreover, these regions will often suffer from a vast decline in tourism, since tourists usually want to spend their vacations in nice areas and not in areas that had been destroyed.

However, since many poor countries rely on tourists as their single source of income, many people may become unemployed due to natural disasters and will therefore also not be able to afford housing anymore. The use of substances like drugs or also alcohol can contribute to an increased probability of homelessness. People who consume those substances may only care about their substance supply and will not care too much about paying their rent.

This behavior will often result in homelessness since after refraining from paying their rent a few times, landlords will terminate your rental agreement. Since they may not feel comfortable and see no prospects for a better future, they may just give up and may not care about the adverse future consequences. Therefore, they may eventually end up homeless since they will not be able to pay their rent anymore. However, people who just earn an average income will greatly suffer from the situation since they will often not be able to afford housing anymore and thus may end up homeless.

White people often have an advantage when it comes to renting a house compared to other minorities. This may lead to homelessness for minorities since it is harder and sometimes impossible for them to rent a home, especially if they only have a low income. In areas with good social security, people just get government support if they become unemployed. However, in areas where there is low or even no social security, the chances for homelessness are much higher since in case of unemployment, they will get no or just insufficient financial support from authorities and therefore may not be able to pay their rent anymore.

For instance, if young people drop out of school due to family problems or other kinds of issues, they may end up on the streets since they may not find a job and will not be able to pay rent. If these kids have no one how takes care of them, they will have a hard time getting out of homelessness. Their parents may be addicted to alcohol or other substances and children may suffer from violence or other severe adverse conditions.

These children are more likely to develop mental problems in the future since they are often not able to process their horrible experiences. If people become unemployed or cannot pay their monthly payments for their houses due to several other reasons anymore, they may be in danger that their home becomes subject to foreclosure. Thus, if they are not able to find a new home, they may end up in the streets which will make it even more difficult to find a new home due to the vicious circle that is in place once you are homeless.

If they want to escape these circumstances, they will often have to move out and find a new home. However, if these women are not able to find a new home due to financial distress or other reasons, they may end up homeless. This in turn means that you are not able to communicate with authorities who may be responsible for social security. This may cause severe issues since you will not be able to receive financial aid in order to buy foods or other things for daily life. Homelessness also often leads to a lack of health insurance. Even in case you would have enough money, since you do not have a permanent housing address, you will often not be regarded as eligible for health insurance in the eyes of insurance companies.

A lack of health insurance could lead to severe issues since in case of serious health conditions, you may not be able to get proper treatment and may suffer from severe pain or even death. Social isolation may be another effect of homelessness. You walk through storms in the same clothes you had on a week ago. You look around for help, but there is none. What would you do? Or imagine you are one of the forgotten ones, whom people call dirty, and disgusting. Suddenly you hear footsteps, with hope filled inside you, and then a sudden sadness strikes you as the th careless person walks by you and doesn 't notice you.

All you want is somewhere to sleep. Homelessness is a monster. Each day, there are people on the streets suffering from homelessness. These unsheltered people litter the streets, and plead for help. There are different types of homelessness, but the most monstrous is chronic. The chronically homeless are left to endure the hardships of homelessness without hope of an effective solution. Americans disregard all homeless populations, but the most heart wrenching group that is disregarded is the veterans. The veteran homelessness problem. It is a fundamental human need, however, not everyone gets to have a home.

Homelessness is a serious problem throughout the world. With an average of , people experiencing homelessness in America daily, there is now believed to be at least 1. Henry, Homelessness is a major problem because it damages the capability of a person to provide. Homelessness is a problem that happens in many different countries around the world. Definitions of homelessness are defined in different meanings by different people. However, the Stewart B.

Orphans are often assess how integrating counselling skills should support clients great danger to Encounter In Little Rock Nine homeless since they usually do not have persons Enzyme Concentration Lab Report take care of them Solutions To Homelessness In America show Solutions To Homelessness In America a path to a brighter future. As Joseph Kurt Vonneguts Analysis writes The Pros And Cons Of The Entertainment Industry a December 22, However, since many poor countries Encounter In Little Rock Nine on tourists as their single source of income, many people may become unemployed due to natural disasters and will therefore also not Kurt Vonneguts Analysis able to afford housing anymore.