Where I Want To Express Myself Analysis

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Where I Want To Express Myself Analysis

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How Can YOU Express Yourself Honestly - Bruce Lee Motivational

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Millions of people have walked the earth and many will still do. However, no two people have the same characteristics even among identical twins. Personalities, regardless of how dissimilar, make the world full of varieties. This is why I know I am uniquely me and the best version of myself there is. Perfection is a mirage, however the best individuals are those give it their all in order to attain perfection while knowing that it is impossible to be perfect. I believe people should strive to improve their life and be the best they can ever be regardless of how impossible the task may be.

My name is insert your first name and last name. I am the first born of my parent. We are four in number and I have always felt responsible for my family. I love my parents and siblings dearly and the feeling is mutual. My father is basically a business man and my mother is a fashion designer. I have a stable family and we are quite grounded in our beliefs and notions. My parents are not wealthy but we get by. My parents are attentive to my needs and my siblings. They can be strict when they have to be, but they have never raised their hands to strike us. They may not be financially rich, but they have big hearts. I am in class 8 at mention the name of your school. I have a stable grade and although I cannot rank high among the brilliant people in my class, I get by quite well.

My favorite subjects are art, literature and music. I love to draw, paint and read books. This is how I often clear my head or distress myself. I desire to go to the university and obtain a degree in any art related course. This will help me to become a successful person and also impact the lives of others while I am at it. Although, I love my art classes and literature lessons too. I am an outgoing person with a good sense of humor and I make friends easily. My friends say that I am funny and fun to be with. I sometimes go out of my way to be nice to people and help them out. I guess this is rooted in my sense of responsibility which was honed into me by my parents considering that I am the first born of my family.

Friendship and family mean a lot to me. I can go all out for my friends and my family and they know it. I think this is why I have had the same set of friends for years. We have transitioned from friends to family. I share ideas with my friends, we learn interesting things about one another, and most of the people I associate with I met with while on the lookout for ways to advance my skills. I have every intention to make the world a better place.

I feel happy and enthusiastic when people commend my art works and the poems I love to doodle every now and them. Also see: 5 Tips to Avoid Plagiarism. I cannot say exactly how I have survived school even till now, but I did and I have come out somewhat stronger. Bullying has been an awful experience that characterized the most part of my school life. I have endured bullying for so long that it has shaped who I have turned out to be. I know for a certain that we can reduce bullying I doubt it can be totally stopped , by paying attention to people who have been bullied, the bullies themselves, analyzing how it happened, what led to it, the impact it has on both parties, and how best it can be dealt with.

My name is insert your first name followed by your last name here , and I have been a victim of constant victimization. I am sixteen years old and I am a senior in my school. I attend insert the name of your school here. Each time I have been asked who I was, this has always been the only explanation I give. When I act in a mean way to others, it is not a personal decision I made, it is often a reflex action born out of years of constant bullying. Initially, I was a very quiet and calm girl. I never spoke back to my elders and I was very kind and accommodating of others.

So I react before thinking of the consequences. I am the last of seven children and I have endured bullying at home. My six siblings are all boys and it is their nature to make my life miserable. I sometimes find it endearing because that is the only way they relate with me. I get teased by my brothers for this, so when others bully me in school for being a size too small for my class, I take it all in stride. I have never told my brothers or my parents about the bullying I constantly endure at school. Why should I? Mum works extra hard to support my dad and my dad already works two jobs as it is. So also would maintaining an outstanding college grade. I used to find trash in my bags, lockers and basically everything I brought to school.

Like all things that had a beginning this came to an end. Life is not a bed of rose, this I learned while still a student at mention the name of the school. Three major things characterize my whole existence; my intellect, my spiritual doctrines, and my social life. The intellectual aspect of my life consist of my creativity, my studies and basically my life pursuits that involve my intellectual capabilities.

My social life is quite vibrant. I am an outgoing person and I make it a habit to meet people. My spiritual doctrines and my faith inform the decisions I make and consequently guide who I have become today. My name is insert your first name and your last name her. I am a mention your nationality. I am seventeen years old. I am in mention your class and I attend mention the name of your school here. I live with my parents and my siblings. I am the second child in my family. We are all five in number and we are not a close family. My parents are busy people, they have always been. My dad is a doctor and he owns his own hospital. My mother is a career woman and she travels all the time.

So both my parents have never been present all through my life. My parents have missed most of the big events in my life. My siblings have never been around either. My birth was considered a mistake. The bottom line is I was an inconvenience and I have always been made painfully aware of just how inconvenient my birth is. I am not perfect and I have never claimed to be. However, I know what I want out of life and I pursue it doggedly. I am a focused person and it has often been said of me that I am quite focused-driven and that I have a one-track mind. My career aspiration is to go to the university and study law.

I am an intelligent person and I always top my class. I guess my need to always top my class stem from my need to get the attention of my parents or from the need an escapist sentiments. I am not a blusterous person, neither do I seek to impress anyone. I figured if cant so much as compel my parents to care enough to be there for me when I need them, then there is no way I can ever impress others. I do not have lots of friend but my small circle of friends I cherish a lot. I am an observer. I try to learn a lot about the people I associate with, so I study their characters before I react.

By studying others, I have learnt an awful lot which I have incorporated into my belief systems and general behaviour. I mentioned earlier that I am quite religious. I was brought up into a Christian family. I have always gone to church every Sunday. My parents may never be around, but they always ensure that we all go to church on Sunday. I am generally good and I try to always do the right things to everyone. I live by the word and never on the edge.

In fact, my life is quite plain and I never ever rebel. Not once in my whole life. I always take things in stride. Regardless of the purpose of the essay, there basic rules you must obey in order for your essay to be accepted. Try as much as possible to express yourself in detail. No one can tell your story better than yourself.

Unique and Other Set Logic. It is a common knowledge Sea Worm Research Paper I am a good A Separate Peace Envy Analysis and I love to study a lot. Paid for your To Kill A Mockingbird Suspense Analysis. What should a Where I Want To Express Myself Analysis statement include?